Guest Post: Getting Off The Globalist Chess Board: Safe Haven Relocation

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Submitted by Brandon Smith from Alt-Market

Getting Off The Globalist Chess Board: Safe Haven Relocation

By Brandon Smith & Stewart Rhodes

Special Note: This is the second part in our ‘Getting Off The Globalist Chessboard’ series.   Go here to read Part I. Also go to Operation Sleeping Giant for more information , and, be sure to check out our recently launched Safe Haven State Project (page still under construction).

As we noted in part one of this series:

“To put it simply, America is nearing a checkmate scenario.  Like the final torrid maneuvers of a rigged chess match, we have been pressed, manipulated, and attacked into the last remaining corner of the “grand global chessboard” left to us; centralized control of all social and economic power into the hands of an unworthy elite.  If we continue playing the game by their rules, we will lose.  There is no doubt.  There have been many solutions presented to us in the past to combat this development, but nearly all of them function within the constraints of Federal politics.  Working within the system has earned us no quarter, and frankly, no results.  Our only recourse (and, frankly, the best recourse all along) is to STOP relying on the rules of their game, and to walk away from the chess board completely...”

Ideally, it would be grand if enough Americans across this nation would decouple from the fraudulent fiat system so that they and their communities could be sufficiently strong, independent, and resilient enough to weather the coming storm and walk out the other side free.  Whatever our individual circumstances, wherever we are, we should work toward that goal; decentralized and sovereign – starting with ourselves, then working outward to galvanize and steel our families, our close friends and distant relatives, our neighborhoods, towns, counties, and then, of course, our states.

Through this effort, we greatly improve our own chances, and equally important, the chances of our communities and our country.   It is not only for us to save ourselves, but also to restore our Republic, from the ground up.

We also need to face the reality that an economic collapse is very likely to come before such a renaissance of preparedness will see the light of day. We must accept that in many parts of modern day America, we will not be able to wake up enough people in time to prevent a U.S. version of what we now see in the riots of England, as well as what we saw here in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, but on a national scale – unprepared people who are desperate and scared, or those who are willing to take advantage of the situation to loot, rob, rape, assault, and even kill their fellow citizens.

Some might say that in times like these, uncertainty reigns supreme. However, for those of us in the Liberty Movement, who have spent years carefully tracking the negative progressions of our economy, our government, and our culture, the future is disturbingly clear. We’ve all noticed the turning of the tide, in financial sectors, in political attitudes, in social interaction, in law and law enforcement; our country is, indeed, eroding before our very eyes. It is degrading into something unrecognizable; something monstrous. The pace has quickened, especially in 2011, and those who have chosen to “wait out” the storm in the hopes of a comprehensive top down solution are becoming more and more disappointed and disenchanted.

This is not to say that astounding strides have not been made. The Liberty Movement has an incredibly strong and decisive presence on the internet and in our society today, something that we could not boast three years ago. Efforts to educate the public on globalism, central banking, and economic collapse have brought substantial results that are visible now even in the so called mainstream. However, root problems of centralization and fiscal instability remain. These problems will never be undone unless we are first honest with ourselves.

The painful reality is that right now the general populace is urbanized, collectivized, and addicted to the speed and ease of technological amenities to the point that many cannot live without them. This simply will not do.

It is historically evident that in every modern economic collapse, city dependent cultures are far less resilient than farming cultures.  During the hyperinflationary crisis of 1920s Wiemar Germany, Austria, and Hungary, those tied to city life, indeed, went hungry, while those in the country had food. In fact, with extreme currency devaluation, farmers no longer had any incentive to trade food for worthless fiat money, and thus stopped supplying large population centers altogether. Though just as “poor” as any city dweller, farmers were able to live on their own produce and labor, and began bartering with their rural neighbors.  People trapped in the dregs of metropolitan dependency did not have that option, and desperately hocked grand pianos and the family silver for mere sacks of potatoes.  This has happened over and over again, with Argentina being the most recent example of a sophisticated modern nation suffering hunger in its cities during hyperinflation.

