Guest Post: Mr. Cheney’s Victory Lap

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I have been saying for years that Cheney is one of the most evil men that walks the face of this earth. If he doesn't go to Hell then there is truly no Hell.

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yes its true. total useful idiot. totally given over to the powers of darkness............and for what?  


he didn't gain the whole world, but he did lose his soul.........


and for that, i could care less. in a time of no "law"  such men's lives would be worth nothing.... 


so we wait...........

pops's picture

Five draft deferments, five heart attacks.  Karma is a bitch.

He had "other priorities." 

Didn't we all?

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Pilots know they’re limitations. In inclement weather it is much safer for pilots and passengers to hand over the landing sequence to the computer. The computer can process all the weather variables and GPS coordinates much faster then any human could.. Thus, averting potential catastrophe and creating a smooth landing..

The computer will hit its mark.. Doesn’t matter if it’s a runway, or a building…

Truth is coming for you Mr. Cheney.. and it doesn't accept apologies.

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Looking at that photo it appears that Mr. Cheney has "pencil-necked".  Vaya con Dios, amigo. 

And folks, don't buy his f#cking book.

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When asked about paying for the war and the tax breaks at the same time.

Cheney said, "Deficits Don't Matter".   So why do all of his people cry now. 

Gold went from 200 to 800 under Cheney? After all, Bush was just his cover boy.

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Cheyney is the man. I would brag about waterboading too.

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Waterboarding was too compassionate for KSM...I've seen the Danny Pearl vid.

Spitzer's picture

It is unquantifiable , how much lives Dick Cheney has saved in the long run by killing the scum of the earth like Saddam Hussain and his lowlife sons.

clymer's picture

Wha.. What?

Didn't ole CFR-Dick help put him there in the first place?


You better rent a helicopter and take a high flight way above those trees and get a good look at the forest, son.


your idea of a patriot just might change a bit

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conspriracy piled onto conspiracy. You are pathetic

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Spitzer why do only scumbags with oil get our attention both when were nice and when were mean

clymer's picture



yup. office fires. 

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Let's hold him up against Janet Reno. She did it to Americans, after all. In her favor, she isn't yet crowing and he did forgot to say he did it for the children...



nmewn's picture

Yes she did.

And the Weavers in Idaho.

And lets not forget the little boy from Miami...Elian...who she sent the SWAT after to give him back to a dictator, Castro...

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I'll bet you have a real purdy mouth.  May I have sex with it?  Call me.

- Chumblez.

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Did you ever get that  incontinence  fixed?

You should really back off all that fisting from libs.

I could be wrong, but it certainly seems they have their hand up your ass.

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Is being unclever a hobby of yours?  Or do you approach it more as sport?

- Chumblez.

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Hello asshole.

When you get done fantasizing, I'll comment on the handy aspects of your big ears.

You may spit now.

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Oh, come now.  You'll have to try much harder than that.

- Chumblez.

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Only for my second nut on it chumblez, you can do it ;-)

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Let us know when you're done being a fag.

= Chumblez.

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You started it faggot...right here;

"I'll bet you have a real purdy mouth.  May I have sex with it?  Call me."

We'll do it again sometime, fucking idiot.

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Jealousy is so unbecoming Chumpa.


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Are you and mnewn the fucking Olsen twins or something?  Nice duet there.

- Chumblez.

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Retard can't spell nmewn, classic...can I have a smoke now?...or you gonna keep yanking my chain?

You got your tit in a wringer over what exactly?...Janet fucking Reno?...Waco, Weaver, Elian...what?

Again, spit it out ;-)


chumbawamba's picture


You forgot to ask me if I care.

- Chumblez.

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There's only one vowel dickhead.

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I'm the good looking one, and no, you can't blow me.

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have to say it Rodent but hands down, you may be the most disgusting resident of ZH...ex service member eh? (so you say...)

well that doesn't say too much for the god damned service now does it?

Rodent Freikorps's picture

I could have sworn I'm already on record as not caring what you think.


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It's easy to see why Cheney is your kind of guy.

