Guest Post: New Asian Union Means The Fall Of The Dollar

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Submitted by Brandon Smith from Alt Market

New Asian Union Means The Fall Of The Dollar

One of the most frustrating issues to haunt the halls of alternative economic analysis is the threat of misrepresentative terminology. For instance, when the U.S. government decided to back the private Federal Reserve in lowering the interest rates on lending windows to European banks last month, they did not call this a bailout, even though that’s exactly what it was. They did not call it quantitative easing, or fiat printing, or a hyperinflationary landmine; rarely does bureaucracy ever apply honest terminology to their subversive activities. False terminology is the bane of every honest analyst, because in order for them to educate and awaken those who are unaware of the truth, they must first battle through the daunting muck of the general public’s horrifically improper perceptions and vocabulary.

The chain of financial events taking place over the past decade in Asia have been correspondingly mislabeled and misunderstood. What some economists see as total collapse is actually a new and decidedly prophetic (or engineered) transition. What some naively see as the “natural” progression of globalism, is actually a distinctly deliberate program of centralization meant to further the goals of world economic and political totalitarianism. Asia, and most especially China, is a Petri dish for elitist psychopaths. What we see as suffocating collectivism in this region of the world today is the exact social schematic intended for the West tomorrow. Call it whatever you will, but on the other side of the Pacific, like the eerie smile of a sinister clown, sits fabricated fate.

The genius of globalization is not in how it “works”, but in how it DOESN’T work. Globalization chains mismatched cultures together through circumstance and throws us into the deep end of the pool. If one sinks, we all sink, enslaving us with interdependency. The question one must ask, then, is if all sovereign economies are currently tied together in the same way? The answer is no, not anymore. Certain countries have moved to insulate themselves from the domino effect of debt implosion, one of the primary examples being China.

Since at least 2005, China has been taking the exact steps required to counter the brunt of a global debt collapse; not enough to make it untouchable, but enough that its infrastructure will survive. One could even surmise that China’s actions indicate a foreknowledge of the events that would eventually escalate in 2008. How they knew is hard to say, but if the available evidence causes you to lean towards collapse as a Hegelian creation (and it should if you are paying any attention), then China’s activity begins to make perfect sense. If a globalist insider told you that in a few short years the two most powerful financial empires in the world were going to topple like bowling pins under the weight of their own liabilities, what would you do? Probably separate yourself as much as possible from the diseased dynamic and construct your own replacement system. This is what China has done…

China started with the circulation of Yuan denominated bonds, like T-Bonds, meant to securitize Chinese debt, creating an outlet for the currency to go global. China’s considerable forex and bond reserves make this move a rather suspicious one. With so much savings at their disposal, why bother to issue bonds at all? Why threaten the traditional export based economy and the uneven trade advantage that the country had been thriving on for decades? The success of Chinese bonds would mean the internationalization of the Yuan, a floating valuation of the currency, and the loss of the desirable trade deficit with the U.S. Back in 2005, this all would surely seem like a novelty that was going nowhere fast. Of course, today China’s actions suggest an unprecedented push to convert to a consumer hub at the center of a massive trading bloc. To put it simply; China knew ahead of schedule that the U.S. was no longer going to be a viable customer, and reliance on such a country would spell disaster. They have been preparing to break away from America’s consumer markets and the dollar for some time.

In 2008, after China announced the use of the Yuan in cross border trade on a limited basis, I began to write about the possibility that China was preparing to break from the Greenback. For the past few years my primary focus in terms of finance has been the East as a kind of warning bell for the state of the global economy. In 2009 and 2010, it became absolutely clear that China (with the help of global corporate entities) was developing the skeleton of a new system; a trade network that that had the capacity to supplant the U.S. and end the dollar’s world reserve status.

Since then, Yuan bonds have spread across the planet, China has dropped the dollar in bilateral trade with Russia, the ASEAN trading bloc has formed into a tight shell of export partners, and that is just the beginning. Two major announcements in 2011 have solidified my belief that a complete dump of the dollar by eastern interests is near…

First was the announcement that China was actively and openly pursuing the establishment of a central bank for the whole of ASEAN, with the Yuan utilized as the reserve currency instead of the dollar:

This news, of course, has barely been reported on in the mainstream. As I discussed at the beginning of this article, the terminology surrounding economic developments has been diluted and twisted. When China states that an ASEAN central bank is in the works, we need to point out what this really means; the ASEAN trading bloc is about to become the Asian Union. The only missing piece of the puzzle is something that I have been warning about for at least a couple years, ever since my days at Neithercorp (see “Migration Of The Black Swans” as a recent example). This key catalyst is the inclusion of Japan in ASEAN, something which many said would take five to ten years to unfold. News released this Christmas speaks otherwise:

