Guest Post: Facebook SOBS Or… “Don’t Cry for Me Avaritia”

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Submitted by Ben Tanosborn

Facebook SOBS or… “Don’t Cry for Me Avaritia”

The sobs we have in mind are neither short, audible gasps of breath of those who are invested in Facebook stock, nor are they intended as a bastardly reference of those who, inside and/or outside of the Company, put together and took to fruition this much-awaited I.P.O. (Initial Public Offering). These mnemonic sobs we have in mind represent simply Shares-Of-Bubbly-Stock.  For that’s what those 421.2 million shares of Facebook were: Overpriced, bubbly stock.

In Christian ethics – although not in exclusivity – there are a number of vices, most often referred to as the seven deadly or capital sins, which depict the antithetical side of virtue.  Of the seven, avarice or greed (Avaritia in Latin) comes at the head of the list for me since its practice affects the wellbeing of others, and not just those who profess it.

And it was this lady, Avaritia, who walked the Red Carpet a week ago, Friday, May 18, in a glittering dress that reminded us of what rapacious capitalism is all about, as shares of Facebook started trading past their scheduled time in the NASDAQ.  A very surprising opening with a larger (25 percent) number of shares issued for trade, at a much higher (52 percent) price… or a “more aggressive” price in Wall Street IPO parlance.

On the 32nd anniversary of Mount Saint Helen’s eruption, some people expected a price eruption during the stock’s first day of trading, given past behavior with other IPO’s and Facebook’s pre-eminence in the circle of social media networks.  From a 10 to a 30 percent jump in value in its inaugural trading day was not atypical talk.  But the shares offered at $38 fizzled, inching just one percent at the close… and offering bad vibes for the trading days ahead, which immediately brought in Avaritia’s favorite board game for these occasions: the blame game.

This game is already in play in Wall Street and beyond, and promises to be one of long and costly duration with a worthy cast of characters, all one-percenters.  Roll the dice and point the finger: Was it the NASDAQ’s fault?  Or was it Mark Zuckerberg and his top management who dropped the ball? [What the heck is that young multi-billionaire hiding under that hoodie, some are asking… contempt for the dumb middle class?!]  What about Morgan Stanley, the lead banker on the IPO?  And why exclude the two other giants, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs? And to be fair we must not forget the analysts, and those who claim selective dissemination of material information critical to the evaluation of risk-taking in the purchase of Facebook stock.  To make it even more interesting, here we are five days into the game and attorneys have decided to join in with class action litigation which could bring the stakes well into the 10-figure category.  Mount Saint Helen’s 1980-eruption brought damage of $2.75 billion in today’s dollars… could Facebook’s fiasco bring financial damages of similar magnitude?  This blame board game could certainly become another classic like that game most of us grew up with: monopoly.

There are those who contend that at $38 per share Facebook is a bargain, and that a market capitalization of $100 billion will soon multiply by 2, 3, 4… or more.  After all, that very selective group of 3,500 nerds-par-excellence who run the show from Silicon Valley have it all; and that includes the key to super-monetize 900 million users, perhaps a few hundred million more, to the tune of $5, $10 maybe $20 per user… bringing revenues, and after-tax profit, to levels that even Steve Jobs would not have had in his wildest, most creative dreams.

But, of course, there are those realists – count me among them – who think that the world we live in poses a number of constraints on emotional, unrestrained optimism.  Time is immutable, and our days still contain 24 hours.  In a slow-growing world economy with limited resources, the advertising dollar might shift but not grow much.  Yet, innovation will remain rampant, competition constantly knocking at the door.  And we mustn’t dismiss disloyalty as a human trait, even among that elite group of 3,500 who could be tempted by that gal who cohabits with Predatory Capitalism, Avaritia.

Bottom line to this Facebook fiasco is clear and simple: Wall Street, once again, treated shares of stock as Casino-land chips with values way outside of the fundamentals’ realm and the likes of companies such as Google.  What should have been an offering price in the $10 to $12 range was absurdly made public at $38 per share.
“Don’t cry for me Avaritia…  The truth is I never left you.”

