Guest Post: Decentralize Or Die!

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Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog,

The single most often broached argument that Liberty Movement writers, analysts, and strategists are confronted with by skeptics alongside well meaning but cynical newcomers is the assertion that while we happen to be very effective at pointing out the dangers of globalism and centralization, we rarely seem to take the initiative to offer “solutions” to the problem.  This same argument is also used by establishment shills as a way to distract the public’s attentions from the very real despotic enterprises of their elitist employers.  It is an often used disinformation tactic; demand that those who expose the truth of a criminal enterprise also offer an all encompassing solution to the complex dilemma.  When the truth-tellers cannot present a neatly packaged miracle on a gold plated platter, the shills claim that their exposures of wrongdoing are meaningless, because they can do nothing about it anyway.  And thus, the cycle continues…

In reality, the contention that the Liberty Movement offers no solutions is entirely false.  We have constructed many.  The problem is that these solutions are not the kind that the general American public wants to entertain.  The average person desires a “silver bullet” answer to every crisis.  They want quick, they want easy, and most of all, they want to sit back and relax while this silver bullet is set in motion by someone other than themselves. 

The best and most practical solutions are almost never easy.  They require time, overwhelming effort, and painful sacrifice.  It is a law of nature; the weight of an obstacle must be met with equal or greater energy to be removed.  The greater the enemy, the greater the cost.  There is no such thing as a “silver bullet” or an easy way out.  Yes, the Liberty Movement offers answers, but many people refuse to hear them.

When it comes to violent centralization and collectivism in the form of totalitarian rule, our options are indeed limited.  The masses often pursue politics first, because it is much easier to hand one’s responsibility and vigilance over to a leader instead of taking on the monster alone.  It is much easier to “hope” for “change”, rather than take matters into our own hands and struggle through the mire and pitch of our thoroughly corrupt system.  Of course, politics is a game, a game that can be controlled by the very same despicable men we wish to dethrone.

Next is civil disobedience, which is useful to a point, as long as the offending government deems it necessary to APPEAR fair and just.  When the oligarchy no longer needs to play good cop, simple protest and activism falls apart.  In the face of unrelenting malice and destructive subjugation, waving signs and chanting phrases is utterly senseless

In the year of 2012, America is on the very cusp of such tyranny.  The legal and political framework has been put into place through bills and presidential directives like the Patriot Act, the FISA domestic surveillance bill, Presidential Directive 51 (the martial law and continuity of government EO established by George W. Bush that not even members of Congress are allowed to read), the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, the National Defense Resource Preparedness EO, etc.  Simultaneously we have seen unprecedented special orders for ammunition by DHS and other government agencies (including the Social Security Administration) numbering in the realm of 1.4 billion rounds (such large orders that the DHS is now attempting to redact and hide these numbers from public record)!

The common debate theme from the establishment is “hey, these laws and directives exist, but they aren’t being implemented, so stop being paranoid”.  First of all, many of these laws ARE being implemented, just not on a large scale yet.  My response is; when has any government, especially one disposed to corruption, ever created a law it did not intend to use or assert a right of authority that it ever gave back?  The fact is, our government fully plans to exercise their newfound powers of oppression.  They only require a particular set of circumstances to give them the rationalization. 

Economic disaster is the most imminent and obvious catalyst.  When a population is hungry, desperate, and internally conflicted, almost any action on the part of leadership can be made “acceptable”.  And, if it is not accepted immediately, they can simply rewrite the history books later. 

With the announcement of the private Federal Reserve’s open ended (infinite) QE3 stimulus package, the European Central Banks print and buy bond scheme, along with Japan’s own QE initiative, what we are faced with is a spectacular global race to the bottom.  A battle of currency devaluation is about to ensue, and the first casualties will be everyday citizens whose cost of living is soon to skyrocket even further than it already has in the past four years. 

In the U.S. in particular, all that is required is for the dollar to lose its coveted world reserve status, which would destroy its credibility as a safe haven investment and annihilate its purchasing power in one fell swoop.  This would cause an inflationary environment that many in this country are completely unequipped to handle. 

