Guest Post: Breaking The Silver Manipulation Barrier

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Silver has caught a serious bid today, and so has oil.  The dollar flails around like a senile old man yelling about how Bernanke studied the great Depression.  It is somewhat forgotten as to what monie is, even by such bright minds as Webster Griffin Tarpley, among others.  The end result is inevitable:  precious metal is monie, and it will be used as such soon.  It stores wealth, and nothing else does, except land, and land ownership might be fun, but you will never own the land, the land owns you.  So to protect yourself, and fight the establishment, buy silver.  Its time is due.

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Keep to your platitudes, Judas. You are a Hawk.

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Shut the fuck up.  You don't know me.  You don't know my motives.  Shit, you don't even know if I have any.  Get fucked.

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There are mean drunks and stupid drunks.  Pretty clear you're one of the stupid ones.

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Appears the dumb asses come out posting first in a very good topic and maybe ruin a very good thread of people that could add to the author's opinion.

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Actually dry drunks are worse than mean drunks or stupid drunks.  Never met a dry drunk that wasn't 100 percent asshole.  He just needs to keep going to meetings and work his program otherwise he will stay fucked up.

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And for everyone else is the other program.

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...dry drunks are worse...

That's very true.  Untreated alcoholism results in a very disagreeable personality.

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A dry drunk is an alkie who no longer drinks but has experienced no change in mental conditions whatsoever, still thinking and acting like the practicing alcoholic.... generally astoundingly angry, ungrateful, hostile, egotistical, immature and impolite.  In short, unbearable, but thinking himself as a wonderous gift to mankind as he's no longer consuming.  Fucking nightmares.  (I've had the unfortunate experience.)    Guess the difference comes down to the dry drunk has enough energy and stamina that without the passing out is an asshole with his disease spreading misery to all comers 24/7/365.  At least the practicing alky in incapacitated a goodly portion of the day.
Both are bad juju.  No heaven, just hell on earth.

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Yeah, I know.  Seen plenty.   20 years FOB last April.

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Gwar5 posted up an excellent link in the Quinn post with regards to financial repression:

Here's my reply:

Gwar, hopefully you'll see this comment: Yes, yes, and finally, one more time, yes! Financial repression is just another term to describe the various processes by which the core objective, continuity of government (COG), will be achieved.

I have repeatedly said that bankers don't control the federal government, it's the federal government that controls bankers. Oh sure, they're highly compensated in their role of facilitating empire, but it's merely a historical accident that this function was outsourced. A parallel construct, the MIC, represents a more traditional approach with its quasi-private/public form of organization.

So all serve to keep the great beast alive. It's both naive & absurd to believe that this country operates under any form of constitutional restraint. This is where brilliant analysts & writers like Quinn, Denninger, Mish, Stoneleigh, et al fail: they appear to believe (a) markets 'work'; and (b) it's immoral  to manipulate markets (and impossible to maintain for long) to serve other, unstated ends.

Wrong, wrong & wrong! There is no immorality (eg starving seniors) when the objective of 'saving the system' aka the "American Way of Life" is the "noble" objective. Casualties are always inflicted to preserve the greater good, and during this cycle, it's the oldsters who are going to bite the bullet. To believe Bernanke has trouble sleeping is to believe Patton had trouble sleeping - both rationalize the deaths under their watch as a necessary bi-product of the ultimate goal.

The debt will be inflated away. Savers will be crushed. Controls will be instituted. And there will be no way to exit the system. The only way out is if/when the whole shabang comes down, and that might be prove to be more painful than the existing status quo.

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The banksters and politicians are all part of the kleptocratic class.  The banksters own the politicos because once they take graft they are easily blackmailed.  So it is more of a symbiotic union where both groups agree to just feed of the host of the citizenry without killing one another until the host dies.

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All deflationists assume some rules and derive the future vision from them.

But sad reality is, that any rules became void and overridden if it became serious.

FOFOA got it right: in terminal crisis currency will be sacrificed to save "the system" - people in power. Once in power, always in power. That is the goal.

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If you do own SLV, is there a way to demand delivery on the shares that you own?


I have been researching this, and found that only "baskets" of 10,000 shares can be delivered, which seems absurd.  I have about 1,000 shares right now, and I would like to take possession.  Anyone know how to go about this?

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Only the five largest shareholders will be paid in physiacl if demanded.  Switch to Sprott (PSLV) or buy the coins.  I prefer the latter.  It is nice having it around.

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You will never see a grain of metal out of SLV.

You need to amass 50,000 (units, I believe, but maybe oz.) to redeem from Sprott. 

I never expect to see any metal from either, but I am figuring that the PSLV is the least risky place to park paper that I cannot convert to physical inasmuch as I want that paper to follow the price moves of Ag for later conversion.

PHYS (Sprott Au) has been a good place to be for me as well. 

SLV is for trading risk assets in order to take the profits and convert to physical.

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Check out James Turk's I know for a fact that anyone having gold with him can demand delivery in cash or LBMA good delivery bars or even 1KG bars AT ANY TIME.  I know of a friend that has 90% of a full pallet of silver in a Viamat vault in Hong Kong (full silver pallet=30 1000 ounce silver bars). He said that your gold will let you sleep at night and your silver will make you rich. There are only a handful of reliable PM companies you can trust if (when) the global SHTF. In the UK, the best one is and Adrain Ash previously of is involved in it. These are my top 2 picks for PM buying because these are the only 2 that the gloom and doom gold bugs haven't said a bad word about. Because I have a considerable amount in one of the 2, I can say that one is okay. Sprott is not one of them.


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Hmm. I have to look into that.

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The ETF's gives exposure for tax deferred assets and participation without the complications of reporting foreign ownership.

