Guest Post: De-Industrialisation And Male Jobs

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Submitted by John Aziz of Azizonomics,

A whole lot of pundits are spending column inches trying to explain the cruel reality of the last forty years — stagnant wages for full-time male workers, and falling wages for men as a whole:

And there has been a huge outgrowth of men who aren’t in the labour force. In 1954, 96 percent of American men between the ages of 25 and 54 worked. Today, that number is down to 80 percent. That’s a humungous decrease.

The question is why.

Mainstream media pundits are suggesting that men are unsuited to the present economic landscape. The suggestion is that men have been bad at adapting to change, and that women have been good at adapting to change:

In The End of Men: And the Rise of Women, Hanna Rosin argues that changes in the world economy have dramatically shifted gender roles. Women have adapted more skillfully to the new socioeconomic landscape by doggedly pursuing self-improvement opportunities, rebranding as the economy requires it, and above all possessing the kind of 21st century work attributes — such as strong communication skills, collaborative leadership and flexibility — that are nudging out the brawny, stuck-in-amber guys. Rock steadiness, long a cherished masculine trait, turns out to be about as useful in our fleet-footed economy as a flint arrowhead. Life favors the adapters, and it turns out they’re more likely to be women.

Now two things have very clearly changed for women — access to birth control, and the end of the traditional social compact where women did housework, and men did wage work. In regard to the vast majority of expanding occupations today — teaching, medical services, bureaucracy — women no longer are at a material disadvantage due to their (on average) smaller size and lesser strength.

Overall, this has meant proportionally less jobs for men, and proportionally more for women.


But it’s not just that women have been advantaged. Men have been deeply disadvantaged. In sectors that due to physical characteristics men have traditionally been dominant in — manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, mining and heavy industry — there has been a vast decline in output-as-a-percentage-of-GDP, whereas in services — a sector in which men have not traditionally dominated — there has been a vast increase.


Yet it is not the case that there are less manufacturing jobs globally. As we mostly already know, this is a case of manufacturing and industry being exported overseas, most obviously to China. China manufactures, and America consumes. This is America’s trade balance with China:


This is reflected in China’s sectoral employment balance compared to Western nations, and the world at large:


So it’s not at all the case that the United States is cutting back on industrial jobs because industry is less in demand. The United States still has plenty of demand for industry. America has cut back on industrial jobs because it has the ability to run huge trade deficits, through the dollar’s role as global reserve currency, and shipped its manufacturing industry abroad. Other countries have required dollars for trade purposes, so have been more than happy to sell to the United States, making dollars and debt the United States’ greatest exports.

Yet the present paradigm has severely damaged the prospects of young men, for whom a generation ago jobs in industry and manufacturing were once plentiful. Quantitative easing led to a jobs boom — in China, for Chinese industrial workers. That doesn’t help the growing chunk of the male population in the United States who have been shut out of the job market by the rise of America’s Chinese addiction.

And it seems unlikely that the industrial jobs are coming back any time soon. Although there are reasons why America may soon import less from China — rising energy and transport costs, rising Asian wage costs, and questions of the dollar’s sole reserve currency status — there are plenty of places in Latin America with cheap and plentiful labour for America’s corporate elite to set up factories. Even the manufacturing jobs that remain in America will be under threat from increased automation and robotics.

This implies that barring a miracle, joblessness and stagnant or falling real wages will continue to be a significant and worsening challenge for young Americans, and particularly men, in the coming years.

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Segestan's picture

Very true... but you need to add the millions of legal and illegal immigrants into the mix to understand what the NWO has done to America.

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Please replace any occurence of the word "male" with "MULE" in this article.


Oh regional Indian's picture

It's why there are wars, to cull males. 

Mechanization was wave I. Robotization is wave II.

And with reports that women can self-re-produce, prehaps our days are NUMBered after all?

Adapt of die-off, Dogs.


