Guest Post: Libya - Doomed From Day One

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Submitted by Jen Alic of,

People often ask me why the West doesn’t attempt a Libya-style intervention in Syria. After all, things are going so well in Libya. Oil production is up. But oil production is merely a mirage, as is security in Libya, which was doomed from the day one PG (post-Gaddafi) because of the way it was “liberated”.

On Wednesday, US envoy to Libya Christopher Stevens was killed along with three other American diplomats in a rocket attack on the US consulate in Benghazi.

What about the oil, that global elixir? Well, the violence will not bode well for Libya’s production ambitions, coming at a time when the country looked prepared for a boost in output and was banking on this for economic growth.

Security was already dubious at best, and now international oil companies will be more reluctant than ever. Those that are already there—Germany’s Wintershall AG, Italy’s Eni and France’s Total—will be seeking to beef up security and have already started sending some of their workers home.

If the picture was not clear from the onset of the post-Gaddafi atmosphere, it certainly came into focus earlier this summer when protests over parliamentary elections forced the temporary closure of the el-Sider oil terminal, the country’s biggest.  

Anyone who thinks that Libya will be a secure oil frontier after the formation of a new government next summer is mistaken. The road to destruction runs from Afghanistan to Benghazi (incidentally, the oil-producing region), branching off to southern Iraq and Pakistan’s tribal regions.

So, you ask, what about the controversial anti-Islamic movie apparently put together by an Israeli-American real estate developer with too much time on his hands?

According to Jellyfish Operations - a private intelligence and analysis boutique that has spent much time dissecting the intervention in Libya and the conflict in Syria—the anti-Islamic movie is a red herring in all of this.

Speaking to, Jellyfish President Michael Bagley said that while the movie is being upheld as the root cause of the intensifying protests and the death of the US envoy to Libya, it has only served to give added momentum to another more important development.

“The key to all of this is al-Qaeda’s second in command, Abu Yahya al-Libi, who was killed by a US drone attack in Waziristan on 4 June,” Bagley said. “The real catalyst for the attack in Libya and the unrest that has spread to Yemen, was a lengthy video released by al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, marking the anniversary of 9/11 and admitting to the death of al-Libi, who is Libyan.”

“This was a very powerful call to avenge al-Libi’s death,” Bagley said, “and it came only 24 hours before the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi.”

To put this into perspective, let’s reminisce a bit about al-Libi, whose past is a roller coaster, enemy-foe ride with the US.

Al-Libi was captured in the “war on terrorism” in Afghanistan in 2002 and held for three years in Kabul’s high-security Bagram prison. Against all odds, he escaped in 2005.

In 2011 he resurfaced again, but this time as a friend to Washington who had decided that it was no longer friends with Gaddafi, despite all the efforts leading up to this to rebuild relations after that nasty Lockerbie business and all the sanctions. So here is al-Libi again, but this time around his terrorist inclinations are a bonus rather than a liability: He fights alongside intervention forces to oust Gaddafi.

With Gaddafi gone, al-Libi once again became a liability so he was taken out by a drone in Pakistan. 

This brings us back to the present, with al-Zawahiri on the rampage and Libyan’s wise to their liberators.

“This is a cut and dry example of the backfire of the US intervention strategy,” Bagley said. “Let’s hope it isn’t attempted in Syria.”

The post-Gaddafi Libya is not real. It’s a dangerous fabrication of materials stuck together by the glue of dubious alliances with jihadists who are cut loose with their weapons once the immediate goal (Gaddafi’s demise) was achieved. Forget about the oil for now.

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"Bomb 'em back into the stone age"
                    -Gen. Cutris LeMay

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"The top commander in Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard warned Sunday that his country's missiles will ensure "nothing will remain" of Israel if it takes military action against Tehran over its controversial nuclear program. Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari also warned that Iran might close the Straits of Hormuz if it is attacked, withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and hit U.S. bases in the Middle East."