Japan has indeed entered into an agreement to drop the dollar in currency exchange with China and has expressed interest in melting into ASEAN. Japan has also struck somewhat similar though slightly more limited deals with India, South Korea, Indonesia, and the Philippines almost simultaneously:

This means that the two largest foreign holders of U.S. debt and Greenbacks will soon be in a position to tap into an export market far more profitable than that of America, and that all of this trade will be facilitated by currencies OTHER THAN THE DOLLAR. It means the end of the dollar as the world reserve and probably the end of the dollar as we know it.

Japan’s inclusion in this process was inevitable. With its economy already in steep deflationary decline, the Yen skyrocketing in value against the dollar making exports difficult, as well as the ongoing nuclear meltdown problem at Fukushima, the island nation has been on the edge of complete collapse. Its only option, therefore, is to sink into the chaotic sees, or float like a buoy tied to an Asian Union. There can be absolutely no doubt now that Japan will soon implement the latter solution.

The dilemma at this point becomes one of timing. Now that we are certain that two of the largest economies in the world are about the dump the Greenback, what signals can we watch when preparing for the event? My belief is that the trigger will come squarely from the U.S. and the Federal Reserve, either as legislation to heavily tax Asian imports, a renewed threat of further credit downgrades like that which S&P brought down in August, or the announcement of more open quantitative easing. Any and all of these issues could very well arise in the course of the next 6-12 months, QE3 being a basic no-brainer. ASEAN could, certainly, drop the dollar immediately after their central bank apparatus is put in place, resulting in a much more volatile trade war atmosphere (also useful for full global centralization later down the road). The point is, we are truly at a place in our economic life when ANYTHING is possible.

My hope is that as our predictions in the alternative economic community are proven correct with every passing quarter, more Americans will take note, and prepare. I can say quite confidently that we have entered the first stages of the catastrophic phase of the economic implosion. All the fantastic and terrible consequences many once considered theory or science fiction, are about to become reality. Practical solutions have been offered by myself and many others. The only thing left now is to take action, or ride the tidal wave of destruction like so much driftwood. We can help to determine the outcome, or we can be idle spectators. In everything, there is a choice…

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Hey, where'd my snarky comment go?

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Even Tyler is prone to double

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dumbest article ever.

China is neither brilliant nor ahead of the curve. 

They have more capacity than there exist customers and the nation is polluted beyond belief.

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On the other hand, who-ever got these Sheepleaders to pose in that ridiculous formation surely has:

a; Some Power

b. A rock solid sense of humor

The hidden hand in Asia. See the guy on the left who could not hang with the script? Would not be surprised if he is the ex foreign minister soon.

What a clown-show... time to get into politics, perhaps.




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Brandon Smith is writing pure crap.  He has no insight into China and certainly none into the Fed's functioning.

Just to make the point - Smith can not tell the difference between a loan at a reduced rate and printing money as in QE.


Brandon Smith - Boooo!

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Blame the Baby-Boomers for all the ongoing disgraces of this country, that's why they are considered America's failed generation. These good-for-nothing invested their deprived intellect in experimenting with all types of drugs and having very promiscuous (and many times deviant/unnatural) sexual lives.

In fact, the following video taken at Woodstock in 1969 clearly depicts what Baby-Boomers were all about:

Consequently, their offspring are the best evidence that defect genes have been transmitted from one generation to the next; worst of all, the chances that their descendants' DNA carrying a more complex sequence of these defective genes are 100% guarantee -these new generation of Americans can fairly be described as subhumans.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

More copy-and-paste feces from wanklord.

To see how far and often he's tried to fling this particular turd, a google search for "deprived intellect in experimenting" (include the quotation marks) will reveal his digital detritus.

He never reads followups to his comments, or even the articles that he's supposedly commenting on, so he doesn't even realize that he's been figured out.


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No one can know what is to be, whether a year or two decades from now.