America is truly on a similar path, and the outcome will undoubtedly be the same…

While awareness is growing, a primary focus or framework for activism is still elusive. The movement seems to be pulling itself in too many directions at once in search of answers, and without a foundation for proactive measures. Many participants and activists feel isolated from one another, or even surrounded by less prepared swaths of the American public. Organization is limited primarily to interactions on the web, and face to face cooperation is rare. If a full spectrum economic collapse were to occur today, or even a moderate breakdown, we would NOT be ready for the panic that would follow. This is the bottom line which we must acknowledge if we are to finally move forward.

Political and legal recourse has so far failed to produce tangible results, and is unlikely to do so before a serious crisis unfolds. So the question is; what solutions are left to us?

At Alt-Market and Oath Keepers, we believe that the best solutions are those which can be implemented by each individual American without reliance on legislators, bureaucracy, or political solutions alone. While we do encourage people to take back their towns, counties, and state governments, kicking out the corrupt oath breakers and replacing them with solid liberty advocates, we must also work outside the political sphere, taking personal responsibility to strengthen ourselves and our communities by private action and free association.

The Founders never intended that we simply sit around and wait for “officials” to save us. We must work both in the public and in the private arenas. We certainly don’t have time to wait for lawmakers to find their sanity or their honor, and so, in many respects we must walk away from the rigged game entirely, and take matters into our own hands. This means first and foremost decoupling from the broken mainstream financial system, and building networks for Alternative Markets as well as for mutual defense in the event of disaster.

First steps towards this end include relocating away from areas with a high potential for danger. Of course, in any region, prepping with food storage, survival gear, and a personal garden is essential. Ideally, your neighbors should also be aware, prepared, and already involved in food production and barter. You should strive to build such robust community wherever you are (even if in the city), but country settings definitely offer greater opportunity. Rule #1: Go where the food is! Regardless of the state you live in, get out of the city and into a rural area.

Next, a community’s proximity to urban environments must be considered. Many rural retreats are still vulnerable to being flooded by unprepared city dwellers in search of food at the onset of collapse.  James Wesley, Rawles, of Survival Blog, refers to this as the “Golden Hoard”, and advocates living at least one tank of gas distance from major metropolitan areas. 

Just as there are better places to live in each state, there are also better states to live in; what we call “Safe Havens.”  Rural states with low population, abundant water, plentiful game, natural resources, fertile farmland, and defensible terrain, along with a relatively self reliant population, can rightly be considered safe haven states. These states will fare better than others in adapting and overcoming in the face of any crisis.

Many fantastic efforts have been launched over the past decade which follow this concept. One is the Free State Project, which eventually selected New Hampshire, and another is the Wyoming Free State Project, which was started by Free State Project participants who opted out of East Coast relocation. There was also the Montana Alliance for Liberty, started by folks who likewise declined to consider New Hampshire. I (Stewart Rhodes) was also in the Free State Project but likewise opted out of the East Coast states and moved to Montana in 2005. And now Alt-Market’s Brandon Smith is moving to Montana. In the past year Pastor Chuck Baldwin, the 2008 Constitution Party presidential candidate, along with his son Timothy Baldwin and their families, have moved to Montana, with the same goals in mind. In response to Pastor Baldwin’s effective championing of Montana, many others have followed him by moving there. Most recently, influential survivalist author James Wesley, Rawles has promoted the concept of the Northern Rocky Mountain U.S. (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, eastern Oregon, and eastern Washington) as being the “American Redoubt” – a refuge in time of coming trouble, and likewise has renewed interest in relocation to that region.

All of the above projects provide a solid framework for those seeking refuge amongst like-minded people. Our goal is to learn from, provide support for, and build onto these existing projects until full fledged large scale liberty minded communities become a reality. While some people might feel perfectly comfortable in their current location, or have an existing community to work with, many other Americans out there do not.

The Safe Haven State Project ( is designed around helping those people to relocate to counties or cities within states that have elements of protection and survival not readily available in other places. Here are some of the finer points of this project:

1) Safe Havens will be organized and promoted through the networking capabilities of Coordinators will be made available who already live in safe haven areas that will help you with information on the region, housing availability, job availability, etc.

2) Initially, the project will focus only on a few areas of a few states. For now, our efforts will be centered on Western Montana (where we both reside). As more people in states suited to the project volunteer to help with coordination, greater numbers of safe haven areas will become available. And, of course, if anyone is interested in Wyoming, we will send them to the good folks at the Wyoming Free State Project.

