Guest Post: Government Corruption Causes Mass Blackout

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Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man

Government Corruption Causes Mass Blackout

Around 11:15 this morning, I left my flat and headed towards the Cape Town Gold Coin Exchange to check out their kruggerrand prices today.

(Note: They charge around 10% over spot, and buy coins for about 1% over spot. This is inclusive for all major coins that they carry. They have kruggerrands, eagles, and maple leaf coins in stock.)

I was sitting at a red light not too far from the new football stadium they built for last year’s World Cup tournament, when suddenly all the traffic lights went out. I thought it was just a weird anomaly, so I proceeded cautiously.

By the time I reached the coin shop, I realized that the whole city was without power. Again. Entire buildings had shut down, stores closed, and schools let out. It was a full-blown blackout… and it lasted for several hours.

This sort of thing is not uncommon in South Africa. Politicians will tell you that electrical demand is outpacing supply because of the country’s rapidly growing economy. That’s one way to put it– lemons into lemonade.

But give that excuse to the nearly 50% share of unemployed youths… or the 1 in 6 people who don’t even have electricity, and you’ll get a slightly different view.

A few years ago, the major mining companies in South Africa approached the government with a clearly stated problem. South Africa’s power grid was failing… and without major investment and political attention to the issue soon, the mining companies wouldn’t have the resources they needed to continue producing.

Bear in mind that the mining sector is one of South Africa’s most important economic drivers. They are the nation’s leading employers and exporters, so you’d think that their pleas for critical infrastructure investment would be heeded.

Here’s the thing– political corruption is rampant everywhere. In the developed world of North America and Western Europe, though, politicians are skillfully subtle at their corruption.

Money rarely changes hands in the light of day, but rather gets funneled through campaign contributions, use of corporate perks, and special ‘consultancy’ fees upon retirement. These guys get their rewards under the table and after they leave office.

In South Africa, though, the corruption is blatantly obvious. It’s almost insulting. The politicians here must think their citizens are so stupid, they won’t notice massive financial aberrations.

Julius Malema is a great example. As President of the African National Congress Youth League, Malema draws a small government salary.  Yet somehow he drives around in multiple $100,000+ sports cars and owns multi-million dollar homes.

As it turns out, Malema is the sole beneficiary of a mysterious ‘family trust‘ that is apparently bankrolling his lavish lifestyle.  Local businesses that are awarded substantial government contracts are routinely found depositing funds into the trust account.

Nobody tries to hide corruption here. It’s outright theft in the light of day, and this is the real reason why the power keeps going out. Public funds are siphoned off or misallocated for private gain, and major infrastructure projects are routinely stalled as a result.

And so, a few hundred thousand people sat around in the dark today. It wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last.  But it’s not just South Africa.

Much of the infrastructure in the developed world is in serious need of investment. But given at least half a dozen financially cataclysmic ‘Lehman events’ that are looming, (Greek default, Italy restructuring, further US sovereign downgrades, etc.), it’s unlikely that the necessary upgrades will be made… especially for public utilities.

Economics drive everything. People that have suffered through a devastating sovereign collapse (Argentina, for example) understand that flipping a switch doesn’t necessarily mean the lights come on.

Most people take these major systems for granted– that there’s gas in the gas stations, water in the pipes, electricity in the wires, food on the grocery shelves, cash in the cash machines, etc.

A real economic depression affects these major systems as well. Shortages, rationing, and outright failure are all possible. Is it the end of the world? No. Is it something to consider? Absolutely… unless you enjoy sitting around in the dark.

A big part of self-reliance is weaning yourself off total dependence on these major systems. This could mean a lot of things– planting a small garden; installing a solar array or generator; owning gold and silver coins; etc. Any of these options is worthy of your attention.

Personally, I’m taking things a step further. As I’ve mentioned before, we’re in the early stages of establishing a resilient community in central Chile where the scenery is stunning, the climate is warm (Mediterranean), and the soil is some of the most fertile in the world. Oh yeah, and the government leaves you alone too.

