Guest Post: The Old Man And The Sea - 2011

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The fishing is extremely lively within 5 kms of Fukushima.  Sadly, every fish you pull out will look like The Bernank.


RP 2012

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Now with Neptunium!

Go Ron Paul!

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another losing idea from zh fools --- like gold which keeps failing and failing -$1500 before  if ever! $2000 - i'm sure most zh  on food stamps

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How's that nexus between Social Security's lack of COLA and real (not CPI crap) inflation treatin' ya?

Enjoying your cat food?

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Oh look, another retard with the attention span of a gnat.

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Sigh. Remember the good old days when trolls were funny?

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I am not on food stamps and I have my own business in black and no debt. I was dirt poor on several occasions and know what it means. Ron Paul is your savious dear Americans. He is making history now and those who do not support him will be remembered as schmuks in the history books.'s picture

Ron Paul is your savious dear Americans.


Ron Paul is John the Baptist. He announces the arrival of the savior who is you...and you...and you.

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I support most of Ron Paul's positions, but please, I'm sick of hearing "He's the messiah!" about any politician.

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Nice essay, however, there is one glaring problem with Ron Paul and all the libertarians of the Mises School of thought, and that is the advocacy of the “Gold Standard”

I suggest you follow the below link to find out why, and perhaps if you are open minded, adjust your views Jim.

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The sparkling Bernanke has a touch of class like the great Gatsby. I'm not sure Hemingway would have liked this allusion to his rival whose wife drove him nuts, as she craved for nut cracker's suite all the time with her french lover, to the point of ending up in a swiss shrink resort where they knew how to electrochoc her neurotic impulses. It miscured her definitively. 

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I couldn’t forgive him or like him, but I saw that what he had done was, to him, entirely justified. It was all very careless and confused. They were careless people, Tom and Daisy — they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made. . .


Bernanke is the rich patriarch who is enabling the irresponsible and selfish child-like behavior amongst the upper crust. What the old aristocracy possesses in taste, however, it seems to lack in heart, as the East Eggers prove themselves careless, inconsiderate bullies who are so used to money’s ability to ease their minds that they never worry about hurting others.

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The Valley of Ashes

The valley of ashes between West Egg and New York City consists of a long stretch of desolate land created by the dumping of industrial ashes. It represents the moral and social decay that results from the uninhibited pursuit of wealth, as the rich indulge themselves with regard for nothing but their own pleasure. The valley of ashes also symbolizes the plight of the poor, like George Wilson, who live among the dirty ashes and lose their vitality as a result.

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“Though the Federal Reserve policy harms the average American, it benefits those in a position to take advantage of the cycles in monetary policy. The main beneficiaries are those who receive access to artificially inflated money and/or credit before the inflationary effects of the policy impact the entire economy. Federal Reserve policies also benefit big spending politicians who use the inflated currency created by the Fed to hide the true costs of the welfare-warfare state.” Ron Paul


This is the "trickle down" theory in its essence.

  1. Fed prints money and give to primary dealers.
  2. Primary dealers allocate money into various funnels including Treasury, foreign investments, private sector, small banks
  3. Then politicians, executives, local banks provid funding to business units, political special interests, small businesses
  4. Employees and worker bees who in turn recycle the money back as consumers

Currently, the money is at step 2 where large banksters are "investing" into commodities and other real assets effectively front running the release of the money supply  into the general economy, because they know money supply has increased thus inflation is guaranteed in the future. This is why banks will always make money with smallest risk. The money changers proved themseleves to be irresponsible, but they are once again rescued while main street suffers. The system is corrupt.


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On the contrary, I believe the old man in Hemmingway's book more strikingly resembles Dr Paul Krugman. Since the 2007 housing market crash, Dr Krugman has been tirelessly calling for bold fiscal and monetary stimulus programs. Initially, his suggestions were willingly implemented in the form of cash for clunkers and and other programs. This was Krugman's marlin - the controversial advice he had given was wiloingly accepted by congress and happily accomodated by Federal Reserve officials. Over the next four years however, Krugman's marlin was torn to pieces as congress failed to continue the necessary fiscal stimulus programs. As a result the economy began to once again deterriorate and Krugman's reputation was scarred by Libertarian propagandists.

