Guest Post: Conscience Of A Gold Investor

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I have to say that, in comparison, the 1100 page opus "Year 2083" by the Templar nutter was a pleasure to analyse. Btw - if you don't have an 'original' copy by now, most are under attack / viral editing by Anonymous. So, if you wanted to analyse the original [authoured by whoever] then your chance is fading.





[Edit - his fundamentals seem sound, his delivery is leading me into requiring a serious trepanning to wade through the rhetoric. Does he get paid by the word?]

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Get ready for 5 daily hours of Malcolm-X Jr. on all TV stations once the charade is off and he uses dictatorial powers to raise debt ceiling.

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Clearly you know nothign about Malcolm X.   TO insult that man with our president's name, shame on you.

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No offence, but have you actually researched what he was trying to do? Cause his image has been twisted so much from the worlds ignorance.

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If you consider the breadth of what he is writing about, his writing is economical.  I think you dislike his style which is a different matter.

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Don't know what his breath has to do with anything, but he lost me early on with that 911 stuff.

I'm sorry, but I can't take anyone seriously that clings to that theory.  ;- )

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orly?  i'll make it real easy for you.

explain these seismic data


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Those data have been shifted to match the times stated in the 9/11 commission report.  But the fools forgot to shift the data to account for sound travel time through the bedrock, which would make the wave start about six seconds later in this case.   Data from the same sensor is also listed at and the "impacts" are 14 and 17 seconds EARLIER than in the 9/11 commission report.  I worked with seismic data for several years and I assure you that each sensor must be connected to a clock which recieves regular updates from the GPS network.  A ~20-second error would result in seismic events being mislocated by ~ 100km.  The air traffic control network will also have rigorous timing.  So, why the discrepancy?  Perhaps the "impacts" were actually blasts in the basement rather than impacts of the planes (which would not have transmitted much energy into the ground).  Witnesses have reported blasts in the basement before the impact.  Further explanation of this can be found here:

Also, the seismogram for the collapse of 7 World Trade Center shows two distinct waveforms separated by approximately six seconds.  The freefall collapse time would have been six seconds.  The first waveform is has larger amplitude than the second, so the takedown blast must have been huge.  Doesn't look like a pillar failure when compared to the collapse.  However, I must note that the energy released for the collapse is suspiciously small (magnitude 0.6) and the collapse waveform doesn't show a steady rise, as would be expected for a freefall collapse starting from ground level.  Perhaps the first waveform is really the collapse and the second waveform is some explosion in the basement; who knows.  Maybe the whole waveform was muffled by all the Beanie Babies and Cabbage Patch Kids stuffed in the COMEX vault whose metal was "vaporized" on 9/11.

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a closed mind is a dangerous thing.

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Jim is da man. He does two free articles a month, this is a sample. And yes he has a shitton of paid subscribers since he gives accurate as hell timed calls on PMs, kinda like Turd.

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>> accurate as hell timed calls on PMs, kinda like Turd.

Accurate as Turd?  I've followed the Turds calls closely and he's anything but accurate.  Did gold make it's June Turd's number?  Are we still in the summer doldrums?  Is silver still languishing in the low 30s?  Was the time to buy after it breached $39.45?

Turd's a nice guy and a brilliant self promoter, I'll grant him that.  And he's amassed a tenaciously loyal following who he's led off the cliff on a number of occaisions. 

The Turd is a snake oil salesman.

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"The latest Commitment of Traders Report for silver is now screaming out at full volume BUY BUY BUY. In fact, the Commercial Short-Long Ratio that I have already bored you with at great length in recent correspondence is now down at a multi-year super extreme of 1.79. Below is an up-to-date chart of the COT picture. In summary there have only been four other weeks in this whole bull cycle where the ratio has dropped below 1.80, four weeks. The first two weeks of these was the 28th August 2007 and the following week of the 4th September 2007. The second tranche was the 21st October 2008 and the following week 28th October 2008. If you study below both the chart of silver over that period and also the HUI gold mining index, you can see how these extreme lows below 1.80 in the ratio coincided on both occasions very markedly with a bottom in both the silver price and the mining index. On each occasion this proved to be a multi-year opportunity to take positions in both the metal and the precious metal mining stocks. Each time the price of silver rose by some 60% to 90% within a six month period! And the HUI index rose some 90% to 160%. Folks, there is no such thing as a risk-free trade. There is no such thing as a free lunch. And there is no such thing as a one-way bet. However, there are certain times in an investment cycle when an outstanding opportunity presents itself and advantage should be taken. The evidence above shows very clearly the historic correlation between an extreme low below 1.80 on the Commercial Short-Long Ratio and a multi-month bottoming in the price of both silver and the precious metal mining stocks. I would consider this to be one of perhaps four of the most suitable buying opportunities within the last eight years!"   Those are free words of his from July 7th of this year. Would have made you some decent $$ as well.

