Guest Post: Economic Collapse? We’re Soaking In It!

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Submitted by Brandon Smith from Alt Market

Economic Collapse? We’re Soaking In It!

A rather unobservant or at the very least “unlucky” man strolls across a faulty bridge; weathered, termite ridden, and over-traveled. He hops and skips and jumps about like a brain damaged orangutan without a care in the world. He does this not only because he is oblivious to the fundamental physics behind the workings of the bridge, and the structural signs of a bridge that is on the verge of collapse, but also because numerous highly paid “experts” on bridges have told him it is absolutely safe to do so. The bridge, of course, crumbles right under his feet, and he falls.

Now, if the ground was relatively close to our unfortunate freefalling dupe, the sudden collapse and the painful shock of smacking into the rocky floor would be an understandable surprise. Given only moments between the failure of the bridge and the ultimate conclusion of the spine crunching granite bottom swan dive, one could hardly ponder the situation at all. However, in this event, the ground is not close. In fact, the ravine is dark, and the fall is long. Perhaps three or four years long. In this case, a man has plenty of time to think through the circumstances of his predicament, and realize that eventually, he WILL meet the future like a warm pancake smacking cold linoleum at 200 mph.

If such a man is unable to discern the problems he faces, or to even acknowledge the fact that the ground has given way beneath him, after such a long stretch of time, it becomes very hard to feel sorry for him. But then again, we were all like this man once…

Since the derivatives and housing market implosion of 2008, America and the rest of the world has been spiraling down a chasm some in this country still refuse to take note of. The question has never been whether there “will be” a full scale financial disaster. The end to that chapter of this story was already written years ago. Rather, the real question has been “when” will this inevitable event culminate? Sadly, speculation on the matter has met an irreconcilable road block. The fact is, all the necessary elements are in place to bring down our fiscal shelter not in five years, not in one year, not in six months, but today. That’s right…..the economy as we know it has the potential to derail completely before you wake up for your morning poptart.

Some skeptics might shrug off this statement as mere sensationalism for effect. I wish that were the case. Frankly, I would enjoy writing a little fiction for once. The truth is far too bizarre and disturbing lately.

In the case of economics, traditional views and standards have gone completely out the window in a way that I and probably every other analyst in the field have never heard of or encountered. All expectations are now null and void. Manipulation of the marketplace is no longer a subversive and secretive process, but open government and central banking policy! Who could have guessed five years ago, for instance, that U.S. taxpayers would be saddled with bailouts of the EU? Who could have predicted that global stock market psychology would be dominated for over a year by the debt drama of a country as economically insignificant as Greece? And, who could have foreseen that destructive fiat stimulus policies would soon be common knowledge events amongst the citizens of various faltering nations?

Liberty Movement analysts have been sounding the warning alarm for a long time on the possible consequences of Federal Reserve actions as well as government expansion, but to witness the scale of the fraud being unleashed and the brazen manner in which it is being implemented is something else entirely. Even now, the sheer scope of the systemic collapse is breaking into territory that may not be fully understood for decades to come.

That said, no one with any common sense or eyes to see can deny that the bridge has indeed given way. What awaits us when we finally hit bottom is hard to say, but it doesn’t take a soothsayer to predict an unpleasant outcome.

As the process of destabilization unfolds, the best we can do is stay attuned to political and financial shifts that often go underreported in the mainstream media. This gives us the ability to gauge the nature and speed of the crisis so that we can move to guard ourselves effectively when the time comes. Even the smallest morsel of information can have incredible significance. These holes in the fog are brief, but they reveal much. Some of this data signals a new and powerful wave of change on the horizon, a startling chapter which may be the last for the ailing economy as we know it…

Rise Of The Asian Union

Back at the end of 2008, a China reinventing itself as a consumer hub for the Asian-Pacific region announced a “proposal” to introduce cross border trade of the Yuan. Only a couple Western news sources covered this story, burying the information in their pages on Christmas Day. Now, cross border trade of the Yuan is launching the fiat unit towards reserve status in the Pacific and is hurtling China towards inclusion in the IMF’s new global currency; the SDR.

A recent meeting of the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) has led to a predictable clash of philosophies between the U.S. and China. Make no mistake, though, this conflict is a ploy. A soap opera designed to distract us as well as prep us for a trade war to end all trade wars.

