Guest Post: The Trouble with Rand Paul

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Submitted by John Aziz of Azizonomics,

Rand Paul just endorsed a man who is deeply hostile to human liberty.

Perhaps that’s Rand’s idea of playing politics? Come to the table, strike a deal, get what you can. Trouble is, it’s tough striking a good deal when the guy on the other side of the table believes that the government should be allowed to claim — without having to produce any evidence whatsoever — that certain people are terrorists, and therefore should be detained indefinitely without any kind of due process.

That’s textbook tyranny.

Yes, I would have [signed the NDAA]. And I do believe that it is appropriate to have in our nation the capacity to detain people who are threats to this country, who are members of al Qaeda. Look, you have every right in this country to protest and to express your views on a wide range of issues but you don’t have a right to join a group that has killed Americans, and has declared war against America. That’s treason. In this country we have a right to take those people and put them in jail. If I were president I would not abuse this power. But people who join al Qaeda are not entitled to rights of due process under our normal legal code. They are entitled instead to be treated as enemy combatants.


Mitt Romney

Except, if the government had any evidence they were really members of al-Qaeda and engaged in a war against America they could be charged with offenses under current laws and tried in front of a jury of their peers. As was proven when Judge Katherine Forrest struck down the indefinite detention provision of the NDAA as unconstitutional, the real detention targets are people like the ones who brought the case — writers, investigative journalist and whistleblowers: people like Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, Daniel Ellsberg, Jennifer Bolen, and Birgitta Jonsdottir.

Rand Paul might have done some good work trying to filibuster the Patriot Act, but endorsing Mitt Romney goes beyond the pale. The NDAA is Romney’s most egregious transgression against liberty, but not far behind are his desire to start a war against Iran, to increase military spending, to start a trade war with China and his belief that corporations are people.

I know I will never agree with any politician on every single dimension of every single issue, and that to some extent politics will always involve compromise. Certainly, I disagree with Ron Paul on some issues. But Mitt Romney’s stances on these issues seem much, much, much closer to Barack Obama than they do to Ron Paul. In fact, he might as well have endorsed Obama for President.

And the Ron Paul supporters are noticing: Rand has probably burnt most bridges to his Father’s supporters now. His Facebook page has seen a huge outpouring of fury:

Just lost a lot of faith in a man I otherwise adored.

You suck Rand! Traitor!

That’s why this country is doomed! Even the person you trust is a sell-out. I’m done with politics, people deserve what they get. Let the country run itself to the ground, and still people will not understand what freedom and self-responsibility is about. People want big gov’t, big brother every step of the way. Well, they got it. The rest of us, might as well try to move to another country or find an island and move there.

I knew I’d never vote for Mitt… Now I know I’ll never vote for Rand.

He has fully sold out to the bankers

Endorsing Romney is tantamount to an utter sell-out of conservative principles.

Did George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison try to compromise with King George? Or — when it became obvious that they were facing tyranny — did they stand up for the principles of liberty?

I have always been uncomfortable with the children of politicians becoming politicians. Every anointed child feels like a step away from meritocracy. Dynasties are dangerous, because the dynasty itself comes to be more important than the qualities of the politicians. Who would Rand Paul be if he wasn’t Ron Paul’s son? Just another neocon. Neocons often have a few “unfashionable” libertarian or constitutionalist sympathies; look at Charles Krauthammer. But — unlike Ron Paul — the neocon never has the spine to do much about their libertarian or constitutionalist sympathies. They just ride on the establishment steamroller, into foreign occupations, empire building, corporate welfare, and banking bailouts. Into Iraq, and soon into Iran.

Rand Paul just got on the steamroller.

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WonderDawg's picture

That "meh" chick is gross. She's got a bigger adam's apple than I do.

Midas's picture

' You seen the adam's apple on Ellen de Generes?

Mad Max's picture

A couple tickets to the Ark / bunker that the Pauls would otherwise be shut out of.

