Guest Post: New International Report Shreds Japan's Carefully Constructed Fukushima Scenario

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yeah, i just wait until all the toxic garbage gonna arrive at your west coast! buahahahaha!

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Go easy on steinlager here. He is just an angry german with gallows humor. He actually loves us americans, dont you?

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Overall, I think this is going to bullish for Nuclear power. Up is down. Left is right. War is peace.

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we'll see how long the "100s" of years of NG lasts us before the lights go the fuck out.

Nuclear was the technosalvation that PO-deniers always trotted out.  Now this shit is off the table indefinitely.  What Fukushima has shown us is that the Mark 1 BWR is a faulty design (we all should have known this already; it's from fucking the 50s) and that LT storage of waste has been PUNTED by politicans since NPPs came into existence.

These plants were supposed to have been decommissioned by now yet they remain waiting for that black swan to cause a radiological catastrophe precisely because people can't behave like adults and have adult conversations.  So they push these reactors to 40, 50 years lifespan to finally get a positive ROI out of them and because nobody will allow any new ones to replace them.

There have been better designs for at least 30 years.

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of course i love you guys. and california will get a lot of money from japan. bailout!!

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

Mr German,

Do you know why Germany has shut down many of their reactors... timed quite conspicuously with the Fukushima incident?

; )


Hook Line and Sphincter  ( ! )J

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Possibly TEPCO and J gov will be bankrupt by then.  Chernobyl helped bankrupt the former Soviet Union.  And that was just one FUBARed reactor.

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Simon Black is a lier. Now supposedly he's Taiwan according to his email. He was no where near the Fukushima plants.

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Simon Black is a lier. Now supposedly he's Taiwan according to his email. He was no where near the Fukushima plants.

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it's already here, angry_titZ!  also alaska fisheries, and vancouver;  also we are getting a lot of iodine, which yes, has a short half-life, compared to cesium, but, when it's coming 24/7/365 is the short half-life really that comforting? 

the rain in the pacific NW is a bit hot, not just the oceans!  they fuking incinerated a massive amount of rice straw and other stuff that was, technically, nuclear waste

whoever wrote this is just summarizing some report.  these facts were discussed on zeroHedge last april, around tax-time...

but, the tent is up @ fuk_u #1, BiCheZ!!!!  (according to arnie): Fairewinds Associates, Inc | Leveling the Playing Field

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past few days have seen amazing displays of sky-spraying in the PNW, taking out blue skies with a filmy net of cloud creating toxins, such that overnight dense fogs happen, trapping in anything that's "up there" and making sure everyone gets their "democratic" dose. . .

sheesh, it's almost like they do it deliberately. . .^^

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I noticed US news stopped covering Fukushima when school started. Why? I saw pictures on NHK of 6 year old kids walking to school with radiation badges hanging from their necks. Imagine images of kindergarten kids wearing radiation sensors walking to school beamed into the homes of every American on the nightly news?


Yeah that shit was never gonna happen.


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Exactly why I posted the link onto GW's latest Fuku update.  Thanks TD for putting the whole article here.  Toxic sushi for everyone, forever.

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It is amazing to me how the Japanese people tolerate the blatent lying by their leadership. Talk about subservience..

and in saying that, I think we can extrapolate this to the rest of the globe. Talk about being fed a steady diet of lies.

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well, first step was to convince them to abort their children, second step, themselves...course, could be reasonably argued when you abort your children you are effectively doing that to yourself anyway. when you allow that to be done to any child.... no man is an island, eh?

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Thats right because Americans would never put up with there leaderships blatent lying , wait, no ,edit delete.

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Your so polite. "diet of lies." 

Me showing my backround.

Diet of Horse Shit.

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Ironic how now the safe vegetables here in Japan are imported from China.
Went out for sushi tonight and ate the farmed Canadian salmon and farmed Taiwanese eel.
You couldn't pay me enough to eat Japanese fish.

topcallingtroll's picture

That sucks.