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even for satire, that was an over-reach.  :-)


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You make me piss my pant laughing every time! The thing is, say what you say to my family, collegues, etc and they'll all agree in unison!

Anyway, great article! sometimes its good to remember great men of the past battling with life, existence, destiny. It makes the whole debate on debt, greece, hyperinflation, credit, money supply, gold etc etc seem trivial.

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Oh God, I love your comments.  However, I the analogy should be Dr. Klugman (and yes I misspelled his name on purplose) as the marlin getting eaten by the sharks (angry public).  Better yet, several marlins each representing the Bernank, Turbo Timmah, and their ilk.  They all get eaten.  Now if there was only some way to get the bad taste out of your mouth afterwards.

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Oh God, I love your comments.  However, I think the analogy should be Dr. Klugman (and yes I misspelled his name on purpose) as the marlin getting eaten by the sharks (angry public).  Better yet, several marlins each representing the Bernank, Turbo Timmah, and their ilk.  They all get eaten.  Now if there was only some way to get the bad taste out of your mouth afterwards.

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Well, I live in Asia.

And I'm drunk on Jinro Soju.

Goodnight, ladies.

Sweet dreams.


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oh, shit!

you did not just say soju!

janus has em heap of stories involving that strange, unregulated brew.

osan and kunsan, bitchez!

i'll just let them fade into the recesses of my memories; but, careful with that shit, you never know how drunk you are till you stand....and then, invariably, fall.

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Koreans alone consume nearly one billion bottles of Jinro Soju per month, and its 24% alcohol. 

The company web site states, "Its alcohol content is just enough to give a "kick" to your favorite cocktails but mild enough for an extended drinking experience."


Maybe Krugman, Geithner, Bernanke, Summers, and the Big O should partake?

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Big Ronnie talks the talk, but can he walk the walk ?

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The Tea Party control the Republican Party.  They've all but annointed Rick Perry.  Ron Paul is an Republican ideal whose time has passed.  So sayest the bible, and the constitution.

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The Tea Party has been hijacked.


How many of you truly think that Sara Palin truly was a Tea Party member?  And Rick Perry?

These people just sway in the wind of voter mood.  But does anything think they will ever deliver the true medicine this Country needs?


Never.  They are just more incarnations of the corrupt system we already have.  Sadly, too many people have taken the bait that the hijacked tea party has thrown.


The tea party was real to start with.  And it shocked both parties.  But now, it's nothing.

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First of all Ron Paul speaking is the closest thing we have to a founder alive - the fact that his message is thrown in the trash, or that is foreign policy is called "dangerous" shows you just how far we have come.

America is an Oligarchy, she is no longer a free soveriegn nation - one look at a dollar bill tells you that. Our Republic is dead - and perhaps it should be for it was made for only a moral people. Therefore we have the very tyranny we deserve.

There is zero way this oligarchy will allow a competing currency or political thought to gain power. Supreme court? LOL - as corrupt as every other branch just no one wants to discuss that.

We are living in a matrix of our own creating - as long as ESPN and country music exist and old men tear up over patriotic symbols and of long dead buddies then the wars and the oligarchy will remain.

So we will go on proping up the House of Saud, if money doesn't work then bombs will. We will on making sure our boys in Afghanistan die so as to give the CIA all the Heroin money they need to play their off budget games - we will export our inflation across the globe creating instability and ruining lives - but as long as we get ours its all good....

Enjoy it will it lasts - the Romans certainly did, it was only that last generation that it kinda of sucked belonging to - those Hun's were a bitch...

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good post hampster..... isn't the truth depressing?