Unfortunately for them, holing up in a bunker doesn't usually turn out well.

TJ00's picture

The deal is his dad doesn't go on the 'combatants' list

Zionist Jew's picture

The deal was Gold... or Lead.

They usually choose Gold.

P.T.Bull's picture

veep? Romney knows he has zero cred with conservatives.

Pete15's picture

I found this gem thanks to people on the Justin Amash board 

world_debt_slave's picture

this apple didn't fall from the Ron Paul tree

Larry Dallas's picture

Why is everyone so shocked? Lke you never heard of a guy inheriting a business or something (or in this case, absolute credibility) from his old man and subsequently running it into the ground? Father and son have different agendas.

longdong silver's picture

I guess that was the only way to get a ticket of safety for when the world explodes.

He sold out to be allowed into the bunkers.

Coward little chicken shit prick.

MassDecep's picture

As if your vote really matters. It is already decided who will be dictator. Your mind is being messed with and they are doing a great job building you up, and tearing you down. Dividing the masses and glossing over the real issues. I  will vote, but only with the knowledge that the outcome is already decided. Turn off the TV, tune into alternative media. Pray for discernment on everything, and don't place any man above yourself. We are all pretty flawed. You do not get into the Paul's position without paying the piper. This is the stark sad reality of today.

keepusfree's picture

Just a comment on the Rand Paul endorsement of Romney.

We do not know the pressures that have been brought to bear. The calilber of the enemies of the free people of the world is large and they have no scruples, no mercy and no justice.

If they can see our heros brought low, it is to their advantage and will serve them well. That someone breaks under the kind of pressure that they can exert is to be expected.

Ron Paul has opposed them and has started a large National movement to challenge the status quo . If our leaders fall, or do not live up to expectations, do not lose hope. If they do so because they are threatened and they are just trying to do the best they can, we cannot blame them. They are only human and love their families. They have put themselves and their loved ones in harms way to help us.

What we must not do, is sacrifice our principles, when no such pressure has been brought to bear upon us. We must still stay true to what we know is right, and just. We must still try to elect those to office who will fight for us as much as they can.

We must grow a movement so large and vast and diverse, that no one can stop us, and from which no tyrant can hide. A movement which will restore liberty and the rule of law in this country.

If some of our leaders fall in battle, in one way or another, we must move on. We must be relentless. We must do what they cannot, for in their hearts, I am sure that is what they are hoping and they cannot do it all, alone.

One day, when our leaders are threatened they will be surrounded by an army so vast that no one will be able to touch them. Until then, keep organizing, keep educating, keep active and stay strong.

Our day will come, and those who attack our heros and bring them low will see their own downfall.



Shizzmoney's picture

I love how people are SHOCKED to learn that Rand sold out to the bankers.  Guy took millions in donations from Big Oil.

When it comes to matching principles, or intelligence, of his father...... the Apple DEFINITELY did not fall far from the tree.

mayhem_korner's picture



SM - did you mean to say the Apple did fall far from the tree?  That would be more consistent with what it seemed you were getting at...

Motorhead's picture

You mean YOU wouldn't take donations from Big Oil or Big Anybody (or Little Oil)?  Give me a break.

margaris's picture

I would take donations but then I'd tell them : "you suckers, you are not the boss of me!!"

After all, donations are not implying a contract that has to be fulfilled or something.

Why arent more politicians doing it my way??

world_debt_slave's picture

thus ONE reason for TERM LIMITS

sessinpo's picture

I'm taking donations. Don't care if you are big oil, big pharma, pr just big in the ass. I think TD will welcome donations too. But kiss my ass if  you want anything.

EscapeKey's picture

Intelligence of his father? Oh yes, to be a qualified Doctor of Medicine, he must a moron.

You, on the other hand, must be really intelligent.

