Guest Post: John Bryson’s Real Medical Condition

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Submitted by James E. Miller of the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada,

Last Saturday, it is being reported that U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary John Bryson was involved in two auto accidents that may have been related to a seizure he suffered during the incidents.  According to CNN, Bryson is currently under investigation for a felony hit and run.  It is unclear at this point if the Commerce Secretary’s health condition played a part in either accident.  Police currently don’t believe drugs or alcohol were involved.  Whatever the case, Bryson’s insider status will likely help him escape any significant legal trouble that could arise from the episode.  That’s just how plutocracies roll.

Perhaps now is a good time to analyze the oxymoronic reasoning behind a government bureaucrat in charge of regulating commerce.  According to Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution, Congress shall have the authority “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.”  For those not fooled by the fantasy that government will always abide by the rules set up by its founders, the fact that Congress has used such vague language to regulate anything and everything under the sun comes as no surprise.  If the ruling class of the state really wants to ignore previously defined limits to its powers, there is little that will stop them short of full blown domestic revolution.  Just look at President Obama’s ongoing killing spree in the Middle East.

The plain truth is the U.S. Constitution, like every government-establishing text, was never meant to shackle Leviathan.  As Southern University School of Law professor Butler Shaffer writes in regard to the supposed freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights:

This fact is what conservatives fail to understand when they bleat about wanting “to get back to the Constitution.” The government has never strayed from the Constitution; these words have been in that document from the beginning. They have, however, been interpreted according to the ever-changing preferences of those in power.

From Abraham Lincoln’s whoring out to the railroad industry to Franklin Roosevelt’s fascism-in-disguise New Deal, the commerce clause has always been interpreted to justify the federal government’s intrusion into economic life.  Even if we were to accept that the authors of the Constitution really wanted to grant Congress the authority to regulate commerce in such a way as to facilitate it rather than limit it (James Madison is said to have argued that regulate generally means “keep regular”), then such a notion would be counter-intuitive.  The state only ever impedes commerce and transactions among free people.  Tariffs, taxation, subsidies to politically favored firms, and legally imposed barriers to industry are all products of government dictum.

Rather than promote “job creation, economic growth, sustainable development and improved standards of living for all Americans,” as goes its mission statement, the Department of Commerce is fundamentally anti-commerce.  People are perfectly capable of trading with their next door neighbors and with strangers all the way across the globe without being supervised like children.  And through every transaction, both parties think of themselves better off or they wouldn’t have conducted business in the first place.  This concept is universal irregardless of the arbitrary boundaries imposed on the world by various nation-states.

What the Department of Commerce really serves as is another bureaucracy to be staffed by those who take great pleasure in barking orders at individuals and instructing them in the proper way in which to live their lives.  In what is perhaps one of the most accurate descriptions written on the state and its enforcers, famed investor Doug Casey’s recent essay “The Ascendence of Sociopaths in U.S. Governance” gets to the bottom of the type of person drawn to positions of coercive dictation.  In addressing the crotch fondlers in the Transportation Security Administration, he writes:

Have you ever wondered where the 50,000 people employed by the TSA to inspect and degrade you came from? Most of them are middle-aged. Did they have jobs before they started doing something that any normal person would consider demeaning? Most did, but they were attracted to – not repelled by – a job where they wear a costume and abuse their fellow citizens all day.

Few of them can imagine that they’re shepherding in a police state as they play their roles in security theater…but the 50,000 newly employed are exactly the same type of people who joined the Gestapo – eager to help in the project of controlling everyone. Nobody was drafted into the Gestapo.

In short, to cite another illuminating phrase from Casey, “Washington draws sociopaths like a pile of dog crap draws flies.”  The key difference is that piles of dog excrement don’t steal from your paycheck, sexually assault you before you board a plane, read your electronic communication without your permission, and then pretend to be looking out for your best interests.

As we have seen, Casey’s reasoning applies directly to those in the Department of Commerce.  If under no restrictions people will naturally economize and bargain with each other to better their lives, then all government can do is act as a hurdle to trade.  And it is precisely those who seek to oversee and squash commerce that will gravitate toward the institution that specializes in the practice.  The purpose of the U.S. Department of Commerce, and its equivalent in other countries, is based on Orwellian reasoning and its offices are used to employ busybodies who will dutifully go to the voting booth and put politicians in power that will appropriate more stolen money to its range of agencies.

What ever medical condition Secretary Bryson may have is negligible in comparison to his statist mindset as the head of a regulatory bureaucracy.  Those who had their vehicle plowed into by his Lexus are not the only ones who have suffered at the hands of Secretary Bryson.  It is the businesses and innovations that will never see the light of day due to the endless amounts of regulatory red tape which permeate from Washington into the economy like a deadly plague.

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Fuck it, throw him under the bus, too, and back up a few times.

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they hustled his dick back to washington pdq.

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This guy plowed into the back end of a Buick with three passengers inside, argued with them, got back into his car, took off, and proceeded to hit yet another car for no apparent reason, this time not even bothering to stop, and just proceeding to wherever he was going.


He had a "seizure."





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The whole cast in DC is one big seizure

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Just like old Europe, the Royalty have the right of way.

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Do you mean old Europe as in 19th century, or old Europe as it is today, from an American perspective?

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Maybe his medical condition is rectal-cranial inversion seizures from huge ego spasms.

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Excellent!  Way to take the extra minute and determine if it was worth posting!  Bravo!  

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I'm pretty sure they meant medieval times.  Then again, Europe is also full of panjandrums who expect and get royal treatment and lord over the mostly-willing peastantry there, too.

