Guest Post: SS Agents And Prostitutes- Another Case Of The Worst Rising To The Top

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Submitted by James Miller, chief blogger at the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada

SS Agents and Prostitutes- Another Case of the Worst Rising to the Top

Austrian economist F.A. Hayek’s most famous work, The Road to Serfdom, is renowned for identifying two general rules in regards to politics and the state.  As the title of the book suggests, Hayek was keenly aware of the massive centralization of power taking place during the World War II era as Keynesianism took off and planned economies seemed like the next, natural step in the art of governing.  He correctly warned that economic intervention begets further intervention which would eventually lead to totalitarianism.

To reinforce this claim, Hayek explained a truth which haunts all those vying for public office.  Because the state, by definition, acts as a monopoly of force and predation, those who seek to brandish its authority don’t always have the most charitable intentions in mind as they clearly prefer an occupation of violence over harmonious enterprise in the private sector.  As Hayek writes:

Advancement within a totalitarian group or party depends largely on a willingness to do immoral things. The principle that the end justifies the means, which in individualist ethics is regarded as the denial of all morals, in collectivist ethics becomes necessarily the supreme rule.

While Hayek wrote on the mindset one needs to be successful in implementing the state’s various decrees, this type of behavior often spills over into otherwise unrelated government activities.  Such delinquency is fostered by the fact that those who operate within the public sector have little regard for the money and privileges designated to them as it is paid for on the backs of taxpayers and not from their own personal funds.  One of these embarrassing (for the ruling class, not those forced to support them) moments came to pass recently in Colombia as a few Secret Service personnel, tasked with preparing a summit venue for a visit by President Obama, were caught both soliciting high end call girls and stiffing them after the deed was done.  From the National Post:

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Secret Service said Wednesday that three employees will leave their jobs over the sex scandal in a hotel in Colombia which tarnished the elite presidential protection agency’s image.

A total of 11 agents and at least 10 military personnel are being investigated over the incident, which reportedly came to light when a prostitute got into a dispute over payment with one of the agents.

The New York Times on Wednesday carried an interview with one of the prostitutes, who said that the affair came to light after an agent offered her $30 for sex after earlier agreeing to pay $750.

By virtue of being a gang of thugs in charge of watching out for one of the biggest bullies in the world, the Secret Service’s reputation has long since been tarnished.  There is something to be said when the leader of a supposedly free and friendly country must employ brutes to shakedown visiting tourists at his “place of residence” and designate areas as “non free speech” zones on whim.

Rather than a small security force, the Secret Service has evolved, like all executive government agencies inevitably do, into something far more sinister.  Not only can it unilaterally revoke the protection of speech guaranteed by the Constitution, but it has proven to be staffed with those inept and feeling entitled enough to waste the public’s dime on seedy shenanigans.

Hayek, while a brilliant mind, was not right on everything.  He saw the welfare state is legitimate, a need for regulation into private industries such as education and food, and the necessity of the state in providing for individual and national defense.  Yet even he was able to distinguish how political power attracts those who will use in the worst manner.

The Secret Service agents who procured prostitutes may be relieved of their duty but it will only serve as a cautionary tale for the rest to keep their off-duty exploits better concealed in the future.  The waste and graft will go on despite a pledge from Obama for a “rigorous” probe and his potential successor’s promise to “clean house.”  These promises are just political theater used to conceal the playground like mentality which possesses the attitudes of all those who wield the guns of the state.

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CH1's picture

Such is the way of institutions.

But monopolistic institutions - those who don't have to satisfy customers in order to get money - get to their vile terminus faster.

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"This is a big fucking deal."-Biden

401(k)s About To Be Corzined By Politicians In Need Of Money

Matt's picture


Feds eye retirement fund tax to cut $16 Trillion-plus Deficit

Holy Crap, how did the deficit grow 10 fold overnight?

(I'm assuming the NY Post just cannot tell the differnece between debt and deficit)

nmewn's picture

With "progessives" running around with their hair on fire screaming about cops, teachers, women & children and the firemen to put out their flaming hair...the distinctions won't matter in very short order.

