Guest Post: How To Avoid Voting For A Globalist Puppet

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Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market

How To Avoid Voting For A Globalist Puppet

Only a few days ago I attended a community meeting here in the Flathead Valley of Montana which revolved around the first of a series of gubernatorial debates covered by webcast across the state.  The number of Republican candidates vying in the primaries of this election is a bit absurd, and after witnessing the half-hearted or outright fake performances by most of them, I can see quite clearly that the state of Montana is being targeted by Neo-Con interests posing as Constitutionalists in an attempt to neutralize the extraordinary advance of the Liberty Movement here.  What struck me most sharply was  the fact that almost every candidate vying for the governor’s slot had taken on elements of the Liberty Movement philosophy.  The elections of 2012 and the immense success of the Ron Paul campaign have so far proven without a doubt that the anti-globalist, anti-totalitarian, anti-collectivist stance is now part of a growing majority in America.  Just as we have forced Neo-Con candidates in the Presidential primaries to at least pretend that they care about freedom (quite a change from the Bush years), so too are Republican impostors forced to mimic us in the battle for state offices.

With so many political candidates now at the very least paying lip-service to the concepts of Constitutional freedoms, limited Federal influence, and State’s rights, it may become increasingly difficult for voters to discern who is a snake-oil peddler and who is the real deal.  Many who supported the rise of the Tea Party (originally launched by Ron Paul back in 2007-2008), suddenly found their efforts for a free America being hijacked by establishment fakes in 2010.  Out of nowhere, gutter dwelling pro-globalist imposters like Rick Santorum could be found headlining forums at Constitutional rallies, and even veteran globalists like Newt Gingrich have tried to jump on the bandwagon.

The light at the end of the tunnel, though, is ironically visible in the destructive nature of these candidates. 

The NDAA, despite the inherent horror of its provisions, has been a spectacular litmus test for traitorous politicians. Self-styled liberty candidates like Allen West of Florida, winning with Tea Party support, have been exposed because of theirr backing of the NDAA.  Shockingly, West not only voted for the NDAA, but helped to COMPOSE the bill!  Now, due to a growing public outcry over the rendition and indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA, legislators like West are scrambling to cover their own asses by knowingly misinterpreting the bill’s language and denying it applies to American citizens:


Three amendments to the NDAA were put forward by senators Udall, Paul, and Feinstein, specifically designed to ensure that American citizens would be protected from the draconian detainment provisions of the NDAA, and all three were struck down.  Yet, Allen West and others continue to perpetuate the lie that Americans are safe from such tyranny. 

Exposure after the fact is better than nothing, but these difficult days require more vigilance.  How can the people of this country avoid making the mistake of voting for such disingenuous candidates when they seem so adept at telling us what we want to hear until they are comfortably in office? 

The key is to stop listening to what they SAY, and start looking closely at what they DO.  We must ignore their rhetoric, their speeches written by proxy, and their bad jokes slapped together by hired staff, and begin examining their actions and their backgrounds.  Because the Liberty Movement has gained so much influence and so much voice over the past four years, it is time that we start setting some ground rules for political candidates we will accept, and those we will not accept, to represent us. 

We need to ask ourselves, and them, some very pointed questions.  How have they consistently voted in the past?  Are they truly protecting our rights as Americans and as a human beings as described in the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights?  Have they done anything to stall or dismantle corruption in the government and in the banking industry?  Or, have every one of their propositions and “solutions” involved the continuation of destabilizing policies designed to aid an elite few at the expense of average Americans?   The following is a list of warning signs that can help you, your family, and your friends, no matter what their party affiliation, in determining if a favorite politician is a legitimate statesman, or a puppet bought and paid for by global corporate interests…

1)  Have They Ever Promised To Investigate, Audit, Or Dissolve The Private Federal Reserve Bank?

The Federal Reserve is the primary culprit in the creation of the derivatives and credit bubble.  Its use of artificially low interest rates inflated the housing market and by extension the U.S. economy, energizing international banking fraud and producing perhaps the greatest financial black hole in history.  It is currently staving off the effects of this collapse through the constant printing of fiat money from thin air, setting up the U.S. for a currency implosion of epic proportions. 

