Guest Post: The Taxpayer Funded PR Campaign For Obamacare Begins

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Submitted by James E. Miller of the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada,


Only in public schools and universities is the fairy tale still taught that governments are representative of the people.  The blue collared man on the street realizes the chips are stacked against him.  For those who don’t have political connections, the pseudo fascist system that is still referred to as “capitalism” in the U.S. is akin to a casino game of chance.  That is, the odds are always in the house’s favor.  The house is the federal leviathan and its equivalent at the state and local level as well as the big, cartelized industries which feed off government protection.  As comedian George Carlin accurately observed:

It’s a big club and you ain’t in it!

Even the catalyst for the American Revolution, the Boston Tea Party, was not a grand political statement on the unjustifiable nature of taxation without representation.  At the time, founding father John Hancock was the richest smuggler in North America.  The British Parliament lowered the import tax on tea in 1773 which cut into Hancock’s profits.  According to economic historian Gary North:

The Tea Party had stopped the unloading of the tea by throwing privately owned tea off a privately owned ship – a ship in competition with Hancock’s ships. The Boston Tea Party was in fact a well-organized protest against lower prices stemming from lower taxes.

The state, by virtue of its monopoly on predation, has always functioned as a power center to be exploited by the elite few.  Politicians deceive their way to public office by promising voters the world while pocketing the campaign funds to do the bidding of their corporate masters.  For all his populist rhetoric, President Obama was bankrolled into office by Wall Street; namely Goldman Sachs.  This is why no top financial executives have been charged for fraud stemming from the housing bubble.  It’s the same reason he backed the granting of immunity to telecommunication companies for illegally aiding Washington in warrant-less domestic wiretapping of private communications. Obama travels the country on the taxpayer’s dime to convince Americans he is still the fighter for the middle class.  The more gullible of voters will believe the lie time and time again despite his administration being staffed by Wall Street alum.  They are infatuated with the idea of being part of something meaningful.  This naivety en masse is the true aim of the state.  It ensures for the least amount of objection and more opportunity for exploitation by the establishment.

The President’s “universal health care” scheme is yet another example of the incestual relationship between big government and big business.

In what can only be described as a modern day case of Orwellian irony, the Health and Human Services Department has awarded a $20 million contract to public relations firm Porter Novelli to begin promoting the Affordable Care Act.  From The Hill newspaper:

The Health and Human Services Department has signed a $20 million contract with a public-relations firm to highlight part of the Affordable Care Act.


The new, multimedia ad campaign is designed to educate the public about how to stay healthy and prevent illnesses, an HHS official said.


The campaign was mandated by the Affordable Care Act and must describe the importance of prevention while also explaining preventive benefits provided by the healthcare law. The law makes many preventive services available without a co-pay or deductible, and provides new preventive benefits to Medicare patients.

To sum up this disconnect between reality and fantasy: the myth goes that government is beholden to the people.  Elected representatives only ever act in the best interest of their constituents.  This is why Congress enacted a health care reform bill that was opposed by a majority of the American public.  But of course the reform was for their own good.  The public wasn’t allowed to know the final ramifications of Obamacare before it was passed.  The truth is never meant for the little people.  That’s why then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi declared “we have to pass the bill so that you can…find out what is in it.”  In other words, “obey us unconditionally.”

Again, this whole affair was supposedly done in the public’s interest.  Average Joe just doesn’t understand what is good for him.  How dare he question the intention of his political leaders!

Now a promotional campaign must be undertaken to convince the people that this new frontier in health care is a great step forward to more affordability.  Taxpayers only have to pick up the $20 million tab to be told about the good their government delivers to them.

What the ad campaign won’t reveal is that the Affordable Care Act was never the product of well-meaning souls but was crafted exclusively by the health industry itself.  The bill is virtually identical to a plan outlined by the trade association American’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) in 2009.  A former Vice President to Wellpoint Inc. was revealed to have written the original bill in 2009.  Stocks of health care companies actually shot up as the bill made its way through Congress.  The reasoning was quite simple since the bill acts as a huge subsidy to the industry.  With millions poised to be forced into buying insurance, Howard Dean was dead on when he called the bill “an insurance company’s dream.”

Like compulsory vaccinations, the individual mandate is nothing but an industry bailout.  Under the guise of protecting the right of citizens, government merely acts as a puppet of entrenched special interests.  Politicians and bureaucrats further advance their dream of centrally managing more of the economy while simultaneously appeasing big business.  Competition is inhibited with regulatory red tape as the big players continue to rake in income and market share.  The state looks out for itself and its financiers only.

With Obamacare, the middle class will end up being liable for yet another entitlement program that, like any other government initiative, will cost more than was initially estimated.  Worse yet, they will be bombarded with advertisements they paid for which attempt to convince them that Uncle Sam has once again delivered prosperity with a badge and a gun.