However, a few things can be agreed upon by reasonable people, IMO, with respect to China and a broader Asian 'replacement' economic system (i.e. replacing foreign consumption with domestic consumption):


1)  China has entered into maturing developing economy status, and as such, it is subject to more volatility, on average, than developed economies (with hgher odds of huge upside and downside events);

2)  China has a demographic time bomb in the form of a fat part of their bell curve being populated by young people, who will need to find gainful employment, with the Chinese economy having to generate roughly 1.5 million to 2 million new jobs per month in order for unemployment rates to NOT rise - and this is unfortunately taking place at a time when the autonomation of the economy is eliminating the need to hire as many 'hands on' type jobs that China has depended on to grow its economy and job base (e.g. Foxconn is replacing 1/2 of its 2 million worker labor force with machines in the next 12 to 24 months);

3)  There is essentially little to no credibility regarding any officially stated economic data presented by China, whether such data has to do with GDP/GNP growth, inflation, banking sector health, etc. etc.  Many would argue the same thing is true of many western, developed economies, and even though the data presented by entities such as the U.S.'s BLS is deeply flawed and misleading, it's less overtly fraudulent than Chinese official statistics (e.g. Chinese inflation is probably easily 4x the officially reported rate, whereas U.S. inflation is probably 2x what's officially stated);

4)  Because of the need to grow their job base, or at the very least, not let the job base contract, the Chinese Central Planners have encouraged massively distorted domestic markets and incredibly deep pockets of malinvestment, even going so far as to literally subsidize net loss producing sectors of their economy (which just so happen to employ massive numbers of Chinese workers), which is being glossed over due to the present Chinese trade surpluses they have with trading partners (i.e. paid for from past savings, which has the result of eroding that current pile of savings). This situation could have an incredibly ugly end consequence given that many of these current net-debtor trading partners are experiencing tremendous erosion of their domestic economic fundamentals, presenting a very real risk that their imports of Chinese produced goods will be curtailed even further, throwing the entire Chinese economic model into dire condition, very quickly;

5)  The present and massive Chinese real estate bubble has been spurred on far more by easy credit expansion and government incentivization, rather than real demand as a result of real growth in wages or the labor pool, and the unwinding of this bubble will add to the woes of the Chinese banking sector and also act as a drag on future employment;

6)   China is very much dependent on foreign sources of oil that they are not in a good position to ensure delivery of, in terms of geopolitics;

FINALLY, and specifically referencing the opinion of the author who wrote the thesis above, any notion that there will be an Asian currency that significantly erodes the USD as the world's reserve currency at any time in the next 25 years, let alone decade, is very much the product of an analysis that is short on a working knowledge of the world's capital markets as they exist today, in terms of structure and participation. This remains true despite even if major currencies undergo significant revaluations for the forseeable future.

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If these guys are as corrupt as the EU, it won't even last 10 years.

AldousHuxley's picture


Asian success formula:


  1. use natural resource exports to build up light manufacturing industries
  2. use unskilled cheap labor for simple manufacturing to meet foreign demand
  3. keep currency depressed against trading nations in addition to foreign goods import quotas
  4. invest profit from #2 into developing semi-skilled labor for advanced manufacturing and domestic consumption
  5. invest profit from #4 into rigorous education weed out system to develop skilled labor and professionals
  6. use human capital from #4 to create globally competitive corporations heavily subsidized by the state to purely copy western innovations and sell for 5% cheaper
  7. use profit from #6 and 2nd generation human capital to invest in innovation
  8. use profit from innovative companies into banking
  9. use good credit built up and domestic banks to print money for building war machines and military force
  10. use 3rd generation human capital to invest in culture and entertainment which glorifies the nation
  11. use war machines to export culture and entertainment in poorer countries into accepting conditions in giving up their natural resources


Japan is at #10

South Korea is at #9

North Korea is at #1

China is at #6 soon #7


during the journey, there are government corruptions, private corporation blunders, banking crashes, war losses, brain drain, etc.

bakken's picture

AMEN TIS.   There is so much more-Asia is itself not the Big Man to be feared.  Japan,  ????  Close to meltdown. N. Korea a loose and very dangerous cannon.  Burma, another disaaster case.   Pakistan?  India may have economic calamity  coming up, SOON, in the form of hyper-inflation breaking out.  Internecine strife, war: Americans are blissfully unaware of the coming water theft in South and South East Asia bythe water short Chinese nation.  The Chinese will be stealing much of the flow of the Mekong and Brahmaputra rivers, lifeblood for Viet Nam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Bangla Desh and even parts of Burma. 

Even public health in China is poor, and will sooon, along with care for the elderly become a large consumer of potential capital.  A much stronger society, Japan, has foundered, and is nowhere near to leaving the Zombie state after 20 years(Japan may blow too if the debt burden interest gets to 2%).  My guess is that China will not collapse, but will simply vegetate,  Zombie like,  nervously, as political voilence breaks out sporadically.  PS  Internal control is a very heavy cost also for this economy and costs of repression are very real.  Pollution?  They haven't begun to address very serious problems of a good water supply>>>  Check out the North-South water diversion if you want a laugh.