If your candidate has never made more than a passing sound bite comment on the Federal Reserve and what they plan to do about the poisonous debt and dollar devaluation that the private central bank has generated, then it is likely they are either too ignorant to understand how the institution operates, or, they know full well the problem, and plan to do nothing about it.  Ask directly any politician you plan to vote for; will they promise to fully audit and or shut down the Federal Reserve, especially if foul play or corruption is discovered?  If they defend the Fed, or dance around the question, then they are not on your side, nor on the side of true free markets and a stable economy.    

2)  Did They Vote For The Banker Bailouts?  Do They Continue To Defend Them?

If a candidate or representative voted for or openly supports the continuance of bailout measures for international banks which taxpayers must eventually cover, then this politician is not for you.  The bailouts have accomplished nothing that was promised by the Bush Administration, the Obama Administration, or state representatives who gave a platform for their passage.  Credit markets have not been unfrozen, the housing market has not stopped its endless decline, and consumer activity has not returned to levels anywhere near those of 2006.  Nearly 80% of Americans on both sides of our twisted two party spectrum voiced opposition to the bailouts and have continued to fight against quantitative easing measures on the part of the Federal Reserve.  This is not a case of our government knowing better for us than we do for ourselves.  This is a case of the government ignoring the will of the people and serving the interests of select elites.  If you plan to support a man or woman running for elected office, make absolutely sure they are not proponents of further bailouts and inflationary printing for the sake of propping up big banks, foreign institutions, and the highly manipulated stock market.

3)  Do They Support The Domestic Spying Measures Of The FISA Act And The Dissolution Of The 4th Amendment?

Any politician who has the audacity to argue that you must sacrifice your privacy and your liberty for “safety” is not on your side, or the side of the Constitution.  The 4th Amendment strictly prohibits illegal search and seizure of a citizen’s property without a warrant and without probable cause, and this includes your personal information and communications.  However, over time, the protections of the 4th Amendment have been slowly eroded away.  Today, almost every aspect of our lives is an open book for the government to peruse at their slightest convenience. 

With the advent of new measures executed through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, no electronic transfer of data is safe, and corporate entities which handle these communications are completely immune from civil suits involved in the release of private information.  Under FISA, and under any act which authorizes mass surveillance of the public, every citizen is treated as guilty until proven innocent.  This is not Constitutional.  If your candidate has his hands into FISA or other pieces of legislation that open the door to domestic spying, drop them like a bad habit, or find yourself in deep regret later down the road.      

4)  Do They Support The NDAA, SOPA, PIPA, The AUMF, The Expatriation Act, Etc.?

The fascinating thing about the response by legislators to the fury over the NDAA is that they now refuse to acknowledge that the bill actually pertains to American citizens.  This tells me they are afraid to confront those opposed to the bill on the grounds that indefinite detention and suspension of Habeas Corpus is necessary.  Arguments from men like Allen West (or Denny Rehberg here in Montana) revolve around one line in the bill from Sec. 1022 which they use completely out of context:

1) UNITED STATES CITIZENS- The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to citizens of the United States.

What they consistently refuse to explain is the word “requirement” in this line.  If they were to place the line in the context of all the provisions involving indefinite detainment, the word “requirement” pertains to foreign prisoners that fall under the definition of “covered persons” in Sec. 1021 (a covered person could essentially be anyone the government decides to accuse of being a terrorist).  So, to put this as simply as possible; the government and the U.S. military is “required” under the NDAA to indefinitely detain without jury trial those foreign prisoners designated as enemy combatants or terrorists.  The government is NOT required to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens under the NDAA, but THEY CAN IF THEY WANT TO!  This precedent was set by the passage of the Authorization For The Use Of Military Force (AUMF), and was further strengthened (not obstructed as some propagandists claim) by the Supreme  Court’s decision in Hamdi v. Rumsfeld.  The NDAA gives the highly unconstitutional practice the Congressional stamp of approval.

With the NDAA, Americans must adopt a scorched earth policy before it is too late.  Every single sitting legislator that supports this bill must be removed from office.  Every political candidate running this year who proclaims support for the NDAA should be avoided like a plague ridden corpse.  SOPA, PIPA, the Expatriation Act, and other pieces of legislation operate on the same principle as the NDAA; they create a grey area within the law that allows government to accuse any person of a crime without evidence and inflict punishment without due process.  If we allow political vampires who nurture these measures into seats of power, then America ceases to be.  Without our liberties and the means to protect them, our country becomes nothing more than a doomed land mass devoid of principles or honor.