The talks focused on progressive trade agreements and multilateral policies designed to shield Pacific nations from the poisonous debt cloud forming over the EU. These agreements rely, of course, on centralization tactics and the removal of protective export and import barriers. Both U.S. officials and Chinese officials WANT more centralization. Do not be fooled. The notion that American people have been fed, however, is that China wants a weak currency and export dominance for selfish ends. The notion the Chinese people have been fed, is that America wants to have its cake and eat it too; demanding a larger piece of the export market while at the same time expecting ultra-cheap goods from overseas. On the surface, they are both right, but go deeper, and you will find the tides of engineered globalism at work.

Ultimately, there is no APEC, at least not one that includes the U.S. There is only the ASEAN trading bloc, which is about to become the Asian Union. That’s right…they are ready. In a barely reported announcement from China, a proposal has been announced for the formation of an ASEAN central bank, designed much like the European Central Bank (ECB), which includes South Korea and Japan as stakeholders. Remember how cross-border trade in the Yuan started as a mostly ignored “proposal” back in 2008? This is not a proposal, this is a promise:

“The bank will also settle China-ASEAN trade in yuan, a step in China's long campaign to make the yuan, also known as renminbi or people's currency, a regional currency...”

Its official, folks! The U.S. has just been replaced as China’s go-to trading partner, and a new multinational economic union is about to be formed. There is absolutely no incentive anymore for China to continue investment in U.S. debt or the dollar. Everything between the U.S. and China has been leading to this. All that is left is the spark of trade aggression from either side to seal the deal. This leaves the U.S. to flounder without a life-vest, or to be swallowed by the leviathan otherwise known as the IMF.

Fall Of The European Union

After endless months of hearing about Greece, finally, world markets are starting to realize that there are other more financially important countries to worry about, like Italy, for example. With the replacement of President Silvio Berlusconi, and the budgetary shortfalls of the government in the media view, attentions are beginning to wander over to the EU as a collection of nations all in their own particular brand of trouble, instead of being sidenotes or dominoes in the Greece debacle.

The EU Growth And Stability Pact dictates that EU member states must maintain a national deficit of 3% or less, and a debt to GDP ratio of 60% or less. More than half of EU economies have far exceeded these limitations.

Italy’s “official” debt to GDP ratio stands at around 120%, but the true size of its liabilities may never be known. Greece’s debt to GDP ratio was cited at around 142% by government officials while analysts who use total debt to GDP calculations place it closer to 200%. Germany, France, and the UK all stand at around 80% of GDP (official numbers, again):

The situation is so bad in the EU, that some, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, want to end the current EU charter by 2012, and either shrink the number of members drastically, or restructure the agreement to allow more centralized control of member nations and their political policies:

What this means, essentially, is that there will not be a “collapse” of the EU in the traditional sense but, as we discussed here at Alt-Market last year, there will be enough chaos to frighten still sovereign minded Europeans into giving up certain economic and social powers and freedoms. A new EU will form, on the argument that it was “state sovereignty” and a lack of cooperation that caused the crisis to begin with.

This is total nonsense of course. Central banking policies and insane Keynesian borrow and spend strategies around the world are what caused this nightmare, some would say by design (including myself).

So, before the end of 2011, we have seen the formation of an Asian Union, and the first steps towards a more tightly dominated European Union. What’s next?

American Default: One City At A Time

If you thought the derivatives debt game had leveled out in the U.S., and that the worst was over, think again. The bankruptcy of MF Global, a far larger company than Lehman Brothers, has signaled a new resurgence of bank weakness. However, the real danger behind the MF situation is not necessarily its failure, but how it has been hiding its failure.

Not only was MF making risky bets with borrowed money without disclosure, and “window dressing” their quarterly reports to fool investors, but they have also been caught siphoning capital from client accounts to pay off the massive liabilities they have accrued:

These kinds of activities are what we usually call “fraud”. But with a company like MF Global, whose reputation was once considered sterling, a much more important and terrifying question arises; how many other banks are doing the same exact thing?

My guess is all of them.