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When the "Arab Spring" started, I turned to my cat Tater and said,"Tater,we are going to look back fondly on the days of Mubarek and even that 'wild and crazy guy' Gadaffi." Tater, being the political genius he is, nodded in agreement.

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They are already in the stone age.

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"People often ask me why the West doesn't attempt a Libya-style intervention in Syria."

The only thing "people often ask me for" is spare change.

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It's too advanced for most of you.  Don't be swine when pearls are cast before you.

I am Chumbawamba.

Michael's picture

Saved for later viewing today you who are Chumbawamba. Thanks for the link.

chumbawamba's picture

Of course the Islamic movie is a red herring.  Islam itself is a red herring, as are all religions.  And I don't mean that in a "hey, I had an epiphany the other day" kind of way.  As a matter of fact, ALL religions are manufactured from fairy tales, myths and legends as a prophylactic to keep men in their respective places, i.e. away from the true centers of power and wisdom.

Humans are such gullible animals.  It takes truly a freak of nature to see through the multiple veils of illusion within which we are ensconced.  Otherwise, the only time we could be blessed with such divine vision as is required to know the Truth is to be in an altered state of mind, ideally one induced by a serotonin receptor agonist (look it up).  But of course, those substances are illegal, and for good reason: YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH.

I am Chumbawamba.

Michael's picture

To me the religion happy horseshit is a given. At least their not letting a good Youtube video go to waste.

I am experienced.  I know what the frequency is. I'm tuned into it.


They took out some of the Iranian nuclear stuff with their Star Wars Toys.


9/11 - Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out, Full-length

Dr. Judy Wood - Where Did the Towers Go?

Organic matter reacts differently then in-organic matter when subject to a directed specific type of energy wave. Sort of like that which comes from a Star Trek Phaser. Think Tesla influence.

There were TWO types of demolition techniques used on the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11.

When I release specific info like this, I spread it far and wide to where they would have to shut down the entire Internet to get rid of it.

Twenty-five years after Reagan's Star Wars speech

Reagan launches SDI

(Star Wars-Ronald Reagan ) Strategic Defense Initiative - SDI

disabledvet's picture

The only way an activity dedicated towards spreading a moral code and demanding such a code be acted upon... "thou shalt not kill" for turned into the exact opposite is because false God's are put before human kind...not God himself. Unless of course you're arguing "Hitler and Stalin were just peacenik hippies having a bad stretch...

MachoMan's picture

So...  we have millions of people prescribed the truth through antidepressants?  Seems inconsistent no?

The other issue is that advocating mind altering drugs to "see the truth" tends to date you more than a little...  it stinks to high hell of a hippie burnout.  The truth is that drugs distort reality...  and if you're looking for the truth, then you'll need to do it sober.

chumbawamba's picture

Here's a clue Randy Savage: you aren't going to find it in law school.  In fact, you guys are the most blinded of all.


Michael's picture

I have 30 years of experience as a Machinist.

MachoMan's picture

Reminds me of brick:

Brian Fantana: Don't get me wrong, I love the ladies. I mean they rev my engines, but they don't belong in the newsroom.
Champ Kind: It is anchor*man*, not anchor*lady*. And that is a scientific fact.
Brick Tamland: I don't know what we're yelling about.
Brian Fantana: You're with us, Ron, what do you think?
Ron Burgundy: [shouting] She... Sh... It's terrible. She has beautiful eyes, and her hair smells like cinnamon.
Brick Tamland: [shouts] Loud noises.


Anusocracy's picture

Any Asperger's syndrome in your family?

In case you are wondering, that's a compliment from me.

Michael's picture

Not an attack. I admire your postings, usually.

Pants McPants's picture

I respectfully disagree.  "Sober" is one of literally hundreds of layers of consciousness, and thus not necessarily better or worse than any other form.

While I don't dispute the idea that poisons are bad for the body, I also think discarding whatever insight gleaned from alternative levels of consciousness is like ignoring entire sections of the library when doing research.

