Guest Post: Those Terrorists We See in the Mirror… They Are Us

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Just as Pogo determined that we are our own enemy, we could also see ourselves as being our own terrorists.  That is, if we dare look in the mirror.

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To add more fuel to the fire, Danger Room [] just published FBI training material which teaches agents that mainstream Muslims, not just extremists, are violent and radical… and that America and Islam are necessarily in conflict.

The FBI is exaggerating, but it's fundamentally right.  Orthodox Islam is fundamentally extremely violent.  Anybody who's bothered to actually read the Koran and the sunnahs knows this.

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Orthodox Islam is fundamentally extremely violent. Anybody who's bothered to actually read the Koran and the sunnahs knows this.


Words on paper. Nothing more. When reading the declaration of Independence, words let people think of freedom and justice.

But it is a well known fact that the US started as a slaver nation and had a great colonial run afterwards.

Those religious books tell about people who lived one thousand years...

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AnAnonymous said.

Those religious books tell about people who lived one thousand years...

Absolutely correct ! 

Take a look at this web site from the internet of 1000 years ago.....

LOL !!!!

Agreed with the comment of America though.  We still are a slaver nation using's just done through the mechanism of global capitalism and global wage arbitrage.

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US Soldier shooting at his own shadow in the shape of bin laden:


Bin Laden is created by US from her foreign policy and then US spends even more money to "fight terrorism". Politicians win on both sides. tax payers fund special interests on both sides (AIPAC and oil companies) .



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BinLaden was used by the US and Saudis to funnel money to the jihadist effort fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan.  There are credible reports that BinLaden was on the US payroll at the time of 9/11 helping the US train Urghurs for the US to serve as proxies for US influence in Western China.  'AlQuaeda' - 'the list' was originally drawn up as a way to keep track of the outside jihadists - recruited in part with US backing and support- for the fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan.  It was NOT an organized 'terrorist' group in the way it is now portrayed.

This would not be ther first time the CIA and black ops types were using and protecting people who were 'playing both sides' and foghting the US.  The 'blind sheik' - involved in the 1993 WTC bombiong was being protected by the CIA (he'd helped recruit jihadists for Afghanistan) while the FBI was looking for him.

The whole 'enemies of my enemy are my friend' meme has NEVER been a good basis for any alliance.

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Missing_Link wrote:

The FBI is exaggerating, but it's fundamentally right.  Orthodox Islam is fundamentally extremely violent.  Anybody who's bothered to actually read the Koran and the sunnahs knows this.

So, I suppose Bible is the most peaceful fairy tale in the world of people who worship what they are told to worship?

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Bible says " Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear.  Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ."  (Ephesians 6:5 NLT)


religion = method of control over uneducated masses using fear of unknown (death, natural disasters, etc.) to bring about order in society


Non of the elites belive in that crap but wants everyone else to believe in it in order to maintain their elite status quo. Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc. same bullshitters as politicians.


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 Nearly 2000 yrs ago, I am sure that's exactly what the Apostle Paul had in mind.

There is a difference between religion, and Christianity.

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There is a difference between Christ (source of truth) and Christians (living example of hyporcracy)


There are more moral banksters than true Christians.

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So you broad base throw all Christians in the Hypocritic can?.

Only ONE was without sin, and all Christian are hypocrites at times, some more than others.

As for you bankster statement, you must be claiming to be YHWH, as only HE could know that for certain.(if it's just your opinion then say so),because you cannot know that.

Or, your claiming to be GOD.

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The FACT of the matter is, NO ONE knows if there is God or whether this world we're living in is in fact hell.  If you want to believe what some people wrote 2000 years ago based on literatures and characters that have been written about over and over again for centuries prior to Jesus's "arrival" on the scene, and then revised over and over again since by HUMAN BEINGS, then that's your choice.  I just prefer to live by my own moral compass without all the cajoling, begging for money and guilt trips associated with organized religions.  This world would be a much better place if people started beliving in themselves and each other than some tin God some assholes created to make you conform to their agenda.

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Well said, TM. You stopped the auto de fe before it got started. The hooded men are putting the stakes away.

"NO ONE knows if there is God." it seems to me that's exactly the way God wants it. Making His presence known was the birth of hypocrisy.
But it was smart to make Himself known only by hearsay in ancient tomes. If everybody knew He existed for a fact, either the worthless would be lined up with the worthy, elbowing their way to the front of the line or we would be living in an ant colony.

If one's moral compass is true, one will enjoy the same rewards as the most pious and devout Christian, Jew, Muslim, or Buddhist.