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I take it that the article was as good for you as for me. Since so many want to puke on real money. I say to those, save all the dollars you want.

And don't forget to buy all those phony companies listed on the stock market. L.O.L.  

But you should buy a few good old companies that mine for the real stuff that hurts when it hits the foot.  Eh. 

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I've got the original, unedited 2083 file, from a couple of hours after the attack.  Don't know that I necessarily support the guy, but I do believe in unedited source info- so if anyone needs it, gmail me and I'll send it intact.

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The Government's gold reserves (whatever is left) came from making it illegal to own physical gold. In 1913 or so, the Govt. required all individuals to sell any gold they own for $25/oz. Anyone who did not surrender their gold risked a 10 year prison sentence. This will probably happen again. So how does owning gold provide any more protection than owning stocks? Face the facts, the Govt can and probably will control any and all wealth over time. Just lay back and enjoy it.

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Confiscation had a legal justification in 1933 because the US was on a gold standard. Today, such a justiication is lacking.

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Gold five digits Bitchez



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Big Willie needs political office....yesterday. 

Tradition, beyotchz.

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Um, sounds a bit alarmist to me.  Anybody else on this guy's page?


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i guess -1 is the new junk at least have some balls and tell me why - it was an honest inquiry, penishead

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I didn't junk you, yet. I thought he left a bunch of shit out. Now I'll junk you. For asking why you got junked.

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thats ur prerogative - still wouldnt mind a non-polemic analysis - dollar junk - pm's good - im okay w that - but global conspiracy by the man? - sorry kid i aint buyin

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ha!  I +1'ed myself, so eat it donutpuncher

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greenpress for the donutpuncher stealing that


shit sorry...donut punchers...

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ps please enlighten me as to what was left out.

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PSS in the meantime, NFL back on, bitchez...  bread, circuses, and ochocinco

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I see your "junk" and raise you -1 - put that in ur pipe and smoke it, turdburglar

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Ask the community why you got a vote up. Other than yourself.

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I understand your concern about Jim Willie. I found him a few years ago, and figured out he was right about everything, and started buying coins. He was right. Jim had an article a few weeks ago saying the short interest in silver was the lowest it's been in years, only the 4th time in history the shorts were that low. He advised to buy with both hands. He was right. Jim had an article a few years ago saying the Comex was having trouble delivering and that default was on the horizon. He also mentioned buyers of size from Asia and the Middle East that are pissed as hell and going to give the U.S. a colonoscopy with PM prices. This was when silver was around 17-18$. I started buying at that point. He was right. It's a shame more people don't carry his work, I originally found him from reading , a very nice aggregator. I think more people don't carry his work because he is outspoken about 9/11 being an inside job and Barry having questionable birthright, and collusion with Israel in all aspects of finance. I send his articles to my relatives and they respond back saying he's too angry, but some good points. Well I'm a bit angry too so I let it slide. I understand that part turns you off, perhaps you can tune it out. I am super duper omnomnomnomnom happy that Tyler put Jim's work up. All I can tell you is, follow him for over a year, he only writes two articles a month unless you subscribe so not hard, when you realize everything he says has come true, then you start paying more attention. Follow him a few years and he starts looking like an oracle. Turd Ferguson and Jim are becoming fast friends, and mention each other in their blogs. Jim was right when he told me the shit was gonna hit the fan at $18 silver, and he was right about 2 weeks ago being your last stop on the low price train for PM's. Sadly he will probably be right about the other things you consider a consipiracy as well. THANXS TYLER FOR CARRYING JIM, please more <3

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Reading the Golden Jackass since 2005.  Not only has he been spot on re: PMs, he was sounding the alarm on the toxic mortgage mess and overvaluation in the banking sector in '07/'08.  He has a particularly hideous circle of hell reserved for Jamie Dimon & JP Morgan, and guided me to some very profitable shorts in early '08.


