Guest Post: The Economic Abuse Of Veterans In America

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Submitted by Brandon Smith from Alt-Market

The Economic Abuse Of Veterans In America

Volunteering to join the military has always been a process rife with internal and external conflictions.  A vital aspect of one’s ultimate decision to do so often depends greatly upon the era in which one becomes eligible.  U.S. citizens leaped at the chance to defend their country at the onset of World War II because the enemies were indeed a legitimate and obvious threat to the freedom and sovereignty of all nations.  During Vietnam, the waters were muddied (at least in the view of millions of citizens), and many Americans did not see the fight as their own.  The line between our system, and the enemies we were supposed to despise, had become progressively more foggy and disjointed.  For any wise and honorable man to go out of his way to risk his life, the fight must be clearly just, otherwise, he may feel that his death will serve no purpose.

No matter what era of war an American soldier happens to take part in, his desire is usually simple and honest; most seek to defend the underlying principles of freedom which have guided the soul of this country for generations.  They seek a righteous cause, and transparent leadership.

Unfortunately, for decades, sincere leadership by our government, from Washington D.C. down to the good-old-boy networks of county politics, has all but been erased.  Not even a trace of truth permeates the bedrock of our legal or bureaucratic structure anymore.  The system has become so corrupt, so leprous and putrid, that it now actually influences originally honorable men and women to do great evil just to survive and to thrive.  Our administrative structure encourages and even breeds thieves, murderers, and tyrants.  It is a self-perpetuating monster machine. 

U.S. soldiers are in a unique position in the middle of this plague of political power gaming.  They are usually the first to bear witness to the blunders (or crimes) of government.  They get to experience up close on the ground where decisions go wrong and how.  They are among the first to witness the changes of mood within our political dynamic, and the first to know when a government has gone rogue.  When these soldiers leave the service as veterans, many have seen the ugliest of the ugly faces of the officialdom running the show.  They become a liability to the carefully crafted image of the U.S. government and the military industrial complex because they know the ultimate truth.

The mistreatment of veterans is often examined with shock and dismay, primarily because the general public cannot fathom why federal, state, and local governments would work against men and women who once served their interests.  However, when one understands that the establishment system views veterans as a political and social threat, a cultural base that is respected by average citizens and carries weight when exposing corruption, the abusive actions of the oligarchy make perfect sense.

I could delve into the disparaging world of Veterans Hospitals and the horror stories surrounding the dime-store-style socialized medical care that men and women receive there (I could also point out that this is a perfect active example of what medical treatment would be like under Obamacare).  I could write for hours about soldiers exposed to chemical and biological warfare from Vietnam to the Gulf War; soldiers who went on to suffer recurring health problems, and who were quickly swept under the rug by Washington.  I could even outline the numerous instances in which the DHS, the Bush Administration, and the Obama Administration, have all attempted to categorize veterans as “possible terrorists” who present a danger to national security:

While it is absolutely imperative that veterans and current serving military alike research every aspect of these issues, I would like for a moment to focus on a far less discussed crisis that looms over former military; financial subversion.

Today, most people are suffering an economic loss of one kind or another, and the knee-jerk response by those in financial dire straights might be to question why they should care at all about veterans being squeezed by the system.  I would point out that while the credit crisis is certain to strike the vast majority of average Americans, it has crashed like a ten-ton sack of bricks upon the heads of veterans in particular.

While the U.S. Interagency Council On Homelessness did launch a program called “Opening Doors” in an effort to reduce veteran homelessness, claiming a 12% reduction in 2011, the official number of homeless former serving still stands at 67,000.  This, unfortunately, is a misleading stat, and only counts veterans who have are considered “consistently without shelter”.  In reality, it is estimated that 200,000 or more veterans are homeless on any given night:

That is large population of people under consistent poverty (23% of overall homeless by some measures), and this is not even counting those veterans that just scrape by.  Approximately 40% of these homeless veterans suffer from war related psychological disorders, including Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and are not responsible for the difficulties they face in the job market.

The unemployment rate for veterans continues to be epidemic, with official numbers between 8% and 9% (and we all know how the Labor Department undercuts real unemployment statistics).  For younger veterans, especially those involved in Gulf War II, unemployment has skyrocketed to 30%:

One would think that a military background with years of training and command experience in the midst of the most chaotic environments the world has to offer would translate well in the business and working world, but the numbers say otherwise.

