Guest Post: How "Crazy Survivalists" Make The World A Better Place

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Submitted by Brandon Smith from Alt-Market

How "Crazy Survivalists" Make The World A Better Place

I was recently interviewed by a journalist for a local newspaper who was developing a story on the exponential rise of the “prepper lifestyle” in America, most especially in Western Montana.  Being an outsider to the Liberty Movement, she was naturally curious as to what motivated us to make what some in our culture would see as a drastic and bewildering leap away from the mainstream.  She was equally fascinated with our willingness to travel great distances and make substantial sacrifices to live in regions like the American Redoubt.    

I will not deny, Montana has indeed become a “hotbed” of survivalism and Constitutionalism, or what the Southern Poverty Law Center would call “extremism and domestic terrorism”.  I lived in Pittsburgh for years while writing for Neithercorp and Alt-Market and rarely ran into like minded individuals aware of the tenuous status of our society.  Within days of moving to Montana, I was being recognized by complete strangers in supermarkets excited to discuss the inner workings of Keynesian monetary corruption, precious metals investment, and Alinsky disinformation tactics.  Yeah…I know…it’s weird.

After living for a while in the Redoubt, you begin to forget that there are still many people in this country that are utterly oblivious to the epic dangers around them, as well as painfully helpless in knowing what to do when those dangers land on their doorsteps.  Speaking with the newspaper reporter, and my experiences at Paulfest in Tampa, Florida, reminded me that the world has yet to be reminded of the value of survivalism.  There is still a gap, a disconnect, a psychological twitch of the masses, and it compels me to explain, yet again, what they are missing.

I had thought about using parables like the ancient Greek story of Cassandra, who was given the gift of foresight and prophecy, but also stricken with a curse which prevented anyone from believing her dire warnings.  Or the story of Noah, who was given an omen, a vision of catastrophe, and directed by God on how to save a remnant of life, while knowing that most of the people around him would perish.  And what about Galileo, who simply tried to point out the scientific operations of the universe in which we exist, only to be ostracized by his church and government?  In these modern times, however, many find it increasingly difficult to relate to mythology, bible lore, or even historical precedence.  Luckily, there is always cinema…

While considering this topic, as if by design, I stumbled upon the film ‘Take Shelter’, the story of a man who suffers from acute intuition.  His vivid dreams warn him of a nightmare event, but is he a prophet, or a schizophrenic with delusions of doom?

Human beings hold within them a natural mechanism, a moral dynamo that compels them to alert others to the dangers they see silhouette on the horizon.  Every survivalist today has at one time or another felt the overwhelming weight of responsibility that comes with knowing; not believing, but KNOWING the future.  The film 'Take Shelter' illustrates the internal and external dilemmas of the survivalist in a way that is striking, beautiful, and affirming.

Prophetic dreams and spoken messages from the heavens are not necessarily required to understand the dilemmas our nation faces in the new millennium.  It does not take a psychic to see the mathematical certainty of dollar devaluation and loss of world reserve status.  The degradation of our civil liberties in the name of state security.  The formation of unaccountable supranational bodies which are quickly encroaching upon our individual sovereignty.  In fact, a person would have to be mentally blind, deaf, and dumb to NOT grasp what is happening right under their noses.  Sadly, this is where a majority of the American populace lives. 

Even at Paulfest, a convention and congregation of what I consider some of the most awake and socially aware people on the planet, I discovered that at least half of those in attendance had a minimal sense of urgency as far as a true national crisis was concerned, clinging to the assumption that they had yet more time to stab at top down solutions and political tap dancing that continually falls short of what is necessary to restore liberty.

It is difficult to retain one’s composure in the face of the astounding absurdity of normalcy bias.  The idea that today’s comforts will continue on tomorrow and forever is a powerful one.  To break such apathy requires steadfast resolve.  Sometimes, only startling and terrifying events are enough to rattle the mindless masses.  Sometimes, you just have to let the chips fall where they may, speak the truth to the best of your ability, and let the herd sort out the rest in their own good time, whatever there is left of it.  What we see as a forgone conclusion, what we passionately fight to expose, in their minds often translates into belligerence and a frightening subversion of their joyous naivety:

As we invade their perfect world with the dreadful facts of life, their subconscious reflex is to regard us as a tangible threat.  The first reaction is always to laugh.  Ridicule without substance is the primary defense of the ignorant.  But, what if you don’t go away?  What if your arguments are too precise?  What if there is too much clarity to your position?  What if you have a whole movement of people behind you?  What if you are a force to be reckoned with, and cannot be refuted or dissuaded?  What if logic dictates the admission that you are right, and they are wrong?

