Guest Post: An Example Of Why This Country Is Headed In The Wrong Direction

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Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man

An Example Of Why This Country Is Headed In The Wrong Direction

This past Friday, Barack Obama was at a Minneapolis-area Honeywell plant touting his economic recovery credentials to cheering disciples. One of the excited faithful was a young boy, fifth-grader Tyler Sullivan, who took the day off from school to hear the President speak.

The President was full of the usual bombast about how Congress needs to work with him to ‘build a strong economy’, and how he wants to get $3,000 to everyone in the American middle class so that people can go out and buy ‘thingamajigs’.

Naturally, the crowd cheered. It was the typical sort of gross misunderstanding of economic prosperity that you see from politicians… and most people at this point.

People these days think it’s a great idea when the government sprinkles money around the middle class, and love the idea of politicians ‘coming together’ to build a better economy.

In reality, when people hear talk about politicians ‘building an economy’ they should run away like a scalded dog.

Throughout history, a lot of other politicians have also tried building an economy– it’s called central planning, and it just doesn’t work.

From Diocletian’s failed ‘Edict on Prices’ in 301 AD in which the Roman emperor tried to fix wages and prices, to Stalin’s Soviet Union, to Mao’s China, to Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, the verdict is obvious: economic growth is better left to the private sector, not government.

The other important mischaracterization was this idea of the economy getting better from people spending money, in this case, the government sending everyone $3,000 to buy stuff.

Most people seem to think this is a good idea, even the ones who consider themselves to be educated about economics (having been brainwashed with deeply flawed Keynesian fluff).

The truth is that a nation is like an individual… and individuals do not become wealthy by going into debt and consuming. They become wealthy by saving and producing.

Yet there was the country’s exalted leader energizing the crowd with talk of sending them free money to spend. And as I mentioned, one of them was fifth-grader Tyler Sullivan.

The President’s even shook Tyler’s hand, commenting that he would offer to write an excuse note to pardon the boy from skipping school:

On the exact opposite end of this spectrum is the case of 17-year old Diane Tran, a Houston area high school student who has had to take on two jobs in order to support herself and her siblings after her deadbeat parents divorced and skipped town.

Tran reportedly misses a few days of school per month so that she could hold down her jobs, yet somehow still found time to complete her schoolwork and make the honor roll.

She was arrested by local officials for truancy and hauled in front of the ‘Honorable’ Lanny Moriarty who threw the girl in jail so that he could show everyone that he’s ‘tough on truancy.’:

Tran has aspirations to become a physician someday, and she is despondent now that her new arrest record may tarnish her chances of being accepted to medical school.

For the sake of brevity, I’ll skip commenting on how worthless the government-managed education system has become, and simply point out the obvious dichotomy:

- Boy skips school to cheer the President as he extols debt and consumption: OK
- Girl skips school to work, save, and support her family: NOT OK

These examples are the most obvious signs yet that, like the tax and regulatory frameworks, those who mindlessly support the political process of debt and consumption are rewarded, while those who produce and save are punished.

Such is life now in the Land of the Free. Have you hit your breaking point yet?

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All hail our glorious leaders!

Truancy?!?!  Throw that girl in jail!  Surely an illegal immigrant can take her place at her jobs for less money and no benefits or liability.  We must lower the price of a happy meal!

We must spend more in government programs to improve education because everyone knows education begins in smoke filled back offices where deals are cut and ballots jiggered!

Hand-in-hand with our glorious state corporations we will make the motherland something the fatherland would be proud of!

Young Tyler is on his way; learning to inhale the smoke of hopium - I have a note so everything is o.k. - paper promises are real, truth is fiction, war is peace.


veyron's picture

What are the races of Tyler and Diane?

veyron's picture

So this two-person sample could also show an element of racism in our justice system ...

knukles's picture

Not everything in our country is on the wrong path.
This is truly the land of opportunity, American Exceptionalism (Everybody's rich except you, asshole.) free enterprise, abundant opportunities (Would you care for more stale bread and Jello, Hobo Bill?) and where innovation can make any man rich.
For example, I had a great idea for a toy.  An Idaho toy, 
See, the wifeie and me wuz driving home from getting her a bowl of clam chowder and looking for a Snow Cone for me, but being rather chilly this time of year along parts of the West Coast, the Snow Cone machines is done went and put away. 
Or maybe been removed by the FDA with that Agenda 21 horse shit, but that's another story that'll work in here when the radioactive crap starts floating up along the shore.
And on the way home we saw a great big monolithic black as night SUV with Idaho plates and on the Idaho plate it says "Famous Potatoes" or something equally inane.
(Earl, ya'll getchur ass up off that couch and cut some more wood or I'll make your ass famous when they find you all chopped up fer bait down by the dam behind the court house.)
So, figuring that small children in Idaho have very little to amuse themselves with, what with all the black helicopters, gun shows and sheriff's posses traipsing all over hell and high water looking for their father and his band of merry militia men, the kids need some wholesome diversions.
So I figured out a new toy
Mr Militia Head.
See ya takes a potato and the stick all the shit in it like little boots, beret, gas mask, M1 Garand and so forth.
Be a big shit seller.
Give 'em away at the militia meetings to keep the kids quiet, prizes at the converted drive-in theater churches and out of town weekend hate ceremonies.
I mean, where else can a man triumph in the face of absurdity?
Right here in River City, America.



The Monkey's picture

After multiple decades of excess, we really don't need any more "thingamagigs". What a ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars.

This notion reminds me of Al Gore's heating his 10,000 square foot home while talking up environmental catastrophe. Hypocritical.