MF Global’s implosion places doubt on all major banking institutions and the legitimacy of their reported health, which means Americans have a lot of soul searching to do as far as where they actually choose to put their savings. But the return of the credit and derivatives specter only hints at the issues ahead…

After the historic credit downgrade of the U.S. by ratings agency S&P, most investors absorbed the shock, then ignored the peril, and began throwing around cash with wild abandon yet again. What many of them have not taken into account, though, is that the downgrade is not over. S&P has stated it will extend the downgrade of the U.S. AAA rating to thousands of municipal bonds after Federal Budgetary issues are decided by the so called “Super Congress”:

These decisions are supposed to be announced by November 23rd; only weeks away. After the 23rd, S&P will begin examining state and city debt ratings on a case by case basis. The likelihood of multiple rating downgrades of numerous U.S. cities and counties is very high. These downgrades could lead to explosive levels of municipal bankruptcies. Being that some areas of the country have already filed for bankruptcy without S&P’s help, like Harrisburgh, PA, and Jefferson County, AL, the signs are not encouraging:

If you were wondering what the trigger would be for the next round of Federal Reserve quantitative easing, here it is; a combination of bank failure resurgence, along with city and state defaults leading to a clamoring for Federal funds just to stay in operation. Fiat injections in light of this event will dwarf previous measures. In fact, we may long for the days of TARP after the Fed has finished annihilating the dollar in order to plug thousands of ongoing municipal leaks in the hull of our sinking ship.

Make This Time Count

Everyone in the Liberty Movement is tired of dealing with the reality of economic disaster. Hell…I’m tired of writing about it. We know what’s coming. We know each scene of the play as if we had written and performed it before. And yet, we still at times find ourselves surprised, or even staggered, by the violent turning of events. Knowing that a train wreck is coming, and actually seeing it happen, are two very different things. Always keep this in mind…

For many others in this country, there is no frustration, because there is no awareness. This brand of “bliss” carries with it a terrible price; shock and awe at the closing of the curtain. A crushing despair and a haze of financial and emotional trauma. I (and most others) would never wish this feeling on anyone. And so, we continue to point a light upon the dark corners in the hopes that others will see what is there, and in their horror, decide to do something about it. This is the job of every Liberty Movement activist; to share the truth, even if it hurts.

Most will ask for solutions, and there are in fact many, far beyond the scope of this article. But the first and most important is that of dedication, and determination. This time, the time we have from the moment we wake up to the existence of the danger to the moment the danger strikes, is not a time to passively wait, a time to apathetically reflect, or a time to selfishly waste; it is a time to act. Remove your fears and frustrations from the equation and press forward, starting with the people closest to you. If you will not help them to awake to the fast approaching ground below, then who will?

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jdelano's picture

Wow.  Obscenely low volume on the comment threads this morning.  Crisis fatigue everybody?

HD's picture

Probably. We do this day after day and it's the same BS. Groundhog day.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

This is what happens after decades of a lack of welfare spending, jobs bills and other fiscal stimulus programs. Dr Paul Krugman has been warning about a double dip recession for MONTHS now:

When are libertarians going to admit they have been dead wrong and liberals have been dead right over the last decade? We have been warning about the lack of government spending for years, but nobody listened, and now we are finally paying the price. Unless we have some serious monetary and fiscal stimulus soon, I fear there is a significant risk of a double dip recession.

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The thickness of the ironi really deserves a gold painted Oscar

DaveyJones's picture

the only thing accurate in in his post is the second half of his last sentence.

Phil Free's picture

What I am having trouble grasping, is how many people have clicked his 'Green' arrow.  There surely cannot be that many idiot savants on ZH.  Unless it's to purposely encourage 'im, so he/she/it will dazzle us with more stunningly wrong statements of the insane.


Ahh, yes.. the Entertainment factor..

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

FYI... An "Idiot Savant" posesses extreme levels of innate skill at something like abstract math or playing an instrument, but cannot perform simple tasks like tying their shoes or putting away laundry.

MDB is just a common garden variety "Idiot".

Phil Free's picture

Certainly true;  but I never suggested that MDB was any sort of idiot savant.  He/she/it's level of vast ignorance and base stupidy would make such an exercise impossible.  As I believe a (hopefully) decently high percentage of ZH posters possses what could be called "intelligence", that left little room in explaining how anyone with such "intelligence" could be clicking MDB's green arrow.  Unless that "intelligence" was paired with a raving idiocy -- thusly potential 'idiot savants'.   Unless, of course, they don't really agree, and are all shooting for the high-entertainment angle.  Trolling.  So to speak.


