Guest Post: Mr. Cheney’s Victory Lap

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Unfortunately, hell exists, but only on Earth.  But this war criminal gets the very best of everything including the best medical care in the world to keep his dark heart beating.  On that topic, he should have hope since scientists have recently cloned rat hearts successfully.

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It's been no doubt scientifically proven that the Hell of the Bible does not exist. But could you please back that up with some hard evidence?

GeorgeHayduke's picture

You have to love how roughly 20% of the people here voted against your truthful comments. These are the kinds of trashy human specimens who guard the concentration camps that will one day house the few remaining decent human beings. They look up to trash like Cheney because they know nothing but hierarchical systems and they don't mind being pissed on by the big boys above them, just so long as they can really put it to those people below them and show them who the boss is. And...if they are lucky enough to show just the kind of grit the scumbags love, they might move up a notch or two on the ladder.

They will likely run a Chenneyesque ideologue scumbag that will really appeal to these dirtbags in the next election. They're getting us ready for the Warlord political economic system that will likely follow our current fascist system.

Spitzer's picture

Bush and Cheney are Christians you fucking loser. They are a force for good, not evil. They would have killed Hitler before WW2 and fuck faces like you would say the same thing that you are sayin now.

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Hahahahahaaha! Quit f'ing around... bringing tears to my eyes;  "They would have killed Hitler...", priceless.

55 men's picture

"They are a force for good, not evil."

They sure do have a funny way of showing it.

GeorgeHayduke's picture

You assume much and know little. Bush's granddaddy financed Hitler.

You also assume Christians are a force for good. I see little real-world evidence that Christians are morally superior to non-Christians.

Perhaps you should learn a little more about the real world before making statements based on assumptions. Although I know it's tough to pass beyond being a sheople herd animal.

malek's picture

I've seen funnier trolls

logically possible's picture

Hey Spitz, 
     It's funny you brought up Hitler. I've often wondered if Cheney and Hitler share the same DNA.

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oh they're christians. Where do you buy your history books?  

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Did you forget to hit the 'sarc' button?  Just checking.

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You Don't Know Dick

Dick Cheney Hunting Footage! FOX NEWS NEVER BEFORE SEEN!


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Yet, in our "don't judge" trip we have become the most "judging/judged" society.  We have more laws and regulations... and licenses... and FED departments... filling buildings and libraries... and bytes.  And more prisoners filling prisons (which is unbiblical). 

When I talk biblical law, which is contained in one medium sized book, I am called extreme and legalistic. 


janus's picture

hey buddy,

what was the name of that english theologian you quoted a few months back?  i've got a little space freed  up in my reading schedule, and i want to try to fit him's hard for me  to believe there's a theologian of such heft and i've, heretofore, been totally unaware of him -- i think it was in reference to daniel 6 (if that helps).

Irish66's picture

There aren't enough jails for all the politicians.

alien-IQ's picture

jail is too good for them and it's a waste of money.

off with their fuckin heads and call it a day.

Steaming_Wookie_Doo's picture

So, really we should go for the Project Mayhem solution? I am asking in all seriousness, tho Marla & Tyler had cautioned us against making any threats,fantasies, etc. Gonzalo says we should judge and call 'em out, well OK, I (and plenty of others I know) have pointed out Cheney's many faults to anyone willing to listen. Unfortunately, CNN isn't interested in interviewing me. Do we bring in kamikazes? How far are we going to have to go?

Spitzer's picture

Funny how the lowlife peace mongers like GL say Cheney was behind all evil yet Cheney refused to go on FOX news. He only did CNN.

FOX news hated Cheney, all of them.

That goes to show he was a man of principles

pods's picture

So Cheney only went on one side of the dialectic?

Wow, that proves alot.


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I rarely have an opinion about people, but after your comments on cheney, hopefully you will be drawn, quartered and fed to dogs without having cheney's dick removed from your mouth. 

Spitzer's picture

Spoken like a true lefty koolaid drinker. What I find is when the dumb public is so sure on something(like the gold bubble) they are usually dead wrong. They are wrong on Cheney. Cheney was a force of good.

GoinFawr's picture

c'mon Spitzer, it's starting to wear a bit thin, no? Don't belabour the joke.

Sean7k's picture

Spoken like an idiot neocon with his head so far up his ass his ears are full of shit. cheney was one of the most evil people of the last century. Hitler and Stalin were pikers compared to dick "one more heart attack please cheney".

Escapeclaws's picture

You are totally out to lunch, and I'm no Cheney fan.

clymer's picture

project mayhem is not a go *REPEAT* not a go, until Tyler says it's a go. By which time we will all be tyler saying it's a go. And we will all know full well, that we have no choice.


There is still a chance to wake military, police and congress up.


pods's picture

 I like your optimism, but would not put money on it.