FrankDrakman's picture

Decimal points are for pussies!

jeff montanye's picture

well there's the annual deficit and there's the sum of all years' deficits.  unconventional but it is a deficit, goodness knows.  also the post got it wrong.

vnguru's picture

@ Tim Viec Lam: just get it..just do it..yes..yes! and then you will be kick out of US force. I see all news Chanel talk about this scandan. Don't know how, but US still face with alot of prolem. we need to change, or we will be destroy..Tuyen Dung...

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It is an interesting fact that the Libertarian model has never been adopted by any state of significance in modern times, despite the opportunities supplied by democracy. There must be a reason for this since Communism has been adopted countless times. Could it be that the banishment of government is an apriori false notion?

Votewithabullet's picture

Why should they, 75% of the sheeple couldn't tell you the difference. Joe (the jew ) lieberman said this morning his committee will be investigating these SS agents. I hope he gets them after all these men were having sex WITH WOMEN  no less. Laughing all the way to my end. Trillion dollar deficits yearly, 4 Fucking years after Lehman with no charges? Didnt Charlie G tell us charges were looming 2 years ago? Loaded and then locked.

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Death and Gravity's picture

Don't rag on the whores you fool, they are of far higher moral character and productive fiber than the scum in the halls of power.

vast-dom's picture

Hey DG that's precisely my point, fool! 

Max Fischer's picture



I don't think you should take an outlier event, and pretend it's indicative of the whole.  

Max Fischer, Civis Mundi

Hedgetard55's picture

Right Max, and there is usually just one cockroach.

Max Fischer's picture



Where I live, there aren't any cockroaches, so I'm not too familiar with their herding habits.  The secret service employs over 6,000 people - this was an instance involving, maybe, 10.  So far, only a couple have been accused of any wrongdoing.

Furthermore, I find it highly hypocritical that James Miller, an outspoken "agent" of libertarianism, would have such qualms with and make such ethical claims against prostitution.  Libertarianism is about individuals having the liberty to do whatever they want.  Libertarianism should be PROTECTING the institution of prostitution, and the freedom of individuals engaging in contracts between themselves. This reminds me of when Ron Paul was standing among all the Republicans and making ethical claims against pre-marital sex in an effort to pander to the Republican voter.  If there was any political movement that stood for prostitution, sex, pre-marital sex, etc., it would be libertarianism.  A REAL libertarian would never make ethical or moral claims against prostitution and, in the case of Ron Paul, pre-marital sex. 

This article isn't about libertarianism or its beliefs.  This is pure anti-Obama administration propaganda thinly disguised as libertarian doctrine.    

Max Fischer, Civis Mundi

knowless's picture

The secret service of the united states of america employs men who will essentially rape as they see fit. If the hooker offered a price that was agreed upon, then it should be paid, otherwise the sex was non-consensual.

Prostitution is legal under restricted circumstances in columbia, however, the men trusted with the safety of the president of our free democracy should have the decency and will to abstain from endeavors which could potentially endanger the lives of those they are sworn to protect, and by extension the stability of the nation.


Pretending as if it is acceptable for even one individual at this level of security to possess such flaws is absurd.

american exceptionalism right?


knowless, fuck your mother

Marginal Call's picture

Perhaps the contract wasn't honored.


Maybe she put in lackluster effort.  Price was for all 3 holes, only 2 given and she refused to swallow. 


We are going to need to hear more facts.

knowless's picture

exactly, this calls for arbitration..


and btw, my moneys on this being heard in columbia as obama's SS gangraping an escort, not prostitute. people tend to remember those type of things.

Marginal Call's picture

I'm thinking with a proper investigation, it will be found that he was drunk and possibly high and that she had attempted to force him into a fraudulent contract.  Further, if proper maritime law is applied he will be found not liable because power of attorney belongs to his superior officer when one is smashed on shore leave and he is not allowed to enter any contracts in such a state.  