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another fool decrying so-called capitalism.

Dr Benway's picture

Is this sarcasm or a lack of understanding what (non-crony) capitalism is all about?

LeBalance's picture

hmm..i guess capitalism is all about unfair advantage, total control of markets, creating massive backwaters and cesspits of non-flow.

so you are saying where we are now is part of the great cycle of life?

Colombian Gringo's picture

Good description of Crony Capitalism, or Corporatism.

Oh regional Indian's picture

It's a very young word, this capitalism word. Full of strange and odd meanings. Etymology to the rescue.

1860, "act of converting (assets) to capital," noun of action from capitalize in the financial sense. Meaning "act of writing or printing in capital letters" is recorded from 1864.
1854, "condition of having capital;" from capital + -ism. Meaning "political/economic system which encourages capitalists" is recorded by 1877.
capitalist (n.) 
1791, from Fr. capitaliste, a coinage of the Revolution and a term of reproach; see capital + -ist. Related: Capitalistic.


Capitalism, Capital Punishment, Capital letters, Capital City, all mean different things.

This language, how ironic to say it thus, is Fucked and a Head fucker to boot.

We are living the DEEPEST PERVERSION of the tongue. 

The Tower of Baab'el, rises in our throat and in our minds...scary...




resurger's picture

why you have to short FB: i think TPTB are not happy


It appears not everyone “liked” Mark Zuckerberg’s surprise announcement last weekend.Following Zuckerberg’s marriage to his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan on Saturday, the 28-year-old Facebook founder and CEO received a letter from Benzi Gopstein, head of the Lehava Organization for the Prevention of Assimilation in the Holy Land that criticized his intermarriage, according to Israel National News.Gopstein, who refers to Zuckerberg in the letter by his Hebrew name, Mordechai, writes that he didn’t “like” Zuckerberg’s wedding announcement on Facebook unlike the over 1.5 million others that did.

“To be precise, if Facebook had a ‘dislike’ button I would have given you a big ‘dislike,’” Gopstein wrote.“I’m writing to you not for my sake, but on behalf of the Jewish people of every generation, being that you are part of this people, like it or not. True, you did well in the stock market, but just to remind you, money isn’t everything in life. You chose to marry a non-Jewish woman and by doing so, you disconnected yourself from the Jewish people, and your children will not be Jewish, even though their last name will be Zuckerberg; even if they’re cute and get a lot of ‘likes’, they will remain non-Jews in every respect.”Despite acknowledging that Zuckerberg probably won’t pay much attention to the letter, Gopstein writes that on behalf of the Jewish people, he aims to “spoil the party” for all Jewish men and women who accept intermarriage and “liked” Zuckerberg’s relationship status change, as well as the media who reported it.“Golda Meir, who was Israel’s Prime Minister, said that any Jew who assimilates is essentially a partner to the Nazis’ work, since through assimilation you yourself are exterminating the continuation of the Jewish people,” he writes. “Assimilation is bringing the extermination of the Jews to the seventh million! Unfortunately, you are not alone. The Jewish people are losing themselves in the Exile through assimilation. At the current rate, in the not-so-distant future there will be no more Jews remaining in the Exile. In Israel, too, assimilation is hitting us quite a bit because of your Facebook, where every Mohammed is ‘CitySlicker’ and every Yusuf calls himself ‘Prince Charming.’” Gopstein is not the first to speak out against Zuckerberg’s intermarriage. Earlier this week, Israel National News reported concerns expressed by Dr. Aliza Lavie, a communications researcher, lecturer at Bar Ilan University and social activist.“The children of another successful Jewish man will not be counted as Jews,” Lavie wrote on her Facebook page. “This wedding does not bother many American Jews and quite a few Israelis as well. This is integration at its best. But this is not the whole picture. The stories of intermarriage and assimilation are not only a ‘religious’ problem,” she said.“It's much more than that. Large sections of the younger generation of American Jews are no longer with us. Treating mixed marriages only as a religious matter which does not interest those who are non-religious misses the reality that threatens us all, religious and secular alike.”Gopstein’s letter concludes with a suggestion to Zuckerberg, encouraging to him to take a strong stance against assimilation.“As long as the candle burns, you can correct yourself,” he writes.“Separate from the non-Jewish woman and find a good Jewish one, and to make up for your mistake, go on a major campaign on Facebook against assimilation.”

