Guest Post: Peacock Syndrome - America's Fatal Disease

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There are some who will hold steady through good times and bad times by retaining the fundenmentals that is necessary to a profitable monthly budget in the house hold.

My Two regret is that the United States has failed to adopt a Consitutional Amendment never to spend more than what they take in as a Nation each month.

The other is the abandonment of the Gold Standard which controlled the paper dollar.

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There is an extremely easy way to confirm the veracity of Quinn's thesis that everthing changed in '70-71: go out and price and/or try to buy any 'preparedness' tool related to gardening, home economics, etc and note the pre & post quality, demand and prices. I think you might be amazed - in fact, you might find out you're a litttle behind the curve, since everything of value has pretty much been  scarfed up. Um, that would be those busy preparing, instead of snarking away @ ZH.

As for those who dispute my contention that the US neither makes nor provides any good/service desired/wanted by the rest of the world, please note that I didn't say it was impossible. All I said was we don't *currently* produce anything of value. If you start investigating the types of tools, machines, etc that were produced prior to '71, then you'll quickly realize that, indeed, the US used to mfg some pretty high quality shit. (Today, the only mfg done at any technical level is of course done in the service of the MIC.)

I've actually got my wife coming around. I've got a '49 machine that is so perfect, it was clearly made using precision machine tools from the aircraft build-up for WWII. I use it as Exhibit 1 to demonstrate just how far we've fallen from productive, sane people to hopeless addicts wed to the chosen's drug of choice. One I might add, that has been polluting socities for thousands of years.

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My little company makes molds for high precision rubber seals and such. My company has no debt of any sort. In my personal life I have no debt of any type other than the sub 30 day CC debt that always gets paid so as to make me a leech on the issuing bankk that misses out in interest.

 One tried to get me for a penalty fee and I told them if they wanted it they could close my accounts. They instantly relented.

 Guys like me are the ones that are supposed to do a Charlie Munger "suck it up" to fund the forthcoming tax increases and whatever some unresponsive legislator decides to nail me for.

 I pay cash for new cars that are half the price of his Honda example. I am a cheap SOB that even can live without A/C in my car and house.

 My problem is that I have never gotten a dime of any goo goodies apart from a lousy public skrewel education for a few years, yrt have to pay more than half of my income in taxes, fees and fines to support the parasite class.

 Some of my employees are finally getting the point about my rants of the past decade or so, and they are pissed too.

 This past Independence Day I mentioned the tax burden of the colonials and the horrid British tax laws. They dismissed it as an impossibility  because it had to be a factor of ten too low. It really is far worse than that.

 We are already at the point where anyone with arithmetic skills can see that the situation needs a reset to get the parasites off of our backs.

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The parasites are your market.

Take away the parasites and you go out of business.

Not everyone can be a producer in an industrial economy, neither can everyone run a surplus, nor can all save.

Someone has to be the consumer, run a deficit, go bankrupt, be a knave.

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"the veracity of Quinn's thesis that everthing changed in '70-71"

Except that he's wrong, Gentle Dog! I don't know if he's deliberately misinforming, as he has often done in the past, or whether he's just doing a superficial analysis.

This all started in 1958! In 1958, the head of the Russian KGB, Alexander Shelepin, headed a very large team of academics and other experts to analyse the communist failures to date and come up with a new strategy. The resulting plan was approved by the Politburo in 1959 and "endorsed by 80 nations" in 1960.

This 'Shelepin Plan' called for a complete reversal of the prior Soviet and Chinese failed Leninist approach of violent revolution and post-revolution oppression. Instead, it came up with a new strategy of openness ('glasnost') and reform ('perestroika') that would make the communist system "more acceptable" to the West and allow for much slower, but much deeper, integration into the West. A Marxist 'Trojan Horse', if you will!!

You may ask: What related actions - across a broad front - happened at that time?