This is no unified group,  phoney photo-op piks aside.

We should always remember that Mussolini. Hitler and Stalin all had their fanbois here in America back in the day.  My worry is that WE willl do ourselves in, the Asians are not the threat.

sun tzu's picture

Nobody ever claimed that Asians are a threat and they never have been. We control our own destiny and are doing a shitty job at it

mjk0259's picture

if so, why is china life expectancy higher than US ? They smoke more and have lots more pollution.

Crisismode's picture



Please post believable relevant link to support your statement that life expectancy in China is greater than in the US.


Will be looking forward to reading your expert source.

DosZap's picture


Too lazy to rewrite it, cut n paste?.

Your an asshole,par excellance.

Also to blame 4-5 generations for Woodstocks happening, and assuming all Boomers were like them is insanity to the Nth degree.

You MUST be 12,or a frigging idiot.

General Decline's picture

The "Greatest Generation" raised the "Worst Generation". How did that happen?

Bringin It's picture

Wanklord - "The Greatest Generation" swallowed whole every turd the PTB fed them, but thanks for the "Soul Sacrifice".  I think you just want more people to play Santana.  Thanks.

Lord Koos's picture

Wow, dancing naked to Santana, doesn't get more depraved & evil that that...

swani's picture


Simple people need scapegoats to blame for all of their problems or single minded 'solutions' to complex geopolitical issues that require breadth of understanding on much more than one generation's drug use during anti-war protests. Besides, not all Baby Boomers were part of this scene, just like not everyone in America is a part of the OWS scene today.

I know it's daunting, Wanklord, but it would do your arguments a lot of good for you to start with some reading of history going back to Rome. You tube videos are great, but one cannot base their entire world view on clips from Woodstock. I mean you can if you want people to think you're thick, but if you want to be respected by anyone with a brain, start learning. 


sdmodiano's picture

Sir Jism,

Thank you for that epic video of artisrty and the palpable human connection to it.  If we all were more connected to our humanity through that kind of spontaneous artistry, perhaps we would not have so many sociopaths devising evil financial abstractions designed to steal from others. 

You have unwittingly made a point worth considering, good for your unconscious mind.

randomdrift's picture

The excesses which Wanklord attributed to the Baby Boomers, represent a full expression of Modernism.

"Modernism" refers to the Modern Period of history, which began in 1815. That is an economic and cultural system based on Jewish traditions. Some people say that we are now in the Post-Modern Period but I am inclined towards the opinion that we are in a transition at the end of the Modern Period to whatever comes next. Some of the factors that make me think that we are still essentially Modern, are the great influence of AIPAC over US politics, the predominantly Jewish ownership of the mainstream media, and the near-completion of globalization under mostly Jewish owned or controlled central banks and financial institutions. These things show they still dominate the status quo, thereby, confirming that we are still essentially Modern.

However, calling this “Modern,” doesn't mean that these things are new. --- “All the great historians,” (meaning primarily Gibbon and Toynbee) agreed that that one particular people caused the collapse of all the great Western Civilizations: That is the Roman, Hellenistic and Assyrian Empires. When we look more closely at the causes of their collapse, we find many of these same factors, as well as, this same people. --- Clearly, their traditions are antagonistic to civilization.

The founding of Constantinople reveals one successful strategy for avoiding these problems. Emperor Constantine recognized their cause and excluded those people from entering his new city, under pain of death. The result was that it stood for seven centuries after the fall of Rome. However, Hitler also recognized these problems but his attempt to exclude those people from Germany was ultimately unsuccessful. However, this isn't the only possible strategy for avoiding these problems.

The Powers that exist today have made plans for that transition and many of the events that we see transpiring around us represent their implementation: In particular, that includes the end of the US dollar, as the global reserve currency, and the end of the American culture of, buying on credit. These are two material steps towards the exit.  

Nevertheless, decadent societies make great art and music: I enjoyed that video. Thanks.


Raging Debate's picture

Raging Debate's auto bot says Truth, Integrity, Justice and Freedom are concepts. Concepts are decided first immediately so that all citizens can strive to achieve that standard and have a chance at peace. In the old days, armies would carry a shield banner that represented its concepts as they charged toward one anotherin battle. Sounds glorious, doesn't it! Now a short story.