Government programs to aid veterans are tossed to the public every year like trick-or-treat candy, but in most cases, they are only a half-hearted attempt to pay lip service to the problem, falsely reassure Americans, and place a band-aid on the gaping wound.  This has become painfully apparent after the 2008 derivatives bubble implosion, which has now triggered the bankruptcy foreclosures of over ONE THIRD of all veteran households:

A homeowner’s mortgage assistance program under the U.S. government does exist, but only covers active duty military.  Veterans are forgotten.

The most active banks foreclosing on veterans include JP Morgan, Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, and PNC.  All of these institutions have been cited for using illegal and hidden fees to increase mortgage liability.  This tactic has been specifically and violently applied to veterans in particular, and over 30,000 cases of possible banking fraud against veterans were exposed in 2011 alone:

Why would banks place such priority on aiming their crosshairs at veterans?  There are a multitude of reasons.  Most veterans have made a career out of following a chain of command and paying heed to authority figures.  Often, this mindset is carried over into the civilian world, where new authority figures like lawyers, judges, bailiffs, even bank representatives, are given far too much credence and are approached with a subservient attitude.  Many veterans also spend so much time within the unique legal structure of the military system that they lose familiarity with civil law, and become frustrated with its operations and complexities.  Some find it impossible to adapt.  To put it bluntly, corporate banks see veterans as easy targets.

To make matters much worse, local bureaucracies have been more than happy to aid major banks in their criminal enterprises, and veterans have been principle victims.  Instead of providing relief and aid to those in financial distress as was originally intended when the bankruptcy court apparatus was created, it has now become a network of parasites honing in on the fiscally weak and using their despair and confusion to rob them of every last possession. 

I have WITNESSED this first hand while examining the case of Warren Bodecker, a Montana local and WWII hero who helped to liberate over 2000 prisoners near execution from the Los Banos prison camp in the Philippines. 

Bodeker’s 89 years of life have been filled with amazing accomplishments and a certain level of success.  It is saddening that in his old age, during days in which he should be allowed some measure of peace, he has come under attack by so many despicable circumstances and people.

Warren’s wife, after battling cancer for a decade, had finally passed.  Her body was put to rest on the family farm, but her medical bills were not.  With debt and interest payments mounting, and Warren living essentially alone, the stress and fear of insolvency ruled his waking moments.  He then made a terrible error; he trusted his fate and his home to the bankruptcy system.  Warren’s story in his own words can be found in the video interview below, conducted by the founder of Oath Keepers and Constitutional Lawyer Stewart Rhodes:


I analyze and write about legal corruption on a regular basis.  I have uncovered and outlined banking criminality for years.  But, to watch this tyranny wrought upon an individual right in front of me, a man I know to be good hearted, a person who absolutely does not deserve it, is difficult to endure.

What I found most disturbing in this case was the number of deviants who came out of the woodwork to claim their pound of flesh.  The Trustee, Christy Brandon, has gone out of her way to intimidate Warren, which puzzled me until I learned that she had also appointed HERSELF lawyer for the estate.  If proceedings became “adversarial”, under the law, she would be conveniently awarded a percentage of the bankruptcy loot.  Warren’s former son-in-law (whose motivations remain mysterious and suspicious) wrote secret letters to the courts accusing him of deliberately hiding gold and silver assets.  Warren’s own lawyer advised him little, and in some cases very poorly, pushing him to wave his homestead exemption and feeding Warren to the wolves as it were while he quietly collected his salary. 

The vet was surrounded by frenzied piranha.  With little understanding of bankruptcy law or what was expected of him, he didn’t have a chance.  The system, his lawyer, and the Trustee all asserted the same lie; that if he just quietly rolled over, all would be well.  He has now lost everything, including his home.  He will be forced to exhume his wife’s body from the land he also planned to rest on, with no conceivable future beyond homelessness and regret.  