And as far as an afterlife is concerned, I'm still waiting for a traveller from that undiscovered country to return with some digital pix.

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But God has made his presence known. He led the Israelites by a cloud during the day and fire by night away from their Egypt bondage, he has a sense of humor as described in Daniel 5, when he wrote on the wall with a hand and scared King Belshazzar so bad he wet his robes, Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin meaning: Mene - God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end, Tekel - you have been weighed in the balances and found wanting, Upharsin -  your kingdom has been divided and given to the Medes and Persians.


You can't see air, but without breathing it in, you die; you can't make your heart beat, but if it doesn't, you die; you can't see a bell's vibration without amplification, but you hear it’s music when struck. You can't see the number of galaxies that inhabit the universe, but they are wondrous indeed as they are populated each with millions of stars; each galaxy with it’s own gravity well. One of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century; Albert Einstein wrote that God does not play dice with the universe. I also think that there is a rhyme and reason that governs all light, and darkness. Unfortunately, we only see through a glass darkly.


I read today the things that happened 2,000 years ago to Jesus Christ. I see the people of today back then, minus the conveniences and sarcasm. His answers to all their questions are the sanest and balanced of any I have ever read, and reading is my hobby. Yeshua's words resonate within me; they vibrate as truth that is so lacking in this world of ours.  Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. John 14:6


From 2 Peter 3: The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.


No I can't see God, but I read his word and feel his love. Yes, there will be those in these latter days who will try to hide and beg mountains to fall on them to hide them from their judgment given by an angry God. But it is your choice, to accept or reject him. Black or white, pass or fail. Your choice. Choose wisely.   

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Wild tree
SheHunter correctly points out that religious discussions are more appropriate in other venues.

Before you can believe in God, you must observe Him. The best evidence of God is empirical and not a priori. While the writings of the ancients is beautiful and occasionally true, it is no substitute for the a posteriori. Although I often quote the literary parts of Bible, my faith derives entirely from my experience and observations and nothing else.
Sorry SheHunter

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I agree with you that Christ is truth, then why eviscerate those who try to walk in his pattern? All fail, but the effort in trying is the gauge with which the righteous judge will measure.

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What would Jesus do when he comes back to earth?

Jesus would send 99% of "Christians" to hell.....where road to hell is paved with good intentions my friend.


Christ is not truth. Earth is not flat. Meaning of your life is not to serve a diety, but for you to be happy. There is no afterlife so demand that you are given equal opportunity to live your life to the fullest as much as a trust fund baby.







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For background sufficient to reliably interpret biblical truths, the writings of Dr.Bart Ehrman (University of North Carolina) startomg with "Misquoting Jesus".   I am sure that no one on the board wants to embarras themselves by misquoting Jesus.  He was a product of Moody Bible Institute" but not a fundamentalist.  He has spent his professional life studying the acient texts, effects of translation on content and has much to add to anyone with questions instrested in correct interpretation of the translations that we currently use.

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For background sufficient to reliably interpret biblical truths, the writings of Dr.Bart Ehrman (University of North Carolina) starting with "Misquoting Jesus".  He was a product of Moody Bible Institute" but not a fundamentalist.  He has spent his professional life studying the ancient texts,the effects of translation on content and has much to add to anyone with questions interested in correct interpretation of the translations that we currently use.

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For background sufficient to reliably interpret biblical truths, the writings of Dr.Bart Ehrman (University of North Carolina) starting with "Misquoting Jesus".  He was a product of Moody Bible Institute" but not a fundamentalist.  He has spent his professional life studying the ancient texts,the effects of translation on content and has much to add to anyone with questions interested in correct interpretation of the translations that we currently use.

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No wonder you use Aldous Huxley as your much wasted intelligence and so little wisdom.

That passage has been used for millenium to "prove" that Christians approve of slavery.

But if you had actually read the Bible and the multitude of commentary from both the right and the left you would have realized long ago that that passage from Ephesians by the apostle Paul was an implied admission to the truth of the world...which was ROME ruled it and there was no defeating it by calling for an end to slavery or for a rebellion.  Sparticus had already been killed and the charnel house that became the Appian Way was still legend.

Plus Jesus had already rebuked Peter when he struck one of the guards and cutting off his ear, because Jesus has not come to be a revolutionary leader of the Jewish people who would lead a revolt to freedom.  Which is one of the reason's he was crucified.

No my friend....what Peter was implicitly saying was what the Who sang a few decades ago.....

"Meet the new boss....same as the old boss"    Won't Get Fooled Again.

Oh.....and before you pull scripture out of context....make sure you do it around people who are equally ignorant of the Bible.....for you see....I am not......