The disheartening part is some Americans will be foolish enough to actually believe it.

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A Lunatic's picture

From now on I will be deciding what is for my own good.

Dear Infinity's picture

National deficit = joke.. can we talk about unfunded liabilities

Yen Cross's picture

Let's talk. Albeit the 60-120 Trillion of U.S. debt alone, will get vaporized long before we have a say in things! /sarc

AldousHuxley's picture

China also has union reps to represent factory slaves.

But when there is only one union rep, fascists can easily control it not to represent anything.



Schooling are good for one thing only.....developing critical thinking...starting with bullshit and lies.

JeffB's picture

The government has full control of the schools as well.

They can and do begin the indoctrination early. At least in some of the schools.


AldousHuxley's picture

The problem in this country is that too many people are looking for handouts. I agree with the signs that say, “Share my father’s work ethic — not his paycheck.” We have to do something about the whole welfare mentality in this country. Tea Party Protester Valerie Shirk

Early yesterday morning, Valerie and Rob Shirk corralled their 10 home-schooled children into their van for the 2 1/2-hour drive from their home in Connecticut to Boston, arriving just in time to hear Sarah Palin denounce government-run health care at the tea party movement rally on Boston Common.


The couple, who rely on Medicaid for their health care, were also upset about the nation’s new health reforms.

When asked why her family used state-subsidized health care when she criticized people who take handouts, Valerie Shirk said she did not want to stop having children, and that her husband’s income was not enough to cover the family with private insurance.

“I know there’s a dichotomy because of what we get from the state,’’ she said. “But I just look at each of my children as a blessing.’’



romney, obama, clinton, or even bush......i think it is time for some cleansing of the stupids.....get rid of tea party idiots and US deficit  will decrease.

Oh regional Indian's picture

First they make you sick. 

Then they give a drug that makes you think and feel you are not sick anymore.

So you get sicker.

They give you more "Drugs", so you feel.... sicker, yet better.

That is till your hair start to fall out. 

Then they tell you you have to come in. 

200 tests later, you're an inmate for life.

Chemically altered forever, ever sensitive to fluctating "test" results that are always off the "accepted" levels, you are now officially a slave to the medical system.

Every twinge, every little stab of pain, signals, the miraculous cycle of the body to take itself from dis-ease to ease, the sheer importance of the environmental factors that led to said dis-ease in the first place....lost.

The word pill-oried comes to mind.

German Chemistry folks, good german chemistry is all. Bustards...



Surly Bear's picture

Like compulsory vaccinations, the individual mandate

Wow, so requiring vaccinations for children that group together for learning is the equivalent to a tax on individuals? If I was kind I would write that you are stretching things a bit. I am not kind: You are an idiot. Have you had any of the diseases for which one is vaccinated? Or your children? I have, and in some cases they can scar you for life. You are a lost cause.

~Surly, the Classical Liberal

Gully Foyle's picture

Surly Bear

ORI lives in India.

That explains it all.

The anti vaccination crowd is a bunch of assfucks anyway, as is the organic crowd, and the greed heads who think all taxes are bad instead of certain applications.

sskid's picture

Too bad there is not a vaccine for ignorance

Gully Foyle's picture


There was. Anti vaccination stopped it.

It explains the rise of Organic food dimwits.

longdong silver's picture

the chemical make up of vaccines of the past has changed.

the mas culling of the worlds population is in full effect at this time. They are trying hard to kill you.

perhaps you should do more homework regarding the world we "live" in tiday.

GMadScientist's picture

Word on the pointless pound of 'cure'* and the eschewed ounce of 'prevention'.

Welcome to the Stockade Market.

* Warning: This 'cure' for mild upset tummy from Chipotle may lead to:

- Giant Boners

- Thicker eyelashes

- Permanently altered site-specificity

- Explosive diarrhea

- An unsafe drop in blood pressure

- Painful rectal itch

Oh regional Indian's picture

Stockade Market. Nice one Gm!

Classic and scary.


azzhatter's picture

Really- Giant Boners?  I can deal with the rest

drunkenlout's picture


"I think it's time for some cleansing of the stupids."  Yep, yahsure, yew betcha.  It would be logical, just, satisfying, and right to get rid of stupid people.  

However, we would progress more if we got rid of some smart people -- Congress Critters, UN staff, Whitehouse staff, major bankers, lobbyists, etc.  When we inveigh against the stupids, we should make intelligent choices.  The problem is not the idiot candidates  -- we will never see anything else.  The problem is the idiot people who do not recognize their continuing disenfranchisement by all the candidates.  


The Alarmist's picture

Don't recall who originally said it, but when you stop and think about it, Congress is the opposite of progress.