Then arises fury…

It is not uncommon for the truth tellers of an era to be labeled the enemies of society.  To be held as criminals, traitors, and terrorists.  In fact, the establishment has in the past two decades made every effort to paint survivalists as the boogeymen of our age; unstable and unpredictable wild-men hell bent on destruction in the name of some hallucinatory ideology.  Using generalizations, false associations, and outright lies, corrupt governments seek to fool the citizenry into viewing survivalists as a fringe element and a dark underbelly of their otherwise serene state sponsored existence.

In contrast, I would like to point out to the non-prepper populace the advantages of having some of us “loony” survivalists around.  Rarely in the mainstream are we ever presented with the utility of survival proponents, and how they actually serve the interests of the “greater good” to quote a phrase often used by drooling collectivists and statists who desperately try to defame the prepper subculture…

Advantage #1:  Survivalists Have Their Own Stuff – They Don’t Need Your Stuff

Survivalists have their own stuff, which means, they will likely not feel compelled to take your stuff, if, that is, you have any stuff worth having.  In the midst of a calamity, being surrounded by preppers is one of the best insurance policies a person could acquire.  Think about it; would you rather have me as a neighbor, with my guns, ammo, food supply, off-grid solar power and water, and anti-establishment angst, or, would you rather have some superficial sickly fake friendly suburban yuppie with a Mercedes, an overpriced boat, a $100,000-plus debt obligation, a repressed inferiority complex, a vicious department store-addicted trophy wife, three spoiled crusty children with a vocabulary of 80 words or less, and an empty pantry?  In a crisis, who is the real threat?  Come on!

Advantage #2:  Survivalists Keep To Themselves – Your Business Is Your Own

Have you ever lived in the metro areas of California, New York, or Illinois?  Ever notice how disgustingly nosy many people tend to become in the more socialist minded regions of America?  Neighborhood administrations that cite you for tall grass.  Permits on top of permits.  Sneers when you smoke a cigarette, even outdoors.  Environmental restrictions bordering on the insane.  City governments telling you what you are allowed to eat and drink and how much.  It’s so enraging it makes you want to wrench someone’s head off their neck and squeeze their skull like an oversized pimple.

Survivalists respect privacy.  Grow a garden on your front lawn.  Smoke your cigarettes (or whatever).  Drink your damned 2 liter mega-gulp.  Let your kids play with the water hose for hours, or open a lemonade stand.  Don’t worry; the authorities will never be told, because we don’t care.  We have far more important things to worry about.

Advantage #3:  Survivalists Are Handy

Ever have that one friend, or neighbor, or family member who just seems to have all the right answers when it comes to gardening, or solar power, or repairing that hunting rifle?  Who knows all the best camping and fishing spots?  Who always seems to be willing to go out of his way to help you set up a good emergency kit in case of that next hurricane, flood, tornado, earthquake, etc?  You may very well be working with a survivalist and not even know it.               

Advantage #4:  Survivalists Insulate A Region

The more survivalists there are in a particular area, the more likely you are to get through a disaster, whether you have prepared for it or not.  A network of survival communities offers an enormous variety of skills, an alternative economy and barter system to tap into, safety from harm during a major implosion or socially unstable times, and the ingenuity required to rebuild after the disaster. 

Let me put it this way:  who is more likely to return your environment to a livable state?  Groups of survivalists with the know-how and the desire because they actually LIVE in the region?  Or, a faceless government bureaucracy like FEMA with no meaningful ties to the community in which you live? 

Advantage #5:  Survivalists Cook Up A Mean Barbeque

Show me a survivalist that doesn’t grill like an artist.  I defy you!