Chief KnocAHoma's picture

Anyone who still has faith in these numbnutts should lay down the crack pipe and go look for a job:

tarsubil's picture

I was downloading a bunch of stuff "illegally" and my wife says she doesn't want to break the law. I said the law is now immoral and fucked. Fuck the law and fuck Moriarity.

taxpayer102's picture


‘Dishonorable’ Lanny Moriarty enforcing his own Jim Crow laws.

otto skorzeny's picture

And afterwards Tyler was heard to say "I took a day off to hear this bullshit? I think I'll go home and watch some classic Ron Paul on YouTube-plus I have to get back and wait for my Monster Box to get delivered-FUCK YOU BERNANKE!!!""

Peter Pan's picture

This initiative of $3000 to the middle class should cost very little given that there are hardly any people left in the middle class.

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What the hell is "Middle Class"?

Seriously. I live in North Carolina. We have the wealthy and the poor and very little of anything left in between. The average salary around my area is 18 to 27 K a year, realistically, if they can find a job period. That's not "Middle Class". NC boast of an average salary of 41K a year, but that's factoring in the huge banking center in Charlotte, which really throws off the "real" numbers. 

My point here is that, in my area... there is only the poor / barely making it and the well off / rich / whatever you want to call them.  No one here would qualify as middle class.

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So the world is returning to the way has been for thousands of years. Did you baby boomers really think that what you experienced was going to continue forever? This is simple mean reversion.

Carl Spackler's picture

Monetary policy has failed to work, so the over-zealous and moronic Keynesians go all in on a $3000 helicopter drop to buy votes.

Got gold?


dolce vita's picture

seems a little high to buy a liberals retard vote...maybe just some coupons or something.

ATM's picture

Or five Kool cigarettes. They buy votes good too.

Chief KnocAHoma's picture

Peter, as a former middle class dweller I have to say...AWESOME freaking analysis!

Fiat Currency's picture

3,000 ducats ... Aye 'tis a tidy sum. 

Somewhere Shakespeare is LOL.

masterinchancery's picture

The whole thing makes me want to vomit--I need a time machine back to a time when people had pride in themselves and this country.

lolmao500's picture

At this point, how could anyone still have pride in themselves after what we have let happened? How could we have pride in this country when it's a shithole run by tyrants and supported by scum?

ParaZite's picture

You mean when people actually worked for something other than voting for someone who offered them never ending unemployment checks and a 3000 dollar hand out for their vote?

Opps... I said that outloud. 

otto skorzeny's picture

"Obama's gonna pay for my gas"-colored lady on night of Obummer's election

boattrash's picture

Hell, Obama's gonna buy me a 50 BMG. Obama! Obama! Obama!

dolce vita's picture

circas around the 1770s-1860s, the 1940s-50s ...and the 1970s-80s

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If Diane Tran vaporized billions in client money she would have gotten less time.  Only in America.

grunk's picture

I thought you were going to say the helicopter cat. Takes the Dutch to come up with such innovation.

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"Such is life now in the Land of the Free. Have you hit your breaking point yet?"

Not yet.  But it's getting closer.

lolmao500's picture

Land of the cowards, home of the slaves.

aaxiom's picture

Land of the FEE and home of the SLAVE.

zerotohero's picture

It just keeps getting better doesn't it.

Is everyone else getting the "heightened" sense in the last several days like a shitstorm could happen at anytime - I mean more so than usual? It feels like when your standing in a field and the sky looks scary as hell and the hair on the back of your neck is standing up and you say to yourself "it's coming".


Get prepared if your not already - and good luck.

fonzannoon's picture

The Grand awesome plan will be announced Wednesday where the ECB boasts it's plan to sell those fake pretzel shaped dog shit thingamajigs and use all proceeds to recap the banks. The markets will roar.

fonzannoon's picture

The Grand awesome plan will be announced Wednesday where the ECB boasts it's plan to sell those fake pretzel shaped dog shit thingamajigs and use all proceeds to recap the banks. The markets will roar.

toady's picture

We are making some major moves this month.

I just hope it all holds off for a month or two so we don't get caught up in the shit when we are a little vulnerable.

Miss anthrope's picture

i just left my job and left the city.... now living in the countryside and starting the garden......... got my storable food, my non-GMO seeds, and peace of mind........... I'm ready.  Bring it on!


nmewn's picture

Three thousand dollar read for inspired delivery impact by...Joe Biden.

dougngen's picture

I agree with your assessment, the last two days on the markets have been quite ominous. When u.s. 10y bonds are such an attractive option while paying 1.48. That speaks to to incredible flight to safety and shows how hollow the markets really.

I just don't understand why pm' s have not skyrocketed yet!

ebworthen's picture

Being beat down by hopes of Euro stick save and QE3 and manipulation.

Chinese buying in record amounts on the recent price dip, along with individual purchases.

Long term play though, as the Kleptoligarchy is likely to pull a "Roosevelt" and tax or shut down private purchase and selling, however, reality will sooner or later intervene.

Tangibles and reality always win out over hopium and fiat paper schemes.  Time....time...

dolce vita's picture

some dude just sold $ 111,000.00 worth of silver on" pawn stars" on history had a 75 POUND brick .999 pure... 

Papasmurf's picture

Guess who came out on the short end of that trade?

IAmNotMark's picture shitstorm indicator has been flashing red lately.

"It's coming"

The Monkey's picture

China and Europe pose a particularly nasty risk when coupled together against the slow growth backdrop of the world economy. This is potentially the ugliest forward environment since the financial crisis.

aldante's picture

Yep....I had that feeling about 2.5 years ago also.

aldante's picture

Yep....I had that feeling about 2.5 years ago also.

tarsubil's picture

My biggest worry is that they'll manage to keep the giant turd from being shat for another 10 years. Thinking the great reset is around the corner is wishful thinking.

dolce vita's picture "shat" a word?

dolce vita's picture

i got to take a shat, i'll be right back.............bwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!