Guest Post: Step 1: How Do I Get Started?

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From Simon Black of Sovereign Man

Step 1: How Do I Get Started?

Greetings from sunny Zell am See, easily one of the most tranquil places on the planet. Before I launch into this week’s questions, I first want to give kudos to our Asia partner and Chief Investment Strategist Tim Staermose.

As you may know, Tim runs our 4th Pillar investment service, a low-risk proprietary trading system that he developed over years of experience… and he just scored yet another big win for his subscribers.

Tim got his readers into Australia’s QMastor Limited, a small software development company that is now being acquired for a huge premium. 4th Pillar subscribers will now rake in a 41% return in just 90-days, all without any downside volatility.

Congratulations to Tim and his subscribers– another great call for the 4th Pillar.

On to this week’s questions. First, Jennifer asks, “Simon, each day you are writing from some exotic location; what are you doing in these places? I mean, I know you’re working on something, but what exactly are you doing? Why do you travel so much?”

It’s true, I keep a hectic travel schedule. In fact, looking back over the conversations we’ve had just from the last two months, I’ve been through the UK, Spain, Andorra, France, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo, Greece, Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro, Croatia, Lithuania, and now Austria.

Simply put, it’s our business to put boots on the ground around the world–  checking and rechecking what are the best opportunities that each country has to offer, building solid contacts, and taking the pulse of what’s really happening in the world.

To give you an idea, this part of Austria is an excellent, cost effective safe haven location that has ample real estate income opportunities.

I’ve been investigating a few boutique hotels in the area that can be acquired for a small down payment and cheap financing (as low as 3%), even for foreigners. The properties are so cash flow rich that you’d have to try very, very hard to not make money.

Earlier this summer I was in the UK investigating two exciting business ventures that I wrote to you about several weeks ago, as well as meeting with some fund managers.

From Andorra, I told premium subscribers about the country’s strong, stable banking system, as well as cost effective residency options.

In the Balkans, I’ve been working hard to bring members a second passport opportunity that could be even faster and cheaper than the St. Kitts economic citizenship program.

From Kosovo, I found three different business ideas that could be extremely profitable in the country and offered to co-finance any of them for qualified managers.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for Malta where I have some meetings set up about the country’s citizenship possibilities, fund management infrastructure, and unique gold storage options. If I have time I’ll head over to Tunisia to update you about what’s going on there.

You get the idea. My network of global correspondents and I believe that this kind of first-hand intelligence is critical to taking action and staying abreast of what’s really happening in the world.

Furthermore, due to the rapid pace of change, information can become stale very quickly.  You can’t stay on top of things by sitting in North America and parroting what you read online… or by taking a rare field trip overseas.

Simply put, we keep moving because the world keeps moving, and we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality first-hand intelligence we can… hence the hectic travel schedule.

Next, in case you have been reading the mainstream media’s pitiful and overblown coverage of the protests in Chile, our correspondent Dr. John Cobin just wrote me with this:

“Simon- I just got back from downtown Santiago; it was like nothing had happened over the last two days. The streets are bustling with people conducting business as usual, and it’s clear that the protestors accomplished absolutely nothing… and probably ended up with a black eye for their foolishness.”

We’ll have more to report on this early next week.

Last, Johnson T. asks, “Simon, I can see what’s happening to the country and want to do something to protect what I have while I still can. What advice do you have for someone who is just getting started?”

Every day, more people are waking up to the reality that this big, bloated, bankrupt government is the greatest threat to their livelihood. Earlier this week, in fact, I referenced an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Federal Asset Seizures Rise, Netting Innocent With Guilty”.

The article title says it all– in the land of the free and home of the brave, you don’t even have to do anything wrong for the government to relieve you of your livelihood.

They can take away your entire life, leaving you without any means to prove to them that you’ve done nothing wrong in the first place.  This is why I think the most important defensive measure is to open a foreign bank account.*

(* US taxpayers must file form TDF 90-22.1 and schedule B 1040 if they have a foreign bank account)

The idea here is to have some money in a place where you can’t be locked out of it instantly by some bureaucrat.  Again, this is not something that is just for the rich and jet set, there are a number of places that have low (or no) minimum balance requirements.

Many banks will open an account without you having to leave town. Caye Bank in Belize is one example. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank in Australia is another. Capital Security in the Cooks is another. There are a lot of options if you have the will to act.

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Ruffcut's picture

I saw the missing "corrupted" adjective prior to government.

I actually talked to a board of director of a credit union. He says the banks are "too regulated".