The mind is as unique as the individual.  I don't believe sobriety necesarily precedes truth.

MachoMan's picture

You're stretching... 

here is the comment by chumba: Otherwise, the only time we could be blessed with such divine vision as is required to know the Truth is to be in an altered state of mind, ideally one induced by a serotonin receptor agonist (look it up).

Sure...  it's possible to gain insight from drug induced experiences...  no dispute there.  However, it's complete and total bullshit to claim that it is the ONLY way to know the truth.  You're stretching here to agree with chumba without scrutinizing what he's writing...

Sobriety absolutely, positively, does not necessitate knowing the truth...  (no one advocated this).  However, I completely dispute that drug use makes anyone more creative, wise, or knowing.  You want to know what collective drug use gets?  (other than soccer moms in fender benders and a compliant society).  It gets CLICHE art...  it gets humans discussing common drug experiences instead of the human experience.  It's a total misdirection.  It then becomes a religion because it's never scrutinized...  

Pants McPants's picture

"The truth is that drugs distort reality...  and if you're looking for the truth, then you'll need to do it sober."

Am I also misinterpreting what you said above?  Sounds like you're advocating sobriety as the only way to experience truth, but we could be splitting hairs.

(I do agree with your assessment of my earlier response re: Chumba stating certain drugs are the only way to know truth)

Michael's picture

It's a little easier if you have help sometimes.

MachoMan's picture

I think the bigger issue with drug experiences is the answer to the following question: "could I have made these same insights while sober?"  I think the answer is a resounding yes.  There are countless artists who can still muster enough courage to dominate their medium while sober... [and who made sober works every bit as good as their drug counterparts during periods of sobriety].

I think there is also a real cause and effect rationalization to drug use.  A person begins taking drugs to socialize, get over stage jitters, etc.  The thing is, the person was already creative to get to that point in the first place...  You hear of many artists stating things like "If I quit drugs, then I won't be creative anymore."  Well, that's simply addict behavior attempting to justify continued use...  this tends to get repeated throughout the masses with a bit of a different message.

The thing is, creative people often times do drugs at the same time they can produce their best work.  It's easier to justify running ourselves down if there is some worthwhile creative purpose...  In reality, it's just an excuse for drug seeking behavior.  However, that doesn't stop us from attempting to correlate their best works to their drug use...

I'll posit that drugs have never created a single piece of art nor insight.  Even if we accept that drug use fosters realization, then it still takes sobriety before that realization is able to be interpreted and/or put to practical use...  granted, drug experiences can compound upon one another, but in the end, reflection is something that has to be experienced post trip.

chumbawamba's picture

...could I have made these same insights while sober?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  But in a world where mind control is overtly practiced by the powers that are in charge?  Extremely doubtful.

Also, I'm not saying you probably never took drugs, but I will posit in return that you probably never enjoyed any.

I am Chumbawamba.

MachoMan's picture

Is this statement limited to hallucinogens?  Regardless, I never inhaled.

The other issue is that you're stating that we're under control from drugs + media, etc., but yet you're advocating us to use more drugs to break our drug induced coma.  I guess I'm of the mindset that a bit of sobriety is the answer.  This isn't a battle of the drugs...  ultimately, all are used to coerce and corrupt.  You might be able to experiment on your own and come to some unique insights, but is the juice worth the squeeze?

tip e. canoe's picture

"is the juice worth the squeeze?"

if taken with the reverence & sobriety that Aura outlines above, indeed.  MM, you really should consider that whether we consciously realize it or not, on a very critical level, our entire lives are driven by the plant world.   we should never forget that.    all plants are "drugs" or rather, what they are considered by many cultures, medicine.   

it's that they are not considered medicine, except when they're synthesized and/or their molecular components tweaked by scientists in employ of the pharmas in order to amp their addictive properties, is why we're having this debate in the first place.