resurger's picture

True, you did well in the stock market


vast-dom's picture


Precious's picture

... not only that Rabbi, the traitor studied Latin too !

Disenchanted's picture




re: the 'Elders' disliking Zuckerberg marrying outside the Tribe


I was wondering if that might have had something to do with FacePlant...


now if I in a public forum would tell my daughter I didn't want her to marry a black man because I think we should keep our race pure there'd be fifty fucking Jew busybodies(ACLU, etc.) all up in my shit.


with the Tribe it's do what we say not what we do.

monad's picture

Forget Faciabook. Hedge that bet with a prenup, Marky.

ZDRuX's picture

Another person who thinks any sort of "advantage" can be fair, and if it isn't.. that it can be mandated into fairness by law makers and regulation.

Advantage by definition is unfair, it's called capitalism, so get out of the kitchen if it's too hot for you. I didn't get burned on the $FB IPO because I didn't play.

Gully Foyle's picture


"Advantage by definition is unfair, it's called capitalism"

Someone who gets it.

Capitalism definitely doesn't raise all boats, and clearly creates the 1% with the ability to be selfish, self centered, and successful.

I'm always confused as to why anyone would prefer to live under true Capitalism.

As if they have what it takes to survive in a cutthroat world.

Solarman's picture

Describe a working alternative to capitalism, that actually works.  Every other system you simply replace one set of elites for another, using different skills to become said elites.


I prefer we reform the system to allow competition than to regulate it it to a point only the insiders and the politically connected have the only advantage, like today or like any other socialist / totalitarian state out there.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Yawn. Another fucking socialist troll.

Joe The Plumber's picture

Yeah i truly believe he doesnt want to live under capitalism

Lazy fuck gets a government check probably for some vague difficult to disprove condition

Waffen's picture

Capitalism is great as long as the people have some morality. The author mentions christian values.

Talmudic Jews hve no such restraints and instead are encouraged to do the opposite and actually lie cheat and steal from the goyim.

Now when a culture such as that in wall street and government takes hold it festers and grows and even non Jews must do the same practices to compete.

This is the case in all parts of our culture. It has been corrupted and subverted by values that are not ours. I am not a Christian but I believe in the natural rights of man, as does the zeitgeist of western culture. This however has been subverted by Jewry.

Jews are nation wreckers.

ZDRuX's picture

Can you list some of your "morals" that are necessary for capitalism? I'm all ears.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Morals are not necessary for Capitalism, but they make it a nicer world, not the world we are facing now.

Waffen's picture

I am quite certain I did not say capitalism could not exist without morality, only that it's great with morality.

My base for morality is natural rights as was used in the founding of our nation.

Without a respect for the natural rights of man you end up with a corrupted, disgusting form of capitalism in name only.

vast-dom's picture


Gully Foyle's picture


"Capitalism is great as long as the people have some morality."


Clearly you don't understand what it means to be a Capitalist.

Then again, aren't you that racist fuck who keeps bitching about minorities?

It is pretty obvious when you go by WAFFEN.

Zeig Heil bitch!

WonderDawg's picture

Reminds me of that crazy uncle who babbles incoherently most of the time, but every now and then, if you haven't been numbed into a catatonic stupor and happen to be paying attention, you will hear him utter something clever.

Oh regional Indian's picture

WD, make sme think this is some sort of psy-op. Can't trust a poster anymore. Like Gully above. Sometimes he is off the wall brilliant, but most of the time now, he just blathers like an idiot.

Perhaps he is on meds? 

