Guest Post: Border Controls Are Back In Europe

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Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man

Border Controls Are Back In Europe

Somewhere in America, Barbara Boxer is weeping.

The California senator’s version of the Highway Bill (S.1813, also known as MAP-21) which passed the senate and seemed destined to become law, has been dropped in favor of a rival bill that President Obama will sign into law today.

If you recall, Boxer’s highway bill contained provisions authorizing the government to deny US citizens a passport in the event of unpaid taxes.

These provisions have been removed from the new version of the law; so the US governments efforts to restrict Americans’ travel have been dropped. For now.

Don’t worry, though there are still plenty of bonehead line items in the law, like authorizing public service campaigns to raise awareness about the risks of ‘leaving a child or unattended passenger in a vehicle after the vehicle motor is disengaged.’

Your tax dollars at work.

Speaking of travel restrictions and border controls, though, European authorities seem to have no qualms about implementing them.

For the last several days, I’ve been weaving between northern Italy and Switzerland checking out great places to bank, new places to store gold, and taking in these gorgeous lake views.

Every single time I’ve crossed the border, I’ve been met by rather snarly police on both sides; they’re stopping cars, turning people’s trunks inside out, and causing major traffic problems.

 Border controls are back in EuropeA friend of mine who came up on the train from Florence to meet me for lunch in Lugano said he was stopped at the border for nearly an hour as thuggish customs agents randomly questioned train passengers and demanded to see their IDs.

So much for Europe’s 26-country ‘borderless area.’

Based on Europe’s 1985 Schengen Treaty and 1997 Amsterdam Treaty, you’re supposed to be able to drive from Tallinn, Estonia to Lisbon, Portgual without so much as slowing down at the border.

This is not dissimilar from driving between states in the US or provinces in Canada.

Yet as Europe descends into greater financial and social chaos, leaders are starting to ignore these agreements which guarantee freedom of movement across the continent.

No big surprise, electing Marxists and Neo-Nazis tends to bring that sort of change. Border controls, currency controls, wage and price controls– these are the usual tactics of desperate, insolvent governments.

As times get tougher, they tighten their grip, foolishly believing that they can decree and legislate their country back to health.

In the early 4th century AD after decades of economic turmoil and social strife within the Roman Empire, Diocletian issued his infamous Edictum De Pretiis Rerum Venalium, or Edict on Prices.

In addition to setting a fixed ceiling on over 1,000 products, services, and wages, Diocletian also commanded the death penalty for currency and commodity speculators who he blamed for inflation (as opposed to the steady debasement of the currency).

Obviously very little has changed.

Capital controls usually follow; these amount to the direct confiscation of wealth by a government from its citizens.

Often capital controls take the form of legal requirements which prevent people from moving money abroad, holding foreign currencies, or buying precious metals.

Just yesterday, in fact, Argentina’s central bank formally banned people from buying US dollars– forcing them to hold rapidly depreciating pesos and watch their savings inflate away.

At some point, people finally reach their breaking points and spill out into the streets to be beaten by the police. This is when we see social controls implemented– turning off mobile and Internet infrastructure, curfews, etc.

These tactics have been all too common over the last 18-months.

And finally, if things get really bad, border controls are implemented as a way to prevent a flood of people from leaving. After all, the government needs as many milk cows as it can get.

This is why I say that the US passport denial provision has been dropped… but only for now. Don’t be surprised to see it creep up in another proposed law in the near future.

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fonzannoon's picture

For the last several days, I’ve been weaving between northern Italy and Switzerland checking out great places to bank, new places to store gold, and taking in these gorgeous lake views.

Go fuck yourself.

AnAnonymous's picture

Notice: to store gold, not USD.

But a few lines down, prohibition of USD purchase is noted.

US citizenism at work: demand on USD for this US citizen serves his welfare.

akak's picture

Grasshoppers conform to rabid salad overcharging.

pods's picture

Dog woker speak in riddles, um hum.

Seen Empire Strikes Back too many times?

mr_T's picture

I've been driving thru Spain France Portugal no stops only toll booths.