And if by some circumstance the contract is found valid, the agent will retain the right to raw dog her stink hole, because that is included at that price and that is clearly source of the disagreement.   

imbrbing's picture

LOL, yes, we need details!

hamurobby's picture

I really feel bad for the ss now I have more info and a broader understanding of the underlining holes in this story.

Max, its not about the oldest profession, its about ethics while performing a duty for ones country outside of our borders.  I have no problem with an entrepreneur making a living, please let them get really competitive on rates!

. Ron Paul is stuck on a few things, the Mercan people are not ready for it after 160 years.

 Your post is so random I gave you a greeny.


Acorn10012's picture

Gives "ATM" a whole 'nother meaning.

Seize Mars's picture

No cockroaches in Newport Beach?

Anyways glad to hear you are interested in Libertarian causes. The problem isn't the professional girls, it's the fact that the Praetorians live high on the hog from coercion. Coercion is violence.

Hobbleknee's picture

It has nothing to do with Libertarianism.  It's about the rule of law and our hypocritical masters who think they're exempt.

Max Fischer's picture



It's written by a leading libertarian blogger for the Mises Institute of Canada, and the entire article is anchored to a quote from Hayek. 

WTF is wrong with you people? Eat your hypocrisy and move on.

Max Fischer, Civis Mundi

hamurobby's picture

Choices max babe, can you snort coke until you die? you should and you should not expect a waaambulance to show up and save your ass, do you agree?


Calmyourself's picture

Yes Max, hang your hat on the Libertarianism.  You seem to be running out of hooks lately perhaps retire to the patio, I hear Muffy calling your ice is melting..

Hobbleknee's picture

If our "elected" masters legalized prostitution, you wouldn't hear any Libertarians complaining.  But that's not the case.  It's currently illegal for the rest of us.


Why do you relish in beig a slave?

GeoffreyT's picture

Sad as it is, this is yet more evidence that the ALLSS (Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey) vastly over-estmates 'document' literacy... for nowhere in Miller's piece did I read any pejorative directed at the prostitutes themselves, or at the SS agents for availing themselves of the prostitutes' services.

No... not a bit of it. The issue was that the SS - in typical .gov fashion - sought to change the terms of a contract after the services had been delivered.

If you were unable to glean that from the plain text, then in my estimation your reading comprehension is not at a level sufficient to enable you to cope with the everyday exigencies of the information age... and yet if I had to bet I would venture that you would fall into Cat4 or 5 (the top 2 categories) on the ALLSS. (.gov deliberately sets low benchmarks, so that it can claim that its vast expenditure on indoctrination is leading to improvements in literacy).

Max Fischer's picture



WHAT?? !!

First of all, your name is spelled J.E.F.F.  JEFF.  NOT GEEEOOOFFF. GEOFF?  WTF?  Why do some people named Jeff have to be so WEIRD about the spelling of their name?  Don't be weird.  Your political affiliation and your identification with Fawkes is creepy enough. 

Secondly, you did not read "any pejorative directed at the prostitutes"   ????  Did you actually read the article? 

Give me a break!  The entire article is ANCHORED to THIS ONE QUOTE!

Advancement within a totalitarian group or party depends largely on a willingness to do immoral things. The principle that the end justifies the means, which in individualist ethics is regarded as the denial of all morals, in collectivist ethics becomes necessarily the supreme rule.

How could you possibly miss this?

Lastly, Mr. Miller was NOT writing an article about the SS changing the terms of the agreed upon price - that was not the thrust of the article.  It was about the central government/totalitarian group having the "freedom to do immoral things," as quoted by Hayek, such as engaging in prostitution.  The price discrepancy was just a detail mentioned by the National Post, not by Miller.   

Max Fischer, Civis Mundi


Coke and Hookers's picture

What the fuck is wrong with you Max? Are you on dope or something?

Calmyourself's picture

Puppet.. divide /conquer - sow division with in the ranks- fifth column - take your choice..

hamurobby's picture

Morals have nothing to do with freedom, dont be an idiot, the ss does not get "time off' while outside of our borders.