Once, a brown man carried his banner of retribution and cultivation for his master. A white man carried his banner of justice and choice for his master. The white man charged forward with all of his might, knowing justice must be served so the people may have choice. The brown man charged forward howling to make the men pay for years of oppression, theft shame. Which concepts won? Did the white man win or the brown man win? What did his master think of the battle? But both masters were absent. Neither the brown man or white man realized they had both been had. 

Three hundred years later a brown man carried his banner of justice and choice for his master. A white man carried his banner of justice and choice for his master. Both men charged forward howling with all of there might. Seeing that they were going to be had again they decided to ignore the masters, kneel down and beg. Instead, the masters took rods and beat them. Writhing in pain pleading for mercy one master snapped his fingers expecting them to rise. They had no choice but to charge one another! But they still didn't rise so the other master snapped his fingers and both servants dissapeared! The masters turned to one another and bowed, pleased. 

Do you wish to be the brown man, the master or the servant?

kito's picture

if we have entered the first stage of the catstrophic phase, wouldnt something catastrophic have to happen to be classified as such? otherwise, youre still in the non catastrophic phase still waiting to enter into the catastrophic phase with the pending onset of some catastrophe............................

dcb's picture

Uhh, I'm going to just print money to give out a low interest loan, and not call it money printing.  anything these fols can borrow less than the free market, and by that I don't include any borrowing froma central bank, is printing in effect.

Eeyores Enigma's picture

Isn't that how you kick off a circle jerk?

old naughty's picture

ORI, Hidden in plain sight...

had always wondered when (not if) the sheepleaders were in control, really?

Also worth to ponder perhaps is the capitalism-communism in the context of democrates-republicans, two sidess of the same hand, no?

Where is the other hand?

Harbourcity's picture

You remind me of a grizzled old man sitting on his porch yelling at kids to stay out of his yard.

High Plains Drifter's picture

a guy i know a couple of blocks from me told the neighbors kids to stay out of his yard or he would shoot them.........

Errol's picture

As much as I hate agreeing with Trav, I can clearly remember the period when people tried to tell me that Japan would be eating our lunch...the China superpower story is equally unlikely.

i-dog's picture

This is NOT a story about "China superpower", it's a story about how the globalists are again attempting to encourage a number of reluctant economies to merge under a single umbrella (now, an Asian Union instead of a European Union), with China as the central player.

He offers the appropriate warnings about how this central planning fiasco will end for all involved ... so I gave him a 5.

dcb's picture

It's interesting to see how nationalistic emotions get in the way of analysis. Japan's mistake was opening up too mcuh to western capitialistic influences and letting the bubble get too big. If China avoids doing as such they will be fine. As for japan lets be certain by almost any standard of living regardless of the lost decade they re doing better than us. The ideaq of using gdp as any kind of measurement of economic activity is deeply flawed. just by dilluting the currency you increae gdp with an unchanged output. or if you produce a good more efficiently, at lower cost, and perhaps even more units that would lower gdp although actual output would decrease. ONly foolos buy into most economic stupidity generated by the economic elite in the us and europe.

the tower's picture

Japan ate your lunch, and China is eating your dinner. There are no meals left after this....

The US and the UK must start to see their reality which is low education, low productivity, low health... You are poor beyond belief! Millions of unemployed. Millions of elderly without healthcare or money. Millions of children homeless. Millions in jail. And everything else is DEBT. What the fuck is wrong with you people!

All eyes are on China and Europe as the reality of the two collapsing (former-) superpowers UK and USA must be diverted. Europe and China will be fine, as will be most of the world. Why? They have invested heavily in education and are producing stuff that we all need. They are all working their asses off to study, produce ever higher quality stuff and meanwhile try to improve their living standards while preparing for a future where resources will be scarce. 

Do you really think the world will end? Of course not, it will move on, as it always did. You will just be left behind. Most of the world - outside of the West - is under 30, they are capable of change, huge change... They are not at the end of the road, they ARE the road.

The UK used to be THE superpower but their empire crumbled and never recovered, worse, they hit new all-time lows. The US took over and is at the same spot now, falling apart beyond repair.

Trust me, if you guys don't get your shit together soon, you will enter the scenario that is reported here so often. You ARE expendable, simply as you no longer have anything to offer. Your money-magic war-mongering dictatorship of the world is over, you're busted, game over! So get your dumb drunk drugged fat cry-baby asses moving and learn, work, produce before it's too late! 