AldousHuxley's picture

in the monkey kingdom, females regardless of status decides as a group to let the top male at the time mate with them.

the rest of the males challenge the alpha male time to time and if he wins then he gets to mate them all.



females can only spawn so fast, but males can mate in parallel.


also in IQ tests, females are mostly average, but males range is far greater with top and bottom IQ.



It is the males who are put to competition, then females get to judge which male can procreate the next generation gene pool.




Oh regional Indian's picture

AH, looks like a monkey or three do not like our views on Maledom. :-)


AldousHuxley's picture

can't handle the truth I guess or bunch of enuchs selected to guard the queen....




SWRichmond's picture

Well, it is a kind of war, isn't it?

To my way of thinking, there have always been two wars constantly raging through history: the war between old money and new money, and the war between men and women. 

By co-opting government, with the help of pussified males like Biden (read about his personal history and upbringing), women have changed the cultural landscape to suit themselves and their kind.  The war on men is especially obvious in campaign season, used as an effort to get out the women to vote against the men's interests.  Isn't it?

And it seems unlikely that the industrial jobs are coming back any time soon.

Destruction of the dollar will go a long way towards "fixing" this.  We will start digging resources again, and making stuff.

ACP's picture

Please replace "illegal" with "undocumented." According to new DOJ policy, it is only illegal to steal another person's identity if you are a citizen.

AldousHuxley's picture

US government doesn't give a shit just like Roman Catholic Church as long as number of slaves keeps increasing.

sangell's picture

Very true and at low and entry level employment being docile and compliant is helpful but these are not characteristic traits in young men. It isalso the case that our over credentialed society favors women. There are more women enrolled in higher education than men. A young man finding himself in a subordinate position to a young female is not natural in a biological sense so it is no surprise that it doesn't work too well in man made civilization either. Toss in a healthy dose of politically correct liberalism and a young man today can soon find himself on the outs with society.

blunderdog's picture

Prisoners have always got a reason why they're in the cage.  It's all just too unfair.

blunderdog's picture

Everyone knows: when things get tough, REAL MEN take it out on the women they "love."

AurorusBorealus's picture

You are precisely correct on every point, sir.

rustymason's picture

Our school system rewards those who are morally and intellectually weak. It rewards those who do not question what they are told and who go along with the program so long as they personally profit in the short term by it. It punishes men, who see the commie, anti-man, anti-Western, anti-White government propaganda for what it is, which is why so many have been abandoning the system. 

Cvilization without men will last only until the next oil change. When it all finally comes crashing down, when it becomes MadMax time again, watch these same hateful, feminazi whores singing a much different tune.

prains's picture

how else are you going to build an army to fight iran?

Renewable Life's picture


China and Russia more likely!

Metalredneck's picture

Staging it in Iran keeps the home fires from burning out of control.

Atomizer's picture



Have decided to give Israel the full green light to bomb Iran. No need to demonstrate Central Planners miscalculated decisions. Let’s just begin this process. When everyone figures out your killing people to keep your monetary situation as the primary goal to --‘kick the can down the road further’. 

I want to see two countries get blown into glass. I beg you Israel, attack very soon.. We have a bet going on, I don’t like to lose.

Once you engage Iran in attack, we have new ideas on how we will make money of the destruction of Iran or your US funded step child country.  

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, forget meeting with Obama and just pull the trigger.. LOL. We have new globalization programs to fill supply chain demands. Didn’t you get the memo?

Temporalist's picture

There are more than manufacturing job problems.  In the US and globally college students can't get employment.

Skip College Is Top Advice for World-Beating South Koreans: Jobs


The student loan bubble is going to burst soon one would think.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Part of the problem is that our educational system and Universities are not really teaching anything of value other than subservience.  All the shop courses have been eliminated. I am exposed to hundreds of University students and not one of them has the skills to clean a toilet.


AldousHuxley's picture

speaking of toilets.....North Korea has toilets and sinks with label "American Standard". America still makes damn good toilets.

Stuck on Zero's picture

American Standard moved it's corporate headquarters and all production overseas.