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Always refreshing to read through the expressed thoughts of a clear and sound mind.  Its why i read  posts on this site, many gems to be found.  Yes the truth is grim.  But i'd rather hear the grim truth, than a pleasant lie. 

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that is my position, entirely.  It's masterful, the way they pulled it off.  They weren't even covering their tracks along the way... it was right out in the open.  Sean Hannity embraces it.... attach Palin and Perry to the message... saddle the movement with a number of social issues and you're right back where you started.  A single party acting as two with a number of pretend wedge issues keeping them corralled.

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These people just sway in the wind of voter mood.

Politicians have ALWAYS 'swayed in the wind' of the voter’s content to hear what they want to hear. The problem's not the politicians, the banksters, Democrats, Republicans, the Fed... The problem is the wind. The Tea Party hasn't been hijacked, they're just part of the ever-changing wind pattern. The Tea Party failed b/c (like so many other movements) it itself put it's faith in politicians (like Palin, Bachmann...) instead of harnessing the power of their own wind.  America needs a HURICANE of change, not another weathervane politician.

As a Texan and American I understand and love Ron Paul.  But Ron’s problem is that in between making good sense he drifts into thoughts about seeing little green men under his bed (read: policies of immigration, drug reform, Middle East policy…).  A bit spooky, no?

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'Big Ron' has a minor problem: his foreign policy thoughts are idiotic. Love his economic views, but you can't be a flake on foreign policy and win the presidency.

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Are you posting from Afghanistan or are you a hypocrite?

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He's in the 101st Keyboard Brigade.

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Hey, PD Quig - foreign policy and domestic economic policy are the same thing, nitwit.


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Hey PD - looks like you're good at spouting insults, but not so good at articulating 1.) an example of an idiotic Ron Paul foreign policy idea, and 2.) a good one of your own



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You can, if you are a schizophrenic or if you have bipolar disorder. Pick one PD Quig has?!

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Hey, just because Paul buys into Al-Qaeda's justification for their attacks on us, is no reason to think him a fool, right?

You guys are religious zealots, not clear thinkers. Do I wish we would pull our troops out of countries around the world? To a great degree, yes, I agree with that. Unfortunately, his rationale plays right into the Islamofascist cant. If you are too stupid to believe that the jihadis would like do destroy us from without and from within--and that the reason for their actions is a fundamental antipathy to the principles of liberty (fucking DUH!)--then you're too stupid to be president of the United States.


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Then why does Michael Scheuer the former head of the CIA's Bin Laden unit agree with him? Ron Paul's position was taken from Michael Scheuer's book.

What would you do differently?

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"...The liberal mindset of the CIA has not only led to a long series of grave errors in judgment and gross misreadings of many international situations; it has also led it to hire large numbers of radicals into its ranks.  The extent of the damage done by such people can only be guessed, but a good idea of the dimensions can be gleaned from observing the behavior of the growing number of far-left ex-CIA employees running about in the anti-America movement today.


Leftists emerging from the shadows of the American intelligence community are of course nothing new.  The most famous postwar example was no doubt Daniel Ellsberg, who has spent his later years as a button man for the far Left.  Ellsberg, however, was never actually employed by the CIA, but by RAND.  Others, at least as radical as him, were.  Of those, the worst is arguably Philip Agee, who left the CIA and published the seditious Covert Action Information Bulletin, with the help of both the KGB and the Cuban DGI, a magazine dedicated to promoting "a worldwide campaign to destabilize the CIA through exposure of its operations and personnel."  Agee told Swiss journalist Peter Studer, “The CIA is plainly on the wrong side, that is, the capitalistic side. I approve KGB activities, communist activities in general. Between the overdone activities that the CIA initiates and the more modest activities of the KGB, there is absolutely no comparison.”  Today Agee runs a website from his home in Havana,, and is a dedicated communist.