3) The core purpose of Safe Havens will not be to build voting blocks, or to effect change through legislation, though those methods will be taken under consideration. Instead, Safe Havens are almost entirely about community building. This means that our area of networking will be tight (within a few counties, instead of spread out across the entire state). People relocating should be within easy driving distance of each other, so that barter networks can be constructed and mutual defense is made practical. Eventually, a few counties could turn into a dozen, and a dozen could turn into a full state, depending on the circumstances.

4) Safe Havens are meant to consist of a large number of people, with a diverse membership, living in relative proximity. Safe Havens are NOT compounds, communes, or any other such nonsense that requires too many people in too small an area with too many rules. A Safe Haven will not be dictated or micromanaged through pyramid structures, military hierarchy, or “community tribunals”. It is a designated area of free cooperation, not a creepy village of collectivists ruled by herd mentality. White robes and funny tasting Kool-Aid will not be made available…

5) Barter markets will become a foremost concern. A community entirely dependent on the mainstream financial system cannot be realistically considered a safe haven. Therefore, active organization of barter and trade will be ongoing. This trade will include goods and services, anchored by silver and gold (and perhaps copper) as a common currency. A weekly or bi-weekly marketplace will eventually be arranged (think “market bazaar” or farmers market).

6) Meet-ups will be a common occurrence in order to maintain market stability as well as to create opportunities for building relationships. The method of these meet-ups will likely vary.

7) Volunteer coordinators will help relocators to the best of their ability, however, the Safe Haven Project is not an employer or a nanny, and cannot provide guaranteed employment or housing. We are here to make your move smoother, and to introduce you to the area as well as other participants, but there will be no hand-holding.

8) Sincere commitment is essential. Our limited number of coordinators restricts our ability to help people who are not serious about relocating. Now is not the time for wishy-washiness…

9) There are certainly many arguments (usually erroneous) against the idea of community building. Most of these have been covered and refuted in great detail in the following article:

The combined establishment of Safe Haven States, along with alternative markets and barter networking capability, could be a powerful step forward for the Liberty Movement that would attract many free minded Americans and inspire coherent working communities based on Constitutional principles and the support of individualism, not to mention non-coercive, truly free cooperation. This would provide not only the foundation for mutual defense, but also insulated, localized economies, shielded from financial chaos. The positives are many. The negatives are few. And, most people are tired of waiting around for someone else to solve their problems for them. Safe Haven Projects give activists an environment in which they can take legitimate steps towards determining their own destinies, as well as an opportunity to meet many others who are pursuing the same end, building a better country from the ground up, with their own two hands.

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malikai's picture

Off topic, but WTF just happened in crude?

hambone's picture

Down...QE3 loves me not...Up...QE3 loves me...

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Nonsense! Crude is down because the market is FINALLY pricing in our congress' pledge to reduce American dependence on foreign oil. This will be ahieved under the wise guidance of the department of energy. The rally we just had was a result of market fears that crazies like ron paul were going to end that very department and sabbotage these efforts.

SMG's picture

Welcome back Hamy/Harry Wanger.  Did you have a nice vacation?

Citxmech's picture

Brent is at $109/bbl  - that's "down?"

Chupacabra's picture

This troll has some potential, but for now I reserve judgment.

Chupacabra's picture

This troll has some potential, but for now I reserve judgment.

Long-John-Silver's picture

New Libyan Constitution will be based on Shari Law. Oil will now be used as a weapon of economic destruction of the West.

In the meantime Obama uses the EPA for the continued destruction of domestic energy production. The USA is being placed between the Anvil and hammer.

Robot Traders Mom's picture

Does Sharia law even matter to you? It shouldn't unless Bill O'Reilly tells you it should.

Oil has not and will not be used as a "weapon of economic destruction." Of course OPEC will tighten the screws and raise prices, but only because the dollar is debased. If they really wanted to screw us, they would start trading it in gold. I really wouldn't blame them either.

Yeah, the EPA really protected Americans from all the corexit dumped on the Gulf last year. I really think they have our best green interests at heart.

malikai's picture

Where's your son at? We're really missing him these days. I'm in desperate need of my favourite dumb money indicator. Also, I promise not to beat him up any more.

Robot Traders Mom's picture

He's actually starting his second sophomore year of HS. He got held back last year. The school counselor labeled him as "functionally retarded."