The system not only failed Warren, it hunted him down and mauled him.  At every level, the legal structure sought to harm him, not protect him, or to conduct fair justice.  It became clear to me after speaking with Warren, even more so than before, that there is no recourse through the legal realm.  It is utterly broken, and beyond all possible repair.  If a veteran and WWII combat hero can be treated so egregiously, what possible chance do the rest of us have?

Warren is just one example of a detrimental and sometimes organized crippling of veterans and their economic safety across America.  Sometimes it is done out of mere greed, sometimes it is done out of idiocy, sometimes it is done with downright malicious intent, and sometimes it's a combination of all three.  In light of this, and as Warren Bodeker's situation proves, there are no solutions within the bounds of the establishment anymore.  The problem, then, goes to those of us who are aware, and to those who also share a military background.  It is up to the Liberty Movement to rally around veterans, and for veterans to rally around each other.  The enemies they face today are much more insidious than any they ever faced on the battlefields of the past.  There will be no relief or comfort unless we support each other.

If you would like to make a donation to the Warren Bodecker Fund, please visit the link below and scroll to the paypal button at the bottom of the article:

If you would like to question Christy Brandon, Trustee for this case, on her side of the story, or if you wish to ask her why she is handling the situation in such a manner, you can use the contact information she provided on her publicly released court documentation (please remain courteous):

Attorney Christy Brandon
Brandon Law Firm, PLLC
P.O. Box 1544
Bigfork, MT 59911
Phone: (406) 837-5445
Fax: (406) 837-5420

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Monedas's picture

Right on !  The politicians turn everything into a vote pandering machine  ....  the VA is used to buy votes just like welfare and public employment !  All government together should be less than 10% of the GNP and shrinking !  Think of a child who has a hydro cephalic elephantisis condition where his head is 45% of his body mass and he has to drag his head around the floor .... THAT'S SOCIALISM   !        Monedas    1929     Comedy Jihad Too Much Of Anything Is Bad

falak pema's picture

that's your nightmare, you need a good lay. Don't shout in your sleep you may scare those socialist phantoms lurking in your closet and then you'll miss you nightly thrills; on blue berry hill.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

A good lay requires, uhm, you know some socializing usually. That's a no-can't-do. Tis much easier to shout "Freeedom!" as you clench your member in sheer loneliness.

AUD's picture

the first to know when a government has gone rogue

That's got to be bullshit. Governments went rogue years ago.

Sleepless Knight's picture

The photo at the top of this article is so wrong on so many levels. Outside our country he was respected, inside no one cares. Photos like this make me want to go to war with what really caused this for this man.

Northeaster's picture

"The People" simply are not ready to make a sacrifice, things are just not bad enough.

CONgress? They helped pass the BK laws, doubt those listed on your site will help in any meaningful way.

Things are different now. Kids, thanks to an abysmal job market see the military as their only way out. Unfortunately, the military isn't for everyone, or these kids buy into a propaganda-like lie. A lifetime ago, the military was great for me (even being deployed), today I would seriously question those choices, most likely due to age and experience, and the natural skepticism/cynicism of those in CONgress, as well as their well financed backers motives.

Now the military is filled with suicide and massive unemployment upon discharge, and that's if they were able to come home at all. It blows my mind that senior military officers, who took an Oath to protect The United States Constitution, not CONgress, President, or any one man, and watch The Constitution be shredded in under a decade.

Mr. Bodecker is screwed. Until "The People" don't have anything left to lose, whether through desperation or other circumstances, this will continue. However, in an ideal world, I'd like to see a Division of his fellow Marines "occupy" his land and see what TPTB do at the sight of that. As for Christy Brandon, she will never understand the kind of monumental sacrifice Mr. Bodecker made, and those that never returned. I'm sure she will get the point soon enough as this most likely goes viral in these circles.

MFL8240's picture

There is no money for Veterenans under this regime because they know most real Americans loath this clown.  This copurrpt group prefers to pander to the deadbeats of sociaetuy who have contributed nothing.  That is Baracks voting block!

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture


the TPTB are grateful that you were willing to put your life on the line for the protection and expansion of their Empire.