The conditions today are ripe for disaster as well as dictatorship.

The bottom line is that there is little time left for top-down political fairytale dreams, and little utility left in standard street actions.  The real solutions require blood, sweat, and tears, starting with a method I have discussed for quite some time:  Decentralization.

In order for a Collectivist system to prevail, its controllers MUST convince the masses that people need the system to survive.  Elitists deliberately deny or forcefully remove options and choices from the public view, until we are led to believe that there is only one way to live.  Only one way to subsist.  Only one path to security.  Collectivists must condition the populace to believe that the machine is indispensible to their prosperity, even if that same machine is actually bringing about their downfall.

Decentralization is essentially any action which removes you from dependence on the establishment.  Meaning, Americans must fight back by first being able to provide for themselves the necessities of economy and of life.  Any counter-movement to tyranny that thinks it can combat the system while being completely dependent on the system is wholeheartedly fooling itself.  There will be no infiltration and conversion, as the Ron Paul Movement can now attest.

The concept of decentralization is often confused with so-called “isolationism” by those heavily conditioned with globalist rhetoric.  What they fail to grasp is that collectivist constructs are inherently flawed.  As we have seen in regions such as the European Union as well as most of the economic world overall, interdependency, especially engineered interdependency, destroys redundancy.  Globalization has made us WEAK, not strong.  It has tied nations together artificially, not to make them safer, but to make them unsustainable and easily toppled.  Centralization removes individual imperative.  It causes cultures to sacrifice their ability to self-heal.  It creates incontinent invalid alzheimers societies, incapable of standing on their own two feet.

People who promote globalism unknowingly (useful idiots) are often dumbstruck by the idea that anyone would actually want to walk away from the collective entirely.  They have so embraced their servitude to the con of the “greater good” that they are incapable of imagining any other alternatives.  They therefore see any person who separates from the hive in any way as an immediately outlandish threat; an “isolationist”, which is just another term for “selfish hoarder”. 

One can form or be a part of a community that does not require him to cast aside his individualism or sovereignty.  “Community” does NOT necessarily denote “communism” as long as it respects the pursuit of independence by its members.  There is such a thing as voluntary compassion, charity, mutual aid, and industry.  Societies have in the past functioned quite well without overt government administration and mandatory participation.  The suggestion that mankind cannot survive without being told how by some faceless bureaucracy is absurd, not to mention historically inaccurate.

Decentralization and voluntary community go hand in hand.  In order to defeat a collectivist system which seeks to dissolve individual liberties and focus social power, we must build communities outside of the mainstream that foster individual liberty and disperse social power.  This begins with personal sustainability, or what some of us call "prepping".  Each and every Liberty Movement proponent can and should distance himself from the globalist construct.  This takes time, and planning.  It requires us to learn useful skills, to produce many of our own goods, and to eventually form legitimate face-to-face networks which localize businesses and services. 

International corporate chains and banks siphon wealth away from communities in exchange for a limited number of low-wage service sector jobs.  This trade is highly uneven.  These entities will continue to hold sway over our towns and cities as long as we continue to give them all our business.  Our first goal, then, should be to remove them from the picture.  By forming our own markets, whether through barter or through alternative currencies (as long as those currencies are backed by something tangible), Americans can break the false paradigm of the consumerist cycle, and support themselves and each other while keeping wealth steadily flowing within a region. 

The method here is obvious; make the corrupt system obsolete by building a better one ourselves.  It is, however, not simple, or easy.  I do not deny that the government as it exists now would use force to ensure that the public conforms to centralization.  That is a given.  But, I will say that decentralization makes resistance possible.  The Founding Fathers of our nation took steps to decentralize economically from Great Britain long before they ever fired a shot against them.  The advantage of walking away from the chessboard should be clear; when the enemy pulls out his gun in order to make you play the game, he loses all semblance of the moral high ground.  Spectators who once sat on the fence finally discover the true nature of their rulers, and are forced by conscience to pick a side.  The activists then control the pace and the tone of the conflict, rather than the elites.  All honorable revolutions begin with decentralization.