Ephesians 6:9    And, masters, do the same things to them, and give up threatening, knowing that both their Master and yours is in heaven, and there is no partiality with Him.

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@ Jumbotron 19:13

After reading your thoughtful and articulate comment here, I feel terrible about a snarky remark I directed at you yesterday. I will do my best to refrain from that in future.

I have a more Siddharthic and empirical approach to God, but your words remind me that God is not just for this religion or that, but every last one of us.

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An honor given from an honorable man...or woman...hard to tell behind the sack..  :)

And to tell you the truth...I'm not at all sure what your snarky comment was.  But seeing as how I one poster said a while back....McSnarky.....I am fully aware that snark begets snark and am prepared to handle it.

But I also take your apology as an admonishment.  I should temper my zeal with widsom more often.

It is very hard to do around such ignorance.  But as Morpheus was very patient with those he was trying to make aware of the Matrix...I should be more so as well....for far too many their ignorance is their truth. 

And a truth assailed will be defended.....even if that truth is false.  Which of course defeats the purpose of reorienting someone to the truth.

Thank you again, bid the soldier. 

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Thank you for your kind words. I'm sure I don't deserve half of them. Well, maybe 60%. I have already tucked them away in my wallet where my money used to be.

Coherent intelligence like yours leaves nothing to be desired. Except a charming name.


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Christianity = method of control.

there is no approval of slavery, corpratism, communism, etc. There is only "Shut up, sit down, and do what you are told...from elite's biased interpretation of the bible"

Christians = slaves keeping others slaves down from questioning those in power


How many elites do you really think are "real Christians"? kings, presidents, wall st execs, liars on tv, celebrities, war profiteering generals, etc? So when non Christians are challenging the status quo, all Christians do is pull them down.

Kings used say their power is devine and given to them by god, when they were simply born into position of power.



Nature of religious people is that they fear the truth so they don't question the propaganda. And then there are few who exploit this fact, call themselves "Christians" to get the masses votes, money, following, etc.


Real good people do not need religious justification/reward in "heaven"/brainwashing to do good.

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When I first read about BinLaden I thought "This guy is providing the same function that the State of Israel does. He is a false flag around which the anti-House of Saud revolutionaries rally and forget their desire to end the monarchy..

Just as hatred of Israel trumped the hatred of the Saudi Monarchy, so BinLaden gathered younger Saudi malcontents and provided them with pacifiers - so to speak - in Afganistan and other locals outside of Saudi Arabia, (with the exception of the American presence there) and thereby dampened revolutionary pressure against the throne.

After 911 his value to the West was the same as Emmanual Goldstein's was to Oceania. I know Minitrue says he was killed last May, but why do I think he is enjoying his golden years in a villa at Cap d'Antibes?

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Bin Laden = Emmanuel Goldstein

Everything else is superfluous.

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"'s just done through the mechanism of global capitalism..."

FWIW, it isn't capitalism, it's mercantilism, and it's been that way since 1865 when inside trader Father Abraham and the feds institutionalized with the sword that they could fund "internal improvements" (services provided by their constituent suite of elitist cronys) with monies extracted from the public, primarily the middle class, and, again, by force.  I guess it was all about slavery after all, except that it is everyone except the elites in velvet covered chains.  Got a cold chisel?  I have a hammer.  There's an election over a year away.  ron paul 2012

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I'm from the UK. I don't care if Muslims feel alianation here (or in the US, or in western europe). In fact I hope they do. I'm all for banning the viel - as in france. They should be made as unwelcome as possible. We, secular westerners, are under no obligation to be over-run with backward thinking, women repressing, music hating, literature hating fundamentalists who want to outbreed us and take our land and our governments handouts.

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"I'm from the UK"

that must explain why you're so good at spelling English words.

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Oy! Why just the other day I watched a lorry shed it's load on the M25 while I was waiting for the lift to take me to my mates flat to watch the football match on the tele over a few pints of larger while we complained about the NHS and how our favourite chipper just closed.

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Hear hear!  Multiculturalism FAILED all over the world both socially and economically.  If you want to live among people of different cultures, you can actually pack up, get on a plane and move there.  All societies function best when there is a common belief (in race, ethnicity, religion or nationality) they can all rally around.

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Europe is being taken over because it became secular.   

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actually, i don't think you've read the entire Quran. or the Hadith (that you're calling sunnahs).  because i have. maybe i'm the only one on this site that has. and whenever violence is mentioned, it is used in the context of necessary violence for purposes of self-defense, justice, and order, and it always encourages restraint in the use of force. Islam explicitly condemns targeting civilians with military force. also, violence is mentioned in the context of governmentally-approved use of force, not individual muslims acting on their own impulses.