Please show your medals proudly to your children and grandchildren; encourage them to serve as proudly as you did, so that the TPTB will have enough fodder in the future.


moonstears's picture

At TPTB, thanks for the advice. Here's some for you. Please move to China and burn a Chinese flag in Tiananmen Square. Thanks! edit: not very popular, uh, ok...when you move to china, and hit Tiananmen Square, as stated. Tell the story of Jesus, or make one of those "Free Tibet" signs like you made in college when you were trying to get in that hippy chick's panties. Remember her, the blonde with the soft, thin blonde cooch and pit hair? Anyway, when you've done the 15 yrs in the People's MAX security, c'mon back to post some more advice for us. See you in 2027!

AnAnonymous's picture

You know, the tanks are being marched in Bahrain.

You might be sad to miss the Tianamen train, you can jump on the bahrain train and form an abraham lincoln brigade equivalent.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

AnAnonymous, parading his insanitation for all to see, said:

You might be sad to miss the Tianamen train, you can jump on the bahrain train and form an abraham lincoln brigade equivalent.

Yes, because Bahrain is well known Chinese citizenism nation. Bahrain population is Chinese citizens. AnAnonymousism at work.

You sick in head, but you still much comedic and laugh making.

You keep performance continue for amusement to us now doing gleefully.


AnAnonymous's picture

What has this to do?

US citizens are obsessed with Tianmen.

A similar scene has happened several times in Bahrain as the government has been using tanks to subdue the demonstrators.

Ti an men is the past. Bahrain is not. It is happening right now.

US citizens who want to intervene on a government that marches tanks on its people are given a new chance.

They should not miss it.

akak's picture

More AnusAnonymous apologitizenism of totalitarian Chinese Communist atrocities and crimes against humanity, and against their OWN citizens!  All actions of Chinese Communist Central Committee good, all aspects of evil Americans bad! 

Make me laugh --- and cry!

AnAnonymous's picture

Where do you read an apologize for chinese doings? I just recall US citizens that same acts should call same reaction. If you are angered by Ti an amen square, you must be angered by Bahrain. And if you feel something had to be done for Tianamen, you have given an opportunity with bahrain.

Oooops, I forget. US citizenism is a world of double standards and US citizens are those people who declare freedom an unalienable right to human beings and kept slaves.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

AnAnonymous, him doing funny sayings of things here for amusement:

Oooops, I forget. US citizenism is a world of double standards

Ah, ah, and  US citizenism is world of fantasy being creation inside head of AnAnonymous inthere.

AnAnonymousism double standard being working downthere.

But hey, AnAnonymous being funny trained monkey to amusingment performance of much laughingness mirthfully making.

akak's picture

Behold the illogic and offuscation of AnusAnonymous again on display, as he desperately tries to hide blame for the atrocities of his beloved totalitarian Chinese Communist overlords and paymasters by deflecting attention from their crimes by bringing up unrelated events, like a child who tries to avoid punishment for his bad behavior by claiming "Well, my brother did it too!".

Directly address the challenges to your lies and bigotry, and to the crimes of your totalitarian rulers, or shut the fuck up already.  You are nothing but a dishonest, disingenuous, bigoted and autistic troll.

AnAnonymous's picture

What are you talking about?

Ti an amen is the past. Bahrain is the present. You should seize the opportunity.

Bringing up unrelated events? That is bold from US citizens who have been deflecting attention from US citizenism through the fantasy of chinese citizenism.

US citizen nature is eternal indeed.

akak's picture

Was the massacre of the pro-democracy protesters in 1989 in Tiananmen justified, or not?

Do you stand with them, or with their Chinese Communist murderers?

Take a direct, clear and unambiguous stand here and now, or shut the fuck up already.

AnAnonymous's picture

That is very hard to deliver because it is framing.

Would these student have supported a system other than US citizenism, it would make the condemnation of the Chinese very easy.

Considering that these chinese supported US citizenism, taking side and picking one over the other is an illusion.

Pushing people out of a system to force them into US citizenism, that is quite a gift.

Who can wish to impose US citizenism on people but US citizens?

akak's picture

More gibbering nonsense and evasion from the dishonest and disingenuous Chicom troll.

Fuck you.

AnAnonymous's picture

Do you wish the Chinese to adopt US citizenism ('Americanism')? Let's see your answer to that.

akak's picture

Since so-called "US Citizenism" is only a fantasy invented in your own sick and twisted, ragingly bigoted mind, your question is meaningless.

