Guest Post: George W. Bush’s “Growth” Strategy

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Submitted by John Aziz of Azizonomics

George W. Bush’s “Growth” Strategy

George W. Bush is back. And he’s got a plan!

From the NYT:

Two months from now, he plans to publish a book outlining strategies for economic growth. And on Tuesday, he made a rare return to Washington to promote freedom overseas.

Freedom overseas? Yes — it would be nice to be free of George W. Bush’s destructive and costly neocon agenda (and I know many people overseas agree) but sadly the current White House occupant seems to be following the same authoritarian script; Bush hit Iraq and Afghanistan, and Obama seems intent to expand the wars into Pakistan and Yemen.

On the economy, let’s judge him on his record:

That doesn’t suggest that Bush has anything much to add to the conversation. But that doesn’t mean I think he should shut up and go away.

Here are a few prominent questions that George W. Bush might want to consider answering before slinking off back to Crawford:

  1. Why did you ignore the CIA’s warnings in the summer of 2001 that al-Qaeda could strike “imminently”?
  2. Why did you pledge in the 2000 election debates that you were against nation building, and then embark on not one but two nation-building programs in Iraq and Afghanistan?
  3. You increased the Federal debt by 86%; to what extent do you accept the blame for America’s debt troubles?
  4. You reappointed Alan Greenspan as the Fed Chairman;  to what extent do you accept that his easy money policies caused the bubble that burst in 2008?
  5. Were the 2008 bailouts of well-connected banks and financial corporations engineered by your administration compatible with a supposedly “free-market” “capitalist” system? Doesn’t bailing out banks create dangerous moral hazard?
  6. How can a nation simultaneously claim to be a liberator while also practising torture?
  7. You swore to uphold the Constitution, yet passed the PATRIOT Act that authorised warrantless wiretapping, and mass surveillance in contravention of the Fourth Amendment. Do you realise that you violated your oath of office?

That would be a great start. There are, of course, swathes of other questions (including much, much darker ones) that many wish George W. Bush could be made to answer. But there is no real accountability in America today. He can go back to his ranch and his presidential library and act like a carpetbagging good old boy, while kids in the middle east continue to have their limbs blown off, and while the nation remains smothered under a mountain of debt and authoritarian creep.

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Jonas Parker's picture

It's all Bush's fault!

bdc63's picture

... he was just doing his best Obama imitation ...

Lost My Shorts's picture

Yes, it doesn't matter if Dick Cheney said deficits don't matter.  Deficits only matter if the president is a democrat.

knukles's picture

Oh my.....

Ever so fucking timely.

We said, she said,
Water under the bridge,
Everybody already knows.

Somebody been taken over by the NWO types, spreading dissent and diversion amongst the troops with some New and Improved Hegelian Dialectic?

Take your eye off the ball game,
Take your main off the task,
Get diverted and fucked around,
You'll all be had,
With your pants on the ground

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Political thread below.

Read at own risk

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If he responds to this imminent threat 6 months into office that is wrong around here too.

Like FB-if the stock was higher they would be criminals just as they are now that the stock is lower.

Well done, the two headed coin is becoming a regular feature around here.


Joseph Jones's picture

At Michael Scheuer's then-CIA office, under Clinton, they annually added to the many binders on a shelf, new Al Qaeda targets in Afghanistan.  The few times they actually blew up these targets it was 02:00 hours local and they only killed the poor Muslim cleaning ladies, so as to avoid getting certain Arab countries mad at us. 

But even Clinton's people like Sandy Berger were less criminally negligent than Bush's people.  Their first week after Bush took office his people tossed the binders in the garbage.

Scheuer and Jon Krackhauer well document the days leading up to 9-11.  About two weeks before, IIRC it was Richard Clark who stared down scum of the earth Condoleeza (Satan) Rice, asked her to her face what will she feel after thousands of Americans are dead in the street...also at one meeting a few weeks prior our well paid "security officials" told Bush to his face that we would be attacked any day and security needed to be ramped way up and public notified...Bush retorted something like, "Well, I guess you're happy that you've covered your ass now". 

Oh, and the FBI guy who prevented the FBI from viewing Al Zarkawi's computer with the 9-11 plan?  Mueller promoted him after 9-11.  Cool, huh?  

You triviliaze mass muderering scum like Bush with abandon and joy.  I can only surmise you support such behaviour as Bush's.    

Sophist Economicus's picture

Show me the original source where Cheney said  "Deficits don't matter"

jwoop66's picture


I heard it from a guy who knows a guy who swears he heard cheney say dat shit.... I swear...

I always wondered about that statement.   Kinda like all those times I heard other people say that Bush said Iraq/Saddam was involved in 9-11, even though I specifically heard Bush say At I believe Two(2) State of the Unions - that was TWO(2) - State of the Union addresses, that he knew Saddam had NOTHING to do with 9-11.  

Bush and Cheney were statist tools, but I hate it when people state obvious bullshit as fact.

jwoop66's picture

Oh, and about the article above-

Hindsight is 20/20.   You lost me at torture.   Please...  fucking water sports.  Waterboarding is part of the SERE curriculum.   Many American troops have endured it.

Aziz's picture

I'll believe waterboarding isn't torture when Sean Hannity gets waterboarded, like he agreed.

blunderdog's picture

Yes, but fuck that shit.

The only people who have any credibility to claim that waterboarding isn't torture are the folks who did it again for free.  He has to do it at least TWICE and stick with the "it ain't torture" story for his word to mean anything at all.