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Ask yerself WHY did WE help the rebels overthrow Gadafffyduck, to replace him with a wad of turds, that are HELL BENT on taking over not only the world, but us as well.

WHY isn't anyone asking these questions?.Can't be OIL,Gadaffy at least sold it to us,these radical Sharia murdering bstds will likely NOT.

persu's picture

I wrote yesterday....S&P500 low 666, S&P500 drop 6.66%, BAC close 6.66. All just a co-incidence?

Votewithabullet's picture

No brother this is no coinkydink, satan is ready to make his grand entrance but he's sending his proxy the talking serpent. By all means if you see a talking snake with the face of glen beck cut the head off that motherfucker.

DosZap's picture


Not a  fan of Beck, but whatever you think of him, he called a lot of shots before they happened.And he taught more Americans via the historical programs their heritage than ANY other MSM programs you ever saw, or will.

The truth will set you free.So,he's a Mormon, so what.....his business,I ain't(to use a colloquialism) a LDS.

One thing they do, is take care of family,believe in being prepared,live clean,decent lives,contribute to society,( As do that subversive group called the BOY SCOUTS), and they love this country.

Why is he a MF?,what did he do so bad, that could compare to what we have lauding power over us now.

Your seriously off base about most of your attack.

Votewithabullet's picture

I personally saw beck on his fox show say that the"japanese may have avoided fukushima if they had a better relationship with god". He didnt same the same for the joplin disaster. maybe if the people in the bible belt.....

Woodyg's picture

Mormons also have No Problem defrauding non-mormons And marrying the daughters of 18 of their buddies and then surviving on Food Stamps.

Chief KnocAHoma's picture

Chief agree with Tyler. Relocate to rural area with land, food, water.

Chief specialize in selling land like this:

Call Chief.

Gymno's picture

Gee Chief....take a look at the masses living across the street....not an ideal retreat....looks more like a large parcel of land in an urban area...



Chief KnocAHoma's picture

Not true. The development next door is 1/2 acre lots with average homes. I would urge you to check the demographics of Lee County GA. Around 30,000 people... IN THE ENTIRE COUNTY!

There are also smaller more rural tracts available.

Eat your peas!

I am The Chief

Abiotic Oil's picture

Until Stewart Rhodes and Oathkeepers help Charles Dyer, AKA July4Patriot, escape from federal tyranny and being incarcerated or killed for trumped up charges he can STFU.

Robot Traders Mom's picture

You know the govt is just waiting to infiltrate these groups and brand them domestic terrorists...

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

If things keep going the way they are going, if they try to do this, they are going to run out of FBI agents real fast.

mayhem_korner's picture

FBI agents can be useful converts.  :)

A Lunatic's picture

They (we've) already been branded as Terrorists. I've been told that there would come a day in which  "They will call that which is evil good and that which is good evil". That day is here. Sticks and stones, Bitchez.

mayhem_korner's picture

Bingo.  Safe havens cannot be safe unless they are also stealth havens.  At least in the near term.  Smart "clans" know to keep stuff off of electronic media.

trav7777's picture

The cities are the place to be because that is where the political power lies.

The rural areas lack the votes to even keep the food they grow.

ANYONE who says to retreat to a rural area because there is food there is a fool.  They think food magically grows itself in the absence of petrochemical agriculture?  In Argentina's collapse the lights stayed on in the city, police services stayed in the city.  These things were often nonexistent in rural areas because those people lack votes and power.

The notion that city dwellers are going to roam the countryside looking for food...where does this stupid shit come from?  I am tired of idiotic articles like this from TD day in and day out from morons thinking we collapse to MadMax and everything just goes to shit and you can hide in a bunker somewhere with a bunch of canned ham.

Waffen's picture

This wont be limited to one area, it will be nation no, world wide. Food doesnt grow itself, no one will be bailing us out.


The cities may do ok at first, but someone has to grow the food and import it, when governments try to take farms by force you end up with Zimbabwe, where the takers dont know wtf they are doing and the food dries up.

This isnt mad max but it wont be 1930's deppression, it will be somewhere in between and its going to be very fucked up.

toady's picture

Major cities will NOT do well, especially 'at first'

Any place with over 500k will be a cesspool in a week. Hell, most of them already are.

Stop trucking food in and trucking out garbage, then wait. Riots in 12 hours, overrun hospitals in 18, exodus in 48.