I've also read the entire Torah. you should go read them both for yourself and compare the two. you'd be surprised at the contrasts. and no, picking out one-liner verses doesn't count as evidence, unless it fits with the context. especially with the Quran. it's a unique text, and must be studied as a unified whole (if you're actually trying to understand it)

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You have a very high opinion of yourself to think that you may be the only one on the site who has read the Quran.  It's an accomplishment, but hardly one to brag about, even in this context.


I agree that it must be studied as a unified whole (not unlike the Bible).  But try telling people who study either that this is the method to employ.


Not exactly the easiest thing in the world to do.  Like telling people to read "The Wealth of Nations".  Lots claim to.  Few actually have.

Or Woodstock.  I was there.  Sure I was.  Actually, I was.  I was 7 and I was 2 towns over, visiting my cousins.  So I was there.

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"But try telling people who study either that this is the method to employ."

That's is the only way anyone can ever come to the real knowledge of the truth.

If you pick and choose,you will never get it.Also, the natural man can never get it,unless the Spirit is in him.


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Have you ever read the bible? Now that is a violent sacred text! Anyone who has bothered to actually read the bible knows this. You would never know it though when you hear (Christian) fundamentalist types whining about how violent Islam is. Orthodox Christianity is even more violent. Once again, our tax dollars being put to good use; institutionalized bigotry. 

Terrorism is a tactic not an ideology.

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just reading what god told josiah to do to the cannanites is enough, makes hitler seem like a nice guy

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Effective though, I don't see many Canaanites running around nowadays.

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Christianity and the Bible itself evolved over 2,000 years.  They continue to evolve as churches adapt and enforce "New Rules" and a whole bunch of other bullshit yet Christians are the first ones to deny the theory of evolution when it comes to science.  WTF...And the Old Testament was written by a Jew who wanted to brainwash and control all the non-Jews who have persecuted Jewish people for a long time (I forget the exact chain of events as it's been awhile since I've studied history of Christianity, but that's the crux of what happened - look it up!).  Christianity was basically penned by a Jew who wanted revenge for his people's "suffering."  

Oh yeah, our founding fathers were ALL theists.  They weren't a bunch of Christian lunatics who sat around and preached Jesus all day long.  In fact, it was quite the contrary.  


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OK!  Rise and shine!  I think you mean "deist."  Ben Franklin said that beer was proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.  I think I'll have one.

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How about a warning from the Surgeon General on the cover of all religious Books:

Misinterpretation of the contents of this book can lead to self-righteousness, holier than thouness and terminal hatred of practically everyone else.

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Religions - all religions -  were created by humans for one reason:  most humans are terrified of death and cannot comprehend the thought of no longer existing after death.  We are born.  We live.  We die.  We are no more after death.  Say it aloud 10 times.  There.  Was that really so scary?  ZH is at its best when readers are not expounding this and that self-righteous religious belief.  Let's stick to the market and politcs.

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Some traders who lose a fortune in the stock market, want to know that the same God who took it away, will give it all back and then some.

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SheHunter, I have driven from coast to coast at least 10 times, well over 50,000 miles, sometimes the upper tier some times the middle tier (never the southern route) sometimes in snow sometimes in heat and in 2004 I rolled my car at 80mph. Not in North Dakota or Montanna. Not in Utah or Nevada. No, I rolled into that ditch at 80 a short helicopter ride from the Mayo Clinic. I was in an artificial coma for 3 days. I was almost a little sorry to wake up. "

So I say to you with some experience: been there, done that.

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richard in norway,

When your GOD, you call the shots.

And you do not get to judge HIM, HE is the ultimate JUDGE.

IF you believe that GOD is,then you would know HIS ways are JUST.



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Ah, you believe in a god, who is a guy, who is out there somewhere, separate from your every thought and breath, and the thought and breath of every other human and animal and plant and rock and atom and universe.

That explains these types of views.

You are a character in a dream in the mind of "god", and all that exists in a dream, is the dreamer.

See you later!

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Both old and new testaments, as well as the Koran, are all horribly violent and show the path to a way of living that most modern people in the west would not want if they put any thought into it.  This might be why most of western Europe is not especially religious, and those few who attend church often seem to view it more as a social club or hobby than as the entire purpose, meaning and foundation of their very existence.

Then, here in the good ol' USA, we have the likes of Bachmann and Perry... most of the rabid US right wing would be in substantial agreement with militant Islam, if they simply switched the labels around a little bit.