 Its like saying that the acts of an individual soldier represents the desires of a nation.

nmewn's picture

"It was about the central government/totalitarian group having the "freedom to do immoral things," as quoted by Hayek, such as engaging in prostitution.  The price discrepancy was just a detail mentioned by the National Post, not by Miller."

I think its immoral to tax when they can just print/counterfeit whatever they want. And that "price discrepancy" is no small detail to the one being taxed.

FrankDrakman's picture
  1. You are the only one here suggesting prostitution is illegal or immoral. In ANY libertarian's mind, it is neither. It might be unsavoury, or seedy, but those are matters of taste, not morality.
  2. It's doubtful anyone would have heard word one of this matter EXCEPT at least one SS agent short-changed (probably in more ways than one..) the lady in question. That's breach of contract, which IS illegal to any libertarian.
  3. Calling out someone on the way he spells his name is childish, pointless, and says that you have no rational argument. BTW, one of my frat brothers spelt his name that way, and he was called "Gee-off", to which he never objected.


Max Fischer's picture



You are the only one here suggesting prostitution is illegal or immoral.....

Pure garbage.  Mr. Miller wrote an article about the secret service and the prostitution scandal.  He quoted a comment by Hyak about ethics and morality to anchor his entire article.

That's where the ethics and morality came from.  Not me.  I'm just responding to it, and calling it for what it is.

Calling out someone name Jeff for spelling his name GEOFF is NOT childish.  It's ridiculous, foolish and embarrassing and he needs to know it.

gMaeox, Phissshher, Civis Mundi

Marginal Call's picture

Max, you seem like a pretty sharp guy, and you make some cogent points.  So why spend so much time arguing with true believers?  It's an unwinnable battle, so is it a hobby of some kind?

Bay of Pigs's picture

Yeah, sharp as a fucking bowling ball.


Marginal Call's picture

No, he just has too much faith in the "system", while understanding the failures of libertarianism.


What libertarians don't get, is that while they rail against the government we are living in their libertarian paradise.  In Randistan cash is king.   And that's where we live, in a wholly corporate owned state, where cash is king.



essence's picture

Max Fischer

You need to get out more and educate yourself.

The English speaking world other that 'mericans don't spell Jeff as we do in the USA
And whos to say what's best.
Chill out man.

No doubt if you ever discovered how they spell 'jail' you'd have an anuresim.

Overflow-admin's picture

Max, either you're a .gov troll or you need serious detoxification. How can't you listen to any argument and/or digression and always come back to your opinion? We're free to discuss the content of the article, the context, etc. This is why comments sections exist, so if you don't like that, please submit your comments as "contributions", so we can continue to bash you properly, or GTFO, because except your ability to repeat yourself endlessly, you don't add anything here.


P.S. Attacking the messenger isn't a good strategy (except if it's a troll)

spinone's picture

When you're right, you're right

Zero Govt's picture

Max Fisher  - "Libertarianism is about individuals having the liberty to do whatever they want."

Agreed. So what should the SS do in this instance, what do you stand for, 10 sackings or 10 cover-ups? 

"Libertarianism should be PROTECTING the institution of prostitution.."

What should Govt do about prostitution Max?

".. and the freedom of individuals engaging in contracts between themselves.."

How about the freedom (and Constitution) being abused by the Big Brother Bully State, what should we do Max, i'd like to hear your stance on freedom?

"This article pure anti-Obama administration propaganda thinly disguised as libertarian doctrine. "

I agree. And Obumma is a bankers puppet thin ly disguised as 'Hope & Change'. How robust is the President, in fact the enire US State.. are our "protectors" of freedoms in fact the enemy within Max?

mick_richfield's picture

Civis mundi my tired ass.

Why the fuck are you talking about the hookers, little human?

The guys involved in this deal are fucking Praetorians!  And they're spending their time dipping their wicks when they're supposed to be worrying about the President? ( Even if it is Howdy Doody, they still don't get to dick off on the job. )

In my time, I wouldn't have fired them. 

I would have crucified them.


Unprepared's picture

When you don't know what is the underlying distribution, you are forced to do that. That's the price that comes with secretive organisations.