Sorry for the harsh words but it seems it's the only language you guys understand... I mean all this in the best possible way because the people - not the psychopathic elites - of the US and UK are good people, like all people on this planet. You need to get ANGRY, with the people that put you in this shit. Wages in the USA are already at the same level as China so why is your pride - Apple - still producing there? March on Apple and DEMAND a locally produced iPhone and iPad! March on Wall-Mart, Washington, Wall Street! Get ANGRY! 

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

Tower... Excellent post and advice. I have been watching and waiting for some sign of Americans getting off their asses and into action. Not much happening yet. I believe it will take hunger and deprivation to get people motivated.

The fools on here bashing China are not worth listening to. One minute posters here are bashing the bankers and pols, the next they are taking their side when China is mentioned. Spouting nationalistic bs is no solution. The entire US system needs a complete overhaul. A return to the US Constitution is a good place to start and anyone infringing on the rights granted US Citizens by the Constitution should face mandatory jail time for they are traitors by their actions.

DosZap's picture

Snidley Whipsnae

A return to the US Constitution is a good place to start and anyone infringing on the rights granted US Citizens by the Constitution should face mandatory jail time for they are traitors by their actions.



If it had just been FOLLOWED, as prescribed by law, and the lawless leadership,removed, and replaced,we would not be here now.

But, for that to happen,THREE Generations of Americans would have to have it taught in PUBLIC Progressive Cesspools.


sun tzu's picture

The average lifespan is 80. That's the problem. SS and Medicare will collapse the system. That along with the costs of the police,welfare, and military state and bankers sucking the lifeblood out of this country. Too many problems to solve. It will collapse. 

swani's picture

Thank you, Tower. I agree with you. It's up to the people to get angry and do something about what is being done to them by their elected officials and corporations that care nothing about their countries or communities. Companies respond to boycotts, politicians respond to losing popular support. People have to work together to improve their own situations. They have to stop looking for a 'leader' or a 'saviour'. 

People complain about the TBTF banks, Visa/Mastercard, big retailers ripping them off or treating their employees badly, why do they still support them? Why not support local businesses? Why not pay with cash when you can? Why still support the TBTF banks? Why keep investments in companies that are unethical? Why watch or read the MSM? Why vote for the same corrupt candidates? 

If the people are part of the problem by their daily passive support of the criminal racket that is currently permeating every area of our lives, how can they expect to ever liberate themselves? 


Raging Debate's picture

The Tower. I really admire your passion. But cheerleading cannot help with a system design engineering flaw. The Founders used a better model but didn't have the tool (internet) to stay semi-decentralized, centralization occurred and we're back to Monarchy. The design specs of Monarchy were brilliant. That is in 4,000 B.C. when the Egyptians coded the administrative government model and measured it in geometric depth of 666. Whether it is God or our God within us in our genetics, we seem to have known to be warned to freak out now when we could use a laser for a tool for governance when a handful of men have now decided, that no, they won't enter the Promised Land but no, you don't even get to try either, enjoy 666 or maybe Caines 999. 

Here is a treat from an AI systems engineer that learned some physics. Religious buffs of Christianity and the prophecy of Revelations by John of Patmos think of 666 and the number of the Beast. The angel tells John that here is where wisdom comes in to figure out what the number of the Beast represents. Now first off, not ONE of us on earth back then COULD have told you what it meant, even Einsten himself. 666 is two things:

1) The model of Monarchy. It is an actual government model a tool, not a mythological fairy tale.

2) Now that you know the inference of the number, you can look at a couple of historic events of what was and what will be again. The seal of Nero was 666. The Jews were revolving in Palestine and major cities like Jerusalem, not sending in taxes etc. They were given more deals then what was customary for a vassal. The Romans let you surrender piecefully and pay tax tribute but if not... Anyways when Jerusalem was starved out and burned Nero entered the temple and slaughtered a pig on it. It was the most insulting thing he could have done to remind the Jews they were under subjegation and that their God would not help them. Too bad they didn't listen to Jesus, he told them the same thing before he died and even what to do when the Romans came to the city to seige it but would leave to return later instead.

3) The angel tells John that the kingdom of Rome had a major predecessor, Babylon. The angel is telling John Babylon used the 666 model (even though it was the Egyptians that codified most of it into administrative law) The numbers indicate two things. They represent the depth of the administrators and general function (it gets deeper but I am summarizing). It also indicates the span of how long it lasts (if implemented correctly) and that is two human lifetimes or 160 years. Other cycles apply. At half life, you have huge changes, may become a new dynasty or brand (in modern terms) but the momentum of the nation using that model, underlying concepts etc. carries forward for that time. Models are largely predictable. The U.S. seemed to begin using the Triangle Monarchy model, 666 after the south was defeated in the Civil War. Some may argue this happened in 1913. 