Well, in 1958:

  • The Catholic Church suddenly started liberalising.1
  • The CIA came firmly under the control of Allen Dulles and his 'Skull & Bones' appointees.2
  • Robert Welch formed the John Birch Society in America and warned of (or outlined!) the communist 10-step plan to bring America to its knees. He either knew of the Shelepin Plan and opposed it, or he was a knowing 'antithesis' in the ultimate Hegelian 'synthesis' of a planned outcome.
  • Soviet Leader Nikita Khruschev demanded that several thorny post-war issues be resolved within a six-month period. 3
    • 1. The Catholic Church elected a new pope, Pope John XXIII -- an 'Illuminatus' and Patriarch of Venice. He was a very unpopular choice among conservative catholic cardinals.
    • 2. President Eisenhower issued a directive that superceded all previous intelligence directives and strengthened the Director of Central Intelligence's (Allen W. Dulles, CIA) role within the US intelligence community ... "the broadest and most comprehensive coordinating mechanism in the history of any nation’s intelligence activities.”
    • 3. The Soviets requested: negotiations on European security; an end to the four-power occupation of Germany; a final peace treaty signed with a reconstituted Germany; and the creation of a nuclear-free Germany to act as a buffer zone between the two superpowers. The Soviets threatened that if their demands were not met within those 6 months then they would sign a separate peace treaty with East Germany, officially splitting Germany in two. Summit talks were held in May 1959 and May 1960, but no agreements were forthcoming. When the failed April 1961 Bay of Pigs fiasco in Cuba still saw no agreement at the peace talks in June 1961, the Soviets sealed off West Berlin, overnight on August 12 1961, with 40 kilometres of barbed wire and shut off the flow of traffic and people. Yet Kennedy did nothing about it so, within the next few months, the soviets upgraded the barbed wire to a concrete wall.

    Then, in 1959:

    • The KGB ceased using assassinations as a political tool
    • Pope John XXIII called a General Ecumenical Council of the Catholic Church for 'world peace'. A greatly enlarged Press Office was set up in the Vatican in expectation of much greater external publicity than normal. Among those who sent press representatives to the Vatican were the 'atheist enemies of the church': The Soviet news agency Tass, the Soviet Literary Gazette, and the editor of Izvestia -- Krushchev's son-in-law!
    • The German Socialist Democratic Party (SPD) adopted the 'Godesberger Programm' to broaden their voter base and move to the centre. This programme forswore all Marxist ideas and dropped hostility to capitalism!!

    Then, in 1960:

    • Televangelist Herbert W. Armstrong forecast the fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years later. Was he prescient, or did someone tell him the Soviet plan?
    • America elected its first Catholic President, John F. Kennedy, son of bootlegger, gangster, diplomat and CIA insider, Joseph Kennedy. The election is very close and generally regarded as having been won only by rigged votes in Chicago -- arranged by Joe Kennedy's mafia friends and party machine.
    • Immediately after Kennedy's election, William P. Bundy, a chief of staff in the CIA and 'Skull & Bones' member, is appointed by Eisenhower as staff director of the "Presidential Commission on National Goals".

    But it gets even better in 1961:

    • On Jan 20, 1961, in his inaugural address, JFK utters his famous: "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!" ... effectively declaring that instead of the government being your servant, you should become the servant of the government. IMO, the formal declaration of war on the American people!
    • JFK signs a number of Executive Orders giving the President and the Administration unprecedented martial law powers in the event of any declared non-wartime 'state of emergency'. Those EOs still apply today.

    Then, in 1963:

    • Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) becomes POTUS and, shortly thereafter, simultaneously begins escalating the Vietnam War and implementing the 'Great Society' social welfare programmes. Both of these policies together will bankrupt America by 1971.

    There are many more 'coincidences' in the 1960-63 period that relate directly to the dire---and well planned---situation that we are in today, but this will do for now. :)


    PS. I wonder why the 'footnotes' don't appear at the 'foot'?!

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The resulting plan was approved by the Politburo in 1959 and "endorsed by 80 nations" in 1960.

This 'Shelepin Plan' called for a complete reversal of the prior Soviet and Chinese failed Leninist approach of violent revolution and post-revolution oppression. Instead, it came up with a new strategy of openness ('glasnost') and reform ('perestroika') that would make the communist system "more acceptable" to the West and allow for much slower, but much deeper, integration into the West. A Marxist 'Trojan Horse', if you will!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  Can you take us up to the present day, start with the Reagan years and especially Bush I with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the eventual implosion/collapse of the SOVIET UNION.