Decentralization breeds redundancy and strength within local economies.  It makes citizens more independent and able to cope with disaster.  And, it forms real, meaningful community, an advantage that has been all but lost in this country for generations.  Its most fantastic advantage, though, is that it removes any excuse the government could use to convince the public and the military that martial law and executive dominance is needed.  If towns, counties, and states all over America are decentralized and self-sustaining, they will not need federal help regardless of the calamity.  The argument for government intervention becomes moot.

The urgency of this situation cannot be misunderstood.  Those who do not decentralize here in America right now will not survive.  The scale of fiscal disaster on the horizon is immense.  There is no question, no debate.  There is only life, and death.  Decentralization, or apathy and indecision.  Either we decentralize, or, we cease to be.

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Cult_of_Reason's picture

Bernanke sees a shrink (to address his delusional obsessive compulsive money printing psychotic mania with grandiose ideations).

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"" Obama Win Would be Good for Gold: Don Coxe - Kitco News ""

SelfGov's picture

Does, "Bad for the Dollar" mean "Good for Gold"?

SelfGov's picture

Is it strange that they announced QEternity seven days after the Chinese officially announced...

China said on that day, our banking system is ready, all of our communication systems are ready, all of the transfer systems are ready, and as of that day, Thursday, Sept. 6, any nation in the world that wishes from this point on, to buy, sell, or trade crude oil, can do using the Chinese currency, not the American dollar.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Remind me, how does that printed fiat differ from the printed dollar again?

SelfGov's picture

Well before the Chinese announcement we had the PetroDollar. Now the US Dollar is purely fiat as it isn't even backed by oil. 

SelfGov's picture

Now that I think about it...

Both currencies are fiat currencies backed by some oil.

The Chinese have all of the factories too...

And the Gold...

Oh shit...

RSloane's picture

I also found that correlation but then wondered if I was being too tin-foily. Now, I tend to agree with you.

SelfGov's picture

I too get a bit tin-foily too but sometimes you have to be crazy to see the crazy.



BooMushroom's picture

A website can be slashdotted, or instalanched. Apparently it can also be "zeroh'd" (need a better name!) as well, as this link has blown up the server... Article also available here:

Urban Redneck's picture

The article is a load of crap.  The title itself is a fallacy.

There is and has been a ton of shit going on behind the scenes laying the foundation for migrating various segments of the oil trade away form USD settlement, but this aticle does not shed any light on them.

Abraxas's picture

"Decentralize or Die!"

This option is no longer available.

LawsofPhysics's picture

The "decentralizing" part is no longer a viable option, but the "dying" part is still very much available. - fixed.

francis_sawyer's picture

 007: "Do you expect me to talk?"

Auric Goldfinger: "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to DIE..."

tlnzz's picture

"decentralizing" part is no longer a viable option".

Not viable by peaceful means.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



I am pretty well decentralized, still viable, and living a peaceful life.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



I cannot figure out what is stopping everyone else, but I don't let it bother me too much.  Maybe some people just like the security of having owners?  To each his own.

LawsofPhysics's picture

I am fairly decentralized and I'd rather not have hoards of SNAP recipients running out into the country side trying to do the same thing.  These "people" are not people, they are animals.  Let them stay in the city and be slaves.

You know the truth HH, there isn't enough arable land for them anyway.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



I'd rather not have hoards of SNAP recipients running out into the country side trying to do the same thing.

Running?  Do?  From what I see of most SNAP recipients, I am not too concerned.

MachoMan's picture

fine, he doesn't want them rolling to where he is

RSloane's picture

Take heart, HH, with Obamacare on the horizon I'm sure all of those fatties with hypertension and type 2 diabetes will finally take responsibility for themselves and improve their own health, at our expense of course. So, in three or four years, maybe they can run...not for long distances though, short runs, like to the fried chicken store.

francis_sawyer's picture

francis_sawyer is not quite as decentralized as h_h... But a couple of strategically blown bridges might close the gap... You know ~ in a 'fictional' scenario & all that... (but I'm not sure how good 'zombies' are at swimming ~ in any case, anyone worth their bullshit ought to at least have a plan for each letter of the alphabet)...