For physical ownership, right now, I prefer my own custody.

I do not believe that Ash or Turk would have anything detrimental to say about a Sprott position.

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You read the PROSPECTUS...
It states how you take ownership and even how to convert physical into *poof-its-gone* SLV.

If you're dealing with a reliable broker, they'd had better be providing it to you... and I'm sorry, but isn't it silly to purchase ETFs without knowing the nitty-gritty (like is it leveraged, what's their ratio, any encumbering, blah blah), which is usually creatively hidden in the prospectus. I'm feeling reasonably benign today, to boil it down, you need to be a "registered entity" to take custody without breaking the "good delivery" chain, or go via a physical broker that can do this for you (read: no hope in hell they'll bother with you small-fry). I might be having a brain-fart, but I though the SLV->Phys was 50K but Phys->SLV was 10K. /meh I stopped smoking paper back in March.

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I just graduated last year, and I have been harping on the PM horn for about 4 years now.  I wish I had the capital I have not, back then, but all well.  I was playing the options game with SLV, and actually bought some shares prior to researching how the ETF was leveraged.  I assumed (ass out of you and me I know) that each share was backed by a paper stock (haha).  I was naive when I first got in, and am now trying to see if I can convert these paper stocks for a bar or two.  

So it appears that I will need to have about 10,000 shares to even think about demanding delivery?  Don't think I've built up that much capital, but I have started purchasing 100oz bars in the past week.  I am just trying to figure this out before spot goes over $50 in the next month and a half.  

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Dude, if you just graduated and are buying 100oz bar('s - plural)


..I'd say you're way ahead of the curve. Keep waking people up, and prep yourself for becoming a leader in some harsh times to come

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Hmm. Well, be careful out there kids. During the "waking people up" you don't want to make it too hard of a sell in the sense of telling people that you've bought gold/silver. Unfortunately they are unlikely to follow your advice, but you can bet your left ballsack they'll remember you bought it when SHTF and they'll thank you for your forward thinking with a crowbar to back of skull and leg'it...

Kung fu baby, they need to snatch the pebble from the hand before they can learn the true secrets. OK, mystical-mode-off: Don't tell people you've bought, allow them to find it for themselves -- keep yourself safe.

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I just bought two of them.  Made some serious fiatcos by shorting Netflix when it hit 300/share.  Used the fiatcos to purchase a couple of bars, but I'd love to have more.  It has been a frustrating 4 years so far, but people are beginning to listen to me, especially buddies that were too young to think politics effected them directly.  As they cannot find jobs, they are very open to the concept that the system is fucked right now.  I can't tell you how many of my friends have (after ridiculing me for being a Ron Paul supporter since 2007) come to me and apologized and said I was right.  The message of liberty is gaining traction, and there's nothing these power-hungry pompous assholes can do to stop it.  In about 20 years, a true leader will be someone who can provide just enough oversight to let people follow their dreams.  If they fail, they have only themselves to blaim.  

Thanks for the support! 

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Switched from SLV to bullion, by way of $, recently. 5,000 Oz/shares = 1 "basket" redeemable in silver. Of course, when TSHTF and the brokers are overwhelmed with sell orders, only the high rollers will get metal...everyone else will be left holding a bag of air.  

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I sit and look at your post. 1000 peices of paper written in crayon "Silver" did Crayola have Silver at one time for a color?


There HAS to be some way to offload that paper onto some other CHUMP and move your proceeds elsewhere.


1000 ASE Shares = 2 Monster Crates delivered. round 42 thousand and change today cash.

That for you friend is a once in a life time oppertunity. Do it.

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Crayola did indeed once have a "silver" (and a "gold") crayon, at least they did in the 70's and 80's. They came in the larger sized (more colors) boxes.

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1. Sell your shares for cash

2. Take cash to silver dealer

3. Buy physical silver

4. Profit!!!

I am Chumbawamba.

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Nice 4-step recovery program for SLVaholics!

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Very funny stuff. Sell fake in order to buy real.

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Thas' whut I did. And Mr. JPM broker was highly resistent. When silver hits $70, JPM is long gone.

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Hope you are right. Bet you are not. They are pernicious.

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Just sell your shares and buy your silver on the same day. You do not have to buy your silver from the same place you bought your shares.

You should get practically the same amount of silver anyway.

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see you @ gold: 1100 and silver @ 25 in 6 months time.

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Any reasoning to back up your statement?

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It's a prayer.  Reasoning has no part in it.

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So you'd like to write that up in a contract that we will both honor in 6 months time? Or is this what internet warriors refer to as ... masturba^H^H^H^H^Hspeculation?

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Enjoy your life as roadkill.

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In other words I sit in my dorm room with 0 ounces.

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The current moderation system on ZH is a bit annoying.... first, we had the junk system - it didn't really achieve much, but at least you could let of agression on the regular trolls..... then for a short time we had ratings..... which actually did have an effect, since you could set a threshold for how many "junk" of a post you tolerate..... we have.....  just frustration and incentives to feed trolls.

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I suspect ZH pulled down the new UI, along with all other 'extras', in order to prevent the system from crashing. You may remember earlier this month when ZH was crashing several times a day. As soon as ZH stripped off the new UI the site was, and continues to be, up nearly all the time.

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We all have our theories ;)

- Chumblez.

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Hope they leave it like it is... much less bs over nothing, and much more actual debate without the constant negative rating focus.

... wtf happened to spell check?

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The rating system is chosen based on how much traffic it generates for Zero Hedge.  A free for all atmosphere engenders many page views.

- Chumblez.

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'specially if the pages have corndog pics. . .

pavlov, Horndogs!