I read an article on KWN someone went pickup their gold in swizznazi and their gold wasn't there. I hear in Zurich you can get a good deal on teeth bullion. I need a new grill.

francis_sawyer's picture

How come everytime I click on a Simon Black article I get that "I pooped today" AD SERVE?


Shitters_Full's picture

I don't have but about $5 to my name, live paycheck to paycheck, and work a crappy office job.  I know/understand very little of the in-depth financial analysis provided here on ZH but read it every single day in the hopes of learning increasingly more.  I started reading this site about 18 months ago and it has opened my eyes to a lot of things and I am forever grateful for the work that is done here.  The info on world events is also top notch.

Where am I going with this?  Well, even with my limited background in most ZH topics I can tell you that Simon Black is an assclown extraordinaire.  If the borders to various countries are getting harder to pass through then say just that.  I don't care about your search for fabulous new places to store your gold.  The last gold I saw was on the fronts of the gentleman who literally growled at me while cutting me in line for the bus.

The only thing that surprises me about this article is the lack of mention of his fabulous, mythical Chilean compound.

bank guy in Brussels's picture

Hang in there ...

When you say « ... $5 to my name, live paycheck to paycheck, and work a crappy office job ... »

Do realise that you are far from alone. - But having a job at all, sort of puts you in the 'middle class' these days!

Knowledge is its own reward ... In the Great Depression of the 1930s, some Americans hit by the hard times, learned their way to a new life in America's public libraries ... maybe you will do the same now, reading the more truthful, but minority perspectives, which are still at the moment accessible on the internet.

Good luck.

The Big Ching-aso's picture



" places to store gold."

If you haven't already, try storing it up your ass.



smiler03's picture

Simon Black you STUPID WANKER.

Switzerland isn't even a signatory to the Schengen Agreement.


EDIT: Ooops. I'm wrong, they are in the Schengen Convention, since 1995

smiler03's picture

I think I've worked it out; the vehicle that Simon is travelling in has a great big giveaway cloud of SMUG above it.

Joe Sixpack's picture

"I’ve been weaving between northern Italy and Switzerland"


You carrying any US Treasury Bearer bonds (maybe a few hundred $billion)?

fonzannoon's picture

No Joe sixpack he is carrying a bullshit sarcastic attitude and thumbing his nose at everyone here in the process. My guess is he wrote it from his pool somewhere in California. He just wants you to think he is like you except he is fucking awesome and living the life you want to live. He is trying to appeal to Joe sixpa......

Joe Sixpack's picture

Sensitive today, aren't we?


I was employing some sarcasm to make a couple of pints, yes. That is not too uncommon here at ZH.

fonzannoon's picture

yeah sorry I'm pissed today. My bad.

Dr. Richard Head's picture

Pissed today only?  Shit!  Since 2008, I have not had that pissy feeling subside.  Too much of a clear view of the fraud since then.

gmrpeabody's picture

DITTO... I'm always pissed, and it's beginning to show, I'm afraid.

TruthInSunshine's picture

We Can Work It Out (We Can't?)

by:  Big Brother & The Mighty Capital Control Bass Tones

Try to see it my way,
Do I have to keep on taking your wealth till you wan't to move on?

While you see it your way,
Run the risk of knowing that our social pact may soon be gone.

We can work it out,
We can't work it out?

Think of what I'm saying.
I can get it wrong and still think that it's alright.

Think of what I'm saying,
We can work it out and you can get straight, or say good night.

We can work it out,
We can't work it out?

Your ife is very short, and there's no time
For fussing and withdrawing "your" money, my citizen.
I have always thought making withdrawals is a crime,
So i will ask you once again.

Try to see it my way,
Only time will tell if I am right or if I am not wrong.

While you see it your way
There's a chance that you and your fellow citizens get drone'd before too long.

We can work it out,
We can't work it out?

Intoxicologist's picture

I could use a couple of pints myself!

Joe Sixpack's picture

A little sarcasm might get you a pint!