5)  Do They Have Overt Ties To The Military Industrial Complex?

The last thing this nation needs is another ‘chicken hawk’ candidate thirsty for war in far off lands as long as he doesn’t ever have to do any of the actual fighting.  However, what we need even less are candidates who have made their livings and their careers dispensing war for quick cash.  In Montana, it is disconcerting to be confronted with the likes of Neil Livingstone, who gave audiences a brief chuckle when he claimed that he would like to reintroduce the gray wolf to Washington D.C. instead of Montana to see how they liked it.  Very funny, but if the audience really knew Livingstone’s history, they wouldn’t be laughing. 

Livingstone’s background in private mercenary warfare and Blackwater-like businesses leaves a bad smell in the air, not to mention his attempt to lobby for Gaddafi and make a buck or two (or ten million) off the NATO debacle unleashed in Libya:

All that aside though, this “terrorism expert” suddenly decides to move back to Montana just last year, taking a break from his lucrative war driven wheeling and dealing, to enter the race for governor?  Should I not be at least a little suspicious?  In the meantime, his running mate, Ryan Zinke, a former Navy SEAL whose unit purportedly went on to “kill Bin Laden”, is now visiting Montana election meet-ups dressed in the most insincere cowboy costume I have ever laid eyes on complete with ten-gallon hat and giant gold belt buckle with “Montana” etched in bold letters, as if to say “hey ya’ll, I’m just like you!”  At the end of the meeting I attended, Zinke suggested that Montana solve its employment issues with “predator drone factories” (of course).  As he left, he actually exclaimed “go predator drones!” 

Bottom line, whether you are dealing with presidential candidates, or state candidates, a record of getting into bed (and into business) with the military industrial complex is probably not a good sign that the representative will respect civilian rights or the Constitution.  Certainly, he will say that he loves liberty, but by being instrumental in the spread of globalism, he has proven otherwise, and is not to be trusted.

6)  Does It Feel Like They Are Just Telling You What You Want To Hear?

Every candidate at the first gubernatorial debates in Montana was quick to use the words “states rights”, at least when it came to the EPA and resource development.  Livingstone even served up a vague threat of arresting federal representatives who cross into Montana (which, oddly, doesn’t seem to have the same bite after learning his background).  However, only one candidate, Bob Fanning (and running mate Chuck Baldwin) was willing to put himself on the line, promising to nullify federal incursions into Montana, protect medical marijuana, build a state sponsored militia (as the Constitution demands), deny the socialist doctrines of Obamacare, and insulate Montana’s economy using decentralized methods and legitimate free markets. 

The difference between Fanning and the other candidates was evident after hearing his goals and solutions.  They’re plans were broad, and dubious.  His were direct and decisively outlined.  They’re stances against Federal encroachment felt hollow, or deceitful, while Fanning’s resolve was absolute.  Sometimes, intuition is as good a measure of a candidate as factual research.  If your gut is telling you the man in front of you is a fake, it may be wise to ponder the thought for a moment.

7)  Where Are They Getting Their Money From?

In the 2012 presidential elections, only one candidate is raising the majority of his funds from average citizens instead of corporate backers.  Only one candidate has received a majority support from active serving military.  Only one candidate has done all of this through grassroots methods, despite being relentlessly attacked or ignored by the mainstream media.  Of course, I’m talking about Ron Paul. 

If global banking interests are pumping their donations into a particular candidate’s campaign, that candidate should be automatically categorized as unelectable.  Sadly, this is not how our world works right now.  “Follow the money” should be the first rule of the American voter.  If Mitt Romney, for instance, is being backed by the exact same corporate financiers as Barack Obama, then one should be led to question whether or not there is absolutely any difference between them.  Apparently, global banks don’t seem to think so, so why should you?

If elitists refuse to spend a single penny on a specific candidate, then it is a sure bet that candidate is a threat to the status quo, and therefore, should be on the top of your list as a potential representative.  