MachoMan's picture

This is really a misnomer.  You're shaping the argument into a completely different one than the initial statements presented by chumba...  The simle fact is that we have commonly prescribed medications that perform seratonin functions similar to those of naturally occurring hallucinogens.  The question is thus, how can THEY be keeping us from the truth when they  commonly prescribe it?  Complete and total inconsistency...  (otherwise known as bullshit).  Where there is no conspiracy, I must create one!

OK.  So because plants are part of the cycle of life, they must necessarily show us some higher level of consciousness?  Present us with some truth otherwise unknowable to the conscious brain?  Again, total bullshit.  This is simply an excuse to experiment with drugs.  I don't have any problem with drugs and I think they should all be legalized (especially natural ones), however if consciousness was really evolved through drug use, why can't I take them and become creative?  become wise?  become more knowledgeable?  And please don't give me any nonsense about a shaman stuffing salvia up my ass and curing my constapation through finding me in the "other" world.  It's nothing short of a placebo.

I think you're giving vastly too much credit to what drugs can provide to the brain...  for some people, drugs offer a gateway into a more creative world...  often times barred through some type of mental barrier of the user (anxiety, brainwashing, etc.).  For some of these people, it might actually expand consciousness.  However, critital thinking ability, among other things, tends to be...  pushed to the backside in these episodes.  We're often left with a surreal experience and then attempt to construct a redneck engineered (duct dape + bailing wire) and sadly desperate bridge between the experience and our normal state.  The only difference between dreams and hallucinated experiences is that we are often times able to maintain a different level of consciousness (more awake) through the drug experience...  that doesn't make the "truths" attempted to be extracted from the experience any more real.  The other issue is that just like normal life, there are an incredible amount of red herrings and experiences that are irrelevant to a higher level of understanding...  we're stuck in the same boat attempting to determine which coincide with an objective reality we'll never know.

Again, I'll posit that hallucinogenic drug use rarely, if ever, truthfully starts out as an attempt to gain a higher understanding of the world...  it's simply an ex post facto label in an attempt to justify the experience.    

tip e. canoe's picture

i happen to agree with many of your arguments Savage, especially after listening to this:

and if i could make an assumption, i would say that what you're reacting harshly to is the tendency to define these altered states as "higher", thus making the assumption that those who choose not to partake are somehow stuck in a "lower" state of consciousness (the sober sheeple/new age hierarchy argument).   

that is most definitely a mistake methinks, and one that those who believe in such will have to confront within themselves, else they get locked into a "higher" state of prison disguised as paradise.   this may be coming down the pike much sooner than many around are willing to consider.

nonetheless, i don't think it's a stretch to consider that we have all been conditioned to think in patterns that keeps our mind from reaching its full potential.   some of us more than others due to the amount and type of "education" that we received.   certain "drugs" (as you call them) allow some of us to snap out of those habitual patterns for a moment to experience other patterns of thought, IF taken with proper intention and attention.    that does not discount the need for hard work to weave those experiences carefully & thoughtfully back into our "reality" in order for the experience to become therapeutic.    of course, most fail to do that and escape into a myriad of other destructive habitual patterns.

and yes, plants are not the only juice, and if you don't feel they're right for you, then it's not right for you.   the point is to provide the juice, not to bicker over what juice to use.   sensory depravation is another juice, so perhaps you should consider following your advice to CA and lock yourself in a closet for a long weekend with some "dirty" socks :)

Michael's picture

Then MM,

How do we counteract the effects of Fluoride, GMOs, and Vaccines that were given to us unknowingly?

MachoMan's picture

Ok, so your theory is that we need to take hallucinogens to counteract flouride, genetically modified crops, and vaccines?  Do you have any proof to back up your theory?  My guess would be that many of the drugs would actually exacerbate any existing conditions presented by these items...  driving you deeper into psychosis and making "the plan" even more suggestible to your numbed brain. 

as for the flouride...  quit fucking taking it...  your body will do the rest.

as for GMOs...  probably unavoidable and I think, in large part, their bark is worse than the bite...  otherwise, get some heirloom varieties and hope to hell you can actually get them to produce worth a shit...  again, after a while, your body will do the rest.

vaccines are a different ballgame...  not much to do there...  quit worrying about it and don't give your kids the vaccines you're uncomfortable with...  nothing you can do at this point.  Needless to say, more than a few folks who managed to see the light have been administered dirty vaccines... 

samcontrol's picture

I have add and can only think straight and hence see the truth when i smoke pot.

