Guest Post: David Galland: The System Is Coming Unglued

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I think Helicopter Ben and the central printers have something in mind more along the lines of paper mache...

[Fitting image at link.]

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And Ron Paul is finally getting a clue.

I pointed out months ago (actually years ago, but not on ZH) that the border fence was not designed to keep "illegals" out, but to keep people from leaving the US.

Having made similar comments to the Alex Jones Show last week, Presidential candidate Ron Paul warned last night during the Republican debate in California that constructing a border fence could be used to keep Americans in rather than illegal aliens out in times of economic turmoil.


“Every time you think about this toughness on the border and ID cards and REAL IDs, think it’s a penalty against the American people too. I think this fence business is designed and may well be used against us and keep us in,” said Paul, adding, “In economic turmoil, the people want to leave with their capital and there’s capital controls and there’s people controls. Every time you think about the fence, think about the fences being used against us, keeping us in.”

The escape window is narrowing.  It will soon be closed shut.

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Goddamn that's a scary thought. #greaterdepression is the hashtag we need to push on Twitter.

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Finally getting a clue? He's one of the few politicians with enough balls to talk about issues that actually matter. But regardless the system is fucked, rotten to the very core.

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"None of you seem to understand. I'm not locked in here with you... you're locked in here with me!"" - Rorschach - The watchmen

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IPAD Bitchezzz... you cannot eat silver.. you can eat a IPAD.

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No elmers, but a country full of old horses.

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More printing today, more war tomorrow.

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Print. Trade wars. When goods cannot cross borders, armies often do!

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war, the real driver for ecomonies

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Trade is the antithesis of war.

Apathy is the antithesis of love.

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Ah yes. The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference.

Q: What do you think of me?
A: I don't.

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must .... go buy more canned goods ..... buy more silver !

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bread baker WSHTF..........


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The longer this goes on, and higher the stakes get raised, the more concerned I am getting about how bad it is going to get.  If the system goes down hard, it could get seriously ugly within a week.  If the government were to truly break down and no sense of order is maintained, within a couple of weeks it would be utter chaos.

With the maniacs currently at the helm, and it seems there no reasonable escape (or soft landing possible), the outcome looks more dire each day.  I dont think we go all "Mad Max," but can't rule it out.  This really bothers me.

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as a new 2lt in the NG in '92, the LA riots were no joke. but they stopped in 72 hours, why? because good people ,civilians, banded together and made it very 'unhealthy' to riot. we just cleaned up the mess....

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Yeah, I have a lot of "unhealthy" heavy metal pills for future rioters...7.62x51's...

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Korean-American merchants were laying down a lot of supression fire in S Central.  The white libtard TV news reporters were shocked.  Tet Offrensive comes to The City of Angels.

F**king hilarious.

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when we showed, they got nervous, we told it was alright, its cool, just put theautomatic weapons away! We didnt need any problems from them. sometimes, discresion is the better part of valor.....lots of food for thought.

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Comparing what is coming to an isolated event in a single city many years ago is hardly appropriate.

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I always thought Obama would be Mugabe but hoped I was going to be wrong.  I was not wrong.

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I try not to "go there" in my head when I think of the inevitable doomsday/Misean "crack up boom" that is coming, hoping that it will be swift, somewhat brutal but short-lived as reason and sound money is restored. Articles like this, and everyday experiences with morons, make me doubt my apocalyptic Pollyanna POV.

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Heelo Center line, first let me say I have been drinkin, so be patient. I am not familiar with the author of this interview, is he some one that can be trusted to tell the truth? I read shit on theis site all the time of doom and glooom. Soom of it reports that the end is next week, or next year, and some was supposed to happen two years ago but here we are!! Just trying to put this in perspective......why does the room move when I clode my eyes?....

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Numbs, that was truly excellent!

The slow motion train-wreck will develop incredible momentum when the SHTF goes exponential.

The author, or the message, makes no difference (unless your want "peer-reviewed" climatology).

The message counts - that's the thing you weigh up against one's knowledge or experience.


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Just because something is inevitable, doesn't mean it's imminent.

No man knoweth the day or the hour....


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There won't be enough gasoline to go Madmax - when the power goes off all bets go off with it. No power means no water pumping, no sewage treatment, no gasoline pumping and all the nuclear reactors go off line.

what happens if the diesel generators fail? fukushima come to America on steroids. Bullets won't stop radioactive cesium.

The power grid goes down easily in a storm, its a wire on a pole waiting to fall. Ipads, cellphones, laptops, become ballast without power.

I'm long candles myself.

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5 gal bucket of red or white wheat berries and a Country living grain mill much better than bread flour...just sayin


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hey, daddy-o, got it covered, big time. just fleshing it out.

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"""...we might have a year before this thing really starts to break down, but I don’t think we have got much more than that."""

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that long...your a optimist...

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Dont you get it? The whole thing happens by design. You either get along or you don't.

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Doug (Pump&Dump) Casey and his crew of husslers just don't get it.

As Bill Murphy has said many times...