MuppetMaster's picture

LOL no.  The problem with the world is a blatant lack of brainpower.

bonderøven-farm ass's picture

....or just a blantant lack of individual respect.

i-dog's picture


"she did not want to stop having children"

WTF!?! ... Does she think the planet is running out of mouths to feed (with other people's money)?!?

She should be neutered before she floods the streets with more welfare queens....

Calmyourself's picture

Aldous use that mile wide brush on some liberals too in the name of fairness..

Yen Cross's picture

 The thread explores spending power. You Gentlemen bring MUCH MORE important figures to light.  I got lost , and both of you righted my path!

  Opportunity is about creating a "Wealth Effect".  The definition of that idea is open to interpretation.

dwdollar's picture

The mere fact of sending your kid to public school means you trust the government to teach your child more than you trust yourself.

Yen Cross's picture

That my friend , is a loaded question. We, both know that answer...

AldousHuxley's picture

when you send your kids to public school, you teach the kid why democracy won't ever work because majority of people are idiots.


private schools aren't much better, especially the religious ones.


best school is real life.

Yen Cross's picture

DW Dollar, the mere fact that you ask that " dis-combobulated" question makes me wonder if you are a " Union Member"/?

JustObserving's picture

It took the United States from 1776 to Oct 22, 1981 to accumulate $1 trillion in debt.  Now we add $1 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities every 54.6 days or $8.21 trillion a year ($1.53 in debt and $6.68 in unfunded liabilities). US debt now stands at $15,747 trillion and unfunded liabilities at $119.029 trillion.

US student debt hit $1 trillion on April 25, 2012.  

This cannot be sustained. But without all the excess debt-fueled spending, the economy would be in a depression.

AnAnonymous's picture

US citizen way of life and conceptions are unsustainable, debt or not.

The lavish use of debt only meant that US citizens hit the bar sooner.

Without debt, they hit the bar too. And way before the Sun dies out.

JustObserving's picture

US debt now is $15.747 trillion. Created a duplicate post while trying to fix that.  Sorry.

Actually if we had accurate numbers for inflation, we would be in a recession now.  But if you manipulate inflation numbers lower by say 3%, you raise growth by 3%.


Eireann go Brach's picture

Otherwise known as nigganomics!

Gully Foyle's picture

A Lunatic

Good luck with that.

You gonna run around naked and live in a cave?

How else you plan to escape TPTB?

Tsukato's picture

Online I found a list of "bad words" which red flag emails, texts, etc. by the authorities. I thought to myself " most people are too afraid to ever rise up against the man, but perhaps there is some passive-aggressive action that most people could be bothered to do, and could keep the g-men busy/overloaded". This list of words should be spread to everyone, and attached at the end of every message we all write online, during chat, emails, etc. Please take this list, and pass it along to everyone you know. Thanks and vaya con Dios. Here is where to find the list:

toady's picture

What a pile of shit.

Thousands and thousands of pages of billions and billions of $'s of giveaways to big pharma, insurance companies, political pork, hell, every pseudo medical entity there is...

Meanwhile a simple 3 page medicade for all bill can't get a vote.

guinea's picture

Buddy, you don't want Medicaid for All.  In fact it terrifies me that a ZH reader would even think Medicaid for All would be a good idea.  Jesus.  

toady's picture

And I've never seen a ZH reader so easily terrified. What are you going to do when the really terrifying stuff starts, give up?

I'm simply saying the only reason to force this heeping pile of shit on the taxpayer is to get another trillion or so into the healthcare industries coffers. If they are going to force socialized medicine on us, cut out the trillion dollar middle man and pass the three page bill.

bonderøven-farm ass's picture

A good start would be to 'stop passing shit....'

toady's picture


Unfortunately, that's all Congress is capable of passing. Everything must be packed with billions of $'s of pork or poison pill rhetoric.

Calmyourself's picture

How about I handle my own health care without Giovernment distortion of the market for my "own good"...  Pelosi can do your exams..

toady's picture


Lets get rid of health insurance, medicare, medicaid, all of it.

Cash on the barrel head at the doctors office.

Like that will ever happen, short of a complete meltdown. In the meantime, stop diggin, err, throwing good money after bad.

AldousHuxley's picture

top 1% can get private practice doctors of their choice.

old geesers get medicare

poor dumbfucks get medicaid

politicians, police, soldiers, government workers all get good healthcare

even illegal aliens get free healthcare they don't pay for with state programs.


It is the middle class workers and professionals pay expensive private healthcare to cover everyone else


Multinational corps don't want you to get basic healthcare so they can keep you down. If you had healthcare you can take more risk by starting your own business to compete with status quo.