In recent years, veterans of the CIA who were employed by the Agency have emerged as some of the most extremist bashers of America in the ”antiwar movement”.  One well-known example is Michael Scheuer, who anonymously penned Imperial Hubris, a book critical of the conduct of the war on terrorism since the mid-1990s.  Scheuer had been assigned to create a “bin Laden desk” at the CIA.  After resigning from the Agency, he went on a campaign against the US invasion of Iraq, warning that Moslems worldwide were growing to hate the US because of its “policies”, and in particular he blamed US support for Israel for anti-American terrorism.  He considers bin Laden to be a “great man”.



Former CIA agent Melvin Goodman holds roughly similar political opinions, claims the CIA is being used to recruit public opinion and undermine domestic opposition to Bush’s policies, and is similarly politically active and tied to leftist groups.  He denounces the CIA for its failure to predict the collapse of the Soviet Union, although gives no evidence that he had himself predicted any such collapse before it occurred.  Goodman also seems to endorse 9-11 conspiracy “theories”.  Appearing at Rep. Cynthia McKinney’s hearings, which featured panelists who posited theories on 9/11 ranging from the Twin Towers coming down as a result of a “controlled demolition” to the Pentagon being blown up deliberately and not partially destroyed by a hijacked aircraft, Goodman was quoted as saying about McKinney, “I hope someday her views will be considered conventional wisdom.”


Of those leftist ex-agents of the CIA who are publicly active in leftist policics, most are also openly anti-Semitic, with deep ties not only to radical leftist groups but also to neonazi and Holocaust Denial organizations and web sites; the most notable illustration is the husband-and-wife team of William and Kathleen Christison, to whom we will return shortly..."

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It would not be an exaggeration for me to say that this opinion article considers criticism of the CIA to be leftist or communist propganda. This is called guilt by association and circumstantial ad hominem; the argument is erroneous and would not be an opinion I'd adopt.

Ask yourself what is the difference between the opinion column of Steven Plaut the author of this article and Philip Agee's column that Plaut references to in his article. Is there any difference at all other than the ideologies that they sell? Steven Plaut of the Frontpagemag accuses Philip Agee of running a propagandist column but wouldn't this same way of reasoning also implicate Steven Plaut of doing the very same thing he accuses Philip Agee and many others of doing? It's something to think about. I see the artile as hypocrisy and maybe you won't see it the same way.

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Anyone who uses the term "islamofascist" seriously has already drunk the neoconservative koolaid. I work with Iraqis (they are engineers and now US citizens) and it has been very educational. They hated Saddam. They also hate Al Qaeda. They also hate Donald Rumsfeld. Who do they think sees the situation most clearly? Ron Paul. Al Qaeda never would have gotten a toe hold in Iraq if not for the American invasion.

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Exactly.  We're talking about a few hundred backwards angry impotent Muslims here.

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Islamofascist is a pretty apt, shorthand term for people who hang gays, perform clitorectomies on women, behead journalists, ban music, destroy other religion's holy places, and in general, kill indescriminately, and loathe freedom. If the term bothers you, then use whatever term might make you stop thinking of your personal devils, Dick Cheney et al, and address the reality of a movement that is insinuating itself into every country in the Middle East.

Oh yes, I know that they are really powerless and that I'm imagining their numbers, strength, and influence--the neocon that I must be for having the temerity to believe what I see with my own eyes instead of believing the fairy tale that you non-cons would have us accept. Your way has worked so well in Europe, hasn't it? As Europe ignores the danger in its very midst, the sharia law advocates win battle after battle in the courts. They won't have to do battle in Europe, the Europeans are committing slow suicide by reproductive failure and multiculi cultural flaccidity. In 50 years there will be no more European Europe--if it takes that long.

So, please quote to me the Arabist CIA line of thinking. After all, they have been such an effective organization over the past 50 years. The CIA needs to be disbanded and foreign intel turned over to the military--the only large governmental organization worth a shit in this country. The FBI can handle the internal intel job. And if you want to bury your head in the sand as to the existential threat posed by the jihadis, be my guest. I carry no water for either the Dems nor the GOP.