Esp, was the collapse of the SOVIET UNION part of the   'Shelepin Plan' ?

Seems like their whole plan kinda collapsed, but then, I don't have access to the resources you do to make that actual call ...





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"was the collapse of the SOVIET UNION part of the   'Shelepin Plan' ?"

Most definitely, yes. You should read Anatoliy Golitsyn's book 'The Perestroika Deception' for more details/confirmation.

Also note above that, in 1960, Herbert Armstrong foretold the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990 (though he obviously didn't give, or know, a date). The complicity of the churches was part of the plan -- though, as with the Catholic Church, only certain well-placed moles at the very top were acting against the wishes of most of the senior clergy around them. The same situation applies within the Masons - and also within Skull & Bones - where not all members are 'in on it' - until after the more promising novices have been tested and assessed. The initiation ceremonies are just the first test.

As for your "start with the Reagan years ... up to the present" --- LOL! --- I'm just trying to respond in a forum thread to Quinn's puff piece, not compete with Will Durant with a 'History of the 20th Century"!! Some here will already respond to the above with "tl;dr". However, if you have specific questions that can be answered in a sentence or two, of course I'll try to address them.

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i keep hearing about this and i am telling you now that any constititutional convention in this political environment is total and complete lunacy.......i promise you.  if they ever convene this, it will be the death null of whatever liberty we have left.............ammending the constititution is not something to be done on a whim.........most if not all , of the ammendments that were added after the bill of rights have been total rubbish..........this one would be no different.........

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any constititutional convention in this political environment is total and complete lunacy

Yes. think about it. Think about all the groups that would have their desires converted into rights via government sanction.

Burning the flag - legal or not; slavery reparations; etc., etc., etc.

there's no end to it.

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people wrongly assume that the matrix was a work of fiction.  on the contrary, most of it was true, if not a bit metaphorical.   the main diversion from reality is that the real matrix does not require wires jacked into the brain.  On the contary, and as Descartes pointed out long ago, none of the senses can be trusted, save for through the use of pure mathmatics.   the world, however, is about to get a wakeup call.

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the govmint exists to fuel its own system. then theres the American people, a separate but not equal system. why arent we equal? we dont band together to confront it. Once that happens, nothing will stop us.the govmint exists to fuel its own system. then theres the American people, a separate but not equal system. why arent we equal? we dont band together to confront it. Once that happens, nothing will stop us.


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More people are waking up and taking the red pill. 

The Matrix is a good metaphor for the illusion of existence going on right now. If the TPTB MSM told the truth there would be panics.

I don't blame people for not waking up faster. We had a good system at one time and it allowed people to be free to go about their business. Most still think things are still OK and on autopilot. Those days are over. 

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a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude


It's already here. Watch the video and see the presentation where they can use vaccine to totally change your behaviour! All they need is just to tweak a little before using it on all of us.



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contagiousNY, let me correct that ending...

Once that happens, no one will work at anything but justifying their needs. Keep your hands out of my pocket, looter.

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Go give this jackass high minded crap talk to the communist who want only what western idiots gave away.

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can someone explain how the hang seng index is up over 2 pct right now? what news is feeding that?

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Hong Kong has just purchased Greece.

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Seeing how Greece's net worth is -$400 billion, that would be the worst M&A deal ever... (well except for Countrywide)

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Best laugh this weekend. Gracias.

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They thought there was a deal. It's down 0.6%  (flat)

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MethMan, the repo guy is here to take back the Ferrari.

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MethMan better cough up some of that $20 Ag he promised us...

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We didn't ask for all this crap -- take it away!  They made us do it, honest!

The reproductive "big dick" status thing has always been around, it's biological, not just humans. The more horses a Sioux Indian had, the more squaws he got to bang. The more territory a lion has, the more he gets laid too. If lions could drive they'd have a gold plated Porshe.

But, the Money Trust banksters and creation of the Federal Reserve took it to a whole new level.  Give a guy a monopoly on making money out of thin air in secret and they can have anything they want, including control of everybody else's dick.

"I Drink Your Milkshake"  -- There Will Be Blood.