BooMushroom's picture

Interestingly, it is legal and possible to buy fruit and vegetable seeds or seedlings with SNAP. It can be tricky though; the best places to buy seeds and seedlings usually don't accept food stamps. But if you go to I high-end grocery store during the spring, you can buy enough seed to last for at least a year, for the price of a handful of cases of Pepsi.

Not that that happens much, but it is possible.

BliptoP3's picture

I think being dead qualifies you as being decentralized, though, if you wish, you are still allowed to vote in the current system.

Manthong's picture

We, who are about to die, salute you.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Well, OK, I hear the author's laments, but who will sell us a quality bearing cheaper than Korea?  Hmm?  The Americans won't...

Jack Burton's picture

I think "Disaster" and "Dictatorship" is a fair bet in the long run. We should be lucky to reach the end of the decade without a collapse of some sort and war. America is borrowing money now to do about 1/2 of it's budget spending. Anything more bad happening will push us past the point we can borrow more and deal with a crisis.

War? How do we pay for it?

Banking crisis? How do we afford to bail them all out again?

Economic crisis related to the productive sector? We are already in one and that is why we must borrow so much, wealth production is too low.

Weather and climate disasters? We all know the last five to six years have been extreme weather disaster after another. We must borrow to fund each new disaster assistance effort. If deniers prove wrong, and climate change makes extreme weather more common, how we gonna pay for it?


The elites know all about what I listed above, and more! So you bet, they are the ones who drove all the extra legal powers government now has, They plan to use everyone of them should things go south. Watch the movie "The HUnger Games". WHile made for kids and young adults, it still contains some grains of truth about a possible future.

Hayabusa's picture

This is a great article and hits the nail right on the head.  Form local cooperative, barter and "cut out the middlemen" i.e, the federal governement who works like a Mob collector does... they insist you pay them "protection money" and burn down your house and business if you refuse to pay... time to oust the extrotionists.

Jack Burton's picture

"Cut out the middle man" That is a path to prosperity for anyone who can accomplish it. In almost all enterpise it is the middle man who makes the money. They often serve important functions, but our global economy just means more of them than necessary and they now take more than ever.

Cut them out and producers and consumers both gain.

AnAnonymous's picture

Yep, the middle man wins... Result of 'american' societies in which the middle class is the King class.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Due to AnAnonymousity, the middle of the road is far more sanitary than the roadsides... Result of Chinese citizenism societies in which the AnAnonymousitizen class is the dung class.

RSloane's picture

A lot of the people in my area already do this by bartering/buying food and meat from the Amish. You want free range eggs? You go to the back of their barns and pick up the eggs from the grass. Meat is always fresh and cut to your directions - they don't have cold storage so their produce is also always fresh. You take your own bags, you pick things yourself, and you can literally barter for your purchases. Our grocery bill was not only cut in half, the foodstuff is fresher, the meats are leaner, and the baked goods like bread and pies are out of this world. You don't pay for endless packaging that you immediately throw out when you get home, you don't pay for a 'paper or plastic' schtick when you shop, and the Amish are genuinely friendly. You want flowers? They have them. You want furniture? They have that too. Plus, all of your shopping is outdoors with no canned music and no lines. The only unspoken request is that you behave respectfully. That's not a lot to ask.

LawsofPhysics's picture

"The only unspoken request is that you behave respectfully. That's not a lot to ask."


Certain not for you or I, but what about the average SNAP recipient?

RSloane's picture

They only take cash or an in-kind trade. Problem solved. They are also adept at looking away when someone who is loud and demanding expects to be waited on. Some people can't take it when they're told that if they want eggs, they have to bring their own carton or bag and go pick up the eggs themselves. Sometimes it gets pretty funny.

LawsofPhysics's picture

wake up dude, lots of cash in the ghetto.  The point is that if the cities started emptying, the Amish will easily be overrun.

