Guest Post: NDAA Protests End In Ironic Swarm Of Arrests

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Submitted by Brandon Smith from Alt-Market

NDAA Protests End In Ironic Swarm Of Arrests

The absurdity of America today never ceases to amaze.  In fact, it has become so elaborate that one might even suggest it has reached a kind of poetic symmetry.  When a protest group is willing to stick their necks out to expose the horror of the National Defense Authorization Act and its open door strategy for unconstitutional arrest and indefinite detainment of American citizens, I have to stand up and applaud.  This is the kind of protest we need to see all over the country.  Of course, any establishment system which is willing to dissolve the inherent liberties of its citizens certainly isn't going to stand by quietly while they blatantly point out the injustice.  The Grand Central Terminal action featured in the video below is a perfect example of the swift and immediate stifling of peaceful dissent by an increasingly totalitarian government:

Responses to the event vary.  Most people who have actually been exposed to the facts on the NDAA have expressed utter disgust and fury.  Rightly so.  Some, however, have taken the old elitist mantra, perpetuated effectively by the Neo-Cons in their heyday, that if you are not for the system, then you are a danger to society.  Not surprisingly, there are still plenty of useful idiots out there buzzing about like parasites in search of blood.

For those who would applaud these arrests, and suggest that they are well deserved, I would have to ask very pointedly; why?

Is it right to crush free speech as long as the message is offensive to you personally?  Do peaceful protestors really present a legitimate threat to our national stability?  Are they truly more dangerous than a corrupt government hellbent on assassinating the legal protections of our natural rights which have existed for centuries?  Would any supporter of the jackboot methodology like to explain to me in a coherent manner why they believe their skewed world view should be shielded from sincere questions?  Please, I can't wait to witness the kind of ridiculous mental gymnastics required to make such arguments palatable.  If this kind of ignorance wasn't so destructive, it might actually be entertaining.

The bottom line is, it doesn't matter if these activists were in Grand Central Terminal, on the streets, or busting through the doors of the Oval Office.  While New York authorities will attempt to argue property loopholes in free speech protections for Grand Central, or national security because of the vulnerability of the terminal, really, this has nothing to do with either.  This is about the removal of American voices from a room, and nothing more.   If the message is going to be suppressed by the mainstream media, and shrugged off by representatives, then protesters must go to where the people are, and make the truth heard by whatever means necessary.

Ultimately, activism is about disturbing people's normal mundane routines and shocking them out of their pop-culture stupor, even if for a moment.  If we aren't allowed to do that without constant police intervention, then the First Amendment is not being served, and then, my friends, we have a problem, a problem which should be forced down the throat of government with even more public action.

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If she thinks she's smarter than you, and won't listen to you because of that, you're stuck in a feminist bear trap.

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Actually, I think she gives me more credit than I deserve!

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Feminism was achieved years ago just like racial equality.  There's no need for feminism anymore just as there is no need to expound on racial equality.  Let it go and move on.  We're all on this ship together regardless of the body parts, skin color and everything else superficial.  The ones holding onto race and sex difference/equality are the ones afraid to let go.  Enough already.  If she thinks she is smarter than you and so will not listen to you she likely thinks she is smarter than everyone and will listern to no one.  Annoying trait but not the result of her being female and you male for kee-rist sake.  Ask some women who know her- bet she does not listen to them either.  C'mon you guys.  Drop the old and get on with the new.


pops's picture

Shoes, your honor.

The prosecution rests.

SteveGennisonBallWasher's picture

@Conrad-- Thanks for the links, I'm very familiar with these ideas.  The problem is not getting her to understand, the problem is keeping her attention span for longer than 1/2 hour so she can have a chance to understand.  These are way too long for her, except of course the American Dream.

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Keep fighting the good fight brother, the sheeple will have no choice but to wake up soon enough...

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that's right, bring that democracy spreading back home. wonder when the police will just be drones.

Silver Dreamer's picture

"Democracy" by force apparently applies on US soil now too.

rosiescenario's picture

I'd say about the same date tear gas was invented.....probably in the late 1900's but I have not really researched this...just a hunch. Since you asked, maybe you could do a bit of dd on this and report back to us?

Calmyourself's picture

When  the FBI is building a massive database of Biometrics for protection purposes only of course its for your own good..

Remember when paranoia was only for wierdo's ? Good news, it's gone mainstream..

Swarmee's picture

Since officers have begun using tactics which injure peaceful protestors without any repercussions or remonstration to themselves. Like spraying mace directly into the eyes of nonviolent protestors.

Also there is no requirement that free speech be attributable to the speaker. In fact, quite the opposite, the right to anonymous free speech has been upheld (and rightly so) many times by the judicial branch.

Strelok's picture

I just learned a new word - remonstrate.  A synonym is expostulate.  Thanks!

P.S.  Yes, I graduated from the public school system. 