Cuz the japanese fish was always the best, even the farmed compache or however you spell it. That small yellowtail variant.

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kanpachi. the major yellowtail farms are in the south. should be safe, since the water flows upwards from fuku.

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From what I read in a different article. The radiation levels in the ocean water surrounding Fukushima are very high because the currents DO NOT disperse the water, rather keeps it in place and concentrated.

I cannot find the link but I think it was on enews.

I would like to challenge this article. Is there a form I need to fill out?

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And you knew the source how, exactly?

Did you read it on the menu, or did the sushi chef tell you?  Or, maybe you brought along your geiger counter.

Seriously not trying to be a smart ass, but how do any of us know the true source of what we are served?

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

It bites having to read eeevvveeerrrything, then extrapolate. Doesn't it.

Not even Evelyn Woods can help us now.


 ( ! )J

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I have no idea how anyone can be bullish on Japan.. without electricity growth, you can't have productivity growth.

 China's growth over the last decade could have been higher, if not capped by copper (necessary for their electricity grid) & oil bottlenecks.

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I wonder how much has left the facility after mid-July. We have news of ongoing criticality in 3 reactors at Daichi.

What comes after Quadrillion again? Quintillion? Septillion?

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The Federal Reserve should know the answer :-)

bluebare's picture

HOW could you leave sextillion off this list?

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That country will be a colony of China 100 years from now. They have ruined themselves with Rockefeller funding.

11b40's picture

China may not want the liability.

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Yeah, Tokyo Bay landfill.... incinerated radioactive shit going there as I type.

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The best place to store spent nuke fuel will be at a site located in the mountainside of an old reactor site called Fukushima-Daiichi.

Mark my words, we will have lots of it in the future.

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

Radioactive golden showers and geiger monitored bukkake

 ( ! )J

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perhaps this is the "goal" of the exercise, for those who think in "whole earth" scenarios, absent the imaginary lines they draw in their farmed animals minds (fictive nationstates) - if you're looking at the planet as your plaything, an island for your toxic shit toy-let?  plausible. . .

trav7777's picture

what will be, Mongolia?  Because Japan conquers china, not the opposite

Reptil's picture

the socialist republic of Mongolia signed contracts with american nuclear industry giants this summer to allow the rich uranium deposits to be mined, and nuclear waste to be "stored" in this country.

anything for a buck eh? -__-

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We continue to see more and more governmental disinformation as situation after situation explodes or goes up in flames or is hit by a natural or man-made disaster.

The sheeple are considered expendible.   Why cause them stress by telling them about problems that the government has no idea of how to deal with or correct.    Gulf Oil flows, we have no idea what problems corexit caused by indiscriminate dispersal.    Fukishima, we can't call back the cesium, so lets not wreck the Pacific seafood industry and tourism by telling them their eventual tumors were caused by governmental incompetence and denials.   Economic problems?   Let's continue to baffle them with bullshit until the whole thing comes apart at the seams and then well simply say that No one could have seen it coming.

Thank God for ZH and blogs like it that tell us what the propaganda machine won't

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Your cancer is not from exposure to radiation or corexit, it is from the oral sex you preformed you infidel.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Preformed oral sex! Ha ha ha you moron.

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Maybe you can get that in a pouch, like MRE's...just add water.  Yum.

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November 9th the internet gets shut down , only for 3 min ,but what possible desaster would call for the Government stopping all communications in America , let me think was it somthing to do with cake , France, and poor people.

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I wonder when I should stop buying canned tuna?

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Looks like we need to take geiger counters to the grocery store from now on.

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Stay away from the bananas... they are highly radioactive.


Landrew's picture

Bananas are only slightly radioactive:) 1.48 mev gammas Potassium 40 with a half life of 1.2 billion years.

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"I wonder when I should stop buying canned tuna?"

The day Fukushima happened I went to Sams Club and bought 3 cases. She asked why so much. I said this is the last Tuna that we will ever eat.

**watching as the expiration day approaches**

Pre-Fukushima tuna is tradeable.