Advantage #6:  Survivalists Stand Their Ground When It Counts

If you ever need someone to back you up in a terrible situation, you can’t do much better than a survivalist.  They are used to adversity.  In fact, many of us deliberately put ourselves through strenuous training environments in order to learn where we will falter.  We make a point to uncover our own weaknesses and improve upon them.  Our current comfort obsessed society is almost devoid of this characteristic.  Finding a single person who will not let you down is a gift.  Finding an entire movement of such people is a miracle.  Don’t let it go to waste…

Advantage #7:  Survivalists Are Time Capsules For Liberty

Every culture needs watchmen.  Not government paid watchmen who seek out power, but citizen volunteers who shun power.  Without such watchmen, fundamental principles can be lost or destroyed, and the people of a nation are apt to forget where they came from, and what made them successful in the first place.  Though the masses have a tendency to be lured away from the legacy of freedom which once served them towards the twisted ideologies of tyrants and collectivists, in the long run they always return, seeking the almost forgotten abundances of liberty.  When the people go searching for freedom once again, the survivalists, the enduring watchmen, will be waiting to greet them.

Advantage #8:  Survivalists Are Not Afraid To Remind Society Of Its Mistakes

It is easy to be apathetic to the criminality of government.  It is easy to cocoon one’s self inside his own little life, within the minor dramas of his family and of his job.  It is easy to turn away from the big picture and hope that the monsters of the world sort themselves out, or overlook us entirely.  Unfortunately, this is not how human history has ever been resolved.  The worst problems never disappear on their own.  Survivalists understand this and are willing to take personal risks in order to uncover the nature of the beast for anyone willing to listen.  They understand that their best chance of survival is to preempt a disaster before it ever occurs.  The value of this to the longevity of our species cannot be calculated.  Without those who can overcome the fears created by conformity, mankind is lost.  Our very future depends upon the principles of survivalism, which teaches us to embrace our individuality, love the individualism within others, stand unyielding in the face of oppression, and fight to our dying breath to see that the best in all of us is one day fully realized.


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Aziz's picture

Declare independence from tyranny and the potential for tyranny by making yourself and your family self-sufficient. 

Michael's picture

We could win tomorrow if a shit load of people walked around with T-shirts using this idea;

Got Guns & Ammo? Good!

I should make this my signature line.

I just made this up last night.  It's like that Got Popcorn? Got Milk?(meme)

People should make bumper stickers out of this saying.

People should make T-Shirts with "Got Guns & Ammo? on the front and "Good!" on the back, or vise versa. I'm making some to take to sell at the gun show.

I give this to you for free.  Have at it.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

I've already have a "Got FAL?" shirt.  Does that count?

For most Americans, unfortunately, the answer is no.

Michael's picture

You really have to spell out what you mean for the dumb.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

A quick Google search is adequate.

Michael's picture

People are too lazy to do that.

Manthong's picture

My bug-out vehicle is a Jeep, but I am looking at other options and ways to keep it clean.

What the hell, it’s Friday night.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Hmmm...they seem to prefer the Camaro.  But I already knew that.

Michael's picture

There's no time left to be discreet. My idea is similar to the V for vendetta mask, only you don't need to hide behind a mask in America.

This is my response to the 1.4 billion hollow point bullet purchase by the federal government to be used domestically.

If someone asks if you own a gun and you don't know them, just tell them, that's none of your business.

FEDbuster's picture

Rather than letting those perverted assholes "sniff" her water (bought after going through the nazi rape stations), she drank the water in front of them.  So they banned her from taking her flight.  She is most likely now on the "no fly" list or some other unknown list for "trouble makers".  Fuck them and fuck the airlines for letting them take control of their security.  I will never fucking fly again. 

TSA accused Ron Paul of being a possible Kamikaze bomb threat to Romney and the RNC in Tampa while searching his private chartered plane.  They were going to feel up his wife, but stopped after someone started to video tape the assault.

FEDbuster's picture

Rather than wearing a T-shirt, just strap a pistol (a big one) to your side.  Open carry of arms by law abiding citizens drives the hoplophobic, libtards nuts.

Michael's picture

What if people walked around the airports and everywhere gathering in large groups with my t-shirts in an act of civil disobedience that is not, if you have the balls to do it. 

It's expressing your 1st amendment right.

It's only four words.

Michael's picture

After crowd sourcing my idea on ZH, this is what I got so far;


Got Guns & Ammo? Good!

I just made this up last night. It's like that Got Popcorn?, Got Milk?(meme)

People should make bumper stickers out of this saying.

People should make T-Shirts with "Got Guns & Ammo?" on the back and "Good!" on the front, or vise versa. I'm making some to sell at the gun show.

There's no time left to be discreet. My idea is similar to the V for Vendetta mask, only you don't need to hide behind a mask in America.

