Guest Post: This Is Blowback

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Submitted by John Aziz of Azizonomics

This Is Blowback

The YouTube video depicting Mohammed is nothing more than the straw that broke the camel’s back. This kind of violent uprising against American power and interests in the region has been a long time in the making. It is not just the continuation of drone strikes which often kill civilians in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan, either. Nor is it the American invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Nor is it the United States and the West’s support for various deeply unpopular regimes such as the monarchies in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia (and formerly Iran). Nor is it that America has long favoured Israel over the Arab states, condemning, invading and fomenting revolution in Muslim nations for the pursuit of nuclear weapons while turning a blind eye to Israel’s nuclear weapons and its continued expansion into the West Bank.

Mark LeVine, Professor of Middle Eastern history at U.C. Irvine, writes:

Americans and Europeans are no doubt looking at the protests over the “film”, recalling the even more violent protests during the Danish cartoon affair, and shaking their heads one more at the seeming irrationality and backwardness of Muslims, who would let a work of “art”, particularly one as trivial as this, drive them to mass protests and violence.


Yet Muslims in Egypt, Libya and around the world equally look at American actions, from sanctions against and then an invasion of Iraq that killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and sent the country back to the Stone Age, to unflinching support for Israel and all the Arab authoritarian regimes (secular and royal alike) and drone strikes that always seem to kill unintended civilians “by mistake”, and wonder with equal bewilderment how “we” can be so barbaric and uncivilised.

All of these things (and many more) have contributed to Muslim and Arab anger toward the United States and the West. Yet the underlying fact of all of these historical threads has been the United States’ oil-driven foreign policy. Very simply, the United States has for over half a century pursued a foreign policy in the region geared toward maintaining the flow of oil out of the region at any cost — even at the cost of inflaming the irrational and psychopathic religious elements that have long existed in the region.

This is not to defend the barbaric elements who resort to violence and aggression as a means of expressing their disappointment with U.S. foreign policy. It is merely to recognise that you do not stir the hornet’s nest and then expect not to get stung. 

And the sad thing is that stirring the hornet’s nest is totally avoidable. There is plenty of oil and energy capacity in the world beyond the middle east. The United States is misallocating capital by spending time, resources, energy and manpower on occupying the middle east and playing world policeman. Every dollar taken out of the economy by the IRS to be spent drone striking the middle east into the stone age is a dollar of lost productivity for the private market. It is a dollar of productivity that the market could have been spent increasing American energy capacity and energy infrastructure in the United States — whether that is in oil, natural gas, solar, wind or hydroelectric.

And this effect can spiral; every dollar spent on arming and training bin Laden and his allies to fight the Soviet Union begot many more thousands of dollars of military spending when bin Laden’s mercenaries turned their firepower onto the United States, and the United States chose to spend over ten years and counting occupying Afghanistan (rightly known as the graveyard of empires). It is likely that the current uprisings will trigger even more U.S. interventionism in the region (indeed it already has as marines have already been dispatched to Yemen) costing billions or even trillions of dollars more money (especially if an invasion of Iran is the ultimate outcome). This in turn is likely to trigger even fiercer resistance to America from the Islamist elements, and so the spiral continues on.

The only way out of this money-sucking, resource-sucking, life-sucking trap that is very literally obliterating the American empire is to swallow pride and get out of the middle east, to stop misallocating American resources and productivity on unwinnable wars.

But neither major Presidential candidate is interested in such a policy. Perhaps it is because war is a great profit source for the military-industrial complex, the force to which both the Democratic and Republican parties are beholden?

In any case, we should expect to see much more of this:



Source: Reuters

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LULZBank's picture

Fuck this shit Bitchezz!!

Precious's picture

Mainstream US media choosing to ignore.  Maintain status quo at any price. 

Welcome to the New World Disorder.  Draft lotteries to be mailed out shortly.

max2205's picture

Ok link of the video please. Is it that fucking bad

Too bad savers are not doing the same outside the fed for getting no interest. I out here by myself. Come on. Charge

KK Tipton's picture

Wow, YouTube is this powerful? It can literally throw the world into turmoil?

The video that launched a thousand Molotovs....

And that was just the trailer. Imagine just how powerful the full length feature would have been.

Total annihilation...