In the end, it will be difficult if not impossible to change this country in the midst of the current political climate.  This means that the climate must evolve or be done away with completely.  I believe 2012 may be our last chance to establish a governmental environment conducive to freedom.  If we fail to educate ourselves and others on the warning signs listed above, then political options will disappear.  We will be left with no other choice but a violent and prolonged conflict with those who would demolish American Constitutionalism.  Perhaps this is inevitable regardless of election results, but the fact remains that we must try every other available avenue first.

I have never been a fan of politics, but I know that this is only because the system now in place is constructed to discourage me, and everyone else, from trying to make a difference.  Playing by the rules of the establishment system is useless, but there are other roads we might take.  We can, indeed, make our own rules, and start a new game on more even ground, as long as we find the right candidates, cast off agents of distraction, and at the very least, attack the issues at a local level with every ounce of strength we have.  Putting a Constitutional candidate like Ron Paul into the Oval Office, though excitingly possible, will not be enough.  We must also pursue the same standards in our states, and draw a line in the sand around our respective communities.

Even with rigged electronic voting, media manipulation, and political co-option, I feel our efforts this year will resonate for many decades to come.  Whether we are able to take back social power for regular citizens is not as important as making them aware that they have allowed themselves to lose that power in the first place.  The elections of 2012, ultimately, should be treated as a vehicle for enlightenment, and this enlightenment begins when we are able to recognize the lies we live, and the men who sell them to us…

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LawsofPhysics's picture

That and stop paying taxes and starve the beast and all the puppets of the global banking/financial class.  Remember, the ONLY way not to loose at a corrupt game is not to play.  Know the real value of your labor?  You better.

Oh regional Indian's picture

The Press are the real liars that will sell you the lies.

The Liar Amplifiers.

The liars cannot succeed unless a respected (Walter Cronkite was an Establishment man, AS is Charlie Rose or that god awful CNN ex-con larry king) face repeats the lie for them.


At that, the press is a past-master now. Add TV+TaVistock and you've got mayhem.



AnAnonymous's picture

The key is to stop listening to what they SAY, and start looking closely at what they DO.


Oh, no.

Or only apply to US citizen politicians.

Because if you do so to all US citizens, well, you might be in for a trip on "what US citizenism is"

Have ever US citizens favour freedom? Dont look at what they have said, take a closer look at what they have done.


This US citizen author is a big delusional fool who forgot his own duplicity.

He forgot that there is no discontinuity between the US citizen elite and the US citizen base and that if you follow his piece of advice, once again, bah, you'll see that there is no discontinuity between the elite and the base in US citizen, the elite being the elite only expressing US citizen on a greater magnitude than the base.

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

Really? We're going to take shots at Allen West? huh...

Oh yeah Ron Paul is the next homosapien to be annointed messiah for our problems by a clueless rabble demanding rapid social change. (I have news for you rapid social change ends in massive bloodshed.)

Well then, we better deep-six Allen West's image so he doesn't have a chance to steal any thunder from the good Dr. Paul who understands JACK about Radical Islam, and thinks that he will defuse their perpetual threat to World stability by getting us out of region and going home. That is the opinion of a child who knows nothing about history or the nature of Mankind.

This problem of civil liberies is much older than Allen West's tenure in the House. He is on the ecommittee that is tasked with generating an annual NDAA, for crying out loud. He must be part of the team that builds the language. You can't be held responsible for every last word or twist of language required to get it passed. Tying up the bill to fight every "vague statement" means that the troops don't get paid, and that is not an option. As for Obama's signing statement, he has zero culpability there. Sadly this is politics today folks, 


DFCtomm's picture

There are more nuts in this place than a San Francisco bath house. But it's fun to listen to the incoherent rants. They got two answers to everything. it's the Jews or it's the industrial military complex. No other antagonist exists in their universe.

Whoa Dammit's picture

"The Liar Amplifiers." That's a good one ORI. +1.

Does anyone here remember a time when the TV talking heads did not tell people what to think about a debate or political speech immediately after it was over, as if the audience had no ears to hear what the pols said , or no reasoning ability to form their own opinions?  I'm curious as to when this sheep herding by the media started, as it has been happening for as long as I can remember.

fuu's picture

Just out of curiosity how should people go about not paying taxes and staying out of jail?

walküre's picture

Barter and cash economy aka "the black market" are flourishing.