Just yesterday, in fact, I gave instructions for the farm crew to begin planting our first batch of organic crops (remember, the seasons are flipped in the southern hemisphere). We also have multiple sources of water and several ways to generate our own energy, including solar, hydro, wind, and geothermal.

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carbonmutant's picture

"Politicians will tell you that electrical demand is outpacing supply because of the country’s rapidly growing economy."

Yea, I get this kind of excuse from voice bots all the time...

Roy Bush's picture

Electrical Demand outpacing supply....hmmm.  Sounds dubious to me.  It reminds me on Enron saying the same thing and how they were chanting "burn baby burn" as wild-fires took out powerlines.  

Ahmeexnal's picture

1 in 6 who don't pay for electricity, yet they just hang a wire and get it for free.
Blackout in Santiago, Chile just a few days ago lasted for hours too.
Someone is playing with EMPs.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

10% premium for Krugerrands there in South Africa?

I pay about 5% premium for American Gold Eagles at the coin shops here.'s JV Widget with eBay now showing about a 13% premium over spot (AGEs), rather high, it is normally some 6% - 9% over.

CompassionateFascist's picture

SA is ruled by a Black communist kleptocracy. As the Whites leave, and leave they will if they do not want to go Into The Cannibal's Pot, SA will become another Zimbabwe. Via the immigration rackets, and absent Civil War, this is also America's future. 

AnonymousAnarchist's picture

Has anyone seen this hilarious piece of gold stupidity? It's 49 seconds long but it's the last 20 seconds.

Sub-MOA's picture

Folks, this is classic DISINFO! 

"People are not sure if gold is backed by the US Dollar is..."

Dugald's picture

Ya think? how about brainless twit?

Grinder74's picture

This really really really really absolutely not meant to be racist or supreme-race-advocating, but...

Why is it that when blacks are put in charge, stuff goes to hell? Inner cities, whole cities under black mayors and mostly black councils, South Africa after blacks take over from whites. The African continent in general compared to Europe, Asia or the Americas. I'm just asking.

hivekiller's picture

Average IQ of blacks in sub saharan Africa is only 70. In America where blacks are approximately 25% white, black IQ is 85. Pair low IQ with high aggressiveness and you get typical black behavior. It's funny how we are free to characterize the behavior of all breeds and species of animals but not man. However trust me, those in charge have done exactly that.

Imminent Crucible's picture

"In America where blacks are approximately 25% white"

I thought you were just throwing this stuff out there, so I looked up Murray and Hernsteins' "The Bell Curve" to rebut you. Whoops. M&H actually found that average African-American IQ is 85.

But Obama is exactly 50% white. Does that make him twice the African-American that Al Sharpton is? Or does it work the other way around? And how come someone who is 50% white is the nation's First Black President?

Never mind, I forgot Bill Clinton.

trav7777's picture

according to Jared Diamond, black evolution proceeded away from civilization because mass concentrations of them would be wiped out by malaria.  Consequently, the civilized ones had a lower offspring survival rate and the antisocial traits such as violence and low cognitive aptitude came to dominate

Dugald's picture

Please study the following letters very closely....


Ace's picture

The new government in SA after the end of Apartheid either killed or scared off a lot of whites (one of the highest murder rates in the world, among other things) -- including many at ESKOM, the country's monopoly power company. Eventually, things wear out and break down. Only now there's barely anyone left who knows how to fix them. Wouldn't be surprised to see a permanant outage at some stage.


Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Corruption is everywhere, Simon is right, the only difference is how blatant or subtle it is.