This is my response to the 1.4 billion hollow point bullet purchase by the federal government to be used domestically.

If someone asks if you own a gun while wearing the T-Shirt and you don't know them, just tell them, that's none of your business, or to be pleasant, I don't give out that kind of personal information.

What if people walked around the airports and everywhere gathering in large groups with my t-shirts in an act of civil disobedience that is not, if you have the balls to do it?

It's expressing your 1st amendment right.

It's only four words.

Michael's picture

I’m giving it away for free. You make thousands on it by printing hundreds of them and selling them before the market gets saturated.

Or before the Chinese do.

The first person wearing this T-Shirt who goes through the invasive TSA pat down line at the airport, and gets it uploaded on Youtube first, is the winner.
Michael's picture

If your scared of trying out my idea at the airport, carry a copy of this most dangerous weapon to protect yourself with in your hand.

TheSilverJournal's picture

On a long enough timeline, nobody is a survivalist. To me, being a survivalist means giving a crap about your life. It's pretty plain to see interest rates will skyrocket and cause the US to go bankrupt and fiat to collapse, so it's probably best to start preparing yesterday. Or don't prepare at all if you don't give a crap about your life or the lives of the people you care about.

Clashfan's picture

I'm always glad to see folks angry at the unnecesary TSA goons.

I couldn't believe it when Amerikans elected Bush 41. I couldn't believe folks in our country would elect a former CIA chief to head the country.

I couldn't believe it when people stood by for NAFTA, Waco, etc. I couldn't believe people actually voted for the Bushmonkey, supported the bogus wars, etc.

But I am astounded that American stupidity just keeps getting worse. I know plenty of people who think the TSA are not a big deal. Plenty.

Thanks, folks, for keeping up the pressure. And whatever you might think of him, Alex Jones has constantly bitched about the TSA. May God bless him.

Here's another one from his site. This is the kind of thing Americans are subjected to:

Henry Hub's picture

***you don't need to hide behind a mask in America***

Not so fast - FBI is now installing face recognition software

Overfed's picture

It's just fuckin' amazing what people will accept when they are being told that it's for their own good.

Hey everybody, do something good for liberty. Start destroying government owned surveillance cameras today!

Michael's picture

I told everyone the DHS was being set up for American civilians, not The Base or members of The Base.

"Under normal circumstances I’d say I told you so. But, as I have told so with such vehemence and frequency already the phrase has lost all meaning. Therefore, I will be replacing it with the phrase, I have informed you thusly."
— Sheldon, 4x09 The Justice League Recombination

If your scared of trying out my idea at the airport, carry a copy of this most dangerous weapon to protect yourself with in your hand.




Dr. Engali's picture

Now why is it that I never see that at the local fundraising car wash in front of Walmart?

Manthong's picture

My town wouldn't even give Hooter's a business license.

Somehow I get the feeling those young ladies weren't part of the church ladies auxiliary. :D

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

“to discuss the inner workings of ... precious metals investment

This is something that really irritates me about goldbugs. HOARDING STACKS OF SHINY METAL IS NOT INVESTING!! Investing is something that takes time and consideration, and many years of painstaking research. Retail investors should only be investing in blue chip companies with proven records of success, and these investments should only be made under the guidance of a professional stock broker or financial advisor. Buying gold bullion is not only an esoteric and dangerous “investment”, but it also runs contrary to the opinion of some of the world’s most respected an accomplished investment professionals.

Michael's picture

Putting your money in a 401k is a casino game of chance where the house always wins. Gold never goes to zero.

nope-1004's picture


You are using the word "investing" much like Krugman uses the word "economics".  In theory, it works.  In the utopian world, it works.  In a text book, it works.

Today "investing" means abrogating ones rights to ones own wealth.  You will be stolen from if you "invest".  For a billionaire big-mouth like Buffet or Munger, "investing" and bashing PM's is all they know.  They were born at a unique time in history and Buffets aptitude in that setting made him lever his net worth.  He wouldn't have gotten rich had they invested in PM's through the 80's and 90's, but surely would have in 2000.  You can see, their time is up.  Their practice no longer profitable.  They are now irrelevant, losing money, losing time, and will have it all taken from them at some point.

Investing is no longer what it means.  Ask any MF Global customer.