But it is clear that you despise the aspirations for freedom of your fellow oppressed Chinese citizens, and side with your totalitarian Communist overlords in their murder of thousands of Chinese who had the gall to simply wish for more political openness and greater liberty for themselves.

AnAnonymous's picture

That is indeed a clear answer. 'Americanism' does not exist. Sure, very credible.

Well, I wonder what these chinese people would think when they are told that the system they support is just a figment of the imagination of a person who writes on the internet.

But wait, ti an amen happened before I started to write on this forum and these chinese supported 'americanism' before. Ah chronology and US citizens.

I dont support either sides by the way as stated.

But here, do you support the chinese from Ti Amen square as they want to spread US citizenism in china? This will answer to the question.

akak's picture

For Mao and his imperialistic Chinese Communist servants, the annexation of formerly independent Tibet was indeed "free" --- but for the thousands of Tibetans who were killed in the process, and the tens or hundreds of thousands who have been directly and indirectly killed in the decades since the Chinese subjugation of Tibet, the conquest and occupation of that oppressed nation has been anything but free.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

AnAnonymous avoided the question by saying:

Would these student have supported a system other than US citizenism, it would make the condemnation of the Chinese very easy.

Perhaps those students who were mercilessly crushed into a paste did support a system other than your imaginary 'US citizenism'. Your entire response here, like nearly everything you say, is based on unsupported assertion.

Considering that these chinese supported US citizenism, taking side and picking one over the other is an illusion.

Interesting that you now consider your unsupported assertion as an established fact. How convenient that the Chinese Citizenism Ministry of Truth has provided you with this unquestionable base of support for your denialism and running away from self indiction.

Such evasive Chinese citizenism hobnobbery answers quite clearly the question put to you. No amount of word gaming crackpottery can conceal your contempt for humanity. You believe that those students, those very human Chinese people, deserved to be crushed into a paste, rinsed from the pavement, and composted because they dared to question the status quo.

You are the perfect example of fear of self indiction. You epitomize the absolute worst of everything you say is wrong with 'US citizenism'. Your whole 'US citizenism' game is just a way for you to project your repugnance onto a convenient exterior. Every fault you find with 'US citizenism' is merely another repulsive aspect of your own wretched existence. You wallow in your own sickness.

Made me retch.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

akak challenged AnAnonymous thusly:

Take a direct, clear and unambiguous stand here and now, or shut the fuck up already.

Ah, ah, challenge of nature such as this lead to directly of AnAnonymous away runningism.

AnAnonymous's picture

Yes, as one should run away from the plague and the cholera.

Asking to choose between the communist chinese and the US citizen chinese is the same situation and indeed, you might not wish people to be sick with either.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

AnAnonymous runs away:

Yes, as one should run away

Ah, ah, moment of truth. Ultimate rarity of AnAnonymousism.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Stalin took care of the Russian veterans of WWII who had fought bravely in Western Europe in his own unique way.  He had them all murdered and buried in mass graves. 


falak pema's picture

Stalin was Genghis's son. With such Dna you can't go wrong! 

disabledvet's picture

"The US Civil War was so violent because it was fought from within the family and not from without."

falak pema's picture

the only time the war goes truly civil is when you kill the husband and marry his wife, like the greeks did in Troy. True virtue is when you honour you victim's memory where it is most berieved! Ten years of abstinence somewhat helps in that direction. 

Mercury's picture

 U.S. citizens leaped at the chance to defend their country at the onset of World War II because the enemies were indeed a legitimate and obvious threat to the freedom and sovereignty of all nations. 

I wonder how many leaped at the chance because they were instead fed up with a depression that wouldn't end and a government that tried in vain to centrally plan their way out of it.

Nobody For President's picture

I guess you are not old enough to have really know many (or any) WWII vets, but I knew a lot of them, and have two uncles still around that served - one with the mighty Eighth and one in the battle of the bulge. 