BlackholeDivestment's picture

Clymer, I assure you, have no doubt, from the highest level down to the lowest security officer, they are not waking up. People are holding on to the delusion of the beast with all their being. What you get now is a white eye over the shoulder, as they recall the warning(s), and the only reason their eye is looking back is because the market has fulfilled the warning given to them which they did not heed, and all the natural disaster events etc... described for them that are to occur have combined and drawn that eye over the shoulder also. By the time any of these weak-minded people, in position to help themselves, are moved to do so, they will be motivated by the same thing that keeps them on their ass in their current pathetic position. self preservation (short term gain/thinking they have time to remain in contempt). Of course that's the nature of the system of the beast, by the time the fearful realize their own judgment is killing them, if mercy has not come upon us, the judgment sealed in the short term renders the dead unto the bottmless pit ...Bitchez.

Not only have I witnessed first hand in real life (in D.C. etc...) what I just offered, but, I witnessed the judgment coming in a dream (vision). The people were never moved, even though they heard the strorm and saw the destruction. A pillar of fire began to wipe out everything as it came right for them and still they were not inspired to do anything other than continue as they were, ...dead. 

Escapeclaws's picture

You are right that this crisis has an eschatological dimension and no amount of tucking the carpet into corners will fix things. People sense this, which is why they at least half-believe in the 2012 phenomenon.

People who have not suffered from evil are incapable of believing in it.

Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez's picture

Yes, police and military please, please, please wake up.  Just look at Hitler's early henchmen to see what they have planned for you!  Do you want your ancestors to know that when tyranny came to America you helped carry it out?!  If you do not join the side of freedom YOU will be a target.  Just look at what happened in Romania in 1989. 

 I know that many, many of you are awake, but too few.  How else do we have police willing to swat team sellers of raw milk, wooden guitars, organic food and shut down kids lemon aide stands!!?.

What would your mother think of what you are doing?!  Get off the steroids and reverse the brainwashing!  We are praying for you!

DeadFred's picture

Pitchforks are more personal and satisfying

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Cheney is the emdodiment of Evil.

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Give us our spellcheck back!

JohnG's picture

It's there, left click twice, right click -> check spelling.  It might be just a browser function.....

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I don't care how much unicorn blood darth cheney drinks his date with death is nigh.

Sutton's picture

Fracking causes earthquakes on the East Coast?

alien-IQ's picture

Cheney going to hell? Sorry Gonzalo...but even Satan has standards.

Vendetta's picture

heaven and hell are here on earth.  Darth sent many to hell

Prometheus418's picture

Well, where else is going to go, Detroit?

BlackholeDivestment's picture

Dick is going to perish, there is no doubt.

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Cheney the great Darth Vader of global military industrial Bilderberg-Group parasitism.  How could a country ever vote this larval, tentacular, cancerous Prince into the puppet master seat for 8 years?   

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Many of their most brazen acts of lawbreaking (torture, domestic eavsdropping) were not known until after the 2004 election, and the public didn't fully understand how catastrophic the invasion of Iraq was until 2006.  Plus there's always a segment of the population that craves authoritarians to tell them what to do/think.

silverbullion's picture

Only the guilty fear judgment - Very true.

sheeple2012's picture

His daughter wears a strap-on... enough said about his leadership skills

gmrpeabody's picture

Attacking somebody's jacked-up kids isn't very manly..., it's poor form.

Enough said about your leadership skills.

BlackholeDivestment's picture

...Dick has proved his ability to attack kids and slaughter as many as possible in order to, keep the price of oil low? naaa. Ummm, to make the world more secure? naaa. Ummm, to protect and serve the Constitution, liberty and freedom? naaa. Oh yeah, to put a force in the Middle East to ensure the last moves on the ZBigNew World Order Grand Chessboard. Dick is as cracked up as the worlds largest Occult Dick, an Eqyptian god's ''member'', which has 666 measured at the base etc... and is also the symbol of the ''Point Within The Circle'' (fallen angel's descent into the tempted and corrupted body/black hole) which also represents the ''Second of Sirius'' star gate timing when the Sun and Sirius line up on the 4th of July. How charming it was to hear Rosemary's Baby and the Whole House raise the mark of debt higher in order to keep screwing the world ...after Dick Colin and Bush managed to use; the implosion of Enron accounting in WTC 7, and JP Morgan's Trillion plus in WTC 1 Cantor Fitzgerald holding company, and lets not forget the Cue Iraq Quack's squawk about 2 plus trillion of DOD lost funds he mentioned the day before 911, screw the world. Sooo ironic that the accounting section at the Pentagon was hit too. When did they break ground for that pentagram? ...oh yeah, 9.11.1941. lol

...yeah, Dick is a big Middle Finger. What a Nimrod he has been.


janus's picture

fret not, BHD.

janus has something very witchy brewing for the 10th anniversary.  I haven't yet begun its compostion -- but you may want to cruise by around eight in the morning on the 11th.  I suspect it will come in two parts -- a north and a south;and it may be of interest to you.

it is always bad form to criticize the father for the flaws of the son, and vice versa.  besides, cheney give us ample material for condemnation; we needn't drag any of his kin into this.


Steaming_Wookie_Doo's picture

Only a republican bloodsucker could have a lesbo daughter (no apologies or judgement from the Jeebus freaks), and only Bammie--under Left cover--could destroy social support systems on a scale that Bush would dream of.