Healthcare is paid for by your ancestors hard work (increase in productivity through blood and sweat) which republicans wasted on stupid wars. Make the rich pay for their own wars and get what you deserve


guinea's picture

The masses would get a nurse with an SAT of 900 from an online degree mill (like the University of Phoenix Nurse Practitioner Program) to play doctor.   That's the ultimate plan from Obamacare. 

The rich and the unions will still get their American trained MDs.  

AldousHuxley's picture

you drive a car built by factory labor who also scored SAT of 900 and work at auto factories....

what does SAT has to do with a job performance where you do things pretty much by the book?

Doctors and nurses don't invent cures....$80k/year biomed phDs do.

Doctors are just HUMAN MECHANICS. You already trust your life behind a wheel serviced by some illegal alien mechanic working for $10/hour.  You have been brainwashed by AMA to believe that you have to be smart to be a doctor/nurse. When it is one of the oldest occupations.....what industry have INCREASING LABOR COSTS over time?


can you explain why medical schools only accept top 1%? why not top 2%? easily double the number of doctors?


It is the medical service cartel where they lobby the government to restrict competition which contributes to cost of healthcare.


vets, medicare, medicaid, all get government healthcare. they are being treated by stupid nurses? obamacare is not outlawing private practice.


guinea's picture

Human Mechanics?  You're a Grade A idiot.  The vast majority of medical cures in the 20th century including penicilin and leukemia cures were invented by medical doctors.  Much of the US medical education is geared towards medical research.  Most academic physicians (you know the Big Name doctors at Big Name hospitals) make barely over $120k a year and work 60 hrs a week after a decade and half of education and training.  Even private practice surgeons barely break $300k and they have all the risks of maintaining a small business and malpractice liability.   Residency training for all physicians is brutal and lasts from 3 to 7 years plus fellowship working 80 hrs a week for $40k a year.  Medicine is hard with lots of uncertainty and requires lots of scientific reasoning.  Only a Communist bastard would begrudge a doctor's low six-figure salary and think just anyone including an idiot with an SAT of 900 can become a doctor.  

It's ignorant people like you that make this country an overly bureaucratized Third World shithole where hard work means nothing, and everyone wants the perks and benefits without the responsibility and effort.  

AldousHuxley's picture

yes MD PhD are the ones who are actually curing anything, but they are not the cause of healthcare SERVICES cost increase..


regarding residency....every career has a period where YOU HAVE TO PAY YOUR DUES. And they have brutal work weeks at $40k a year because TAXES ARE PAYING FOR THEIR TRAINING because despite all of their years of medical school, they are worthless just like 1 year ibankers and lawyers. Let the hospitals and medical community pay for new doctor training themselves and let's see the profit margin on medical practice.


only a communist bastards would be protecting doctor's monopoly power in prescribing medicine.


Third World shitholes have better doctors than some I've seen who have entitlement mentality. 90% of doctors do the same shit doctors elsewhere. only the top 1% of doctors are special enough for Arabian royals to visit. Plus America is no more healthier than countries with lower doctor pay.


You still haven't justified any reason for doctor's salaries nor education requirement....that's because it is setup by government to subsidize doctors to get high enough income that they don't cheat and chop off the wrong leg just for more money. But these days  you have medical schools putting heavy debt burden and unnecessary difficulty in entrance exams, which produces doctors with entitlement mentality.


Bring in more Chinese and Indians, and reward doctors to go into RESEARCH to find procedures/ cures which anyone can use rather than into SERVICE which is always limited.


guinea's picture

MD/PhD is a recent degree.  We've had MDs who did medical research for a hundred and fifty years.  Who did you think turned anesthesia from 1/20 mortality rate to 1/20000?  Armchair experts like you?  Nancy Pelosi? 

We have plenty of Indian doctors in the US, you moron.  Over 25% of doctors practicing in the US are foreign grads.  You little shitbag seem to think everyone else is overpaid except for yourself.  How about I outsource your job first? 

vast-dom's picture

thx guinea. fuck obama, support doctors and if any profession should get properly compensated it's the MD's. Hell we could even pay teachers more, but MD's put in some of the most serious dues and literally save lives...........did i mention FUCK OBAMA? how bout FUCK BOTH DEMS AND REPUBS? 

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture


So where are all of these state of the art procedures, equipment and drugs from China and India?

Why does the US have the highest survival rates for the most common forms of cancer?

Why does the US bring more premies into the world than any other civilization?

Why was medicine largely a combo between voodoo and witchcraft until the US turned it into a real science?

It is all so confusing.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Yo dimbulb, it's because every living head on the continental 50 and the colonies are a credit in the UCC ledger.

It's really quite simple.


Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

It's been that way for 120yrs nitwit.

or long before your little incorrect as usual platitude.

But thanks for playing.