Guest Post: Former Marine Arrested For Patriotic Posts On Facebook

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Submitted by Brandon Smith from Alt-Market

Former Marine Arrested For Patriotic Posts On Facebook

First the establishment started going after current serving military men for their outspoken political views on Facebook and other web venues, men like Marine Sergeant Gary Stein.  Now, it seems the government is going after veterans as well.  This is the classic pattern of a burgeoning totalitarian state; attack a small group first (outspoken serving military) which the public ignores because it affects them little personally, then slowly expand out to eventually include everyone else.  To all those insipid bottom feeders out there who refused to defend Gary Stein's right to free speech, here is what you have wrought.  Because of your ignorance, the government has been able to set a social precedent which they now plan to apply to a whole new group of people, starting with former Marine Brandon Raub.  The common statist slave will give the typical coward's response, which would sound a little something like this:

"...When are people going to learn that Facebook isn't private?  You would have to be stupid to express such views where everyone can see..."

"They didn't arrest him, they just 'detained' him..."

"He's former military and should be 'ashamed' of his comments against the government., blah blah blah, etc..."

The bottom line is, the 1st Amendment is NOT conditional.  ALL speech must be protected, no matter who you are, or where you happen to be speaking.  Just because our current criminal government decides 1st Amendment protections do not apply to Facebook does not mean they have the authority to make such distinctions.  In fact, the Constitution explicitly outlines how they are restricted from making such distinctions.  If a government entity, ANY government entity, attempts to violate Constitutional restrictions, it must be removed by any means necessary.

Take note that the FBI used the accusation of "terrorist threats" by Brandon Raub as an excuse for the arrest even though there is no indication that any actual threats were present on his Facebook page..

(Brandon's comments included observations that 9-11 was done by the government (even going to such length, and an interestingly detailed thesis, of providing evidence to augment this), the War on Terror is a lie, Americans are killing innocent people in the ME, the current federal banking system is corrupt and unfeasible to Americans, and that the George Bush's family rapes little children)

I would say that all of these claims have enough circumstantial evidence behind them to warrant a serious independent investigation, and even if they didn't, there is no law against "conspiracy theory", at least not yet...

The police and FBI also failed to read Raub his Miranda Rights. Could this be one of the first public instances of the enforcement of NDAA detainment provisions against a U.S. citizen as a so called "domestic terrorist"?  You know, those detainment provisions that Neo-Cons and Neo-Libs alike claim "don't exist"?

My question for the statist slaves is, how soon will it be before they get to you?  Do you really believe your complacency and apathy will save you?  Has that kind of philosophy saved any slave under any other tyranny of the past?  This is NOT a free country anymore, and if we do not act to defend each individual who suffers under the weight of bureaucratic oppression, then everyone will lose everything.  It is time to pick a side.

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Indeed, SD.  Meanwhile, I'm enjoying a Barbar brew courtesy of Brasserie Lefebvre....given the state of things, you never know when it might be your last!

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In other news..

The word arrest was officially removed from the English language, by the Ministry of Truth.

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Jesus fucking Christ, how long before they start rounding up Zerohedge posters who have made comments about pitchforks and banksters dangling from light poles?

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Soon. But they go for the low-hanging fruit first. Dude posted under his real name and address on FB.

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FB should change the ticker to FBI...or possibly CIA.  

Dr Benway's picture

The Secret Service visited MMA fighter Jacob Volkmann after he said in an interview that "someone needs to knock some sense into Obama".

nonclaim's picture

Until "detention"... then there wont be a trace you ever exist.

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You don't seriously think that they do not know the name and address of everyone posting here. That is about the easiest thing they do in a day dude.

Bringin It's picture

Burning, I would say they could know, but it's a process and it requires time and energy.  Your defense for now is all the other needles in the haystack.  There's more data than knowledge.

It's a process and yes, you can do things to move to the head of the queue. 

MiltonFriedmansNightmare's picture

ZH'ers pose no threat as they are unlikely to act; still too fat and happy, myself included.

A Nanny Moose's picture

...then they came for me, but there was nobody left to speak for me"

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don't worry, yous already on the list niggas.

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This is ZeroHedge... the word is Bitchez.

ZeroAvatar's picture

Mmmmmm. 'niggas' works, too.  Free speech, remember?

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"coloured people of colour" works also

New_Meat's picture

"up heah in the nawth, we call them 'chigros"

DeadFred's picture

You sure they haven't started already? How would you know if anyone is missing? Someone vacationing in Bermuda looks the same from the outside as a trip to Gitmo. Probably a lot different if you're the 'vacationer'.

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Remember last season's winners, Whittman, Price and Hadad!

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I thought the concensus was to guillotine the criminal bankers, after they weaved their wicker receiving basket.

Mysteerious Rooshian Vooman's picture


The second-most disturbing thing is that the man was taken to a mental hospital. It's precisely the old Soviet method for handling inconvenient truth-tellers.


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NYC Cop Committed to Psyche Ward Over Whistle-Blowing



The Law Office of Jon L. Norinsberg and Cohen & Fitch, LLP recently filed a lawsuit against the City of New York and high ranking members of the NYPD on behalf of Police Officer Adrian Schoolcraft. This lawsuit details PO Schoolcraft’s harrowing experience at the hands of NYPD chiefs and commanders, who plotted a coordinated and concentrated scheme to silence, intimidate, threaten, and retaliate against him for his documentation and disclosure of corruption within the NYPD. Specifically, the NYPD established an illegal quota policy for the issuance of summonses and arrests and instructed police officers to lie on police reports in order to distort COMPSTAT statistics.