Check out the latest from the Capital Research Institute: "Consequences of a Trillion Broken Promises"

"In our world of ever-decreasing attention spans I better cut to the chase.  Greece is bankrupt, hence the solution for Greece is to declare bankruptcy.  Similarly,  America is a (bankrupt) de-industrialized nation well on its way to becoming a part of the Third World.  What marks the Third World, in my opinion, is the glaring wealth disparity, systemic injustice, and widespread corruption.  Corruption American-style is just a little more sophisticated.  Rather than bribe congressmen or government officials they are merely promised cushy office jobs once their terms are over.  See?  That way you accept payment for services rendered after wards, when you are out of the public eye, out of the limelight.

The way back, logically, to a prospering economy with a growing middle class then, is to bring back manufacturing.  Until that process is initiated we will continue the current cycle of ‘recession’ and (weakest on record) ‘recovery’.

The reason for being so forward is simple.  The opinions expressed here are rarely found in the mainstream media.  Why is that, you should be asking yourself.  Who doesn’t want to see America re-industrialized, and the Greece dilemma settled in a just and fair manner?"

John Bigboote's picture

Could have been a solar flare. If that is the case, we are even more fucked.

Michelle's picture

Possibly someone is playing around, or more plausibly the severe geomagnetic storm last weekend during that same time. As much as I love conspiracy theories, this time I'll go with the latter.

Oleander's picture

We had a power surge at 11 am today here in SE Ma. and last night both the cable and Wi Fi were acting up.  I am blamed the solar storms but now I wonder??


UP Forester's picture

Huh.  In da UP, I was sleeping then, but all the power kicked out around 4.  Just long enough to reset everything....

trav7777's picture's a country run by black people.

Do some fkin research before spouting off nonsense

kito's picture


Ident 7777 economy's picture




" ... and several ways to generate our own energy, including solar, hydro, wind, and geothermal."

Recommend a "Lister" diesel ... long-lived and low RPM machine ...

Will run forevah ... even burns Veggie oil ...


Going Loco's picture

Listers. Yes. I have two. A hand-start SL2 and an electric start ST2. At present as part of my investment strategy I am slowly cornering the market in spares for late-model twin-cylinder Listers. (I don't mind telling you that because I already have a lot and most of you wouldn't know where to start.)

Gully Foyle's picture

Goddamn it! This will set back Strike Back season two.


HCSKnight's picture

2nd Ammendment.... that's the only thing that keeps the US from becoming SA.  Just ask Europe.

Deadpool's picture

oh goodie, another installment of Tin Tin goes third world shopping. who cares? or does he plan to start a Biodome in South Africa too?

that furtile soil, Simon, is from Volcanic ash...still active. good luck with that "government leaves you alone" bit for now. and do you still plan to import young Argentine girls for procreation for future generations of passport collectors??

TomJoad's picture

I wish I could up-arrow this (Deadpool's) post more than once.



Jump! You Fuckers! This now includes you Simon, you fucker.

gojam's picture

You have to be cruel to be kind.

I'm looking forward (not) to the next instalment when on the way to the diamond shop, we hear about Cape Town being the gang rape capital of the world.

PS, Don't take it personally Simon, it's not you, it's your lousy narative.


fyrebird's picture

It may be hard to come up with good narrative when the world is a flat, roiling disc of Medieval nothingness.

Beyond here there be monsters. --fyre

gojam's picture

There is some interesting stuff in there about the world economy but it's lost. Why ?

Because a story, set out before a forum of gold bugs (I'm not one), beginning 'I was on my way to a gold shop', doesn't end with him reaching the gold shop and buying gold. It's used as a diversion.

Just lay it out straight.

hivekiller's picture

South Africa used to be a first world country before the blacks took over. Same with Zimbabwe. They were a net exporter of food until Mugabe took over. Bingo - hundred trillion dollar notes worth nothing. Hey but tell me IQ has nothing to do with it or dat I be de evil racist - yo!