Personally, I find his writing entertainingly bombastic and entirely worth the price of admission.  In each letter, about 50% of the content is spot on, about 40% is generally right but hard to prove, and 9% seems way out in left field (but likely to be proved accurate at some point in the future.)  The remaining 1% is just flat out looney.  

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Damn straight, bombastic style!

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Does one really need a guru to tell one something so obvious?

Don't get me wrong, i'm very glad they're saying what they're saying.. but at least to me the situation has been bloody obvious for as long as i can remember. I bought my first gold (a 1/4oz kruger) back when i was 11 years old with money from washing peoples' cars and mowing lawns, and bought silver from the age of 10 and on, with whatever few spare bucks i set aside! really, the whole picture has been as plain as day for as long as any of us here have been alive! 

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Jim's no Guru, he's a kick in the pants. Maybe you've never needed one, good for you, but that only puts you in a very small minority as there are lots and lots who desperately need to give their heads a shake. JW fits the bill.

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The reason that I beat you, is because you ask why I beat you. ~ Amon Goeth, Schlinder's List.

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I'd describe it as "vengeful militant."  Futile I think also.  PM buying as a tactic of advancing justice is a bit over the top for me (see post a couple down).

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look you fuckin pussies - at least if ur gonna junketh the clayton, back it up with a post - otherwise, I fart in your general di-rection

mayhem_korner's picture


You're beating a dead and long decaying horse.  Solo conversations are not in vogue at ZH...pleading for justification of junks is a few notches south of manly. 

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You'd better calm down! And get back in line.


--You WILL Obey!

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He's several chapters ahead of me, but I think we're reading the same book.  In any case, I have to love a guy who refers to himself as "The Jackass" in the third person.

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Yep, time to revisit the coin dealer. I wonder what 1.5 qaudrillion looks like.

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I'm into gold for wealth preservation.  Conspiring to hoard PMs to take down the bankster complex is a misplaced motive to me.  The end game is set and the toothpaste ain't gettin' back in the tube.   

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Just got an email newsletter saying the debt is $14.3 trillion, nearly a trillion more than in this article. Maybe nobody knows for sure, or it's just rising so fast ... how easy will it be for Obama to sell treasury gold? How much approval does he need?

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Last clock about an hour ago, and we were well past 14.543T.

As for approval, NONE, except declare a National Emergency,issue either an EO, or a PDD.

Done deal.............

But, 400B worth of Gold if it's still there, will not get him far.

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According to the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 - TECHNICALLY - the actions of the head of the US Treasury are NOT subject to the review of any US federal officer.

Here is a link where you can see the text:

Obama may not be able to do anything - LEGALLY or CONSTITUTIONALLY - but the Secretary of the US Treasury has almost UNLIMITED POWERS - and just about all the latitude he needs to INTERVENE.

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OMG! Jim, I'm all over the gold and silver message, but Jesus, what the heck did you ingest in Costa Rica?

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well he got out of dodge when the gettin was good. now he waits. in the coming conundrum, he will watch and see what happens. if "we" win, and after the smoke clears, he will come back to the good ole us of a , to honor us with his intrinisic witicisms and stories , here in the land of his birth........

frankly, at this point, if i could do such, i would not let these expats back , after much blood has been spilled and so much has been given for this great prize.  if you run from it and then you think you can sit it out somewhere else, then by all means, have at it. but to me, there is another side to that coin. you have made your move. now that move is permanent, sealed with the blood of those who fought and died and fell for allow people like this to return, would imho, besmerch the honored memory of  those who died for her by staying here and doing what they had to do ........


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Some, but not much of that blood, died for liberty.  Most died in the interest of maintaining the banking elite, the need for oil, the intererests of the war machine.  And if you believe in liberty, why should any Ameican not be allowed to leave and then return if one sees fit?   You sound like you want to impose thought control.  How about an intelligent response to the content of what he has said.

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+ 1 green more.

We Americans should be allowed to do what we want.  If that means leave, OK, then we should be allowed back as well.  Freedpm and Liberty are (were) what this country is all about.

Jim Willie is completely right: BUY physical gold and silver ASAP.

A little diversification in where you keep it is a GOOD idea as well.