Acet's picture

Funny enough, most programmers in IT are males. Since, as some people say, software is consuming everything else (i.e. everything is becoming dependent on software), I guess this might keep some of the males of the species employed. Also, as somebody pointed out above, the spread of IQs is bigger in males than females, so there are more males at the genious level - and at the dumb-as-a-door level - than females, which will probably give some males an edge since software continues to increase in complexity.

That said, the newest generation of university trained programmers are a bit lacking. In fact, in general university trained programmers have always been a bit lacking. That or I'm just an old crust from the time when most devs were hacker types that had taught themselves how to code and did not necessarily had a degree and if they did it wasn't necessarilly computer science.


uff the fluff's picture

Nope. It's logical and somewhat true in some circumstances, but as the example of Korea shows there really just aren't that many new things to do no matter how many people are educated, even in practical fields.


Unless we get a second act similar to the advent of agriculture or the industrial revolution(s) we'll face massive oversupplies of labor in every country on Earth. We already have a massive oversupply of industrial capacity in nearly every nation save the most poor, oversupply of capital, oversupply of debt. The whole economy of the whole world seems to be unable to allocate resources now that what looks an awful lot like an end to (much of) scarcity has been achieved. I'd like to say that simple mal-investment on a grand scale is what ails us and that we could be making use of all these people and all this technology and all this (relative) peace, but the facts on the ground are not encouraging. Sexbots, self-driving cars, machine learning. I'd like to imagine that this is simply a transitional phase and in a decade or three this will sound like the wrongheaded prognostications of a neo-Luddite, but damn does it look hard to find uses for all that we have in the current paradigm. And, no, having less is in no way an answer.


Good times.


masaccio's picture

Good thing none of those angry white unemployed men have guns.



blindfaith's picture

It is monkey wrenches I'd be worried about.  Automation is the one subject that keeps being left out.  Think of the millions of jobs lost to automation....not Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Mexicans, Canadians, Australians or any one or illegal.

And, the political jaw-bone crap is just that...crap.  NO ONE has any clue how to end this unemployment (or create jobs).

Not one idea, not one concept, not one proposal from any POLITIAN anywhere...not industry for that matter.  Any attempt to come up with a possible solution is shot down by paid special interests.  So, Alice....nothing will change in our lifetimes and a gun is not going to solve anything, ONLY ideas, guts, and compromise of pig headed people.

Yes_Questions's picture



Dey took are tertiary jerbs!


El Tuco's picture

All you have to do to get every man in America working is add a 20% tariff to everything coming from China. That 20 % added would take away the 20% the Chinese government gives to the any company exporting anything abroad ( at least in the industry I am in).

It's not just cheaper labor. The whole manufacturing industry is subsidized by the government. They can work at a loss and still make money when they submit their shipping records to the Gov to get their rebate.

But with the corporate monarchy running America there is no chance of any tariffs.

sangell's picture

I suspect we will be gaining that without tariffs as North American energy costs slide relative to Asia. The problem is Democrats will probably want to tax that advantage away to fund welfare social programs rather than allow our industry use it to provide jobs.

AldousHuxley's picture

all males just unite and do what males do best.....go crazy and burn the system down...and restart.


you don't see bunch of women in Arab Spring.

or Chinese women standing in front of Chinese tanks

or women monks self-immolating themselves


elites are afraid of large groups of young males....that's why they have wars during high send them off....


Aztec kings used to have basketball tournaments where the winning team gets to be the lucky sacrifices to the fire gods....just a trick to curtail the strongest young males....

Yes_Questions's picture



Yet another reminder that Cunning and Greed have staked a claim to the US Government.

On a long enough timeline..

billsykes's picture

The chinese work at more than a loss they pay to make stuff. All those cheap chinese govt loans, free money like crazy. What do we have, ninja loans, big deal.

I would just place a ban on all chinese stuff, and VAT the fuck out of all imports like germany.

What has globalization done besides fuck everyone over?

blunderdog's picture

More government intervention is sure to help.  And how.

The Shootist's picture

They took arrrr jarbs!!