Any chance all of you losers can create your own country elsewhere where you fuck with and fuck up each other instead of everyone else on the planet and we never see you pathetic idiots ever again? The sooner the better. I'll contribute a few bucks. Thanks.

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They're trying to fawn their way into one of Dick's epic homo orgies.  Stop trying to fuck it up for them!

- Chumblez.

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You are a Pig of the first water.


May you choke on your own detritus, and savour it with relish.

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You can't reason with the lunatic leftards that love to grovel in the kind of offal that Speedy Cabronista Gonzales has laid out here. The real laugher is that the dumbass lefties don't even realize their complicity in the moral degradation of this country, what with their platform of ludicrous moral equivalence, government-run propaganda outlets (aka public schools), equality of outcomes, a stupifying welfare state predicated on intergenerational theft, indolence and wasted human capital, identity politics, and generalized ignorance and incompetence.

Cheney may well go to hell--for being a bad shot if nothing else--but the notion that he is evil incarnate is pretty fucking laughable. It is a compendium of years of tenuous and tendentious syllogisms masquerading as argumentation from lazy-assed 'progressives' and other conspiracy theorists who are so blinkered that they don't even realize the main problem with this country is staring back at them in the mirror every day.

I carry no water for either Bush or Cheney, but all the fools buying into making one man a moral lightening rod...a fount of evil to blame so many ills of the nation. Well, let's just say, "Chupa-me, pendejos."

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I agree with how you can't blame one man for the bad.  Rumsfeld and Bush and the men who ordered them, were just as bad, and as far as I can see Obama is looking pretty bad himself when it comes to middle eastern wars.

janus's picture

we eat an elephant one bite at a time.

do not confuse liberalism with a political party. 

seems lefties aren't the only ones ignorant of their complicity...or are you fascists explicity proud? sometimes i get happens when reading neocon screeds.

i'm easy to find, bitch!  just look for the giant cock.


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US firm with highest total billings to Saddam's regime, 1995-2000:  Halliburton

CEO:  Dick Cheney.

That's some purist ideologue you're toasting there.

myne's picture

Cheyney is the man, I would brag about waterboading.

Fixed that for you.

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I do get tired of explaining to lefties that Cheney was referring to the impact of deficits on the next election, the 2004 election.  It was true, then, the deficits did not matter no matter how much Pelosi and Reid screeched. 


However, deficits will clearly have an effect on the 2012 election as they did with the 2010 election.

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Cheney was right about "deficits don't matter". The reason being that at this point the debt is so large that no amount of austerity can do more than pay interest on that debt without touching the principal. Every time you cut interest rates in half, you double the "liquidation value" of this perpetual debt. No chance in hell it can even be reduced. Debt reduction is propaganda for people like the Tea Partiers who believe that the government budget should be run like a household budget. NOT POSSIBLE!

A better way of looking at things is to analyze priorities as the interest paid on the national debt sidelines all other expenditures, save defence. Left to its own devices, this interest can only increase. It represents tax dollars paid by us tax donkeys and interest received by the Cheneys of the world.

Austerity is just a way of channeling benefits away from middle class people to go directly into the pockets of those who receive the interest on the national debt. It's all about interest now, there can be no debt reduction. But naive people can't back away from the idea of a prudently run household budget, so we will all get screwed by austerity. As always, it pays to look at cui bono in everything that happens in this evil regime.

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Don't buy Cheney's book - STEAL IT!

chumbawamba's picture

Good idea.  And then burn it.

- Chumblez.

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Always thought of you as a book-burner, Chumbley.  BTW, where's Tennessee Tuxedo?

chumbawamba's picture

Wow.  That's sad.  You're defending a guy that probably masturbated over the "private" photos of yourself that you sent to your boyfriend over the internet.

- Chumblez.

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Aww c'mon May'K'er, we all know how you Abrahamic types like to have a damned good literary bonfire every now and then. 

Heh, if only you'd burn every last copy of each others' special magical books we might be able to get somewhere decent as a species.

mayhem_korner's picture

If we don't make it as a species, do ya think we're going to evolve into somethin' better, GF?

No idea what the first half of your comment refers to.