If you have a better explanation, I'm all eyes.

i-dog's picture

The only "idiots" here are those, like yourself, who are taking him seriously and posting indignant replies.

Phil Free's picture

Does the "i" in i-dog stand for idiot?  Let me repeat myself again.  I am in no way taking a single letter typed by MDB to be anything even remotely approaching serious.  That would be the height of stupidy itself.  As this appears to me as obvious, I have only wondered what rocket scientists have been clicking his green arrow (now up to 21, at the time of this post).  Hey -- if you think they're all in on the joke, that's fine.  That would make more sense to me, than the impossibility of that many homo-sapiens taking him/her/it at face value.

I am more equal than others's picture

Krugman and MillionDollarBonus starring in 


Want to hear a real annoying sound?

"spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more, spend more"

monopoly's picture

"Unless we have some serious monetary and fiscal stimulus soon, we have a significant risk of a double dip recession."

You cannot be serious with that comment. We have imprisioned our children with debt forever, there is no way we can pay it back, and you want us to print more. That is the problem. Noone is willing to do what is needed to save this country. "Monetary stimulus has failed and will continue to fail". That is not the answer. No country has ever prospered by creating debt. 0, zilch. Nada. And we have never left the recession. What do you mean double dip. Reminds me of those "green shoots".

And yes, reading the truth here every day while enlightening, is draining. Why can't it just end, pay that piper and move on. 

WonderDawg's picture

Why can't it just end, pay that piper and move on.

I don't think it's quite that simple. When the time finally comes that we have to pay the piper, we'll be paying for decades. This is going to last for a generation or more. We'll move on, but it won't be the next day.


ratso's picture

Actually it can end that way, it will just take some ugly twists and turns and a lot of inflation.

So what do we learn from this article - THE SKY IS FALLING NOW!!! CRASH HELMETS ON!

GIve me a break please. I'm just drinking my coffee and reading this stupid crap.  How about some realistic commentary for a change.


FEDbuster's picture

MDB how did that work out for Greece? or Italy? or Ireland? or Spain?..... 

When the end comes many won't be prepared.  Their response will be quick and violent.  Fifty Rodney King riots in fifty different urban areas, a flash mobs of thousands looting and burning.  Don't bother trying to inform people, they either get it by now or they don't.  Prepare with your family and/or like minded friends, this won't be your great grandfather's Depression.

s2man's picture

Correct.  But more like 1,000 cities.

AE911Truth's picture

re: "We have imprisioned our children with debt forever, there is no way we can pay it back"

We could pay off all the debt with HR2990 debt free money. Savers would need to protect themselves with Silver and Gold.

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

"This leaves the U.S. to flounder without a life-vest, or to be swallowed by the leviathan otherwise known as the IMF."

He forgot the other possibility; the wholsale giving of US Land and Resources to the Chinese in exchange for them buying more debt which is already beginning...


forexskin's picture

oh ho ho ho, you so funny....

and so important MDB, such a race now to reply, because

you so funny, ho ho ho....

Stuck on Zero's picture

May I translate "fiscal stimulus" into English:  crony bailouts, trillions to blow up the Middle East, billions for bankers, billions for political operatives, billions for Israel, billions for defense contractors, crony loans to fake green energy front operations, billions for social research, billions for universities to study sand fleas, billions for Homeland Security, billions for detention camps, ...

Need I go on?

common_sense's picture

Apparently, Mr. Bernanke, Geithner and Dragui, are putting negatives points to your comment!!

Congratulations!!  Why they don't print, instead of putting MINUS?  Printer machine is broken or OUT OF MONEY ????

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

Ah yes, Krugman and Huffpo. Kinda like Sophistry and Sycophantry, or maybe Pain and Panic in the Disney Hercules cartoon...

Pitchman's picture

This was a brilliant piece!

The pieces are falling into place.  Major trading blocks are taking form utilizing disaster/crisis capitalism (Naomi klein's Shock-Doctrine), to produce continent wide Gulags where a psychopatic leadership can live out their devinely inspired utopia.  

HD said: We do this day after day and it's the same BS. Groundhog day.