Why is it called the black market? Surely that's not a racist attribute. But why do they keep calling it that? To insinuate that these markets are dirty or rotten? The big boyz are trading their paper in black or dark pools and have invented a black market for their schemes. Can't be that bad now, can it!

fuu's picture

How do people with payroll jobs go about escaping taxation without going to jail? Should they all quit their jobs and start working for cash under the table?

Conrad Murray's picture

Obviously. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people *are* sheep and will never do anything to better their lives.

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." - John Stuart Mill

fuu's picture

Then again Mr. Mill had no children to provide for.

Conrad Murray's picture

One would think those with children would be the first to free themselves, to try and ensure their wee ones aren't forced into a life and world of debt slavery. Always easier to make excuses and keep skipping toward the cliff I suppose.

fuu's picture

Just so I understand, you are saying that parents should either quit their jobs and not provide for their children, or avoid taxation which could lead to incarceration all in the name of not jumping off a cliff.

Your rhetoric is weak.

Conrad Murray's picture

I'm afraid it is your reading comprehension that is weak. I am saying there are plenty of ways for people to live without paying taxes(look up "System D 10 trillion" for a small idea). I am saying that if your biggest concern is whether or not the tax man is going to nab you, your priorities are fucked.

However, in your specific instance, what I am saying, and have yet left unsaid this bluntly, is that it seems to me you are a pussy looking to make excuses for why you continue to support a system that you know is corrupt. The most convenient way for you rationalize your cowardice is to hold up your children as a human shield.

fuu's picture

That's all you got? System D, pussy, and coward?

Come on back when you have a suggestion for people who do not wish to become criminals in order to fight corruption.

Meatier Shower's picture

See, that's the thing.

You can't fight this kind of corruption without being labeled a criminal by TPTB.

NDAA anyone?

“If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no resource left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government, and which against the usurpations of the national rulers, may be exerted with infinitely better prospect of success than against those of the rulers of an individual state…..”

- Federalist papers No.28

Bringin It's picture

Conrad  - Great stuff as usual.  Thanks

Good point about people with children.  I was amazed at how the sleep-walking public continues to throw their own children under the bus.

How to avoid taxes and stay out of jail?  Consume less.  Capitalise your expenses, ie. buy farm land and grow your own.  Brew your own beer.  Only spend on necessities.  Avoid taking profits until necessary.

AnAnonymous's picture

Well, tomorrow is not the day that degraded state will strike US citizens.

akak's picture

Somebody please wake me up when this Anonymous Asshole stops making inane and sweeping stereotypical condemnations of EVERY American in the monotonous course of his endlessly idiotic assertions that ALL Americans are to blame for the actions of a relative handful of sociopaths who control their oligarchic government and financial establishment, and when he begins making even some small inkling of sense.

Flakmeister's picture

Isn't it a bitch when a whole society gets tarred with the same brush.....

I am pretty sure there were some SS guys that were not that bad....

walküre's picture

They can't escape the system that is created by them to their benefit. Plain and simple. There are virtually no loopholes. The payroll slaves are the drones the system needs to survive. Drones will not attempt to think outside of their box and drones will do as the masters suggest to them.

The playing field is not level, has never been level and unless we change something about it the coming generations will be enslaved to the very same system as well.

However, the drones that are starting to think outside the box can do something. They can organize and as many drones start to organize they are becoming a threat to the system. I think that's why unions were created in the first place but their mandate got muddied when the union hacks became a beneficiary of the system as well.

LawsofPhysics's picture

No one said real change was "easy" dude.

fuu's picture

So no suggestions just rhetoric?

Bringin It's picture

How to avoid taxes and stay out of jail?  Consume less.  Capitalise your expenses, ie. buy farm land and grow your own.  Brew your own.  Only spend on necessities.  Avoid taking profits until necessary.

DFCtomm's picture

They just spout shit they've read on the web nothing special. You got two choices stay out of the comment section of political posts or if you like poking retards with a stick, then have some fun.

Malachi Constant's picture

They switch to contracting.