LMAOLORI's picture



That video is just an excuse and a poor one at that. There is evidence the attacks took place to co-ordinate with 9/11 and that our government knew and did nothing. The Britt's at least have enough of a press to report that. That stupid poorly made video has been out for a year.

Revealed: inside story of US envoy's assassination

Exclusive: America 'was warned of embassy attack but did nothing'


US Investigating Embassy Attacks Planned to Mark 9/11


US investigates: Attacks coordinated to mark 9/11?


What We Know About 'Sam Bacile,' The Man Behind The Muhammad Movie



seek's picture

Based on what we know so far about the director of this, I'm going to suggest that the video isn't a poor excuse -- it's a terribly executed cover.

The big question is for who and why -- is this the doings of the muslim brotherhood or some other group, or is it a false flag to justify action from the US? Or is it another October Surprise a couple weeks early orchestrated to throw the election?

This wasn't some spontaneous uprising; someone is playing the useful idiots on this.

Dr Benway's picture

No this is not blowback or punishment for our sins against these countries.


Even if John Aziz personally presented each and every terrorist with $1m dollars, a sincere apology from the US, and a big sloppy blowjob, they would still hate us. THERE IS NO WAY TO PLACATE THIS ENEMY.


Even if we all moved to Mars, the terrorists would not allow us freedom there to make offensive cartoons and movies. The terrorists do not want a world where we have freedom of speech, they want us cowed like John Appeaser Cocksucker Aziz.

Cathartes Aura's picture



shit stirrer newb.


Aziz's picture

I have an experiment:

Let's try and follow George Washington's foreign policy of minimizing foreign entanglements and not occupying foreign lands and see how much blowback we get.

Or we can go bankrupt trying to fight endless wars we can't afford.

Your choice.

Dr Benway's picture

So the US withdraws within its borders and ceases all military action such as drone strikes.


And then just absorbs the avalanche of punishment, because this would not placate the terrorists at all. Great plan.

Aziz's picture

I don't see Islamic terrorists attacking Switzerland or Sweden or Japan or free countries that don't occupy the middle east. 

And anyway, even if the only solution to this was war and occupation (it isn't, that actually makes it worse) then we're going bankrupt from it anyway.

That's not appeasement or cocksucking; that's realistic fiscal conservatism. 

Dr Benway's picture

Are you fucking kidding me???


You just proved you are a fucking idiot. They do this shit EVERYWHERE, it is not about foreign policy.

i-dog's picture


"you are a fucking idiot"

Errrm ... it is you who is the fucking idiot! ... for being sucked in by such deliberate provocations ... and equally stage-managed reactions.

I can tell you, from personal experience back in university days, just how very easy it is to incite and lead a raging and out of control mob simply as a uni prank. All it takes is one or two locally respected "inciters" among a group of hundreds of mindless sheep (or ignorant unemployed poor immigrants, in the case of the muzzies) to create absolute havoc and mindless hatred at the drop of a hat.

The "fire-breathing" preachers, weekly pounding the pulpits of an earlier America, are similar examples from much closer to home.

Wake up ... idiot!

Dr Benway's picture

Not in Sweden, lol...


Ooops John Aziz has no clue about Sweden it seems. Maybe you shouldn't open your mouth on subjects you are clueless about.

Aziz's picture

The mistake was including Sweden as a country that doesn't occupy the middle east. They DO have troops in Afghanistan. 

No mistake in the reality that the suicide attacks are only hitting occupying countries.

So there you go. I am right.

Dr Benway's picture

No, but you are pathetic as you stoop to new lows of terrorist apologism.


Sweden isn't 'occupying' anything. Fuck you and your cliches.

Aziz's picture

"We are continuing this policy in bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy. Allah willing, and nothing is too great for Allah"

— Osama bin Laden (November 2004)

bin Laden is winning because people like you want to fight all these wars and have all these occupations, which means all the debt, which means the Fed is now monetising huge quantities of debt, which will ultimately lead to disaster. 

So it is you, not me, who is playing into bin Laden's trap and giving terrorists what they want.

Dr Benway's picture

I repeat, Sweden isn't bankrupting itself occupying anything. FAIL.

Temporalist's picture

I will say one thing about the OBL quote.  Nothing is too great for Allah except doing his own dirty work apparently.

CharlieSDT's picture

I occupied your mom last night, you racist douchebag.

Dr Benway's picture

Terrorist is a race now?


