Guest Post: Kazakhstan Now World's Largest Uranium Miner

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very much?

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"an extraordinary feat given that, two decades ago its hydrocarbon output was beyond insignificant when the USSR collapsed."

It hit "Hubbert's Peak" and never recovered.

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So Cameco isn't the best uranium stock anymore

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Is Kazakhstan any where near Bloomfukistan ?

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They are both west of Japan.

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If it ends in 'stan' stay away

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what if it ends in 'hardy'?

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So when does the West plan to Bomb Kazakhstan? They have clearly Nuclear Ambitions

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We will do what ever Fox News and Drudge say ... notice how Drudge made a color picture of Russia flipping off USA into black and white one - just more manipulation of the sheep. Can anyone explain why they would do that?

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to make your tiny brain hurt.

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?? - I don't get it ................ oooh.

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They're probably gonna bomb Uranus first.    Where uranium comes from when ya think real hard.

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If the blonde population of USA bombs Uranus it'll be to look for anus...if the brunette one does it'll be to look for of ben hur. Yahve, and baba mitzaa. 

Sorry, but we always forget the original americans, who only ask one question: why did that ass hole Columbum land in our continent; what did we do to deserve that, please god...?

I am of course saying this tongue in cheek. I have nothing against blondes and brunettes; on the contrary. 

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How soon before the west try to liberate Khazakstan people from its uranium...i mean oppressive rulers...

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They are working on that already. Lead by non other than Yo Blair.


The autocratic leader of oil rich Kazakhstan has recruited Tony Blair as an adviser, believing the former Prime Minister can help him win the Nobel Peace prize.



Gonna work on that Nobel Peace Prize first, it's the latest fashion scream for dictators-politicos who want to get on the world chessboard. And it's much cheaper and easier option, than releasing terrorists (Lockerbie), paying few billion to familes or just invade the country, kill the 'dictator' and then try to control the out of control 'rebels'.

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the last time Blair shook hands with an was Q-daffy for JPM. Look what happened next. Just saying...

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Old Kazakhstan saying : He who laughs last, laughs best. 



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New Kazakhstan saying:     He who laughs first, laughs last, and laughs a lot in between.

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"This deal commits to the creation in Kazakhstan, the top global producer of uranium, of a nuclear fuel production plant dedicated to the Asian market. The construction of this plant could start as soon as the feasibility study is completed by the end of the first quarter of 2012."

What's the hurry?  It's not like the world is running out of cheap and easy oil.  They need to require some multi-decade environmental impact studies, etc.  Take their time, do it like us much smarter folk in America. 

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i thought borat said they were the largest potassium producers?

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India is never in the news lately. I wonder what is going on over there to add to global instability.

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Sky rocketing inflation, faltering currency and ready to burst real estate bubble.

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Signing trade deals with Afghanistan & Pakistan. Sorry, the truth isn't ALWAYS funny.

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Also resolving border disputes with china.not buying our fighter jets.

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Kazakhstan? Lol, is that even a country???

American bombers should just keep the natives on a leash and take everything in this shitty place's underground, like our Boys did in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia, etc. 

Natural resources, according to the Law of God, belong to the strongest, not those who by chance have been there for a while. 

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Law of God? That sounds like the Law of the Jungle... 

Actually wait, maybe god is a monkey and he made us all in his own image : O


Get fucked mate.  Your "boys" are a moral hazard, not to mention they are helping bankrupt the country where your "boys" live. That usually ends badly. 

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To be fair HamyWanger was just being Borat style sarcastic, but everybody just voted him underground.. 

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Sorry, I will not invest there. As soon as all our fiats dissolve into oblivion, or earlier, they will nationalize all natural resources, btw I would do that now if I were them.

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Which must mean that Cameco who mines quite a bit in Australia and has endured floods and other natural disasters has pulled back either voluntary or otherwise...

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Uugghh???  Kardashian - I assume it's Kim they're referring to - is now the world's largest uranium miner ?

I had no idea.... just goes to show!

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The west is setting itself up to become dependant upon a small number of sources for nuclear fuel just as it has done with crude oil.  This is especially shameful in light of how dangerous current reactor designs are.  We could be energy independent if we had the political will to develop the nuclear resources we have and especially to develop walk-away-safe reactors powered by thorium, of which there is plenty.


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I own a few Khazakstanian tantalum/silver (bimetallic) commerative space coins. They are pretty cool, and contain around 27g of pure tantalum each (~ 14g sterling silver on the outer ring).

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its a luck of the draw thing, those who have strategic RM and those who don't. Its time that the OECD countries started planning sustainable growth built on long term assets, like accessible RM and renewable energy; not mid east oil and Russian or Chinese rare earths and gas. Look at the picture of Commodity countries only Canada, Australia and S Africa are OECD and net surplus ones. I don't think that with the US profile it will be long net exporter in anything unless it changes its economic mantra pronto. Even for food...and that's saying something. If all arable land goes to frack and shale and corn gasoline.

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Does this mean that Russia will build more nukes?