So i guess it all depends on the individual and not the drugs.

MachoMan's picture

pot isn't a hallucinogen...  this is exactly what chumba doesn't want you to say...  the simple fact is that many of the people that need drugs for creativity or to break through adhd, anxiety, etc. can do so through simply smoking some pot...  (I'll posit that you can probably accomplish the same thing through diet and exercise, but those require more work).  You don't need to hear the tree weep or watch blood drip down the stop sign to utilize the creative portions of your brain...

Cathartes Aura's picture

there can be a world of difference between using "drugs" to party, get high, be creative, hang out with pals, write music, do art. . .

. . .and using plant substances with ritual and respect to gain information not readily available to the mind while stuck in a matrix of agreed upon layers of falsehoods.

pharma, street drugs, etc. can be harsh experiences, and are most often used by people whose minds are dense with cultural information.

but expansive, enhanced awareness aided by specifically chosen plants, etc. does work, particularly if the person has prepared their mind/reality in acceptance of the information available to them.

the mind is the vehicle.  the plant is the juice.

MachoMan's picture

can you describe, in detail, these tidbits of knowledge that can only be gained through using plant substances with "ritual and respect"?

Cathartes Aura's picture

. . .I could, but then I'd have to kill you. . .

seriously MM, people describe "tidbits of knowledge" here, and everywhere, all day, every day.  if one's mind doesn't find these tidbits compelling enough to look into, or more often, discards them as peripheral non-sense, then no connection is made.

you know this, I know this.  follow your nose, see where it goes.


“Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.”
? Terence McKenna

MachoMan's picture

If one already leaves an introspective life, then what is the marginal benefit of hallucinogens?  It just seems to me that no one is discussing the real tradeoff here.  That for each and every trip, we drift further and further away from our present reality.  At some cursory level, we may tap into some previously unknown insights (again, I dispute they're only knowable through drug use, but I digress).  However, at some more advanced level, we may lose our grasp with reality entirely.  There is no guaranty on any trip that it won't be your last shove off from reality.  Obviously the risks can be incredibly curtailed with dosage, environment, type of hallucinogen, etc., but still.  We are still forced, even through a drug induced trip, to filter our experience.  I contend this filtering process/investigation can only fruitfully occur while sober, thus making it a very necessary component of the endeavor.  At any rate, I think it's disengenuous to only talk about the positive aspects... 

I'll also posit that the refusal to explain the truths learned is evidence of the bullshit nature of it all...  realistically, most people who describe their experiences tend to explain the same things over and over...  leaving a very cliche picture for others [enter countless drug songs here]. 

I think the other pressing issue in all of this is that if the experience itself wasn't intrinsically enjoyable, it would never happen.  In other words, even if one gains no knowledge from the endeavor, it is still entertaining/feels good/etc.  I'll posit that this is the real motivation for the endeavor, but again, I digress.  [it's not like going to the gym and lifting all the weights in the place until you can no longer move, other than to throw up...  you don't see people taking hallucinogens as though training for a marathon, quiz bowl, or anything of the sort].

Cathartes Aura's picture

natural entheogens (differentiating between synthetics) have a long history of humans using them for information gathering, healing, etc.

That for each and every trip, we drift further and further away from our present reality.

which is perhaps the intention, for some at least. . . whose reality is being referenced here?  whose reality is supported by which culture(s) as ultimate truth (a piece of the pie is the whole pie?)? 

folks who choose to party with "drugs" mostly get the experience they sign up for, their mind does the job for them, as do their surroundings, and peer group that joins them. . . it's not the same thing as approaching the plant with an open mind, and a desire for greater awareness - in other words, a desire to expand the present reality to include a greater reality.