Renewable Life's picture

Which is why America now leads the world in incarcerated males by percentage of population AND actual physical bodies in the system!!!!

See we are still #1 in something!!!!!!!

It's something like 25 million men who are either serving time, been paroled, on probation, or finished with their sentence but where convicted and did time!!! It's like 30% of the male population between the ages of 18-35!

America is already like a prison country!!

Yes_Questions's picture



Human tag and release business.


mkhs's picture

I thought that was what smartphones were for.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Over 60% of the incarcerated are illegal aliens or recent immigrants.  I think a lot of countries send their criminals here to get rid of them.  We are the jailers to the world.


Renewable Life's picture

I'm sorry but that is made up bullshit, I have very close friends that are on the front lines of both enforcement and prosecution in California, and that 60% myth bullshit is just not even close man!!

It's like 5-10% illegals on the state and local level, which by the way, is where 90% of the arrest in your community take place, not at the federal level! I'm not saying illegal immigration isn't a huge problem in this Country, because it is, but trying to create a fantasy world where a majority of the criminals are not American citizens, so you can feed some miss guided and miss informed notion you have about reality, and if we just sealed the southern border, shit would be Iike Mayberry suddenly, is bullshit!!!!

Mayberry was a fucking Hollywood creation, it never existed in America!

rustymason's picture

"Mayberry was a fucking Hollywood creation, it never existed in America!"

100% incorrect. I grew up in that old world, it most certainly did exist. Compared to today, it was heaven on earth. Compared to today, there was no divorce, no crime, no drug problem, no big government problem. In the towns I lived in and visited, some close to big cities, no one locked their doors or windows and many left their keys in their cars. Porn, prostitution, and bad language were confined to tightly restricted areas away from popular society. People dressed nice and took care of things. Child molesters and rapists were almost unheard of rare and would receive vigilante justice promptly. The country was over 90% white and peaceful. There were no race problems, the races left each other alone. We had a real, functioning society. But then the radical liberals / commies came along and screwed it all up. I know because I was there, I saw the transition to today's Hell happen day by day.

q99x2's picture

Maybe they don't want to fuckin work. eh?

youngman's picture

Unions priced our labor out of the market when the market became a world market...Enviromentalists priced us out did trial lawyers...and as of today its a desire to work...I do not think the kids today have a desire to work...40 hours a week...let alone a 60 hour week...our easy Government subsidies..welfare..has made it to easy to the USA will have to reset I think...we need a good get the ethic back in our lives..

The Shootist's picture

We'll get whatever it is that we deserve.

AldousHuxley's picture

no union in north korea.


it is a wonderful country for one Kim.

El Tuco's picture

I think...we need a good get the ethic back in our lives..

I don't think that will be enough. The only way we will get a reset will be if people are starving to death in the streets and that isn't going to happen in a country where half the food produced is thrown out. We could feed another America with all the food that goes to waste.

AldousHuxley's picture

that's what the market is pushing for and what the fed is resisting.


depression will make elite's assets in land and equities plummet to the real value..... they hate that.

Anusocracy's picture

In just a little over two centuries, Americans have traded a system based on freedom, liberty, and minimal government, for a system that combines the worst attributes of hunter-gatherer culture and the culture of pharonic Egypt.

It isn't working, and it won't work, in a modern technological world.

Sandmann's picture

The Pre-Industrial World was heavily  dominated by Services such as Government, Church, Law and the rest were left in subsistence agriculture. It is only industrialisation that allowed large populations to be supported when the workforce left the land as agricultural productivity improved in the 18th Century in places like England - in Ireland they simply starved. The Manufacturing Base needed exports and the Service Sector lives on debased currencies as it sucks in imports.

Paying a lawyer £300/hr. is not a sign of a growing economy when a manufacturing worker costs £24/hr to manufacture salable output - it is the sign of a non-competitive structure failing the Law of One Price through lack of global competition in Services. All Law Firms are really adjuncts of Government Bureaucracy not private sector production - lawyers are outsourced filing clerks for The State.