Cities around 30k, where people actually know their neighbors, and are not just a suburb of a dying inner city, may do OK.

malikai's picture

Are you saying you don't like canned ham?

malikai's picture

lol. Sorry, didn't meat to offend. :)

DaveyJones's picture

food not only grows itself "magically" without "petrochemicals" it grows with more nutrition and calorie returned on investment. The only difference is human labor, knowlege and scale. But as you know, oil (which is quickly running down) has replaced that labor. Oil has also replaced our common knowlege of these basic skills of survival. We will definitely have to produce food within and around our cities but we will also be producing our food within a short delivery range and on much smaller local scales without petrochemicals because we will have no other choice. For thousands of years, we have produced food by emulating nature. Only recently have we turned to raping it. That is all about to change. And whether we do that in "the city" or "the country," the necessity is the same.  And the sooner we re-educate these skills and reallocate these resources, the less Max will come calling.

DCFusor's picture

+10 at least, Davey.  Too many people think we care about "not having enough votes to keep our food" -- really?  You think we care what a dysfunctional government and people vote?  We just sell it to dumb city dwellers when we don't need as much as we make, and you can pay too much for it, else we keep it ourselves. And then we'll let you keep your exported garbage and pollution in the bargain.

And, contrary to popular belief, for most of mankind's recorded history, women were able to have babies without comprehensive health care in hospitals, and we were growing food right along and getting plenty without all that crap.  Many of us have retained or regained the arcane knowledge it takes to be able to do without quite a lot of modern "necessity".  Some even know how to make cost effective use of horses (not hobby horse farmers).  We know how to farm, how to shoot, how to make ammo, even make the guns (I'm a gunsmith along with the rest and I don't sell them cheap either).  The Amish won't even notice much if our vaunted civilization completely bites the dust.

And we know how to stay under the radar.  It'd be pretty stupid to have big public meetings, bylaws, advertise our readiness when so many aren't and won't be, and we're not stupid.  No hate-shouting knuckle draggers in camo for us -- not the point.  Neigbors might discuss or barter over coffee now and then, and know who to trust and work with later, is all.  It'd be hard even for the PTB to stretch just being ready for bad times into terrorism, though they'll probably make the attempt if they get a slow news day.

We don't give the government even the credit of talking against them.  We just ignore them.  Fitting thing to do with idiots -- just let them go their own way to their own fate.

It's good for us if people like Trav stay in their putrid cities.  We might be willing to feed and help the smart ones - most of us are ready for more than just our own support needs, but the rest are just a waste of effort or maybe ammo.


toady's picture

I've been working an angle with some friends where we may feed some of the city rubes as long as they agree to leave the area.

Of course, you can't just come out and tell them that.

'there is more 20 miles that way (away from our location). Obama just announced it was flown in over night. This PB&J should get you there if you start walking now'.

Koffieshop's picture

"The notion that city dwellers are going to roam the countryside looking for food...where does this stupid shit come from?"

Exactly this happened here in NL at the end of WW2.

trav7777's picture

uh...that famine was as a result of a German blockade.

if the oil "runs out" you're gonna need more than a fuckin garden.  everybody is going to need 5+ acres.

DaveyJones's picture

not true with year round (Eliot Coleman) and permaculture (Gai's Garden et al) techniques. You're thinking in "modern" non-productive terms. Diversity can be produced in small communities then bartered and traded around. Beyond survival, not only a way out and around of the courupt criminal inflated fiat system but peak energy and peak debt forces us down to small community scale. There are many sites devoted to a quickly growing urban agriculutre community. The City of Detroit is about to set aside 30,000 acres that is otherwise sitting idle. Hell most of Detroit is sitting idle. But before Henry Ford starting assembling, that greater area was some of the most fertile land around. Our american cars may be worthless but the land they are built on may return as our most vital resource. 

have you ever grown food or studied techniques? 

Koffieshop's picture

What is your point?

What caused the shortages only loosely correlates to what desperate hungry people do.

Yes, if there is no oil, you need more labor and farmland per person.
With this in mind it is even more likely that city folk will resort to begging/theft/murder in the countryside.
In the best case scenario they will come with a "Will work for food" attitude.

AnAnonymous's picture

What caused the shortages only loosely correlates to what desperate hungry people do.