And the article: " Hell…I’m tired of writing about it"....

But,  "we continue to point a light upon the dark corners...  This is the job of every Liberty Movement activist; to share the truth, even if it hurts."

Thus the beat goes on and frankly I too am tiring of pointing out the most prenicious man made institution of all.






Money Power And The Central Bank: Life Is But A MEME


 14 Reasons Why We Should Nationalize The Federal Reserve



Though graft, corruption and blatant criminal fraud is thoroughly entrenched and our law makers (the two party oligarchy) barely bother to hide their complicity, this is not just a crisis of leadership.   It is a societal crisis as their self serving behavior, to date, is done with the consent of "We The People"/you. 



Based on Ponzi dynamics, credit expansions and speculative manias are naturally self-limiting. Credit expansions expand exponentially until the debt they generate can no longer be serviced and the greatest fool has committed himself to the exhausted trend, and no one remains to push prices up further.

Central Banks, Bubbles And The Coming Unwind

Can you say; Counter Party Risk?  See how money, created out of thin air has exploded the worlds financial sector and how it can disappear as if it never existed:

Evaporation of Wealth on a Vast Scale: How $Millions - Trillions Can Disappear


Momauguin Joe's picture

Ride the tiger, Brother.  Let the fucker collapse all around you. Stay out of the way. Live to pick up the pieces.

SWRichmond's picture

IMO this is the real task of the liberty movement; wake up and prepare.  Prepare for what?  Prepare to vigorously advocate liberty on the other side of this coming collapse, because that is the moment when the forces of tyranny will strike and try to complete their consolidation of power.  At that time it is winner take all.

FEDbuster's picture

Problem is the .gov will have control of food and energy, and they will use both to control what's left of the population.  Freedom and liberty are tough to fight for on an empty stomachs.

CaptA's picture

Not that tough. It doesn't take a lot of energy to pull a trigger.

FEDbuster's picture

Many armies have starved to death through out history.  Doesn't take too long to destroy the fight in men whom are starving to death.  Stock up on food now, while it is cheap and available.  Look what Stalin did to the Ukrainians in just two years:


Phil Free's picture

Along with a few real guns (& ammo) to protect the garden.

FEDbuster's picture

They will come for both the garden and the guns.  They are trying to shut down the "small" farmer and have passed regulations preventing farmers markets (in the name of food safety).    Plus, just try to feed your family from a home garden, good luck.

As for the guns, just look at Katrina for proof of what will happen in a martial law situation.  You better draw your line, and know when to use them before they take them away. 

The boot on the face will come swiftly with a steel toe.  

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

ah, you mention the turning point in my life...katrina. their i went from boy to man! i spend 14 days in kiln, ms.....all i can say is that close friends and family were very important. strangers were not tolerated. gas and beer were major commodities (which we had all of these...and lots). and carrying a firearm was near manditory. but i felt very safe and secure the whole time (but I was not a looter/thief either).

lessons learned:

1. be prepared (boy scout motto)

2. be prepared-have food/water/shelter

3. be prepared-have a network of family, friends, or neighbors who you can trust

4. be prepared-have a way to defend yourself....and your network

5. be prepared-if the SRHTF (shit really hits the fan) have a mindset of letting go of the 'old' ways and embrace new ideas of survival and what really matters in your life. set goals and work towards those goals.

I really do not thinks things will get THAT bad, but if so, I am prepared, nonetheless.

MachoMan's picture

If done as you suggest, there is a high probability it would be too late...  The trick, it seems, is to get people to call bullshit WHILE the real estate bubble is being expanded...  while everything looks good...  with the present wealth gap and prospects for future growth (energy limitations, et al), this might have been the last plundering, hence how brazen the robbers.

The collapse is the product of design.  You have to remember that you're dealing with rational persons of the highest degree of machiavellian aptitude.  People like this ONLY make political decisions, i.e. take actions to put their opponents into binary choices, either of which lead to benefit the political actor.  It might be a plan B or a second part of the plan, but it's still benefit nonetheless.

A much safer alternative would be to carry significant momentum into the crash and/or initiate it.  However, the problem with movements like OWS is there is no clear direction/platform.  If someone did desire to gain as much goodwill prior to the crash as possible, then they would need to develop a viable platform to make a unified front.  Of course, any political aspirations prior to collapse come with inherent risk in that the moving parties would stand to be blamed by established power for the crash...  further obfuscating the issue and concentrating power.  Or, alternatively, that the moving parties cannot meet peoples' expectations to reflate their standards of living quickly enough and the movement loses steam.

