Guest Post: Bread, Circuses, Spending Cuts, Unicorns And The Appearance Of Wealth

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panem et circenses...bitchez!

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Tortillas y corridas de toros, putas.

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The "overness" was driven home last night when I witnessed a lady and her boy toy buy frozen pizzas, Fritos and Dr. Pepper with a foodstamp card, load it all into a new Cadillac and set sail.

Burn it down, beeyotches!  All of it.

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I was working across from the welfare office in Excramento, California once upon a time,

you want to see some fine cars! go their.

I of course was driving a 12 year old scuzbox as I only work for a living and am not a member of CLUB FREE SHIT, I can not join as i'm much too pale in color, and dont care much for the company,so it is cool with me.

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The country is already zombified, Bitchez! Its all dead and like most zombies they just do not know it yet.

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"Crossing the Rubicon" can serve as an antidote to zombieness.

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Yeah if you can get the masses to cross and get their EBT cards and 52 inch LCD remotes to go away, EDIT: better yet persuade them that the gubmint dole is akin to living in a zoo cage rather than being free to do as one wishes. I am all for it, unfortunately there will be only one shot at it and with bread and circuses the dominate force, I don't see a willingness of the masses to leave their comfort zones and cross.

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Yes it has been cast and there is an 1861 moment fast approaching. The question is will Caesar win out, or will it be a slaughter?!

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You are probably right if it is any consolation I soon will be amongst the other Georgians and will do my part whatever it is.

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mmmm...golden parabola...

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S&P closed green? SPY's were off $0.18...

wtf? my quotes are still runnin...


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"All of human unhappiness comes from one single thing. Not knowing how to remain at rest in a room."

Blaise Pascal

Our modern economy could cloth and feed many more than there is, if only they would not require to be entertained while they live out their lives.

C'est la vie,


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"All of human unhappiness comes from one single thing. Not knowing how to remain at rest in a room."

One of my favorite quotes.  The internet circus is quickly making that acheivable and enjoyable for the masses.  Rejoice, universal happiness is at hand!


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All roads lead to the federal reserve and the crown!

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All roads lead to ... history doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme and it seems we're on a right path of repeating the same mistakes as in the first half of last century.

And I would be far from calling it fall of Roman Empire but Peak Civilization.

Lastly, 'Crossing the Rubicon' by M. Ruppert a very good book. I read it few years ago. A must read.



escargot's picture

I read 'Crossing the Rubicon' just last week, coincidentally.  Ruppert is definitely not short on information.  Definitely some eye-opening stuff there.

Internet Tough Guy's picture

The lights are growing dim Otto. I know a life of crime has led me to this sorry fate, and yet, I blame society. Society made me what I am.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Otto: That's bullshit. You're a white suburban punk just like me.


Jeronimo's picture

Although elegantly written and timely, it is what we know. What we don't know is how to turn it around or when will it end and be turned around.  

Where do we go from here; that is the question of the day and seemingly the answer continues to elude until some future day.

Thanks, none the less.

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Unfortunately, your country is already past the point of no return.

If you have fungible assets, liquidate them, and move to a country that you haven't bombed yet. It will be difficult to find one, but not impossible.

Wait it out.


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Hey there is an idea! Maybe I could get a mowhawk hair cut, and relocate to Austrailia. My wife could drive the suburban with the kids in the back while I jump onto unsuspecting big rigs to steal gas. MAD MAX Bitches!!!!!

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Bread and Circus = Food Stamps and Football

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Food Stamps won't buy alcohol, it will buy Pringles and Doritos. That's not the problem, as a stimulus program FOOD STAMPS get 100% SPENT, nothing is hoarded, it goes into the economy immediately without delay. QE3- Bottoms up!

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Ah, the old 'hoarding' canard.

Here, do yourself a favor and read this:

sun tzu's picture

Food stamps will buy alcohol and drugs for those who are willing. Many will trade their EBT dollars for 70 cents on the dollar or less in order to buy cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. Many small grocers have been busted for running these scams. Back when the states were passing out actualy food stamps, the cops used to find bundles in the drugs dens they raided.

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those who are about to die salute you.......

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Batiatus: Come with us. See to it I don't misuse the money.
Gracchus: Don't be ridiculous. I'm a Senator.


the not so mighty maximiza's picture

no hot roman women orgies this time, this version sucks.

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You obviously missed out on Plato's Retreat.....

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what do you know of what goes on with the wall street banker crowd

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Sensationalist fearmongering. I am much happier worrying about the possibility of a collapse than I would be picking through the ruins of the certain collapse that faced us in 2008.

BigJim's picture

Yes, because the actions our overlords took in 2008 are going to make the consequences of the resultant next collapse soooooooo much more mild.

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They fixed everything when they put all the toxic crap onto the public books and increased tripled the annual deficits. All is well. Drink your kool-aid and BTFD

SwingForce's picture

Jim- I like your posts, you are a very smart man. I don't disagree with you either. But everybody's not gonna die, the people of the United States won't even be hurt the worst. As the US Treasurys get downgraded, and the Federal Reserve debases the U$D, we have companies like ALTRIA!, Exxon, IBM, who pay more in dividend interest that US Tbonds. Once we get Apple & Google to see the light, the US becomes the Reserve STOCK currency. Get a fukkin' BUSINESSMAN in the White House and cut the shit, CONGRESS! (with a knife, in slices). Ha ha have a nice weekend!

Pay Day Today's picture

They're already all big money "business" people in gubbmint. That's the problem. And putting a Tyrant into the White House able to ignore Congress? That's a brand new world of hurt.

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The government is run by lawyers. I've worked there before. The departments and agencies are all headed by lawyers. You get a token Wall Street banker once in a while, but all of the top regulators are lawyers, including 0bama and Holder. Don't confuse businessman with Wall Street bankers. A businessman provides a useful service or product to the market. Wall Street bankers are parasites.Bring back Glass-Steagall and put a few hundred big bankers into prison

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I have known countless "businessmen" in middle AND executive management throughout my career who were totally worthless and actually cost large companies millions upon millions because of their stupidity and arrogance.  I thought some people might have figured that out after GW, ... guess not.   Commonsense, integrity, ethics, honesty and the will for a just and productive society is worth much more than mere business experience.

sun tzu's picture

In 0bama's case, he has neither

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I've know a lot of business and most have not been worth a damn. Remember, Jamie Dimon is a businessman, we need an entrepeneur that understands the sacrifice, honor and respect it takes to build a successful business.

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The "reserve stock currency'?? WTF dude? I suppose that reserve stock currency you will be betting on and the above tbond dividend will be paid in the same debased US$ you mention earlier.

How the hell does that make sense? Did Zimbabwe stocks become the reserve stocks of the world because their price increases were the tops in the world for a decade? Did their dividends outpace anything?

Sorry Swing but the debasement will always outrun the increase in prices of those stocks and value of dividends. It has to be otherwise we would not be in the current shitty position we are in leveraged beyond all resonable measures.

We are fucked and anything priced in dollars will be fucked as well. Learn that leasons before you wake up broke, hungry, and with nothing left. 

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Just wait till you read about the new "tax Reform" package that's going to get passed. 

Pays for tax cuts to upper income by eliminating the mortgage interest deduction. And medical expense deduction and charitable contributions.