Wrong. The cause of shortage might determine what desperate hungry people are able to do.

It is pure madness (but sanity by US standard) to compare a warzone with what could happen in the US in case of societal collapse.

The German army was desesperate too. Their actions were different from what some other desesperate people did.

This army excluded other desperate people from achieving certain moves.

Once again, unsurprisingly, US citizens are acted by their paranoia. They focused on the irrelevant details to miss the bigger pictures.

Desesperate people act with different means. US citizens mania to focus on meaningless desesperate people is pathetic as it stretches so much commonly known reality.

Koffieshop's picture

If I understand correctly, the US southern border part and the big cities have a big gang problem. If law enforcement were to lose influence during a period of massive poverty, the gang wars could become civil wars. How those civil wars will play out is unpredictable.

But yeah, yeah the situation will be different everywhere. I'm just saying that trav7777's original comment is folly because it ignores historical precedent and unknown variables.

AnAnonymous's picture

Wonderful how US citizens keep focusing on minor details, due to their paranoia, even when they are pointed their gross mistakes.

So they depict a situation of desperation for all and keep seeing who they want to see as desesperate.

The Police, the Law enforcement, the Military will be desesperate as the others. Removing them from the equation is only US citizenish, that is totally devoid of any actual ground.

goldfish1's picture

You'd be surprised how much can be grown in a small organically composted raised bed.


Henry Krinkle's picture

Meh, it's a toss up, I say it's more about what the individual wants/desires and is capable of. From the peoples accounts in the cities of Argentina there will be different but just as many if not more problems in the cities. From what I remember they said to make your home a bunker (bars on windows, a fence/gate), the cops ain't coming, the power will be sporadic and carry heat all the time cause you're going to get robbed/mugged. Stuff is going to be scarce so have things of need to barter.

Raymond Reason's picture

Well I don't know much about Argentina.  But I do know something about the former Yugoslavia and USSR.   I have many friends from Yugoslavia, and in their own words: "The people who had guns, lived in the country, and knew manual trades became the winners.  Those who spent their lives at a desk in the city, became the losers."

I also have many friends who were affected by the collapse of the ruble.  The 'datcha" (country home), became a prized asset. 

DaveyJones's picture

and when the shit hit the fan, people turned to their gardens.

trav7777's picture

lol...ever actually BEEN to yugoslavia?  Belgrade is still there, as are all the other cities.  Fuck, even Beirut is still there.

People who lived in the country got run off their property by advancing albanians and kosovars.  I know bosnian serbs who went from having all of this property you speak of to living in a car just due to the vagueries of war.

Putting a tent stake down is not a good idea...and if you want power and lights and protection from warlords for the most part, the city is where you end up - JUST LIKE IN THE THIRD WORLD NOW where things are already in many cases far enough gone to begin with that they look like MadMax to the average American.

I wonder wtf you guys do with your vacations if not travel and see places.  There are right now, today, a ton of areas where people are living in what you would consider madmax. 

ATM's picture

Not sure what Yugoslavia has to do with the topic. That was a war not a currency melt down. What I expect is an implosion, not an explosion.

When this shit implodes the dollar will become even more worthless and people will simply stop accepting it as currency. That means that those who bank on being able to buy everything they need won't. And hungry people will strike out, like they always do in search of food.

Happened in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Argentina, Zimbabwe..... Rural peoples aren;t going to be forced off their land by invading Albanians or Costa Ricans. They will face danger from the roving bands just as they did in the Weimar but if I have to bet, I'll bet on the rural folk to hold their own and protect their shit because they are at least prepared and will have the advantage of defending rather than attacking.

I know it will take one large, fast and well armed group to get past the defensive positions 4 of us could take up on my easily defensible property. And I have to imagine that the hungry masses of looters will be looking not for a fight or a head full of lead but for easy pickings.

I love owning the high ground!

So go ahead and turn off the electricty. I can survive far longer without that than you can without food and once you keel over I will vote to turn my electricity back on.   

LoneStarHog's picture

Maybe if you READ and COMPREHENDED the article, you would not post such garbage. (No one is forcing you to read a damn thing) These are NOT compounds.  These are NOT bunkers with people hiding with food.  READ THE DAMN THING! I can assure you of one thing:  IF the worst comes to pass, it will be crap like you who will be demanding the SOCIALIZATION of people's preparations.