FEDbuster's picture

"Invest in assets that you can stand in front of and guard with an AR-15", Ann Barnhardt 2012

TheSilverJournal's picture

Where was the gold price 50 yrs ago?...$35. Where is the gold price now?...$1740. Gold looks like it's been a pretty good investment to me. And currency about to collapse so gold's headed to at least $10,000 in the next 2 yrs.

Silver's the real winner though which will hit at least $1,000 in the next two years.

Silver/gold ratio will hit at least 10/1.

Jungle Jim's picture

I hope you're right. I really do. I've got a fair amount of silver. (Or, rather, I know where a fair amount of silver is buried.)

All the gold I have -- or rather, know the subterranean location of -- would fit in some rapper's front teeth. (Well, maybe two rappers' front teeth.)  So I'd sure like to see that ratio go to 10/1. That would be nice.

Manthong's picture

"I know where a fair amount of silver is buried."

You meant to say that you know was lost in the middle of Lake Superior, one dark and stromy November night a while back, during the time you were dirinking heavily and your thoughts are really cloudy from those days.

What a shame.

Oh, and if you listen to the Faber interview on FSN (small fee)  he insinuates that $17K /oz. gold could be a dollar revalue price.. but only after the US government tries to confiscate what's in private hands for current market price. 

CompassionateFascist's picture

And speaking of Annie B., go over to her site @ and see how her tax strike is working out. Uncle Sugar about to hijack her house. Told her she can move in w me anytime, but prolly she won't. Sigh. But if she barricades herself in & the and the gubmint gets violent w her, I think Lone Tree Colo. might be a good place for a Gathering of the Clans.  

CompassionateFascist's picture

Actually, uncle Warren made a bundle off silver. During '79-'80, he trailed the Hunt Brothers' corner. Had inside info from his Carter admn. polit cronies as to when the gubmint would move against the brothas, then sold at the precise moment. Now he and his kind have cornered the world.

FrankDrakman's picture

I'm constantly amazed at the number of ZH readers who can see that Obamittney is the same thing, that fiat is just a few letters from fiasco, and that things really are different this time, but can't see that MDB's sustained satirical output should be enjoyed and welcomed just as much as WB7's inspired creations (The Limerick KGB - not so much)

sadmamapatriot's picture

I always take MDB as satire. It is the only way his shit makes sense.


krispkritter's picture

Yep, definitely losing the edge MDB. I've seen bigger asses but only on the current First Lady. Try harder or go back to the basement....


Yen Cross's picture

 Chimpanzees are smarted than I thought! ;-)

blunderdog's picture

I know it's all just a joke, but the resident jokester was actually CORRECT.

Buying gold and/or silver is not "investing."  It is SAVING.

kito's picture

actually, if you are in the inflation camp, then its not investing or saving, its preserving.......................

nope-1004's picture

With theft all around, like MF Global, PFG, and soon Margin Stanley, I could give a rip about inflation.  Theft is the new norm.


kito's picture

you really believe the rumor  that gatas guy murphy has a friend who has a father that knows ms seniors who are preparing for their demise?.......

CompassionateFascist's picture

I've got some silver stashed at MSSB. The local office is like a tomb. Am watching the situation closely.

FEDbuster's picture

Are you nuts?  Buy a good gun safe (heavy, large and a good door) bring your silver home.  Buy some guns and ammo, too.  One pistol and battle rifle for each family member over the age of 10.  Pay for some training, then practice, practice.....  Load up on ammo, too.  It continues to go up in price, you can never have too much and it is a great barter item post collapse.

mendolover's picture

Yeah that's why JPM and GS just announced their forecast for $1800 gold by the end of the year.

A Lunatic's picture

Consider the source(s)......

Glasnost's picture

If your return from holding barbaric stacks of 'shiny metal' is higher relative to just holding onto greenbacks and reaping the losses (perhaps you consider them profits?) they experience with inflation, then yes, it's investing.

blunderdog's picture

Nah.  You're not building anything that'll pay off later.  Gold/silver just sit there.

If it's "money," it's not an investment.  If you're a trader, at best it could be called speculation.

Papasmurf's picture

The book The Battle For Investment Survival by G M Loeb, copyright 1957, in the introduction, describes investing as:

Storing present purchasing power for use in the future is investing, no matter in what form it's put away.  Some popular and common forms included money itself, government bonds, savings bank deposits, real estate, commodities, securities of all types, diamonds and where and when it's legal, gold.