There's only one guy in that category I've heard speak so far, and he seems to think it's torture.

Is there a big association of people getting waterboarded and then saying "it's not torture" I should know about?  A web petition or something?  I'd really like to see that.  Ideally it should include video...

jwoop66's picture

How much else do you base on sean hannity?

Demologos's picture

Yeah, the SERE training involves 182 waterboarding sessions or how ever many it takes for the subject to confess to being Jack the Ripper.  That's why our troops are so tough they piss on their enemy's dead bodies.  If they want to prove they are tough, let them try to piss on live enemies...

Poetic injustice's picture

As all economists, you fail with easiest tasks and FACTS.

W10321303's picture

It was Jackass What's His Name when he was CLINTON's Fed Chief after the FEDERALIST Society made Bush CEO, But of course, Robespierre's name is CHENY, the REAL CEO, who would have been indicted for violating the Corrupt Practices Act if Gore had been sworn in, since everyone knows that GORE actually did win Florida.

Plumplechook's picture

Your Cheney-kissing ass just got owned.

idea_hamster's picture

" he plans to publish a book"

"Are you sure it was a book?  Are you sure it wasn't ... NOTHING?"

Assetman's picture

Perhaps it was a coloring book.

Stay within the lines... and use only red or blue to color.

Preferably red.


Plumplechook's picture

Has he finished reading 'My Pet Goat' yet?

Demologos's picture

Is it a pop-up book?  I love pop-up books!  Turn the page and Osama pops-up out of a cave and launches 9/11.  Turn another page and Saddam Hussein is brandishing a WMD.  Turn the next page and Fallujah is in burning in a cloud of willy pete.  Turn another page and ...

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Sorry, Bush cant hear your questions from Uraguay!

bdc63's picture

Maybe we'll get lucky and congress won't let him back in the country due to the new Ex-PATRIOT law ...

Widowmaker's picture


Bush Inc. is the mob, not a tribe.

Assetman's picture

I see what you did there.

Very nice.

greyghost's picture

i think the bush's ranchero is in paraguay. close by a U.S. air base, since they get free air travel with the air force.

johnnymustardseed's picture

He is in Uraguay fighting extradition for war crimes.


Milestones's picture

Paraguay I think you mean.          Milestones

Bolweevil's picture

Mexico by any other name. Why do nazisonthelamb and bushes prefer SudAmerica?

sunaJ's picture

Man, this guy can fool us once, and shame on us.  But if he tries to shame us twice, then you just can't lead a horse to water without breaking some eggs.

francis_sawyer's picture

He'll cross that bridge when it hatches...

akak's picture

When you're a neocon, an incipient war at hand is worth two started by Bush, and you can always count your legislative usurpations of the Constitution before they're officially hatched.

Hey Assholes's picture

Aw c'mon, he is just trying to put food on his familiy!

TBT or not TBT's picture

Two in the Bush, is a porn series, probably.

bdc63's picture

George Bush wrote a book? ... I wasn't sure he had ever read a book (and no, I don't count 'The Pet Goat' -- those elementary kids read that to him on 9-11)

machineh's picture

He had a co-writer. It's packaged with crayons to color in the pictures.

Plus you can order the audio book version if your lips get tired reading the cartoon captions.

Me George! Me Harvard MBA! Me real smart!

bdc63's picture

gawd, who woulda thought I'd be missing the 'decider' ...

akak's picture



"Mission Accomplished"!

"If you're not with us, you're against us"!


It took Obama to make all of that sound not quite so bad.


jwoop66's picture

Actually he had a higher GPA then that guy who ran against him in 04.  The one who looks like Obama's mother... Kerry, thats him.  "Reporting for duty", Swiftboat Kerry.  The guy in office now doesn't even have any school records.   Of any kind.   At all...

Bring the Gold's picture

Yes, that list of bullet points IS Bush's fault. You could have a similar, remarkably similar in fact, list of bullet points about Obama that in turn would be HIS fault. Can't dump blam on just Clinton and Obama. Just like Obama bots can't dump blame just on Bush for Obama continuing the failed and anti-constitutional, anti-free market policies of the Bush admin. Sorry, but your little talking point bumper sticker quote isn't going to work here.

bigkahuna's picture

They are all a part of the same NWO gang. The USA must be brought down to par with the rest of the world so that the global enslavement and kill off can begin. This was once a country admired for it's freedoms, now it is a fuckin' corrupt police/nanny state like everywhere else.

They are all traitors now. 

Confused's picture

Indeed. All part of the same club.


Anyone who still feels the need to defend one "side" over the other still hasn't gotten it yet.

Bring the Gold's picture

My point exactly. I see one administration from Reagan on. He got capped, became a zombie, you got 12 years of GHWB, then Clinton, then Bush, then Obama.

Really the last honest president (although still problematic) was Kennedy and he got a bullet in the dome. Eisenhower realized too late that people behind the scenes were making the real decisions, but at least he gave his MIC speech. Almost every other Pres before Eisenhower that was on the side of the republic magically died in office. Fancy that.

Walt D.'s picture

Obama - Carter II, Nixon II or Bush II, or all of the above.

Walt D.'s picture

Obama - Carter II, Nixon II or Bush II, or all of the above.

dirtbagger's picture

You may be right, but at least Biden won't dust you with shotgun pellets.

Tator's picture

Ellie's Law-As an online discussion about the failures of the Obama Administration continues, the probability someone shouting "It's Bush's Fault" approaches 1

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I don't see many dumb articles on this site, but this is one.