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LOL LOL LOL You are such a sucker for biggoted propaganda.  Watch out those dirty Muslims (1% of the population) are going to overthrow your government and take over!!!!1  OMG Sharia law!  You small minded tool - you and people like you are a far greater threat to me and my freedom than some illiterate Jihadi living in a sewer in Pakistan.

PD Quig's picture

So far you have said nothing other than make some dipshit ad hominem attack on me. Typical lefty: when you have no argument, foam at the mouth.


Judge Holden's picture

I've long given up trying to debate biggoted chickenhawks/cowards like you as you're completely irrational AND ignorant of history.  Anyone who still worries about "Islamofacism" after 10 years of devastation wrought by the War on Terror (6,000 US soldiers dead, 100,000's of innocent Iraqis/Afghani civilians dead, TRILLIONS of dollars spent, increased state surveillance of citizens) is beyond saving.

In other news... OMG look out, I overheard some new intel about how the #2 in AQ just announced that they were going to implement Sharia in New York!!!  RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

dark_matter's picture

You make many points. I will address but two.

Fascists (like Mussolini an Hitler) worked for the fusion of government and industry. Mussolini said fascism = corporatism. Does this apply to the Islamic world. No. As for people who for people who "hang gays, perform clitorectomies on women, behead journalists, ban music, destroy other religion's holy places, and in general, kill indescriminately, and loathe freedom", maybe the islamoinquisitionists would be better a better term.

Second, you call islam an existential threat. This may be true in Europe but it is not their presence there that causes it but the low European birth rate. This is what happened in ancient Rome. The original Romans didn't want to have kids because it cramped their social life. Eventually the Senate was filled with the descendants of slaves. The same thing may happen in the US but it won't be Islam that takes over. From what I see it will be Mexican and Asian immigrants. I don't make this as a racist statement, just an observable fact. To call Islam an existential threat to the US is ridiculous.

And finally, I mentioned my Iraqi acquaintances. Americans have no idea what Iraq was like pre-Iraq war (I mean the first one under George I). My friend describes it as a wonderful place. Education was free and pretty good. The college girls wore mini-skirts. Health care was free. People cared about each other. You could visit friends any time, day or night and be cordially received. You could swim in the river. Vegetables were cheap and plentiful. Homelessness didn't exist. People loved Americans. If your sister was mistreated by her husband, the brothers and cousins beat the crap out of her husband insuring it wouldn't happne again. Saddam was a ruthless dictator but if you didn't oppose him you could have a good life (and BTW treatment of dissidents under the American regime is no different that treatement under Saddam). Their society had many admiral qualities we would be wise to emulate. Of course the wonderful place he describes is gone and most of their families have come to the US. They hated Saddam but they don't see Saddam as the despoiler of their country.





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"...the reason for their actions is a fundamental antipathy to the principles of liberty"

Dumbest. Line. Ever. It is barely possible to fathom the stupidity in this comment. A soundbite George "hate us for our freedom" Bush would have been proud of.

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Interventionists Ready a Media Lynching for Ron Paul

by Michael Scheuer

The past ten days have seen a spate of pieces on Google News damning Congressman Ron Paul for “blaming” America for the 9/11 attacks. This is just the start of what will become a wave of ever-more shrill and lie-filled attacks on Mr. Paul as long as he is seeking the Republican presidential nomination and continues to find growing public support. The attacks on Mr. Paul are and will be the work of the Neoconservatives, the Israel-First fifth column of U.S. citizens, and AIPAC and those it controls in the Congress, media, and academy.

baby_BLYTHE's picture

Scheuer has ballz of steel! We are lucky to have an insider with his kind of knowledge putting it all out on the line for us.

Michael Scheuer- Israel Is Spying On The U.S., Stealing Technology & Bribing CONgress