Then maybe moron is too, moron.

giovanni_f's picture

now please shut  up and leave us all happy

LarryDavis's picture

I think benway is right. You can't fuck with people who believe in prophets and all that shit. Imagine a continent of creationists or hard core christian idiots then multiply that by 800. They burned a KFC over a youtube clip. Not sure you can placate that set.

JOYFUL's picture

It's tru! Benway is righter than rain! And therefore, yu are right! But ..before we begin the obligatory victory parade, there's just one tiny caveat to explore....

No this is not blowback or punishment for our sins against these countries.

Check. I have no problem with that...dead on!


Too tru!

Even if we all moved to Mars, the terrorists would not allow us freedom there to make offensive cartoons and movies. The terrorists do not want a world where we have freedom of speech,

This guy he a clairvoyant or something? He could give Celeste a run for his money!

Now for that little caveat...

I think yu an "DOC" may be a bit confused about the enemy part...most everybody here knows by now that 'the terrorists' are none other than the Kosher Mafia what runs things outta their stolen goods depot down their in the HOLY LAND, and their local lackeys who they have placed in charge of "internal security" in their EUROMERIKAN PRISON ZONE...

yu n Doc may have been in the lab doing important experimental work however, and failed to get the memo...

yu see, the terrorists in charge of terrorizing everybody in the western world have decided it's time to bring the pot to a now they've instructed their rag-top underlinings to start killin Whitey, so as to get Whitey ready to kill everybody else...nuthin to do with blowback! More like payback for having hosted these hegemonist ghouls for a few that they've picked our pockets, it's 'so long sucker!'


Audacity17's picture

No, those countries are being infiltrated and taken over in the long game.  If you interfere with the Jihadist's plans, they will attack you...if you don't, they will undermine you.  Observe Londonstan etc.

9/11 was the beginning of the end of Islam.  Islam cannot stand any sort of falsification whatsoever.  Before the:

printing press,



and internet

Islam still invaded Africa and Europe.

 Now that the zealots can log on and see the real wealth of other countries, their belief in the moral supremacy of Islam causes a cognitive dissonance...."if we are the righteous, why is America so rich"?  Answer..."they stole our resources"!  "It's the jewish bankers"!  There is a lot of that nonsense on this forum. 

Disenchanted's picture



Aziz wrote:


Yet the underlying fact of all of these historical threads has been the United States’ oil-driven foreign policy.


Yes it's all just about oil. Our Zionist inspired Israel first foreign policies have nothing to do with the problems. Come on, give me a break...I can read Chomsky for this sort of thing.

KK Tipton's picture

Yes, I did forget the /sarc on my post.

You gotta plan 400 man bumrushes on Embassy buildings.

"Flash mobbin' ain't easy"

There's a new one for the "Swipe yo EBT" crowd to jump on.
I wanna see a video for that.

More fun in this world. Less RPG attacks.

Element's picture

US foreign policy is like a mad-dog running around and around in ever decreasing circles until it disappears up its own arsehole, then whimpers and whines because it stinks and has its own shit all over itself.

dugorama's picture

just a cover story.  they were clearly well organized and armed and had multiple targets pre-selected.  this is about something we'll probably never know the details on.  counter strike at spying effort?  bitch slapping someone whose name we'll never know?

kaiserhoff's picture

Thank god we have a Muslim, Marxist, Nobel Peacenik, professional apologist President...

Otherwise, shit could get ugly.

THX 1178's picture

-1 This is stupid.


Michael's picture

The Country of Israel is the most disgusting paranoid schizophrenic psychopath country on the planet.

jekyll island's picture

There is more to it than just oil.  Great Britain divided up the middle east without regard to tribal considerations and with the aid of the US put in place leaders who they could control, who in return could control the region and provide stability.  These leaders have been barbaric at times, see Libya, Syria, etc.  Many of the people demonstrating want simple freedoms that have been banished by the dictators and the radical islamists who are now in power.  The anger at the US is caused by the US political system's continued support of the suppression of the masses. 

walküre's picture

It's the same here at home though, isn't it? We just have better education, better infrastructure and better perspectives. The cabal isn't shitting where it's eating. Simple concept. We're the beneficiaries of that "policy". But at the end of the day, we're just as oppresed and robbed of our futures as the Arab world at the hands of the cabal.

LULZBank's picture

These are just the symptoms not the real cause. Before there was plenty to steal and still some leftovers for the locals to live by,

Now with growing populations and depleting resources there isint enough for locals to liveby and certainly not enough to steal, hence the riots.

