Guest Post: A Message To The SPLC From A Montana "Extremist"

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Portraying back when America had a bright future ... Brilliant 45 seconds, from the TV show « Mad Men » -

Don Draper on a plane crossing the USA, lighting up a cigarette, the sunshine through the window slowly coming onto his face, to the music of the 1962 'space age' hit « Telstar » by the Tornados -

A moment of television genius, perfectly capturing what once was 'America':

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anybody want to guess what group runs the SPLC and pays for its existence?

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hmmmm.....let's see.......hmmmm...........ah............yids? 

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they are practicing with the use of those drones on the arabs and the afghans. but guess what?  when they get real good at it,  where will they be deployed next?  and so these american idiots , in nevada or wherever will fly these things in amerika searching for those who refuse to bow the knee .......yep its true and coming to a theatre near you.......soon.

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The SPLC is doing good work exposing right wing extremists and conspiracy theorists. There is some extremely dangerous rhetoric arising from these fringe groups such as criticism of the Federal Reserve System, and verbal abuse directed at highly respected and reputable politicians. This is a time when we need our leaders more than ever to guide us through this economic turmoil, and these extreme groups are doing us no good at all.

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I know you're doing satire, but a lot of people might not realize that...

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Then they're too thick to be participating here.

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'Frankly, the Liberty Movement is a considerable pain in the neck for those who would see the American dynamic distorted to the benefit of a select few.'

I guess they just plain failed. Nobody seems to have noticed or to really give a shit.

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"Then they're too thick to be participating here."

SPLC is sponsored and fully funded by The Vatican.

I wuv you lil iDog!

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sounds like something jorge bush would say.....:)

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PATCON - Patriot Conspiracy, an FBI program that spanned many years, including the years that Ruby Ridge, Waco and the Oklahoma CityBombing happened. PATCON is shorthand for "Patriot Conspiracy."

And this report that came out in 2009 by the MIAC:

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imho, the militia movement if you will, was nothing more than the fbi cointel program, searching for true believers to help the government achieve neferious aims while using useful idiots or dupes to do their dirty business and when the job is completed, they swoop in and arrest these evil useful idiot true believers and say, look, these evil militia people are dangerous to your liberties and your freedoms and so............this is what happened ........and it continues on till this day. the same thing goes on the american nazi party and the american national socialist and the the KKK, is all government operated and government controlled and it is use for a purpose.......



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meat blower, will you stop it , please?   good grief.....

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Is this now the Koch brothers new venture?

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what was it one of the koch brothers said one time?   oh, that the day this company goes public  is over my dead body?   the koch's do not like the light to be shined on their operations. 

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MillionDollarBonus... All I can say is hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... ROFLOFL

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"highly respected and reputable politicians."

LOL  How many can you name? More than the fingers on one hand??

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"Highly respected and reputable politicians"? Are you shitting me? Care to name who these respected and reputable politicians?

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MDB, perhaps you could "enlighten" us with a short list of "highly respected and reputable politicians". 25 or 30 of you chosen would do.



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There is some extremely dangerous rhetoric arising from these fringe groups such as criticism of the Federal Reserve System,

Since when is criticism of the Fed 'dangerous rhetoric'?

I'd bet the bastards will be shut down in the near future; is that 'dangerous rhetoric' too?


If you are being sarcastic or lampooning some libtard, you must realize there is a reason people say such is impossible; there is nothing too stupid or repulsive for a libtard to say if he thinks he can get away with it and profit from it.

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Criticism of the Federal Reserve System (or the 'Fed' as you would refer to it) is very dangerous indeed. According to top Ivy League Economists and experienced politicians, the Federal Reserve is essential to American prosperity, freedom and liberty. Before the formation of the Federal Reserve, recessions were far more frequent and long-lasting - just ask any top Ivy League historian. There is never unanimous agreement among the population on every issue, but there is certainly a consensus among the experts on the necessity Federal Reserve.

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Why in the fuck would five separate asshole sheep give you a green arrow for this rabidly pro-Establishment swill? 

Oops, I just answered my own question.

I don't give a damn if you are posting all this crap as satire or not --- it is still vile, disingenuous, malevolent propaganda and lies, and as this dishonest, malicious and explicit "surrender to authority" message is the consistent and sole tack of all of your posts here, please take it all and shove it up your ass (once you remove Bernanke's wizened member and the TSA's groping hands from it).'s picture

He just bores me. He obviously has the ability to write well and would likely be far more entertaining if he just played it straight. Lots of real sparing partners at fight club, no need for studio wrestlers.

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ZH seems to have stepped in a few new posting trolls lately, which is a shame as they tend to derail the thread for dozens of "response" posts (tho' scrolling past makes the threads go quickly, as the majority of response posts are just entertaining themselves like a chat room).

in another thread a rarely seen "old time poster" even admitted to posting more often under another account, guess the lulz are taking hold.

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i thought we should prepare for an alien invasion though. Now you're saying we should prepare for Montana terrorists?

Isn't it more efficient to prepare for the larger risk (martian invasions)? Or is maximum inefficiency the key to 'making work'?