I never met one single WWII vet who signed up because he needed a job. My era (Vietnam) was more of a mixed bag...

nuggetstoosmall's picture

After spending 20+ years in the Army heres food for thought. I put several soldiers out for being unfit, liars, mental health disorders, cheats and on and on. Well, after getting out and trying to get work, I realized these are the same people I put out. Veterans know how this world should work, and its not the crimminal way but do the right thing. Yes when no one is looking, its do the right thing. Yes the govt should be worried about vets, because we're tired of the BS we've been feed. Just think, vets have been given training on how to construct a city, a nation and run it, the right way. What a waste of talent.

MachoMan's picture

Considering the world's foremost thinkers, throughout the entire gambit of human history, have been unable to determine "the right way" to run a nation, I highly doubt you were given the playbook...  I'm sure you could sufficiently get a city to WORK...  to EXIST...  but, that's a far cry from "the right way" methinks.

The other issue is that, generally speaking, it is not the talented who enlist...  granted, some of the best humans in the history of mankind have served and lived to serve, but this is the exception and not the rule...  typically, it's the poor huddled masses that get huddled as cannon fodder in foreign lands...  Under what scenario do we have a draft or, alternatively, pay people beans to go to war (given the risks involved) and expect to scrape together "talent"?  It's the same as anything else...  [I doubt military concrete layers are better than their private counterparts...  multiply this by every conceivable job to build and/or run a city].


Jethro's picture

I was mostly taught how to blow stuff up, patrol, shoot things, patrol, carry heavy objects by foot over long distances, patrol, protect classified materials, assets and personnel....and patrol.

boogiedown's picture

I'm a US Navy vet myself -- strapped with about $25,000 in student loans since I enlisted under the pre-9/11 G.I. Bill rules. I'm working hard to pay them off and have only made late payments 4 or 5 times in 8 years. (My husband and I rent a 1-bedroom, have put off buying furniture, having kids, etc.) But if anyone wants to assist vets struggling with student loans, please visit here: The only organization I've found helping vets with retroactive scholarships.

moonstears's picture

All gave some, some gave all. To all here who'll post some negative "baby killers, moron, robots" tripe towards US Vets, let me extend a hearty "Go Fuck Yourself, you Knucklehead!" from us all! (p.s. Yeah, I'm a Sailor/former Sailor, ask your girlfriend about us, give her a few cocktails first, I'm sure one of ours did, at some point! :)) 

paint it red call it hell's picture

I am acquainted with a said veteran having an opposing outcome for his military service. As he told it, he was gravely wounded in vietnam causing disfigurement of his limbs. Somehow he was allowed to remain in the service but transferred to one of the security agencies of government. He ultimately was employed in the NSA, the highlight of his career working out of Utah, as he tells it, with the most infamous officer associated with the Iran/contra affair.

Retired now to a opulently adorned mcmansion in a rural southeastern setting by a river, he bragged to me a total stranger, about various pension checks he draws against a life of government service in various security agencies he has served since his injuries. He tells of how the government issued checks go uncashed for weeks without need of dipping into any savings, how he paid cash for his home. He tells of not filing for his SS until he was well over the threshold age of 62 then laughed about getting the uncollected "backpay" as a lump sum. I have no idea if any or all of his story is factual or just delusional but observe that his lifestyle is that of a retired executive and that he is not one bit restrained about shooting other peoples dogs who trespass his mini farm.

I judge him a overly compensated  psychopath next to whom I am reluctant to build despite the otherwise magnificent setting.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



That sounds exactly like my neighbor.  Is his name Tom?

paint it red call it hell's picture

not sure what his name is, tom certainly is not what the other neighbors call him. in the more than decade i have owned the property, i have spoken to hiim no more than  i can count on one hand by design.

dishartening there could be more like him out there.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Unfortunately, I know several such former service members.  The term "blowback" can be used in many different ways.  What a person goes through (especially if they served on a black ops unit such as Delta) is what it is.

Every action has an equal and sometimes unpredictable reaction, don't be suprised by this, it has been this way since the begining of time.

You may think this person is paranoid, but remember, he probably knows better than anyone else, precisely what your government and people in general are capable of.

AnAnonymous's picture

he is not one bit restrained about shooting other peoples dogs who trespass his mini farm.


US national sports. Dont step in, they will be frustrated.

akak's picture

Roadside shitting and blindly bigoted online trolling: Chinese national sports.

Don't step into either, you will be disgusted.