RSloane's picture

I don't think the cities will start emptying. There is wholesale slaughter right now of city dwellers by other city dwellers. Little kids are being shot and killed while they play in their front gardens. Kids can't play on their school playgrounds because of drug dealers and drive by shootings. Hospitals are closing because they can't support the number of people who use emergency rooms as a doctor's office visit. I would expect a stampede right now but there is none. As long as checks and drugs keep rolling in, they're staying put. If the checks stop, then there would be trouble. But you already know that the middle class will be raped repeatedly over a barrel before that happens.

You're right though that if the checks stop, and if the drugs stop, then the cities will empty. From my perspective, the good people of Baltimore would not exert themselves so greatly as to walk several miles to the nearest Amish farm to get food for their kids. They would storm city hall instead and demand their rights, even if city hall was now empty.

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

I tend to agree. Generally, if you live in a small town at least an hour from a city center, particularly if that town has a lot of farms nearby, you're probably good.  Particularly if you have any kind of practical skill, or are in good enough shape to put in several days in a row of physical labor.

PMakoi's picture

10th Amendment!  Make it work in your State, for your State. 

Whiner's picture

Damn right! South"s gonna rise again. Articles of Confederation with gold backed currency. we told you this in 1860, but you come down here and burned our crops. When it comes unglued, dont be piling down here for protection. Go to Canada.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Right, because the decendents of the former slaves always act so rationally, good luck with that.

RSloane's picture

Times headline: "We are all Atlanta now".

AnAnonymous's picture

They act like their fellow 'americans' cause they are 'americans'...

falak pema's picture

this whole debate on American societal function is biased by one geostrategic reality: US society is at the heart of the global empire; whose main protagonists are US corporates and its iconic trend setters.

This power structure knows only one logic : control of world environment; as its so huge and globally intergrated it cannot survive on home base. This home base is a launching point of its expansionist mantra. 

For the home population to now find the price of their collective sacrifice is exorbitant, to achieve this Oligarchy aim, is neither here nor there. Its now a power confrontation between a Goliath and a David who has no sling. 

If David wants his sling back, his country back, he has to prepare to bring down Goliath by all means available to him. Right now David is so isolated and head in the sand he can't tell right from wrong; he is toast for Goliath served on a plate.

Wake up call to today's reality seems to be the first ingredient to tomorrow's revolt. We are not there.

One major impediment to this is that the CULTURE Of USA is to have confidence in its economic ruling class; the icons of their society. Bringing down these icons, who have no desire to give up their powers like a newly installed arsitocracy, on the contrary, is a cultural change that will be similar in mindset change to the French Revolution : not easy! 

RSloane's picture

Your post simultaneously gives me hope and despair. The US is very much a 'bread and circuses' society now. They are well fed and well-entertained. There are more people on the streets who could recite volumes about the Kardashians than there are people who have even heard of Bernanke, let alone being able to discuss what he does. The entire Western MSM, not only in the US but in all Western societies, is designed to filter through and present gov't propaganda and a lot of people unquestioningly accept it as truth. I'm not implying that its different in the East, but the Western societies often proudly proclaim how independent their news services are, which is complete and utter bullshit. The hope comes into it with the belief that David is going to want his sling back. He is going to want to excercise his power because bread and circuses are not preventing him from realizing he is hungry, empty, and without possessions anymore.

Good post, Falak.

AnAnonymous's picture

whose main protagonists are US corporates and its iconic trend setters.


... are the 'american' middle class. The two others are servants to the middle class and only exist due to the good will of the middle class.

Vlad Tepid's picture

Dare you call it US citizenism?

kevinearick's picture

Apple tries to close the consumption for more credit deal...and faills. the problem, not bernanke, is the solution, depending upon how you choose to employ the pieces. whether those are knives or manna raining down depends upon perspective.

Did you hear that cbs clip: why are you standing in line, why do you want a 5? "I don't know..."

What's that gals name, maxine waters, going back to lead finance com after getting outed for seeking a bailout for her husband's bank, meanwhile obamny keeps throwing its own under the bus.