I first got an inkling that the derivatives bubble was bursting when I was in Korea in ~Sept./Oct. 2007 drinking a pint of Guinness at a hotel, and realized I just paid $17 for it. I mentioned it to the Brit sitting next to me who exclaimed "wow, this Guinness is 10 quid. They practically give this stuff away back home!" Another clue was that a Starbucks house coffee was about $3.50 (in Seoul). In China it was about $1.85 (about the same as the US). The final clue was when I got on the plane home and read about failing SIVs in FT. In January 2008 I started (now Derivatives Collapse, and somewhat dormant).

i-dog's picture

You just ooooooozzzzze jealousy from every pore.

walküre's picture

I've crossed that border myself numerous times. The check points are nothing new.

What's the point of this article?

pods's picture

So we can be wowed by the travels of Simon the Magnificent.


Marginal Call's picture

He says the place is fucked and full of marxists and fascist.  And he's the asshole driving around looking for places to store gold there.  Not because he has any, because he wants you to read his crappy site and take his word on where to store your gold.

Fuck no I wont'. 


giovanni_f's picture

he wanted to say something

Idiocracy's picture

Switzerland never agreed to be a part of the borderless "Schengen Area".  There have always been checks on the IT-CH border.  Just not so regularly and thoroughly as of late.

DosZap's picture

Want to see a Fascist checkpoint?, try entering Canada with Texas, or Oklahoma plates.

Your vehicle will be taken apart.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Try driving into Canada in a pickup truck. That kind of vehicle seems to draw a lot of unwanted attention from Canadian border police.

gmrpeabody's picture

It is well known that those types carry guns and bibles...

Marginal Call's picture

Not at the Ferndale border crossing.  Everybody drives trucks out here. 

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

I usually cross at Niagara. Ferndale is a little, um, out of my way.

Marginal Call's picture

But it's just a few minutes off I-5 and half the wait time!  Other than that.  It's hard to the full monty search out here. 

Shizzmoney's picture

Try driving back from Canada into the US, with any US license plate.  #cavitysearch

As one guy told me at a poker table (and was a Fmr Mountie) in Montreal: "The fucking American Government is nuts.  They're own citizens are lucky to be let back into their own country!".

At least I would of goten stuck in Montreal....

AchtungAffen's picture

"Want to see a Fascist checkpoint?, try entering THE US with A FOREIGN PASSPORT"


prole's picture

Hell as long as you are wearing a burka, a turban, or there is a reasonable chance you are packing a underwear obomb, they wave you right through, no need for a passport.


Bring the Gold's picture

Me thinks you missed the importance of that story in your hatred of Islam. The point is he had help from someone with some security leverage ie someone who could get security to make an exception. This points towards insider collusion and another false flag to ram through more security. Who did this benefit the most? Arguably Michel Chertoff the former head of DHS under Bush who went on to form the Chertoff Group (founded 2009) which represents manufacturers of the scanners.

So we have a former Bush inner circle guy who's naked body scanner PR firm helped their represented companies make BILLIONS from security being compromised on Obama's watch. Hmm, perhaps both parties like to wet their beaks and push security policy by endangering Americans with false flag operations. Clamp down on civil liberties and funnel money to security companies win win for the elite.

prole's picture

I guess you win the argument automatically now if you are the first one to accuse your opponent of "hate?"

The new KO punch, just accuse the other guy of "hate" and you take the moral high-ground and you WIN! (If you are a retard)

Did you not notice where I said "wave you right through" did you not notice where I said "no need for a passport" does that vaguely sound like your retort to me, which was "insider collusion" and "had help" yeah dude, like "help" in high places who can get him waved through security?

You basically call me a person with HATE!!. Then repeat what I said back to me. I am not disagreeing with what you said, because it is the same thing I said. And of course the Chertoffs and other corrupt war companies and, well, Hate companies are going to profit off the theater and spectacle.