As I bubbled my blood pressure, and held back from going ballistic about fraud and a few other minor points, I almost sharted in my pants.

I had a client who ran for US congress. He still doesn't have a clue, either.

"pity the fool"- Mr. T

sgt_doom's picture

Well said, Ruffcut, well said, sir!

Awhile back, I heard (on an NPR show) some laid-off bank president from North Carolina bitching as to he couldn't fathom why he couldn't find any employment?????

Un-frigging-believable just how incredibly ignorant and stupid these clueless clownsters are.

This blog post has the sentence:

"Every day, more people are waking up to the reality that this big, bloated, bankrupt government is the greatest threat to their livelihood."

I mean, hasn't this clown Simon ever heard of PRIVATIZATION, for chrissakes??????

Hasn't he yet figured out that the majority of the frigging US government and its agencies, including the intelligence community and military, have been privatized?

Stooges....everywhere you look.....stooges!

TradingJoe's picture

Oh just bag it SB!

Pool Shark's picture

Oh great...

Another post from Simon "Anywhere In The World is Better Than Where You Are Now" Black....

Rodent Freikorps's picture

We used to have a saying in the military.

There is no place better than the place you are being transferred to, and no place worse than the one you are at now.

mkkby's picture

LOL, so Simon spends an average 2 days in each country.  That makes him an expert on the opportunities there?  What it really proves, is all he does is contact a real estate agent.  Not too surprising to hear they have a ton of great opportunities awaiting foreigners and their soon departed money.

2 days isn't enough time to learn about a small town.

That Peak Oil Guy's picture

Simon "The Grass is Always Greener..." Black


Keri at Bankster Report's picture

Why should I trust a bank in Switzerland, Belize, or the Cayman Islands any more than I (don't) trust the banks in the US?  Banks are banks---pushing a bank over a border doesn't endow it with magical pro-account-holder qualities, and it doesn't make is immune to bankster-controlled international law.  How, exactly, is having a bank account elsewhere going to protect me?  If I can access it, anyone else can as well.  And I think the Swiss banks (who are supposed to be the ultimate "independent" bankers) have proven this week with the UK tax deal that they look just the same in the shower and the US banks!

The continued inclusion of banks in our lives, in the first place, is a central part of the revolution that is being challenged right now.  Look at gold---banks HATE gold, but what is happening?  People are trading their "real money" dollars for REAL real stuff, gold.  Look at freakin' silver!  Look at copper!  Look at anything that is REAL!  Everyone on this board should be prepared to lose everything with a "$" in front it, or any other currency-denomination symbol for that matter, no matter which bank "holds" it for us.  The idea that one can aquire "wealth" by collecting debt-based units (that is, ANY currency, bond, equity-cert on the planet) is finally buckling under the weight of common sense---the common sense that debt does NOT make you "wealthy."

We have to realize that we are literally trading our time, effort, and bodies (through our work) for DEBT.  Our earnings are DEBT, and they remain debt until we can convince the next guy to trade us some of his real STUFF for our DEBT.  One day the next guys is not going to take our debt in trade for his stuff, even if that debt is coming out of a nice exotic Belizean account!

How do you get started?  You get some freakin' STUFF!

stacking12321's picture

the idea is diversification.

if you put 100% of your $ in a US bank and things get crazy enough in the US that your money is either siezed or the bank gets shut down, well, you have no $.


if you have 33% in the US, 33% in canada, and 33% in switzerland when that happens, well you still have 66% of your $.


and yes, your rant about banks are the problem, $ are bad, and all that, yeah, yeah, preaching to the choir.


but if you choose to keep some $ for liquidity, it's better that it be diversified, just good sense.

reader2010's picture

Storing your gold and silver in Switzerland, for instance, will be prosecuted soon.

Kayman's picture

Storing your gold and silver in Switzerland, for instance, will be prosecuted soon.

Unless you are a Wall Street criminal or a political whore. Where do you think the billion dollar bonuses went ?

reader2010's picture

The ruling elite are always ABOVE law. It has been like that since day one. There's nothing NEW under the sun.

Ag Tex's picture

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

lordchimp253's picture

That is a bullshit quote. People refer to it all the time, but never provide a primary source document from which it was supposedly found. For that matter, he never controlled any nation's money supply either. IIRC, his son or grandson was on BoE's board of directors. That's it. 

lunaticfringe's picture

I love that quote. Saw it on zeitgeist. I never let the truth get in the way of a good quote. Can you prove he didn't say it?

destiny's picture

Get a grip, read again....pretty clear ! and english is not even my mother tongue.   Rote shield IS everywhere, 400 trillion dollars worth !   Remember WATERLOO  ?