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When they do come for us, let's try for one last post. The end will be here.

What is that clicking noise in my phone?

AnAnonymous's picture

Your inheritor of thieves' paranoid imagination at work.

Nothing more...

FreedomGuy's picture

When they do come for us, let's try for one last post. The end will be here.

What is that clicking noise in my phone?

MiltonFriedmansNightmare's picture

Ok, so let me be the sacrificial lamb who asks the question when do ZH'ers organize and actually accomplish something? When you consider the intellect available to this forum, I must say I'm shocked by the inertia. It's time to get off your sofa and do something; or is ZH nothing more than a forum for mental masturbation?

Feel free to downarrow if it makes you feel better about yourself.

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No you are totaly and completely wrong, *smart* people win by outliving their opponents and not by charging the Bastille to help a Robespierre take over

all regimes always and first go for the 'intelligencia' those they can convert may live those that resist are killed, look at what the Bolsheviks did the Mao-ists the Khmer Rouge etc. when people like that come to power it's not wise to wear your glasses if you know what I mean

The best course of action for *smart* people is to cut rope and go, to paraphrase, it's not heroic to die for your ideals it's heroic to let the other bastard die for his

MiltonFriedmansNightmare's picture

At this *early* stage, the best course of action may simply be dissemination of fact. I say this with full awareness of the effectiveness of TBTF's propaganda. If you do nothing else, buy a ZH cap.

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Cynical people are good at asymmetric thinking and acting. Guerilla warfare, bitchez!

OTOH, being careful in times like these has extra significance and I'd advise my fellow ZHers to surf anonymously. Use a proxy connection or install some kind of a software that hides youir device's real IP address. Said software is available for both smartphones and PC's.

Sanksion's picture

What if said softwares are run by the NDAA ? 

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Then the guys who hacked it would've noticed that. I d/l my software through torrent trackers (RIP Demonoid!) and look for entries from trusted sources, i.e. the teams behind the crack code -> Razor1911, reloaded, nil, skidrow are some of those. If you're still suspicious, click the link provided in #5 of Tyler's Suggested Reading (under the New Comments ticker)...

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No need to hide, hiding suggests that you are wrong.  Overload them with protest, spread the message and make them continue to oppress.  The more oppression, the more resistance, until they can oppress no longer.

Ghandi, bitchez

ThirdWorldDude's picture

"No need to hide, hiding suggests that you are wrong."

...or that you disagree with a totalitarian paradigm where staying anonymous saves you and your family from being eaten by the "authoritarian darkness". No human being is expendable, the resistance needs you to keep on keeping on!

SteveOoooo's picture

Wouldn't that be just another red-flag - attempting to hide is an indicator of subversion?  

If I were TPTB, I'd set up lots of so-called "annonymous proxy" sites, just to troll for smart guys, like yous guys...  

CH1's picture

At this *early* stage, the best course of action may simply be dissemination of fact.


If you won't act now, you won't act later.

New_Meat's picture

CH1: are you available for a poker game?  I suck at the game but I can be patient.

But "don't call my bluff".

- Ned

Kayman's picture

Starve the parasitic tax-eaters. And watch the Debt expand exponentially... Oh right, that's already happening.

When the Producers step back and watch the world go by... it is protest enough.'s picture


If you won't act now, you won't act later.


Are you channeling Ron Popeil?

CH1's picture

Hehe... that was pretty good. :)

MiltonFriedmansNightmare's picture

How many have read Gladwell's "The Tipping pointy"? It should be required reading for those hoping to topple TBTF. If the ZH' mantra reaches critical mass, an end to the Fed and TBTF could be achieved, or perhaps more likely, the arrival of the fascist state will have been effected.

Totentänzerlied's picture

You might enjoy Camus's The Plague (if you haven't already read it).

DVDBeaver's picture

True, when they outlawed gold and silver transactions in the French revolution - people just buried it in their garden... and waited.

Seer's picture

Or, as Bertrand Russell put it: I wouldn't die for my beliefs because I may be wrong. (or similar words).

I believe that during the Nazi rule the German Jews who resisted DID fare better than those who did not.

I promote peace, though I am not a pacifist.

What's that saying in football?  The best offense is a good defense?  If you have ground, keep/hold it!

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

 I must say I'm shocked by the inertia. It's time to get off your sofa and do something

Lead the way, Sarge.

Raymond Reason's picture

Let's not lose perspective.  These rulers are rats terrorizing mice, while looming over them is a hooded cobra whose diameter is the size of a storm drain (God).  For the pious, all's well that ends well. 

MsCreant's picture

You presume much when you presume we are not doing anything.

CH1's picture

when do ZH'ers organize and actually accomplish something?

We do NOT organize. That is the original sin of political corruption. And, it would be the greatest gift we could ever give TPTB. It would give them a single target to kill... something they're good at.

We each act as we ourselves see fit, and create a million micro-movements toward building the world we want, bypassing the slave world TPTB run.

Conrad Murray's picture

The Starfish and the Spider is a short read, well worth everyone's time.

MsCreant's picture

This and OODA loops will get you far.

John Robb turned me on to both at his Global Guerrilla website.

Seer's picture

Not like any "famous" person needs to be brought up to validate your excellent post, but it reminds me of a great quote:

"You never change anything by fighting the existing. To change something, build a new model and make the existing obsolete."

- Buckminster Fuller