So in the 1990's when Clinton Admin running around 'triangulating everything' and complementing themselves on their success of celebrating devolving back 4,000 years at least and some like Caine with an entire campaign on 999 plan (whether he knows this or not he is calling for 240 years of Monarchy. Pretty lengthy celebration of devolution eh? It is really the Western cultures that used propoganda to make the brown man more exploitable and so you never could connect the dots as a citizenship to government models. Eastern cultures that understand geometry and government models and math know a lot of this inside out and their mythology density is actually less than ours in using Godhead or religion to try and explain how the world works and what to be very vigilant for (to mitigate loss of life). As mentioned, up until now, it was not possible to translate these numbers the angel told John. Nicolai Tesla was obssessed with multiples of 3's. He obssessed not on the number themselves but what they meant. Some guy over in Iraq or Egypt, India could have probably told him and with modern physics and topography I could right now show him like I am explaining to you.

 4) The angel tells John that there will be another 666 empire to pay attention to. This one is a mixture of iron and clay (both items used more in thier respective time periods for buildings, weapons) and is the last empire. After that the angel starts talking about the adminstrative dimensions of a new government model. The angel gives you the numbers but they require further break down using post-modern physics, a new branch off of Quantum Physics. Either way, the model of the Quantum Computer to prove it mathematically was complete in 2003 (that was public info) but you really would have to be into AI geeking AND investing to have really wanted to get the math. It was harder finding other like minded people and the problems mounting in the world, the Internet to talk to the right people. It took a few years. Anyways, these sets of numbers applied to the sets of numbers the angel tells John for the new administrative government model are the key to 666 riddle. But now for the final empire. Whom is it? So now we are paying attention to nations proudly trumping support of Monarchy, of 666. The Club of Rome just threw its weight behind the existing world government. Roma, why have you left me? Of all the stewards of our planet of mankind and God, these men know not to support Monarchy, not to support 666. Not to devolve 4,000 friggin years and kill off 2B of us. Revelations therefore is a literal death toll warning to NOT pursue Monarchy, 666. I am leaving religion out of my analysis. I am only using physics, our now mappable evolutionary progress and dry discussion of government types.

5) The angel tells John that the countries described for this time frame are in the European Union of today. What I provided ZH is a juxtaposition point using physics as to exactly all the nations involved in world war three and when it start. The danger of mandraking to China and not considering the length it would take to harmonize a culture prone to Monarchy such as China was not considered. The output gap in time is what raises tensions to attack robbers which are is itself an evolutionary period of roughly 40 years, half of a life. Central Banking built its model on a 40 year run up and 40 year run down. Now, they themslelves mostly have pursued evolving mankinds model. Greenspan I think knew the outline of what I discuss and calls it a flaw in our economic model. He has tough time admitting in front of Henry Waxman testimony that the 'flaw' is really imperfection and Sir Alan is really powerless to stop it. He didn't want anybody in the world to know that, not even Washington. But what I think he did know and try to do was quadstack so high as to buy mankind more years until the Quantum Computer could be bult to crunch all the variables (all these numbers in point 1-4. The current problem with the attempt is it creates paradoxes in physics that are negative, measurable and predictable.

The Chinese are trade muscle for the Beast. Russia is the military muscle. Every global reserve currency has the job of global policeman and since China isn't nearly ready, it will be Russian. EU's coming currency deathstoke in the next few months is somewhat staged (long story) and Russia buying the PIIGS debt this coming year, latter half. Between 2013-2015, security switch for the peg accompanies in the ME also, accompanies the monetary peg one. Makes sense now, doesn't it why U.S. acted like a bully. At the end of the peg's security job it seems momentum goes too far. Plus, it looked like in the 2000's 'stabalizing' the ME is all about using up the last of American's resources with all the benefits going to the East and the new peg. This is why guys like Jim Rogers tell you to learn Mandarin or Timmy seems to always be on his knees to the Chinese. They are ALL one group of financeers but this is changing too. A commentator further down DDta adds to my conclusion of a split between burgalers for the final power and privelage of the reserve peg prize. What I know through math is that this form of model as part of Monarchy ends in 2021 - FOREVER. In physics it can tell you the macro but you don't try and bother with all the details. An example would be telling you what exact month to liquidate a Yuan trade. By doing so I create paradox and the outcome I told you is exactly the opposite of what occurs.

