Guest Post: The Future Of Jobs

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Those days of working 40 years at the same place are over....

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Unless you be workin for .gov.

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That's for sure!

The only sector of the economy that's expanding right now is the Federal Government sector. Every other sector is contracting, with manufacting contracting the greatest amount!

The whole economy is imploding, soon the dollar will collapse and then everything will really go to sh*t!


How to get started in amateur radio

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Amateur radio will be a valuable skill in the future. Thumbs up.

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Reminds me of this saying:

10 years ago we had steve jobs, bob hope and jonny cash.
now we have no jobs no hope and no cash.

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One word: Prison.

Reasons: Growing population, dwindling job market, growing wealth gap, faltering economy, growing discontentment, overreaching government on a mission to take away the remains of our so-called liberty...the list goes on and on and on.

So, open up your own detention facility or go work for one. 

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That's so utterly jaded, dear lord.  

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Get a Ph.D. in gravedigging.

That'll be the most demanded profession in the nearby future.


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Can you run a back hoe? I mean come on..........  

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Only radical, new ways of thinkning will get us through and beyond this mess.

De-construction before re-construction.



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prisons, yes, and robo-cops for enForcement of all the new laws that will be broken.

oh, and to help dis-appear all those new enemy combatants across the street as newly defined by the National Defense Authorisation Act.

I'm guessing you either help dis-appear 'em, or be prepared to go yourself. . .

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Since we are talking about Jobs, a Very relevant subject is what is going on with all the job losses.

Can't just grow State/Gov jobs and think everything is good.




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Don't forget reloaders.    They will be generating repeating customers.

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...and funeral services.

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The funeral services are already planned for. FEMA coffins

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And, Taco Bell will be fine dining

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I'm trying to figure that one out.    Ya push in a button, then you talk into a mike.   WTF?

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You might want to reconsider that statement about the federal  gubbmint...

Oh yeah... can't let facts get  in the way of what your ideological bias tells you to be true...

you are a blowhard asshat.... go away and educate yourself.

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Now now Flagmaster. Be tolerant. ZH is all about tolerance.

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I only knew of Mynhair as a friend! There was NO affair!

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What happens in prison should stay in prison.

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I am very tolerant except when it comes to misstatements and getting facts straight...

We got to where we are in this country by ignoring facts and letting ideology tell us what the answer should be....

By all means blast away at the gubbmint, but at least have something defensible to argue....


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Being correct and being a prick are two different things.

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The problem is the pricks that are wrong...

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Total numbers are not the only issue.  Ridiculous compensation, fringe benefits, and the strangling of the private sector are what have the country very angry.  Consent of the governed and all that jazz.

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Look at it this way, Sergeant Flakmeister.  The proportion of productive output neutralized by the gov't, Fed and otherwise, has never ceased its expansion from the time of the ratification.  All gov't represents wealth consumption and nothing more.  It is a drain on the productive activities of society that does nothing to enhance prosperity.  At best it is a benign parasite, but its current incarnation is a metastatic cancer which is eating out all our substance.  Does that help put your little chart into perspective, sir?

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That chart doesn't show government "contractors" which have been increasing exponentially since about 2000, give or take, to hide the true numbers of .gov employees.

Add that number in, and the true scope of .gov becomes eye-popping. About 60% of the people now rely on a .gov paycheck of some kind, whether it be fed, state, county or local.

That's the problem. Zero production.

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+1 JP Morgan Chase actually runs the food stamps program in the USA. .gov subs it out to them.

Most of the .gov actual workings are run by sub contactors (read: $60k total compensation) who are pimped by "small disadvantaged bsinesses" (read: paris hilton is a wee little girl in charge of the small family business)  who are themselves subbed out by defense industry umbrella contactors, who are hired for the work by some current or former politicians' close relative/donor who is the actual .gov employee.

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. . . each skimming the fat off the payments as they trickle down.

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which is why the 'Bamer says "Since congress can not get anything done I am going to make sure small busineses get payroll tax deductions for each employee"

So as you said, the "cut" that 3 layers of flesh peddlers get will not be on the table for taxation. Meanwhile, on the other (John McCain - R) side of bizzaro town, 


The recycled materials used in those parts are often sold overseas through a complex web of suppliers, contractors and subcontractors. And the use of counterfeit parts, Senate staffers said, has at times resulted in millions of dollars in waste, with U.S. taxpayers footing the bill when contractors discover the need for replacements.

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And it's not because they're all lazy no-good parasites... for fucks sake... we are undergoing a paradigm shift, but we have utterly failed to address what to do with people during the shift, from a society bound to an economy, to a society that will be bound to surplus production and lack of economy.  We have unemployed people because there is not enough work, in the hyper efficient world we've created.  Instead of planning for this ripe moment, you fuckers want to chastise the poor slobs who were the first to encounter the shifting landscape.

Realize that you will be joining them. It's only a matter of time.  I'm ready.  Are you?

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Esso... no real argument... seems like the MIC is in control and the feckless Congress won't initiate a draft to maintain the overseas adventures....

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Erm... that table shows a clear expansion of Federal government employment since 2007:

(from page, figures in thousands)

Year     Executive branch civilians      Uniformed military personnel     Legislative and judicial branch personnel      Total Federal personnel
2007    2,636                                 1,427                                     63                                                           4,127
2008    2,692                                 1,450                                     64                                                           4,206
2009    2,774                                 1,591                                     66                                                           4,430
2010    2,776                                 1,602                                     64                                                           4,443

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So you believe everything the gov't tells you? That's your first mistake....

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Well, as your OMB table shows, it has been expanding since 2007, so I think you proved his point.


Hmmm, who has the idealogical bias?

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Come on, Flak, what's a little sophistry amongst friends?

The posters fault was not in getting the facts wrong, but that in this Internet Age it is inexcusable for someone not to link to some blogger who pulls convenient and corroborating 'data' and 'proof' out of his arse.

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Nice chart.  Doesn't include Private Contractors that work on projects for the Feds.  One government employee I know currently supervises the activities of 25 Private Contractors.  At least in the case of DOD, the Clinton/Gore "Re-invent (downsize) Government" initiative enabled the hiring of millions of Private Contractors, which of course, are not "on the books" and not cited in official numbers reported by OPM.  Not to worry though.  The Defense Contractors are happy.  They get a contract, then hire a bunch of "temps", called self-employed private contractors, to work the project and don't have to pay them retirement or other benefits like they did in the good old days. It is a Win-Win deal for Big Government and Big Defense Contractors. 

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so i have to ask my government daddy for permission to talk on my radio. gtfo............

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All my friends in the 'hood are doin' okay. We got jobs, good jobs and good pensions and health care, too.  If you wanna join us for a party tonite, come to the large White house on the mother lawn with the long driveway. You can't miss it .

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What part of government! Im in the military and they are downsizing. I am not seeing workcenter fight over bodies like zombies  in the movie  I am Legend

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40 years working for the government ?  Are you crazy.

We're heading for government employess retiring at 40 (years of age)


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yes and they make excellent yardmen too......

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Carlye Groupie

"Unless you be workin for .gov."


The only Gov jobs that will be given are BLOW jobs