DB Cooper's picture

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.  Thomas Jefferson

Silver Dreamer's picture

The problem of course is that when the government reminds us to be fearful, those actions are considered legal.  Any attempt by us to remind the government however is considered illegal.  Go figure!

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which organ is working which isn't?

writingsonthewall's picture

...from the time that the authorities started keeping a track of faces which they can grab in a shakedown in the future.


Most of the Arab protestors cover their faces - do you think they are

a) Not peaceful

b) Scared shitless their Government will execute them if they are identified


You are already a slave to the system - next you'll be saying these people have no right to protest because they 'benefit' from the system which requires such draconian acts.

Any semblence of logical thought would result in this conclusion. Clearly you're a 'repeater' not a 'thinker' - perfect for their vision of the future obedient society.


Learn this phrase

"I may not agree with what you say, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it"

Now fuckoff back to the Government hole you popped out from.

jemlyn's picture

That quote is from Voltaire.  He should be given credit.

Haywood Jablowme's picture

Since when do peaceful protesters wear masks?

Since the zionist controlled state started using facial recognition software.  Duh! 


midtowng's picture

They are peaceful protesters when they PROTEST PEACEFULLY! They could wears guns and still be peaceful protesters.

The fact that they wear masks only shows that they are smart in a society that doesn't tolerate dissent.

Braindonor1's picture

In a free society, people are can choose to wear a mask (or not) as they see fit. 

I find it ironic that you use the granted freedom of expression on a privately owned blog to question the civic rights of individuals that were established centuries ago.  

smlbizman's picture

they wear fucking mask when they know they can be hauled away forever without cause....maybe they ought to protest...what a troll...

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"Since when do peaceful protesters wear masks?"

Since they get sprayed with mace by the cops for speaking their mind.

uno's picture

US citizens are now experiencing what the CIA, IMF etc have been doing to other countries for decades, inserting/supporting dictators - the worse the better; stealing resources for the very few.  Use to be Middle East, Central & South America, now it's North America.  Look to the type of psychos who ran these countries as the road map.  Also state controlled Media, prisions where citizens disappear, the model has perfected just in time for the USA's turn

pods's picture

Yep, Confessions of an Economic Hitman was a great book!  Too bad it isn't fiction.


Silver Dreamer's picture

I have to give credit where credit is due.  That man's book was one of my baby steps towards waking up.

Cathartes Aura's picture

paired with Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine, helped expand my awareness of a stale storyline as well. . .

DaveyJones's picture

another one of those dangerous broads with their thinking emotions....

sun tzu's picture

Dictators have been around long before the CIA or IMF existed. Freedom is relatively new. Man has been ruled by kings and emperors since civilization began

Reptil's picture

Rule by kings or emperors doesn't equal a police state. It could mean that, but is not the same thing.

NEVER before has a corporation had an equal position to a living human being, fascism at it's purest.

DaveyJones's picture

could not agree more. The world has never had entities that wield control over the entire planet. Not only legal standing now better than humans (human + unlimited money and influence), but, for the first time, granted the authority to patent life forms and food, gentically alter that food, and produce new forms that not only cease to replicate but destroy their surroundings and the life forms that eat it. Emperors have always been evil, but they have never been this powerful.     

Cathartes Aura's picture

in bestowing corporations "personhood" they have created the ultimate monster-god,

Not only legal standing now better than humans (human + unlimited money and influence), but, for the first time, granted the authority to patent life forms and food, gentically alter that food, and produce new forms that not only cease to replicate but destroy their surroundings and the life forms that eat it.

legally "better than humans" with the authority to "create life forms" including the very food humans depend on, traditionally "Mother Natures's" role, corporations are GOD-like inventions, MAN-made-gods. . .

where have we heard this one before. . .

Whoa Dammit's picture

And here I was thinking we were the land of the fee, so we had to pay whatever they tell us to. But you're telling me that now we have to not only pay, we have to obey. Sheesh. ;-).

In Fed We Trust's picture

All protests must be

In the name of Occupy.

Or they are forbidden.

In Fed We Trust's picture

The good news is that no one will be arretested until after the election as it wont bode well fir his relection.

That gives ud 9 months to bunker down or splt town.

AustriAnnie's picture

"No one will be arrested until after the election"


Did you read the article?  

OutLookingIn's picture

He even said that he would not enforce it! The chief executive not enforcing the law? Where have we seen that before? What a bitter disapointment this administration has been. Hope? Change? Just empty words.

fuu's picture

Too bad it stays the law for the next guy, and the next guy, and the next guy...

azzhatter's picture

Not if we are courageous enough to elect Dr. Paul

Silver Dreamer's picture

Unfortunately, We the People do not elect anyone.  We select between two carefully selected candidates, and both of them just happen to be bankster puppets.

Cathartes Aura's picture

understanding this, knowing this, frees up the mind to put attention towards self-responsibility, self-reliance, autonomy.

until then, the trap is duality, choosing false "sides" to align with. . .


pods's picture

Ain't no such thing as a halfway crook!