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Its still British and American interests running South Africa now, same as it was 100 years ago.  So don't believe your own BS too much.  But it is spot on, in general.   When the Afrikaans and English were in power they atleast tried to provide basic necessities to the(ir) people.  But now its every man for himself,  black politicians serve the money powers.  Thats why corporate interests (esp. banks, such as Barclays)  have enjoyed the 'new' South Africa so much, the budding politicians are three times as poor as the guys they would have had to bribe  a decade ago!

hivekiller's picture

Yeah they use blacks as their front men. The Boer Wars were about British and Jewish imperialism. They wanted S. Africa's mineral wealth so waged war on the Boers. Set up the first concentration camps. 

ping's picture

Don't effin blame the British. USA had all the nukes and treasuries last 50 years, mofo. USA had all the money last 100 years. USA been sponsoring lil' buddy Israel. Your la-di-da country made this clusterfuck, not mine. USA shipped the jobs to China. USA attacked Iraq and Afghanistan. USA lets GS and JPM do what the fuck they want. USA been waterboarding people for saying barack Obama has big ears. Suck up the fuckin' responsibility instead of being a bitch looking to blame others for shit done 150 years ago. You're to blame, fuck-head. Your country runs the concentration camps now. You 'be the change', bee-yotch. Stop lookin' to blame the whole rest of the world when you live in the motherfuckin country that screws up the world most. Look at the shit you got at home, and your own countrymen may just stop getting fucked-over. Blame others, and you're playing the game the bankers and Wall st fuck-heads want. "Ooh! Ooh! Belgium has fucked us over!" "Ooh! Thailand's Jewish/Welsh/Swedish banking minority has stolen from us!" USA's been the sole superpower for 20 years, the biggest swinging dick for more than 100. If things are shit, look within your own fuking shores. Pussy.  

hivekiller's picture

You don't know much about history do you? I'd suggest you read up on the Boer wars or is reading against your religion?

BlackMagician's picture

"South Africa used to be a first world country before the blacks took over..."

Yeah...first world for whites...South Africa was probably better for most blacks before being "colonized" by whites...I know it's hard NOT to think whitely...

hivekiller's picture

Tell me, are blacks in S. Africa still raping babies in order to cure themselves of AIDs?

BlackMagician's picture

Wouldn't know...but I suspect you do? I hope you know some blacks that are not killers and rapists...

hivekiller's picture

Lots and lots of reports of rapes of babies in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa. I do know some blacks that are not killers or rapists but in America half the crime is committed by blacks and rape is largely a black on white occurrence.

Now don't tell me you don't know this.

Cathartes Aura's picture

in America half the crime is committed by blacks

hmmm, is that "half the crime" or half the "criminals"?  and do have any stats on politicians & bankers "colours"?  also, what percentage of these are male?  since we're doing stats like they matter.

thanks in advance.


nice sponsor ^ for your facts.

hivekiller's picture

Facts are facts. More false consciousness and programming in the media and the deliberate hiding of the facts regarding minority crime. Actually it's the same worldwide. Blacks in every country they live in commit more crimes - especially violent crimes. Brainwashing whites is a way of making them easy prey.

Dugald's picture

And then of course there was......Chaka Zulu...he was very good, think it's a close run thing between Chaka and Vlad the Impaler...

Just sayin....

Raymond Reason's picture

Ah yes, so hard to be cruel, isn't it?  Hurt you more than it hurt him?  So then,  become a contributer gojam, and give us something better. 

kito's picture

i just dont get tylers interest in mr. sighmon black, except maybe for sheer entertainment. maybe we are the ones getting bread and circuses!!!

Moe Howard's picture

I did it for you. No need to thank me.

Capitalist Sooner's picture

As I sit here in my cubicle, pondering the future, I enjoy reading about his exploits.  It may not be your idea of how to go about it, and he may be selling something, but it's nice to read about those out there doing more than I can manage at this point.

I did change careers, pay off most debt, buy some guns, and start buying silver, but that's all I can really do right now.  Next spring I will be planting my first garden, ever.  Good luck to him, and to you all.

ping's picture

You're nice. I disagree with you but I vote you 1 point.

Steroid's picture

They must have known you were heading for the coin shop!

They pull all stops to prevent you from undermining their economic system.