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Jaguar.  For men who want hand jobs from beautiful women they hardly know.

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Lol.  Someone remembers it.  "We know they're not sexy, but now's not a good time to be sexy anyway with all the new diseases around."

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Yeah.  All those who want to hasten the demise of the Boomers won't have long to wait.   I read that old folks homes are a breeding ground for STDs.   They don't use "protection" since they think all the old farts are safe.  Ha!  Just wait, the oldsters will screw themselves to death.

New idea:  Free Viagra to anyone over 65!  Yes, even the old hens.   They'll lace the lemonade with it.

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It will keep em from rolling out of bed too, kind of a living kickstand!

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LOL +1

I knew there had to be a use for that damn appendage!

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having a hard time putting it up with my heel

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"At my age you need to take a cold shower just to get on an escalator."

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It's not just that to get laid men make irresponsible decions, it is that they do so and get away with it that is attractive.  The alpha can do what it wants; it can take risk.  These people, the ones over credited:  Super-alpha pretenders.  And the one that pretends to be on the upper level and is not is at the bottom.  They are the first ones dead.

Of course, in Amerikah, due to free mortgages, and credit cards, we are all alphas now.

Or aphids, but either way.

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Marx had a good term for it. He called it the fetishization of commodities. Meaning trinkets, bullshit.

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When it comes to the pussy, yeah I'd pay for a gold plated car over the next 40 years.

I'm not married and I like the pussy.

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If a woman responds to the gold plated whatever then run, do not walk to the nearest exit...not worth fucking.  Most of the time I drive a Piaggio MP3 around town to save on I have to?  Nope but I do pick up a gold maple leaf here and there...and the best part...I get more nukie than I can handle.  Americans don't own shit...they rent or lease everything.  30K millionaires!

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If you need a gold-plated car to pull chicks, you are the pussy.

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I've seen more skaggy old bags in a Prius than I've seen in a Lotus.   But that is no testament to either of the skill levels of each group of females.

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I was kind of down the other night and by 2am could not come around. I put the top down on my German 2 seater and run the deserted interstate at 130/mph for 15 minutes blasting Maria Kallas L'amour est un oiseau rebelle. The adrenaline, the fear and the exhiliration turned me around. I could definitely not be able to do that with a Prious or a FIAT (pun intended.) No chemicals were used and no animals were hurt.

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My hubby and I did something similar once. Needless to mention what happened when we got back home.

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what happened? Did he burst a tire? Or puncture a tube?

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I would guess you got an envelope in the post.

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the best moments in luxury cars are when nobody is around but yet they are inherently used as misplaced hate for representative of all that is evil.  the discussion of the morality of our purchase decisions

is a sideways entry into something else.  


maybe they will create a high end luxury car, but destroy the body, or somehow make it clear the owner has no wish to be overpower any other human beings.

its for this reason my luxury car was purposely split in half on a pole.  it needed to be clear.


enjoy your ride!     apparently soon it will be to the gallows for anybody with property deemed unneccessary.






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You can do that on a motorcycle at 20-50mph faster, 8% of the price tag, and 3X the gas mileage. Just sayin.

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...and 100% more adrenaline.

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“Although showy spending is often perceived as wasteful, frivolous and even narcissistic, an evolutionary perspective suggests that blatant displays of resources may serve an important function, namely as a communication strategy designed to gain reproductive rewards.”


Noooooooooooooooooo, say it isn't so!  That's some  brilliant research right there I tell's ya!  I wonder how many taxpayer dollars was spent on that?  These guys need to go work for the fed.  A fantastic addition to the crack research team.  Send them to San Fran, they'll fit right in.

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I mean, really.  Ain't it the truth?  I hope my tax dollars didn't help with that brilliant conclusion.

I'd rather pay for studies on the breeding habits of the thatched what-the-hell-ever bird.

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You know I've been reading this kind of shitcanning of American culture for forty years and frankly it's kinda boring. It's a target rich environment. But so what? For every fancy car I see on the roads I see hundreds of modest, 5 to 15 year old beaters. Is the news flow so slow today that Jim Quinn has nothing better to recycle? Or is this really just another informercial for his site?