AldousHuxley's picture

"Give me control of nation's military and I care not who runs the banks"  -- North Korean Dictator who had his central banker killed


"Give me control of nation's oil and I care not who makes fiat money" -- Family of Saud to Americans

FeralSerf's picture

<<"Give me control of nation's military and I care not who runs the banks" -- North Korean Dictator who had his central banker killed>>

That's enough to get you on the administration's "Axis of Evil" list.  Oh, wait. . .

stacking12321's picture

i doubt that quote.


a rothschild would have better sense than to use IT'S when he means ITS.


you don't get to be the ruling elite with bad grammar.


FeralSerf's picture

<<Where do you think the billion dollar bonuses went ?>>?

Same place Madoff's stolen billions went: Tel Aviv. Banking secrecy and nobody fucks with them -- it would be "anti-Semitic" to do so.

Dr. Acula's picture

I am pretty sure residents of many of the USA states (about half of them) are already forbidden from holding gold outside the country.

I wasn't able to find the laws through googling though. Maybe I'm wrong.


Sgt.Sausage's picture

I'm pretty sure Dr. Acula has just hit the crack pipe and is spewing bullshit out his arse.

Let me take this opportunity to whump you upside the head with a Clue-By-Four™: The reason you couldn't find them (the laws) is because they don't exist.

AnAnonymous's picture

Nice one. Must be true.

But unproper.

Here's some cheap propaganda: he could not find them, that's because law codexes are bloated.

US world order.

DosZap's picture

IF your American, you LIKELY cannot even open a Swiss account.........they are sick of the IRS, and having to comply, or get slapped around.( Even ExPats are having LONG time accts CLOSED.

Expats are having issues getting just CHECKING accts all over Europe opened up,or getting to keep long term ones they have had.

The Swiss were the LAST bastion of really protected storage of assets.

YOU put your funds into a 3rd world craphole, and take your chances.(at least here, I have immediate access to them,not( 3-7k miles away.)

I will hold mine, and When & IF the time comes, it and my families will depart.

If I die first, they will have instructions on what to do.........their problem then.

reader2010's picture

You can't depart with your bullions if you will be able to depart at all. Rather,  the REAL worth is portable (marketable) knowledge. If you really desire to hold your worth, it's far better to accumulate high investment-grade diamonds. Because diamonds are much more portable with much less bulk. 100 1-oz Gold Eagles are about 7 lb with about $180,000 USD Value today, while 1000 carats high-grade diamond, also at about 7 pounds, can be worth more than hundreds of millions of today's dollars. 

DosZap's picture

reader2010 @14:03,

Sure you can,ever heard of ships,small aircraft,just make sure you have an up to date Passport,to get into wherever your going.

Paying someone to fly you to offshore, is not an issue,nor by ship, or water vessels.

IF we have 20 million illegals here,( and we do, if not not MORE) tell me HOW you cannot leave,LOL.

Hide n watch.

reader2010's picture

You probably severely underestimated the fucking power of DHS/TSA when the day comes.  If you really want to opt out of our grreat Frog-Boiling-Pot, you need to do it now more than ever. 

DosZap's picture

reader2010 @ 14:14,

No,I do not under estimate them at all.

I just know a country w/300+million, cannot be covered by our entire armed forces(if here,Natl Gd,PoPo's,any and all agencies we have), it's physically impossible to keep track of someone that wants to get lost or leave.

There are just too many,too much land, and not enough of them.

Not that they are not La Fabulosa..................

falardea's picture

They don't have to cover us all with guns.  There are enough laws on the books to make us all criminals, so all the establishment needs to do is random enforcement efforts.  Random means it could be you they raid with swat style tactics, because you didn't keep the paperwork about who harvested the wood in your guitar.  They raided Gibson guitar today.  What will the random target next?

reader2010's picture

Welcome to Hotel California.


You can checkout any time you like,
But you can never leave! 

FeralSerf's picture

All you need to worry about is cheap, prefect, synthetic diamonds bringing the price down.

legal eagle's picture

I help US clients open Swiss accounts all the time, the Swiss are just now insisting they get a Form W-7 for the IRS, and they are declaring the account.  No problem.

DosZap's picture

legal eagle, @16:22,

Great to know.........................

I have read stories out of the Telegraph, about Expats, and foreigners(US) ,being told to GO AWAY.

IOW, your just too much trouble, and we do not need the additional paperwork, for your paltry funds.