Overfed's picture

Some folks calls it a black market. I calls it a free market. Mmmm Hmmmm.....

zangs's picture

it would only work if practically everybody did it...they can't put everyone in jail.  

mkkby's picture

NO, NO, NO!.  You do not have to choose between not working and jail.  A consumerism strike is just as potent - and legal.  Just stop buying crap on credit.  Buy only essentials.  If we all did that the beast would starve. 

Yes, many drones would be out of work as the system crashes... but those jobs are false ponzi jobs anyway.

If you get your savings out of the banking system, ie PMs, you'll be striking the beast with both sides of your blade.

Now, how many of you have the will power to take this miniscule step for your own freedom and financial survival?  Very few of you do.

CompassionateFascist's picture

Invest in lead. Use it when they come for you. For sure, no jail.

fuu's picture

Should the children be sent to gandma's house first or should they stay behind the couch reloading magazines?

Malachi Constant's picture

Read carefully what the big boys do (Romney, Google) and do the same. Yes, it will cost you, but less than taxes. Better yet, as stated in another reply, avoid money altogether.

TeMpTeK's picture

learn the secret of the "Trade or Business " scam... and then only pay taxes on what is truly taxable..

GFKjunior's picture

"Taxes are for regular guys and tools to the state" - my grandpa. I remember he used to walk around with a big wad of cash in his pockets and no identification other than an expired out of state drivers license. 


Unfortunately it was a lot easier years ago, now in days you can't even get by without a bank account. 

Chump's picture

" in days you can't even get by without a bank account."

Really?  News to me!

Cathartes Aura's picture

me too.

and zero plastic cards - how can that be??

Gavrikon's picture

I've no problem with paying taxes, just as long as those taxes are tariffs on foreign goods (especially on thoe from countries using virtually slave labor), and we abolish the income tax.

catacl1sm's picture

You often say not to pay taxes. Any idea how to accomplish this without having all of your possesions taken away and going to jail for  tax evasion? This ins't Greece and I need a place for my kids to live.

Malachi Constant's picture

I am neither an accountant, nor a financial advisor, nor a lawyer. I am as clueles and interested in the answer as the next guy. I am thinking along these lines:

  1. Move: the less neighbors know about you, the better.
  2. Accept that more freedom = less conveniences. If you want to go under the radar, forget domestic credit cards, for example.
  3. Stay inconspicuous. Your goal is to get more freedom, not expensive objects. If you want the State to think that you are poor, don't have a 2011 Cadillac in a driveway. 


Register an LLC in a state with the lowest corporate tax rate. Have this corp. pay you a very modest salary and keep the rest in its business account. Buy (or better rent) everything you can under corporate name.

Invest as much as you can in things that cannot be taken away: education and experiences.

mkkby's picture

"I am as clueles and interested in the answer as the next guy...

Register an LLC in a state with the lowest corporate tax rate. Have this corp. pay you a very modest salary and keep the rest in its business account."

You certainly are.  In an LLC all the profit automatically flows into personal income.  You should shut up unless you actually know something or can footnote it.

Silver Dreamer's picture

Get out of all debt too, and stop using their "money."

Clycntct's picture

" Remember, the ONLY way not to loose at a corrupt game is not to play."

Not true!

Mo Better Cheat.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Wow. I have never read such amazingly delusional propaganda. The SPLC has already exposed the alternative market project for their affiliation with the right-wing extremist group "Oath Keepers". Oath Keepers are known to associate with both conspiracy theorists and confederate racists. This is not a credible group at all.

Chump's picture

You get to use the SPLC only four (4) more times before it becomes obvious satire.  Plan accordingly.

flattrader's picture

Don't need SPLC to tell us Alt Market is associated with the Oathkeepers.  The say so on their website.

What I really like about Oathkeepers is how they stood shoulder to shoulder with OWS and prevented demonstrating vets from being assaulted by cops.

They are my heroes.


Oh! They were late to the party and didn't to much of anything....but "infiltrate."

Vet were beaten bloody.  Google vets beaten

Dixie Rect's picture

"You get to use the SPLC only four (4) more times before it becomes obvious satire."

But us it five (5) more times and he gets a free set of steak knives!

LawsofPhysics's picture

LOL!  This guy has got to write for Jon Stewart.