I've seen others do this chameleon thing.

Very odd, very very odd...


Oh regional Indian's picture

Mine too, because the All capitalizing gully has given me some of the most of-the-wall reading directions and fascinating rabbit holes to dive into with his long ranty pastes. Brilliant reading list, which says something for the man himself.

This "other" is just... nothing.


MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Paid trolls work in shifts -- one identity, many trolls...Hence the appraent multiple personality disorder.

goforgin's picture

National Socialism has no morality, it believes in screwing everybody else for the benefit of Fritz. Just look at modern Germany.

Waffen's picture

Here is a thougt experiment.

Take 100 people:
Tell 98 people from birth that they should be honest, have integrity and treat others as they wish to be treated.
Take 2 people and teach them from birth that it's ok and in fact they should lie, cheat and steal from others but not each other.

How do you think this turns out? A hint it turns out badly for both parties in the end.

vast-dom's picture

Waffen: go fuck yourself you hateful neo nazi piece of shit. Fips down the toilet.

Waffen's picture

When have I ever claimed to be a national socialist? I am a libertarian that doesn't like be classified an animal by the innocent Jews. I have hatred for a religion that teaches that it is acceptable to lie and cheat from non Jews. I have a problem with those that thinks its ok to lie, cheat and steal.

Talmudic Jews are the enemy of free humanity.

john39's picture

the truth is, most (not all) of them are also victims of the ideology, albeit from a different angle.  the talmud is one of the world's oldest  cons... and humanity is the victim.

vast-dom's picture


Waffen's picture

You make a lot of assumptions, don't you?

Disenchanted's picture



free enterprise > capitalism

dlc's picture

??? You start out specifying Talmudic Jews and end with all Jews.  No people group is so homogeneous if it can be subdivided along such lines.  In every grouping and subgrouping are individuals who add value outside the norms of the grouping as well as those who subtract value outside the norms (sometimes an individual does both).  You would paint them all identically?  Then be so painted yourself.  IMHO, of course--YMMV  :-)

Spastica Rex's picture

Yeah, he better watch out for a smiting from the Most Holy Invisible Hand. Blasphemy makes me so angry!

Oh regional Indian's picture

That italicized so... nice touch SR. You clearly taught good english to some lucky kids.

I call it palpable writing.


Gully Foyle's picture

I just received a flyer for some business seminar.

It was hosted by Bill Cosby and had Bill O'Reilly and Randi Zuckerberg on the panel.

That looked really fucking deep.


dirtbagger's picture

Agreed.  No mention of the greedy buyers of FB shares looking to make a quick bet.  There are bet makers and bet takers.  If you are a bet taker plan on getting screwed

jmcadg's picture

$10-12, that's a bit rich, try $7 at best.

Global Hunter's picture

I say $3.80 and that's why we have a market...oh snap!

vast-dom's picture

all kidding aside, $3.80 is actually the correct price. 

q99x2's picture

Mount St. Helens was 32 years ago? Wow. Big singular events are timeless. I still remember 2008 like it had just started yesterday.

Zola's picture

Here is exposed the modus operandi of the insiders : get access to stock via parallel dark shadow markets instread of through an IPO as usual, then ramp up the price on these small private exchanges using off market transactions to pretend that "the stock really went up" (think GS investment and subsequent increase in FB share price on private markets) then use those FAKE valuations to support a ridiculous IPO price. What is most shocking is all the people in decision making positions in the asset management industry who bought this CRAP. They really have no business managing money. But alas quite a few of them are around nowadays !! Stupid investors deserve to lose their money on this.

Freddie's picture

This is what happened on IPO day back in 1999 for most dot com stocks.  What is even creepier is govt has a lot of involvement with this Clinton and Obama plus the state of CA.   The fake dot com bubble created Clinton's fake surplus.   FracePlant taxes were going to bailout Moonbeam and Callie-Porn-ia for another 4 to 5 months.  The sheep buying this FB crap were going to bailout Mexi-Fornia-ia.