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Quite a few monarchs in Europe were slaughtered along its their entire courts, personal staff and extendd families. Historically speaking, Monarchy is a privileged status right up until you get dragged from your bed by angry peasants, and your corpse is dragged bloody through the streets.

Throughout history, understanding the tipping point of public frustration has been vital to personal survival for those in power.

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that starts only when the sheeple dont get enough to bite

"The distance between culture and anarchy is three warm meals"

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That tipping point had better come pretty soon.

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Kharma in action. Let her play with him a while, it's just started, so sit back, pay attention and enjoy.

She is taking him apart at the seams, leaving a trail for all to see.

Not the first, definitely won't be the last.

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It's quite simple really...He drives commerce like he drives his Lexus.

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Remind me what the special occasion is again Poo bear.

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it's when you bend over and get a mitt full

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I think it is when sheeple think they are actually accomplishing voting out one bad guy and replacing it with another one just as if not more corrupt. Its the old good cop bad cop scenario (democrats and republicans) the end game for both is the same

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Yea, under the choomwagon, the VW bus.

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But, but but,

I thought there wasnt enough regulation

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It would help if these Mises pieces (Ellleeeeooottt!) would dare to mention specific regulations, but that's apparently too close to doing actual economics for their comfort or something.


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Cute, but I was talking about mentioning which ones might actually be preventing growth (of something other than a carcinoma).

Here, I'll help you out:

Ending the war on drugs would save America billions of dollars per year.

See, wasn't that easy?

I'm just asking for less chest-thumping and hand-waving and the application of a more pragmatic and functional approach.

Likstane's picture

It seemed to me you were defending this chump and his governmental overkill by berating the author for not singling out specifics.  What is worse is that you propose a general call to 'end the war on drugs'.   Where is the specificity in that broad statement? 

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I think that in for brevity, one cannot take on the behemoth of even a department of the federal government.

I would take your drug idea a bit further, abolish any law where there is no injured party.


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That is too simple and there cannot be any simple solutions!

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He has literally no idea what the regulations say, but that's not the point.   Borrowing from Bush, "the regulat'ns hate our freedoms."

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no doubt the regulations stifle competition and creativity.  if i had to guess, it is at the behest of the lobbyists from the oligopolists (who probably wrote the regulations).  while there is still something in this standard rant, regulatory capture is so clearly nearly complete that what we see the government actually do (not say) is almost all the will of the rich and the big corporations.  

LetThemEatRand's picture

I don't know a single human being on the planet who disagrees that all (most?) of the current regulatory system is out of control.  It is an imperfect system, especially in recent years when the big industries figured out that they could have lobbyists convince Congressmen to pass their desired regulations word-for-word.  The simple problem with this author is that the solution is not simple.  The bath water is indeed dirty.  That's where my agreement with the author ends.

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While my definition of the perfect scope of government is probably a bunch smaller than yours, LTER, I do generally agree. Regulatory capture is the problem, along with the vested interests of those that seek government power for themselves in the first place. The usual rationale given for wanting to be in a position of authority is, "I wanted to change things. Make things better!" Unfortunately, in all but a rare few cases, that's quite literally true. What isn't added to the statement is setting out precisely for whom things are to be made better. But they're hardly going to admit that they want power to mold the system to suit themselves, their peer groups and whatever pet social and economic theories they happen to adhere to.

It seems quite obvious that the human race, in it's current state of intellectual and emotional development anyway, does still need some form of limited government - ironically the government employees and politicians of pretty much any 'civilised' country are themselves proof of what happens when humans are allowed to figuratively (and often literally) get away with murder.

So it's not government itself we need to get rid of, though I consider it a long term goal to do so, it's government by self-interest, crony-ism and greed.

But as you rightly say... the solution is not simple. If we were to ban lobbying and appoint a regulatory body to oversee the activities of politicians and civil servants, in order to ensure that 'under the table' bribes didn't take it's place, all we'd now have is another government agency that is subject to precisely the same kind of greedy self interest and susceptibility to corporate / bankster bribery as we have now. It might work for a few years, maybe, but that would be all - too much money involved for all our 'white knights' to remain clean for long!

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This guy needs to be added to the list of folks who need to be tracked down and "spoken to" when TSHTF.

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My takeaway from this is a new meme in the lexicon...


funds "Corzined"

PM's or guns "Lost in a boating accident"

sky is the limit? "I must have had a seizure!"

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Excellent post. And tell me that he was tested. "Police don't believe alcohol" was involved. What a crock of shit

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LA PD was looking fot the most powerful street cleaner in the city to sweep this one under the rug...

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No way.........they don't need to sweep this under the rug. Criminals in this cartel get away with anything they want in plan view, with full cooperation from the Politburo, comrade!

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Nah, bath salts.

The people in the buick are lucky they didn't get their faces chewed off.

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Exactly.  Evidence, not belief.

So if I was high as a kite, and hit someone, would I be liable if I did not believe that drugs were involved?


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Only if you believed you didn't believe?

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That means they did not bother to check, otherwise Obama would have another BEER summit

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No no no no... the LA PD Chief has just pulled his ticket to get into the elite club.  Mark my words, the Chief will ascend to high ranks in the FBI/CIA/NSA/BATFE/ETC

This is how its done...

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Hellz yeah bitchez! That's how communist Party Leaders roll!

So when does he get that blue emergency light and siren on his car that the wealthy and politically connected get in Russia, even today?

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As soon as Obama gets a second term

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he drives a car , like he does the economy