No right or wrong answers...

DaveyJones's picture

while some definitely profit from it, not convinced that all empires collapse by design. Most of them go down on greed, hubris, corruption and over expansion.     

MachoMan's picture

I completely agree, except I'm not talking about all empires... just ours.

In fact, I'll go further and say that the collapse from greed, hubris, corruption, and overexpansion are all part of the plan...  the plan only involves laying out a noose...  for some reason, inevitably everyone tries to get their head in it.  So the fact that empires go down on these things isn't necessarily evidence of lack of foresight...  it's all part of the game (and the mechanism that differentiates real power brokers from their lackies).  Again, we're dealing with machinations of subtle control all of which have plausible deniability.  You might say that all of it is a necessary conclusion with the expansion of credit...  all necessarily flow...  each and every time.

If you come out of the stealing with empty pockets, then you're not part of the club...  kind of a sour pink slip, but them's the ropes when you play with fire.

DaveyJones's picture

either way, the common man is (and continues to be) screwed unless and until he rises up and /or fights by destroying or building exchange systems outside the system. That is the wild card, perhaps the only one left.

MachoMan's picture

The odd thing though...  we fall back into our...  familiarities...  which include boom/bust cycles, tiered societies, and a usurpation of political power.  I suppose anything can happen, but arguing from induction, things don't look good.  The little guys might end up as the 1% next go round, but not sure what you do with the other 98% (OWS figures)...

Basically the plebs get mad, break shit for a while, and then fall back into the role as abused wives.  The key to it all is having people who take power AND wilfully give it up after completion of their initial political goals...  power is a tricky thing and not easily relinquished...  kind of like the ring of power in the tolkien saga.  It just ends up corrupting everyone.

In short, the view only changes for the lead donkey. 

SWRichmond's picture

Krishnamurti described this as "revolution within the walls of the prison."

HoofHearted's picture

They;ve been doing it for years. Patriot Act, supersecret loans to failed companies, surveillance. What we need is a little revolution right at the time of the collapse of everything. They'll be so busy trying to kick the can down the road that this will be the time to rest for those few reasonable ones of us left. "Remember, remember, the fifth of November..."

Unfortunately, ost of us will be too busy planting crops or harvesting them, taking care of the chickens and cows, etc. We'll be fine until they come to take what we have, and then it will be all-out war. Luckily most of us are fairly well armed. But this is a terrible way to live and a terrible situation when your government, and your neigbors, will be so damn desperate.

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

At "THAT" time the Liberty Movement will be advocating for "come and take it" militias. Don't kid yourself, the Liberty Movement crowd has a long fuse but if you insist on lighting it...

AE911Truth's picture

Re: "Obscenely low volume on the comment threads this morning."

Denial of Service via route starvation? I suspect this happened last month also. Does the FED not want us to peacefully assemble?

s2man's picture

I thought it was supposed to be through DNS redirecting, not route starvation.  As such, I have collected the IP addresses of my favorite, to be non-approved sites.

Spastica Rex's picture

Yes. I really think I've reached my limit.

Pitchman's picture


Though graft, corruption and blatant criminal fraud is thoroughly entrenched and our law makers (the two party oligarchy) barely bother to hide their complicity, this is not just a crisis of leadership.   It is a societal crisis as their self serving behavior, to date, is done with the consent of "We The People"/you. 




Money Power And The Central Bank: Life Is But A MEME


 14 Reasons Why We Should Nationalize The Federal Reserve


Phil Free's picture

Wow -- prescient?  Quoting:  "...romance, adventure, money, Thirst for Power..."


Not a line I was expecting to hear in a Palmolive commercial.  Made more humorous that it's here in this ZH thread.  About Soaking in It.

DormRoom's picture

"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face--for ever."- George Orwell, 1984


Over the last 30 years the boot exterior has worn off, and aint nuff fing but steel toe from now on.



Max Hunter's picture

hmmm.. you're going to make me look that up.. I though it said something about a boot on the throat of humans... anyway.. yeah.. something like that..