I do understand what you're saying MM, it's just that my experience conflicts with your point of view.

take care.

MachoMan's picture

Right, but historically speaking, you're going to run into the mystical shaman who uses salvia to find a patient's body in the spirit world and heal it, thus healing it in the "real" world too...  or the little coca chewing before the rain dance...  opium general problem solvers...  or what the fuck ever nonsense people previously attributed real information to drug induced idiocy/religious experience.

Yes, obviously some plants heal people...  no question there.  But you're not addressing the underlying incentives prevalent in drug users.  That is, people do it because it feels good...  they like the trip.  You're telling me that you just want to experience the plant and you do so with this inhuman ability to transcend stereotypes and common knowledge and mate with the spirit world.  I'm telling you that you're full of shit.  You're just trying to convince me of a reason for your drug use (someone who doesn't care if you use drugs btw...).  I'll posit that if the experience was bad for you...  that it gave you nightmares, made you bleed out of places that aren't supposed to bleed, and generally made you feel bad, that you wouldn't do it...  you wouldn't dare attempt this magical journey into the things that sober humans somehow cannot find.  Can you at least admit that you enjoy taking hallucinogens?

total bullshit.

Cathartes Aura's picture

you're still going with the "drug user" analogy, and telling me that folks like to get high - well duh!

and I'm telling you that there are alternative ways to approach using plants as medicine, and for increasing awareness of the totality of reality, not specialising in the bit your mind corrals and accepts and manipulates to your (supposed) advantage. 

as to "mating with the spirit world" and the rest of your "hippy" accusations, you speak from your truth.  you don't know mine, and I daresay at this stage in your life, you don't have the capacity to realise this.  but I can say with certainty,  your reality does not include mine, yet my world does include yours.


MachoMan's picture

Well, if you're simply talking about "plants" in general for medicinal purposes, well...  we're in agreement...  however, the plant world is filled with both beneficial and harmful things.  And, even for the good plants, there can be too much of a good thing as well as inherent tradeoffs in benefits versus costs.

And while you might be an island unto yourself (statistics never have anything necessarily to do with YOU in particular), I dare say that if plants as readily available as we're discussing had truly profound impacts upon consciousness, awareness, wisdom, or pretty much anything (other than becoming a degenerate), then the effects would simply be more obvious.  The fact that you hide behind your unique mysticism and vagueness is cause for concern for the rest of us about your credibility...  not an indication that you've found a treasure map and don't want to share.  Nice try though.

The other problem you run into is the multiple reality paradox... aka, the Philip K. Dick story.  Once you start traversing multiple planes of consciousness, it becomes difficult to discern which is real.  Take too many trips, and you may lose the ability to make this determination.  While it might seem like we discover an entirely new world, this world may only be a fictional one...  dancing around our brain rather than our objective reality.  [note: this is also why when anyone tries to describe the trips and/or explain why or how any new knowledge was gained it quickly devolves into jibberish and rarely, if ever, manages to bridge the gap, although, I commend you for not attempting this, knowing these limitations].  

Cathartes Aura's picture

I was unclear as to your use of "you" - for a few sentences at least,

The fact that you hide behind your unique mysticism and vagueness is cause for concern for the rest of us about your credibility...  not an indication that you've found a treasure map and don't want to share.  Nice try though.

while I appreciate your, and the other "us" 's referenced by you, concern for my cred here, which of course is reflected in my desire for cred amongst the titty-avatars and "bitchez" comments waving the amrkn flag for WAR just now. . .

you (perhaps collectively) continually miss any points I'm attempting to make, simply because your (plural?) reality won't ALLOW you any other.  that's not my (singular) problem, but it is yours if you want to cultivate an awareness of the whole picture, and not just your corner of the human map.

