Guest Post: Federal Reserve Policy Mixed With Extreme Weather Has Put The World On A Fast Track To Revolution And War

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I would hope just revolution vs the Oligarchy, not WWIII.  The Oligarchy feeds on the death of the innocent, and we've had more than enough of that.

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The Luciferian Oligarchy is pushing hard for WWIII. The population is asleep (and will eventually only wake up when they are very hungry). Put those two factors together and work out your own odds of WWIII vs. Revolution!!!

The first step to a revolution is for the states of the US and Europe to secede from their globalist Unions. Without secession, the globalists hold all the cards.

Every semi-conscious US citizen should be pushing for their State Governors and State Legislatures to secede from the unconstitutional government in Washington, DC. That is how you can starve the globalists before they starve you.

Secede or die!! That is the choice.

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234 is coming quick.  Riots will be worldwide.  But, the idiot sucking all the large players off said this about inflation:

"Concerns and fears over inflation are largely overstated.  The increase in food prices in developed nations can be largely attributed to growing populations and a desire for more sophisticated foods."    - Benocide

There you have it.  The idiot himself outright lies at the podium telling everyone that starving people are too picky to fill their bellies.

For shame, Ben.  You need to go to therapy.  You are lying to the world and money is your God.  Shame on you as you engage in monetary warfare that starve individual citizens on this earth, you fool.


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But.. But! BUT!! Infini-Timmy LOVES! Ben-O-Cide!!

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godamn the bad weather, must be the jews!

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The underlying geopolitical texture is ugly. If the US hegemony is suddenly ended by some black swan, there would be a massive void. And voids are quickly filled with ugliness. Better to reduce the US's hegemony slowly while we still have the chance... that's why I'm supporting ron paul.

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Between Benny and the Banksters, and punishment by the green aliens for producing too much CO2, the future looks so dark that we will need 4th generation night binoculars to see ahead.

Enjoyed the time to cut my wrists (with Flakys assistance).

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Paul Krugman longs for the good old days when a World War could cover over the stench of failed Keynesian policies.  They will try to find a boogeyman to get the ball rolling (my bet is on Iran, since we are already there).  China and Russia have Muslim problems, too (although they both don't seem to mind trading with Iran).  So the fight will be continued in the sand box.  The Arab spring will set the stage for an all out battle royal to focus Americans and take their minds off of our economic collapse.  You will need to make sacrifices for the war effort, etc, etc...  Orwell's "1984" is their playbook, not a work of fiction. 

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Hey Spirit of Truth.  Religion is bullshit.  Repeat as necessary.  

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So many 'junks' for saying 'religion is bullshit'?  Religion IS bullshit.  It's shocking to think that so many adult human beings--people who are otherwiwse intelligent enough to see through government lies and propaganda--will cling to their little religious fairy tales like a child clinging to a blanky.

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That fucker deserves a bullet.

I prepare all of my food from scratch, and white flour went up over 100% this year.  Doesn't get more basic than that.

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Stocking up, now we need a list of people and their location to throw the bullets at.

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Actually can we build a "Most Wanted" list with the terrorists and locations they frequent?

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You mean like a deck of cards with pictures of their faces on it? How clever and creative people can be when they put their minds to it.

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We could also promise that those who kill one will go to heaven and get 7 grapes...


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and 72 neckbeards geeks virgins

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Can we have the print master be the ACE of spades? Or would a Rothschild be more appropriate?


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We need a whole database of that info.  Names, addresses, known associates, GPS coordinates for vacation homes, yacht docking slips, etc.

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Interesting. Will "Wanted" posters become all the rage again? Where will they live? Will they always be looking over their shoulders? Will they ever get any rest? Many famous faces should be known by all.

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I made a WANTED DEAD OF ALIVE poster for The Bernank yesterday.  Had some ski bums in Jackson Hole hang a few hundred of them.  Check it out...