"Gold was bombed in MINUTES last night during a SLOW gold trading period. The deliberate tanking of the price was eerily similar to the exact time silver was savaged in late April. The Gold Cartel’s honcho made like a football coach, going with the same play that worked so well the last time he called it.

What we got last night in the gold market, with follow through today, ranks up there as the most obvious manipulation of the price of gold ever.

It is a day like this that reduces the Doug Caseys of the world to mental midget status.

Casey is an egomaniac, inflicted with the Not Invented Here Syndrome Complex.

GATA's work is not his personal brainchild, thus of no importance. That's his problem.

I guess they know more than the Chinese do, who happen to agree with GATA.

Casey has been correct about gold all these years, but has a severe complex when it comes to GATA.

Years ago at a Cambridge House conference, he talked about the foolishness of the US Government manipulating the bond market, yet scoffed at gold being manipulated. He isn’t grasping that money-wise any gold losses (until recently The Gold Cartel made money with their market raids which buried spec longs) are a drop in the bucket compared to what the dollar and interest rates do … as well as our stock market.

In addition, knowing types like him, he probably hasn’t even taken the time to read any of the massive amounts of evidence GATA has collected over the years that prove our case."


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Love GATA. They've been hammering at it for years, and they were right. 

The last ditch effort of the cartel would be to cave in and give up the useless gold suppression. Plan B is then to just remonetize gold at much higher price and then partial-back the currency with it. That's what the Chinese cables say they think they're really going to do.  That's what Rickards says they should do, with gold at $5-7000 minimum.



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HAPPY ... 1 year... BIRTHDAY gwar5 !!!


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The other day the Swiss decided to peg thier currency to the Euro and that was what grabbed most of the news. Simultaneously with that announcement gold popped something in the $240 range ($120 down and $120 up) and not much of anything was said about it (maybe there was and I missed it). My point here is that a decision of that magnitude is not made by 1 guy all by his lonesome and my suspicion is that the huge move in gold was pre-planned by TPTB who made yet another fortune. Also, with that announcement, the CHF popped against the USD and EUR and that was clearly a bank intervention. However, again, a lot of folks knew about it well in advance and as someone here mentioned, the announcement was not made on the weekend or on Monday when all non-USA markets were functioning. They waited until Wall Street was ready to pounce on Tuesday.

I find I it hard to believe that such moves can be so completely ignored. Yet, as so many have commented, it is happening, repeatedly, with impunity.

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they can manipulate prices all they want....

PM's in hand

pre-65 dimes

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You left out the fraud ,theft , murder , general corruption and selective political prosecutions that Fascim manifest. Fascism failed before for the same reasons there is no reason to think it would suceed this time. Oblamer-Buffet Fascism personified.

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America is facing far greater crisis than "debt crisis".

We (and the rest of the world) have been carpet-bomb nuked by fraudulent derivatives which were used to collapse creditworthiness of Nations and loot National Treasuries via deficit spending and bailouts.

Greater depression?  This is ethnic cleansing of a holocaust nature, with those entrusted with fiduciary duty toward their countrymen doing the cleansing.  Unless you are in their club, they want you gone.  Don't matter if you and yours will have to die for them to ensure their "vision of the future"...

I grow weary and impatient of fathead bastards touting economic conditions and discussion as "vital" when it is too apparent that this is the bottom of the 9th Inning, and most of the world doesn't know it is in a game for all the marbles quite yet.

It is time to suspend the fraud and halt the "progress".  The world has not yet gone over the cliff and there still remains a Forensic Audit Trail to show where and who got the money.

I am not spending my last hours watching the circus for fear I will miss the show.  I don't need to understand the hows and whys for the collapse as much as know it is upon us and that to have a chance to live through this, I must prepare, plan, and be ready.

Enjoy your video conferencing.

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Who's going to bankroll guys like Adolf Hilter this time around?

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Sigh.  All too true.  Lots of folks have been "targeted" for elimination.  Population has peaked.  Most people dont know it and/or are baffled with the bullshit that is the daily news.



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Editorial in todays wsj stated that debt to gdp is a useless figure. Better to compare income, $2.3T to debt, $14.6T. He then compared this to a person with a $50k income having a credit card with over a $300k balance on it...

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Molyneux is a retarded puritan - all knowledge does not reside with Austrian scripture.

I find it difficult to listen to the man - his voice and attitude grates with my Zen.

See Ireland if you want to try to reduce the defecit without destroying the banks first - if we had nothing to export to and nobody  visiting we would be eating raw turnips now.

I am with Jesse when he states in reference to the Great leader "The only thing he could do to satisfy this Jacksonian is to fire a number of his appointees in the CFTC, SEC, and Justice, bring in Eliot Spitzer as his Attorney General, William K. Black to head the SEC, Liz Warren at Consumer Protection, Bart Chilton as Head at the CFTC, Robert Reich at Labor, Ron Paul at Defense, Michael Hudson at Treasury, and to let justice be done, though the heavens may fall.
Fat chance of any of that, so gold and silver look like enduring safe havens."