Anyway, you probably aren't any dumber than a lot of the fruitcakes posting on this site lately

ceilidh_trail's picture

Yup. Coming back from Halifax, my wife,my 9year old daughter and me got pulled out of the line for a pat down while a muslim family (burkah and all) walked on by us. By the time we got on the plane, the overhead bins near us were full. It's hard not to be upset when the powers that be do this political correctness crap. Don't pick on people because of their faith, but use a little common sense!

Zeroexperience2010's picture

Switzerland is signatory of the Schengen agreement, aka 'borderless europe'. This is one reason why we are getting all those so called asylum seekers via Italy and France (by train and car/busses).

Bunga Bunga's picture

The point is that Switzerland is not part of the European Union Customs Union (EUCU) and therfore can enforce customs checks at its borders.

Treason Season's picture

Lot of nimrods on this website these days

Since December 12, 2008 Switzerland is part of the Schengen Area... eng/ specials/ switzerland_schengen/ index.html?cid=47540

zuuuueri's picture

Correction, professor, Switzerland joined the Schengen agreement in 2008.
I cross the border between CH and IT half a dozen times a year or more, in a car. A month and a half ago was the first time i have ever had to pull over at the border, entering switzerland.
They actually took my papers and went into their little hut to verify everything. Once they came back out there were quite polite and asked if i had any alcohol with me to declare, the answer in the negative and i was on my way.. the booze question almost seemed like an afterthought just asked out of habit, since why else would they ever bother stopping anyone. It was pretty late in the night, though.

Before CH joined Schengen i can recall crossing the border with germany on some occasions and typically there wouldn't even be anyone in the booth on the swiss side, but the germans were pretty particular about checking passports. The french have been pretty spotty about checking passports in my experience (for non-schengen travel), and on the austria-swiss border likewise typically there isn't even anyone manning the crossings.

just a few datapoints..

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

@ walkuere

Yes, the train between France and Italy almost always stops at their border along the Med Sea and the border police come on board.  On one trip, they Italian cops came in and took off a misbehaving young Arab guy...

The trains stopped at the France - Spain border as well, at least when we went some 2 -3 years ago.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Any train coming out of Amsterdam has always been a good target for a thorough going-over by border police. Especially the overnight trains. Happened to me once years ago. Nothing like getting woken up at 3am and having your suitcase opened up looking for drugs.

Abitdodgie's picture

I drove from England to Amsterdam and back , we got strip serched at every crossing, my friend got caught with a half oz of weed on the french crossing and got banned from France for ten years. They did not find the 2 kilo in the spare wheel, so the trip paid for itself.

Mister Ponzi's picture

Not only for border police. When the ICE fast train from Amsterdam reaches its final destination in Frankfurt, very frequently local police is awaiting the passengers with drug-sniffing dogs.

ZeroAvatar's picture

I had drug-sniffing dogs used on me when I took my Harley across the ferry from Michigan to Wisconsin.  No asking permission, no warning, just there they are. 

achmachat's picture

this article is quite misleading!

nothing has changed. There's no border controls. What he is talking about is a random customs check.

These customs checks have always existed between Schengen countries and very often people get caught smuggling large amounts of cash or gold bars between countries. Large amounts of cash have to be declared.

nothing to see here. move on.

Irelevant's picture

Actually I passed that border 2 weeks ago. That is the Italy-Swiss crossing at Chiaso, near Lugano. The italians were not interested, the Swiss stopped us and checked our passports. I talked with the Swiss border guard, he told me the Italians were mainly looking for nationals that try to bring currency over the border, but "we don`t mind", said the Swiss officer.

It was pretty chill, there were no vehicle searches, no lugage searches, but we were instructed to pay the Swiss road tax - very important.

 Italy is a whole other story, I`ve seen interesting things, Italy is frozen economically, nothing happens, many stores are closed, and I spoke with some Italians that stressed the need for a return of the red brigades. They told me that the mafia no longer shoot people, the mafia is the banks and the government.
This was in Milan. In Genoa you can find on all the buildings, in the center of the city, all types of manifestos against Monti, Billdenberg, and the EU.