It starts from the peryphery and makes its way to the core. Europe will be next, Would be fun to see what spin would be put on it. Religion? History old differences..?

fourchan's picture

as long as they are tearing up their own assholes i dont care.

they are animals reflected in their living conditions and retard brain wash religion.

they will never be part of the modern world because they have no reguard for civility.

Killtruck's picture

Rudy Giuiliani must be shitting all over himself when he hears people mentioning that old 2008 Ron Paul word "Blowback".

Kobe Beef's picture

Chalmers Johnson said it before Ron Paul, God bless him.

And before them? I believe George -freakin' Washington said "NO FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENTS!"

And now the US is neck-deep in global empire and all the bloody shit that comes with it. Should've listened, assholes.

LULZBank's picture


they are animals reflected in their living conditions and retard brain wash religion.

they will never be part of the modern world because they have no reguard for civility.

What do you have against Israel?

smiler03's picture


I think you lost 5 votes because 5 idiots (and counting) didn't understand that you were being sarcastic.

giovanni_f's picture

The cabal is shitting where we are eating. They like it that way

bankruptcylawyer's picture

And befoe them it was the turks for hundreds of years. Back then there was no such thing as paelistinians. Just arabs.

My grandfather spoke turkish at a time when less than 200k lived in what is modern israel and occupied territories at over 10m people.

This isnt about imperialism. Its demographics.

Manthong's picture

Correct.  We have the military might for now, but they have the demographics and determination.

If this country was not run by hypocrites bent on destroying the Constitution, we might have had a chance against a movement of hypocrites bent on enforcing their inculcated mandate.

When was the last time you heard the term "Divine Providence" used by anyone in government? They don't understand the origin or meaning of the words as used by the founders.

And oh, that kind of providence is earned, not endowed. 

Michael's picture

It looks like on TV, that's always muted while listening to AJ, their finally showing dead troops coming home in coffins and body bags who were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It's about time our dead solders are being honored by being shown on Jewtube MSM TV.

Andy Lewis's picture

Blow it out yer turban, Meshelle.

GoldenDragon's picture

You're close.  Great Britain dividied up the middle east WITH regard to tribal considerations.  They intentionally created borders in a way that would create minorities in every country so that those nations would remain unstable and they thought, ironically, more controllable.

illyia's picture

Drone strikes, advance planning to hit Saddam, etc did not help. Aziz said:

The only way out of this money-sucking, resource-sucking, life-sucking trap that is very literally obliterating the American empire is to swallow pride and get out of the middle east, to stop misallocating American resources and productivity on unwinnable wars.

Owing what we owe I would imagine that this will happen anyway. All the natives have to do is wait... If they waited more quietly then they would provoke less and have less trouble, themselves. Begging the question...


fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Sunnis were killing Shias and vice versa centuries before religious extremists came to north america and killed off the tribal pagans. the problems in the ME has more to do muslims killing other muslims than the state of israel or the USA

NewWorldOrange's picture

That's true historically, but in recent decades the negative effects and slaughters perpetrated "Muslim on Muslim" pales in comparison to the mayhem the West/Israel has fomented there.

Nothing brings two foes together like a common enemy. Case in point, and one you won't hear from the MSM but most anyone who served in Iraq around 2005-2008 will tell you: Both Shia and Sunni realized that the terror squads kidnapping and killing busloads of people in Iraq were working for Uncle Sam and the tribal elders (Sunni and Shia) worked together to spread the word that that was going on in order to expose it to the American and other soldiers, the global media, and to the Iraqi people. The word spread fast, right up the American chain of command...and then it suddenly ceased, except now a lot of very angry Muslims of both tribes were hellbent on attacking Americans, and did so, which is why most of the U.S. forces had to be pulled into the Green Zone. Note that after American forces were pulled into the walled Green Zone, these alleged inter-tribal slaughters ceased despite the "vacuum of power."

The post-American Government is Skynet. Period. Maybe our programmed zombie soldiers don't LOOK like shiny metallic terminators, and our drones don't hover at low altitude where they could easily be shot down. In other words, the REAL Skynet is worse than the movie. So who are really the bad guys? Muslims fighting for their dignity and lives against a Zionist Skynet whose flying drones routinely rain rockets down on them, or the fucks who support the Zionist Skynet?