Last: Want to know how I know God or Alien Creators exist and they are energy? Because in physics you REQUIRE someone or something with intelligence to break into the third dimension and TELL you a fourth dimension exists. Otherwise, the evolutionary destiny of our species would have been quite a bit different, at least in how we got to the final destination which is the Singularity, about 60 years away. What that is that using particle colliders we have been peering into the 4th dimension for decades, but like the Atlantic Ocean in the 1,400's it took a bit before someone made that journey and colonized. There is no reason for the space program now outside of mining our own solar system and that is if as an evolved species we both caring about the earth, outside tending to the next crop of evolutionary animals.  


Then the EU will be the administrative muscle. In fact, I saw an article on this here last week or two even though I did comment that this will happen six months ago. Tyler, pull it up if you want. It isn't vanity to prove my point of digging it up It is about having a focused article, debate, discussion and plan going forward. Do you you what is wild? My plan got stolen back in 2008 as I expected. I have the solution to the problem and would need to now sit down with people like Alan Greenspan and Nesra types.

About America and the END:

An AWSOME result of an experiment Republic that lasted 225 years using a 4D model instead of 3D monarchy! All we're talking about now is evolving to five branches of government for what the angel was telling John. If you read Revelations, the angel tells you the tent of God is with mankind forever!". 

 And really, since things move so much faster these days, what we're really talking about is the death of the brand of Uncle Sam. If the concepts truth, freedom and justice are eroded because of flawed system design, then why keep it? Rebrand, it takes a couple of years now, Soviets showed us that in that experiement. America will build the 5D model and execute our conceptual concepts for a new Republic in VERY short order. The East is discounting the historic tendency of the culture. The West, particularly Germany and America, are the Wolf now, not the Eagle. Game theory four levels deep so all of you lose and it isn't because of nationalism or ideology. I love every person on earth and beg you with tears that the best game the math tells me is not to play! 

 But I don't blame ANYBODY anymore for decisions that were made until 2003. That was the year the math proved we could build an even better model than the Founders, in others words evolve. But that didn't happen and the short gaps of a few years in-between of miscalculations (based on HAVING to take an educated guess) create big cascading failures. There is a solution and it is physics based, we now have the tools we (mankind) to evolve into a five branch government of checks and balances.

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You need to cook with a different kind of mushroom.

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Not ahead of the curve?  They've safely negotiated the curve & are tearing up the straight, whilst us 1st & New Worlders have careered off into CantPayitBack Gulch. As far as 'brilliance' goes, perhaps they do owe us one there, but they've had about 4K years more experience - which may count for something.

This trade/currency pact was the signal event.

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yeah these chinks have been around for 4000 years!!!!!!1

all of them.  They've all been sitting around smoking opium for the past 200 also, and that was all part of their master multimillennium plan to DOMINATE THE WORLD

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I find it interesting that even this author failed to mention the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) which was formed in 1996... long before the author of this article's "2005" date.

The goals of the SCO are several and should be considered.

The US (and all other Westerners) is denied 'observer status' to the meetings of the SCO.

Why is the SCO never mentioned on main stream media or even sites like ZH? Is an organization that represents 60% of all humans not worthy of discussion?

"In June 2002, the heads of the SCO member states met in Saint Petersburg, Russia. There they signed the SCO Charter which expounded on the organisation's purposes, principles, structures and form of operation, and established it officially from the point of view of international law.

Its six full members account for 60% of the land mass of Eurasia and its population is a quarter of the world’s. With observer states included, its affiliates account for half of the human race.

In June 2005, at its fifth and watershed summit in Astana, Kazakhstan, with representatives of India, Iran, Mongolia and Pakistan attending an SCO summit for the first time, the president of the host country, Nursultan Nazarbayev, greeted the guests in words that had never before been used in any context: “The leaders of the states sitting at this negotiation table are representatives of half of humanity."

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Brilliant and well reasoned rebuttal  trav7777 . Your eloquent arguments, piercing insights, well sourced facts and figures continues to amaze and astound us. It's comments like yours that make the posts on ZH such a valuable resource to us all. Keep up the good work you champion!

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no problem, dipshit!

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Trav 7777

You are so wrong about China. Please give me a break. If there is one thing that China can do, it's to copy very well. And what they are doing now, is copying our central banking model for control of the world's resources through debt enslavement of target populations.

Only the foolish underestimate their enemies. 

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Wholly Cow! Now what? A TD Double surely portends something!

Up? Down? Sideways?


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Total bullshit. One cannot solve a paper problem with more paper. All is posturing for WWIII. Hedge accordingly.