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Same reaction. Never knew he said that. Marie A. Has a litte Ahole brother

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Jesus nope that quote should really be our battle cry. What an inhuman parasite

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In 2011, the quote needs to be updated to

"Let them suck it up and eat peas"

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It's, y'know, transitory...

Nothing to concern about...
(about a billion people globally suffering from food inflation, lack of/access to clean water, etc)

Yet Bernokio 'made a killing in the market' (Anyone have the full link? It's getting harder to find).

Oh, it's only been going a FEW YEARS now.


Don't worry, they can eat later. 

Let them have green shoots.

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dumbass, he said in DEVELOPED nations.  There is nobody yet starving in developed nations. 

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bernanke, is that you??

hey asshole, live on in your bubble.

still sucking on your mama's tit or is your keynesian daddy's helicopter trust fund running low?

right, no one starving in the US or UK?

or do you mean yet?

I don't give a fuck if he only says developed.

I say the fucking planet.

people are people, fuckhead

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Thanks to food stamps and soup kitchens


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Exactly Jumblies.. Travis hasn't seen some of the Food Security numbers that have been published.. Kinda scary.. and indeed.. the preceding stage before people do start starving..

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over 30% of alabama is on food stamps

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How many people are on food stamps?


Nah, not starving....just sucking on the government's teet.

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no just really really hungry

can't believe you said that. Wait, strike that.

and that makes it better least we're exporting our inflation?

the developing nation has darker skin? 

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Voting with Bullets.. En-Vogie in 2013..

So says the MASSES! as Austerity / Social Security Cutts are enacted..

God Bless Wall Street and ALL of the Gods Work that they do!

The Job Creators will save us ALL!


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....."The Luciferian Oligarchy",.... that has a nice ring to it.  The History channel will probably be referencing it 50 years from now.

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....."The Luciferian Oligarchy",.... that has a nice ring to it.  The History channel will probably be referencing it 50 years from now.

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If there is a "History Channel" in 50 years, the war is over, and you lost.

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This ain't one body's story.
It's the story of us all.

We got it mouth-to-mouth.
You got to listen it and 'member.

'Cause what you hears today
you got to tell the birthed tomorrow.

I'm looking behind us now. . .

. . .across the count of time. . .

. . .down the long haul,
into history back.

I sees the end what were the start.

It's Pox-Eclipse, full of pain!

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Wow pulled that one out of hallowed antiquity. Nicely done.

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If there is a "History Channel" in 50 years, the war is over, and you lost.

In 50 years the History Channel will have all of the same shows that are currently on MTV.

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A good case for secession can be made with the odious debt that the American taxpayer has been forced to take on. Secession would put an end to the taxpayer's obligation to pay these illegitimate debts. Determining the part of the debt that is odious would of course require an audit of the US national debt. Those parts of the the debt that are due to TBTF bailouts, crony capitalism, wars that were fought and paid for but never declared, etc, all Fed and congressional actions for which there is a colorable claim that their primary purpose was to enrich private interests, etc.

Secession would break up the food cartels and allow a much healthier form of localized food production based on sound organic farming that enriches the soil rather than depletes it. It is the ideal solution to living in a world of diminished fossil fuels and the need to go to war to control the worlds oil supply and force other countries to their knees.

The way things are going, the elite are going to obtain their objective of massive depopulation. Secession would stop them in their tracks.

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It would be civil war and a lot of destruction and broken windows from Krugman types. The oligarchs will win that war and we'll be right back to where we are at. Secession is not the answer.

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Two easy steps to breaking the oligarchy: bring the troops home and end the Fed income tax. No need for seceding.

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Changes in the global climate that cut food production triggered one-fifth of civil conflicts between 1950 and 2004

Cyclical climatic changes double the risk of civil wars, with analysis showing that 50 of 250 conflicts between 1950 and 2004 were triggered by the El Niño cycle, according to scientists.




Really?  Were these scientists wearing labcoats, wearing black rimmed glasses, and holding clip boards when they presented this data?

What "science" is it that links climatology with human events?