Several stories of Expats, losing (accts closed) simple checking accts.............held and used for years.

I do not doubt it at all............

I am VERY pissed at the Swiss for giving in to the demands of the US.( plus, when they got caught we found out they never were very trustworthy, after having to pay huge fines, and retributions to the Jews, that demanded their ancestors stolen gold, and valuables,stole from them by Hitler in WWII, and closeted away in the Swiss banks

They denied it all, UNTIL they could no longer deny it.

 Stilll the Swiss system was always the bell whether for financial independence to those who chose to use it.

Now, they are simply another  Banking whore.

Thunderlips's picture

Good point, Dos Zap.

I find recommendations to put money in a bank in Panama, Belize, Costa Rica, etc. by these Overseas Internet Investment types not very well thought out at all.  When the US says Jump these nations will ask "How High?" since their economies are overwhelmingly dependent on the US, along with their governments.  Look at the past 60 years and see how often the US has intervened there, be it military or 'special intelligence operations' or intense economic pressure to conform..

What you could do maybe, to get around the fact that most overseas banks won't open accounts for Americans because the reporting requirements are a pain in the ass for them, is start up a Corporation domiciled in that country, and then open an account for the Company. 

And pick a country that does as much or more business with China or Europe than the US.  Think the Southern Cone, Malta, parts of the Middle East, etc.  The Francophonie might be safe (just a guess on my part), since even if the French do give in to US demands, they'll drag their heels for so long, you'll have plenty of time and warning to react.  A country that recently gave a big middle finger to the IMF might be really good, like Argentina (not a recommendation, just putting the idea out there for criticism).  Or one that everybody forgets about, and has a sense of nationalism and victimhood, like Paraguay (which lost much of it's territory from a three pronged invasion by her neighbors many years ago and has developed a political culture deeply suspicious of foreign influence).

Your money would no longer be low hanging fruit because then the US Gov't would have to try to pull some kind of "pierce the corporate veil" trick, and many non-Anglo-Saxon Common Law countries have very different corporate law structures.  At the least it would buy you time.

In many countries, you can open up bank accounts in any denomination, too.

Yohimbo's picture

Oh the hell with switzerland, nice folks nice country, but its alot easier to bury the precious in the ground, and draw your kids a map.  The Feds are way too lazy to use their hands or a shovel to go dig it up...that is if they could ever find it, which they wont. Fortunately mine was lost in a boating accident, near a certain non-descript bouy, in a non descript kind of place.

Libertarian777's picture

not to mention, if you NEED your gold/silver in an instant, you can't exactly fly to switzerland and wait for the bank to open only to rush back so you can spend it.


It's like those people spending small fortunes on a bomb shelter in Nevada. What's the point. If you live in California and the SHTF how do you get to your bomb shelter?

GetZeeGold's picture


Put it in gold. Put it in your pocket. Don't tell anyone.



tarsubil's picture

Good luck selling that as a book. I mean, it doesn't even begin to fill a single page. You really need to think about how you're going to market it. Oh wait, you aren't a w**** like SB. Nevermind.

pods's picture

Man this guy is a pompous, book selling ass.

And this is coming from a fellow doomer.


rocker's picture

Don't buy the book, I won't.  But the principal of leaving the USA is not a Bad Idea.  We are "Worse than Japan Now".

TIMMAYYY's picture

...good luck going anywhere..

wtf...i dont get this idea of wont make a difference unless you have enough money to live off for quite a while....unless you get a job in this new utopia of a place

yeah...try and get by on local rates abroad ass holes...

take what you can get from the place then fuck off when you feel a little bit fleeced. no different to a looter living off benefits 


pods's picture

It won't take long in a collapse for the locals (in any of the places he speaks of) to figure out that the guy "who ain't from around here" trading in Krugs and living it up might just be the next target.


NotApplicable's picture

You can run, but you can't hide. If the evildoers leave you alone, it's only because a) you've gotten lucky and are invisible for the moment, or b) You're aiding and abetting them (like Simon does with his services).

thesapein's picture

Gotten lucky? Really, just don't be as stupid as the incompetent "evildoers". It's not hard to outsmart the US government once you stop playing by their rules.

pods's picture

I used to play golf in a league with my investment guy years ago.  He was always talking about where he played, vacations, cars,  equipment, etc.  Then he talked about going to Leadbetters school for a week (golf instructor).  Decent chunk of change to go there.  One day I was thinking about where he got all this time and free money to go play big shot all the time.

When it hit me I ceased to have an investment guy.