MM, your insistence on "real" being a universal archetype, a "one truth" that makes all the other truths FALSE is what prevents you from the awareness that there are multiple co-existing realities, and they are available, but dependent on the individual mind acknowledging the possibility of their existence.  c'mon, this is pretty basic stuff - why complicate it?

Once you start traversing multiple planes of consciousness, it becomes difficult to discern which is real. Take too many trips, and you may lose the ability to make this determination. 

I don't "trip" (are you referencing acid? I was never drawn to trying it),  but I am still aware that what "is real" *cough* is not agreed upon universally - so are you saying YOU are real in your beliefs of reality, and OTHERS are wrong?  or un-real?  think about this. . . it's a universally observed fallacy, to believe your beliefs are the only truth of reality, and that everyone else, billions of 'em, are mis-taken.  it's so fuckin' UN-REAL.

but back to my secret treasure map.  in fact, I've shared the map co-ordinates that I used, and I freely acknowledge that there are INFINITE maps available, as long as one is looking for the treasure that in-cludes all thoughts, all beliefs, all humans, all worlds. . .

reading, listening to multiple teachers of multiple perspectives, lived and experienced over time, plant entheogens in ceremony, music, lyrics, but ultimately, the desire to understand and know - that was/is my map. 

if one does not desire to know, and believes one has already found the truth, then the mind will confirm this, every time.



MachoMan's picture

First, you haven't shared dick...  only that through some magical combination of respect for drugs and shamanship/worship/ritual that some secret door opens and you get the real facts.  This is completely and totally vague and, therefore, bullshit.  Please present a falsifiable hypothesis or some other fruitful or practical information...

Second, if you want to know which reality you're in or, alternatively, which reality controls all others, then I encourage you to try a little experiment...  go into the closet, find your best pair of running shoes, old gym socks (the ones without dried cum in them), shorts, and wife beater...  take a really good and long stretch...  get that hammy good...  then go out to the street...  begin running into oncoming traffic.  Keep running down the middle of the oncoming lane until you meet traffic, preferably by trying to leap through the windshield of the fastest moving vehicle.

You're scratching around in the litter box of philosophy...  "like what if life is just a dream man"...  throw out that survey of philosophy book and go experiment with traffic.  Welcome to the real world.   

Cathartes Aura's picture

lol, I'm guessing we're done here, since you've down-voted my last post, and up-voted your own. . .

my apologies for confusing the "what I've shared here" accusation in your prior posts with your having read what I've actually shared here many times, ie my "beliefs" and how they came to be - that's my mistake, as it also assumed you were familiar with my posts over the years. . .

and, ha! you're obviously not,

go into the closet, find your best pair of running shoes, old gym socks (the ones without dried cum in them), shorts, and wife beater...

as you'd have fashioned an insult more appropriate to my. . . sex (not gender, that's for you MachoMan).

you've defined your box, and I acknowledge your definition of your box.

take care now.

MachoMan's picture

I deny that I upvoted myself or down voted you.  I don't participate in voting on this site...

The bigger question is why would you care what others thought about your posts?  Isn't the weeping tree comfort enough?  Seems that you would be used to being the sole bastion of the world's consciousness at this point...  being lonely wouldn't even register.

gwar5's picture

You are very correct. Majority of the vast amount of information processed by our brains never even reaches our conscious level, for very good reason. The brain is capable of handling complex tasks unconsciously without alerting the conscious mind. 


In fact our unconscious brains are much better at complex decision making and information processing. It includes subliminal data such as chemical pheromones signals used in mate selection, and for exciting our fight or flight response cues before we register it consciously. Never leave home without your subconscious.

Michael's picture

Made in the image and likeness of the Creator.

Conscious and Sub-Conscious together as one.

MachoMan's picture

I'm pretty sure our creator looks like he hasn't shaved all week, has a beer gut, bald spot, and a penchant for inciting the japanese to create weird porn...  he's also painfully delinquent on his child support.