Just think if we could hire 14 million DHS and TSA staff to patrol the streets and cities and farms searching for terrorists. Unemployment would be 0%!

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how long do you until the first Americans are targeted by "Sentinels" on US soil ?

from lunatic conspiracy theory to fact in....... months / years? 

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If you want a peek at the future USA, look at the UK.
Cameras and drones on every corner....."for your protection".
Tyranny is subtle. The gloves are now off, as the size of the oppressor and his drones have moved us to the tipping point. This is the most important moment in our history. Do we turn back, or allow them to "protect" us? I turn away and fight.
There are far more like me out there than them!

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I suspect that's not the future of the USA, more like the present.

We have RIPA etc.  You have PATRIOT etc.

Look at what happens to the Occupy protesters in the US.  You can be arrested for dancing in a public place.

Is the UK really so much worse than the US in that respect?


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Yes ... because the UK has already been successfully disarmed. TPTB still have to face that hurdle in the US.

And it's a fucking joke that the taxpayers are happily paying for their own prison system while thinking it's for their protection against cave-dwelling goat herders!

Shoot out a security camera today!!

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Shooting is so midevil, as Tesla (and his beloved coil) might point out; they're all connected.

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it worked pretty well on the original speed cameras for a while, they used to cost thousands, one quick blat with a 12 gauge (£2.15) and it was months before they were fixed again, rinse, repeat. 

ah, the good old days..

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well not sure if it makes it better or worse, but the UK doesn't have the same constitutional bill of rights that the USA has, so nothing in the UK says the government can't monitor you or restrict your speech. Remember the queen can still dissolve parliament at a whim.

Then again even though we have these supposed 'protections' in the constitution here, execution thereof is severly lacking.

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don't mess with Texas, hm.

The helicopter cost over $500,000 and was purchased with a grant from the federal government.

imagine that.

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Forget about ethnic backgrounds.  Just start making a list of "names".  Add the name of every scumbag who has a hand in the disgusting injustices we see unfold in front of us with not a trace of impunity.  I.D. them by their names and forget the fucking ethnic background.  Tie the hands of those who scream racism in place of a valid rebutal to the blatant guilt of their disgusting crimes against humanity.


Love reading your comments High Plains Drifter :)

Rock on brother

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Judaism isn't really an ethnic group, though, is it? Isn't it really a religion, kinda like Islam? It's politically correct to point out when a Muslim does something bad, isn't it? Just sayin.

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Great article and here's to hoping Montana shows us the way. Don't bow your heads to these smears. Fight on.

And yes, the SPLC is heavily funded by Jews and the board is almost entirely made up of Jews as well. I wonder why that is...

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well i am not going to call them jews or at least i try to stop using that term since none of them can trace their lineage to ancient israel and the tribe of i call them yids ............or as the russians used to say, zhids.............but it is interesting how these yids want to try and "help" blacks by creating all of these organizations when in fact , they hate blacks just as much as they hate any white why would they do such things? hmmmm???  

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the fact that they get away with it.. should "BE" the issue..

as why are the WASP's letting them? why are the Blue Bloods letting the Yids take all the credit?

we both know the Yids dont do Sunday Brunch with the right people..

The Powers That Be are Not Yids.. but the Yids are getting all the Credit.. ala' Goldman Sachs is to blame for the World.. mean while JP Morgan get 5% of the news coverage and does 1,000,000 times more damage than Goldman..

Goldman is a shield just like the Yids are a shield.


I am not saying they are not part of the Problem.. I am saying who let them be a problem is the problem.

and! once again!! why?????? what is the end result of social un-rest here in America??????

Death! and lots of it!

SO! the real question is and always has been why? why do The Powers That Be WANT! Social Un-Rest and the Result of Social Un-Rest??

The end result will be lots of good people dead.. America is the most well armed Country in the History of ManKind! so, why do they want us Dead?

Energy Conservation?

Global Population Growth?

I could re-post TED (Gates / Microsoft) and Rockeflers.. but if you have not picked it up by now.. with them dumbing it down for you.. then there is nothing I can do to fix your stupidity!

(understsand High Plains that the last bit was not directed at you as much as everyone else reading.)

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I gave you a + for that.  The Jews have been the scape goat used by oppressors to deflect their own tyranny. Modern examples for this can be seen in the Arabic speaking countries to get their citizens blaming Jews/Israelis for their miserable state instead of blaming the ruling class which cares little for their own countrymen. I'd like to know if in recorded history  there has ever been a governing state or powerful regional group of Jews that beheaded or roasted at the steak people that refused to convert to Judaism or suspected of heresy against the "Jewish" God. Do travelers or citizens of Israel fear for their safety if they have in their possession a Koran, the King James Bible or any religions holy book?

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The proper plural term is "juice." FIFY

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And the ZH wack jobs come out.

You do more to discredit liberty movement by this racist bullshit ...maybe that's point. See how discussion turned from liberty to hate of Jews. Don't focus on liberty, instead focus on your hate of Jew, its problem of everything. Trav fuckhead is obvious plant.