1100-TACTICAL-12's picture

Near dead fish flopping on the beach. That is the state of the Republic.

surf0766's picture

Big Oil. Is that like big failed green energy companies?

mayhem_korner's picture



Should make for an interesting Father's Day at the Paul establishment.

potlatch's picture

don't they just talk at each other and not really listen to anything the other is saying, anyway?  thought that was their "way" as it were.

smb12321's picture

You (and other posters) sound like high school gals in the hallways.   Tiy "know" the relationship between the Pauls.  You "know" Rand was a bad guy all the time (but of course never said anything).  You know he was part of some wacky assassination conspiracy, Suddenly ZHers knwe all along he was a tool of the bankers.  So effing juvenile.

Rand is the same guy he always was except he endorsed Mitt. It's odd that the article quoted the Found Fathers who were compromisers of the first degree.  ZH fans will ALWAYS end up disappointed because someone is bound to have an idea that varies from one of the Tyers and sadly, if Tyler said the world was flat, the posters would rush to agree. 

old naughty's picture

interesting to whom? His children, or his Dad?

alien-IQ's picture

Rand Paul has become an embarrassment and a liability to his father.

potlatch's picture

outside the clique, Ron Paul is himself now a liability in the manner you speak.

LasVegasDave's picture

Not only should people who target and kill innocent folks be tortured for any scrap of useful information, afterwards they should be summarily shot and their bodies returned to their place(s) of birth inside an iron cage to rot in the sun in the public square.

whstlblwr's picture

Does that apply to killers who fly the drones, too?

EscapeKey's picture

No, no, you misunderstand.

Anyone kill^H^H^H^H shot^H^H^H retired by a drone was a terrorist to start with.

See, the drones are with us good people.

Freddie's picture

SkyNet is always watching.   America and th world is so much like a combo off The Matrix, T3 and The Truman Show.

LeisureSmith's picture

Indeed. But i like to think of it as the unholy union of 1984 and A brave new world.

technicalanarchy's picture

As bad as the movie was I see the future like Demolition Man, or think that's how they see it. Totally agree with you Freddie.

Cosimo de Medici's picture

So Mr. "Throw Out Your TVs, You Islamo-Kenyaphiles" is a fan of banal Hollywood fare. Who wooda thunk?

tarsubil's picture

I can see a human who thinks she's an android asking another drone, "Have you ever retired an android by mistake?"

margaris's picture

thank you, finally someone explained the movie to me!

old naughty's picture


not for long...they have given it to the good Chinese, via the good Iranians.


LasVegasDave's picture

Is there an intent to kill innocents on the part of the drone operators?

whstlblwr's picture

That's the dirty part of war, some use terrorism as a tactic. Maybe if we don't kill innocents with drones, they won't feel the need for revenge.

LasVegasDave's picture

Maybe if we just bowed down to Allah all our freedoms would be preserved

smb12321's picture

The freedom to spout whatever defamatory thing you like about the US government, our society and leaders and do so with utter impunity.  Try saying some of the nutty things (conspiracies, plots, inside info,savage denigrations, etc) in some other nation and see how long it takes.

All those going on and on about what slaves we are are so blind they never realize that only in the US can they whine 24/7 without worry.  The intellectual dishonesty out here is incredible.

UGrev's picture

It's a matter of perspective. Consider it a level of tolerance, where even the slightest amount of pressure inflicted upon someone who has never had any pain inflicted on them would be excrutiating. The same holds true here. The slightest impedence upon our rights is considered to be an unthinkable act. So, stop being dishonest with yourself about what reality is to different regions of the world. In America.. don't fuck with my rights.. don't even so much as think about it as even that would raise the hair on my ass. Got it? 

Bay of Pigs's picture

Still cant see the forest for the trees huh Dave?


john39's picture

hasbara trolls don't care about the truth.  I have no fear of Allah.  But I certainly fear the talmudic war god, aka satan.

LasVegasDave's picture

No my view is clear:  The reason Libertarianism cant work (sadly) is that with everyone walking around exercising their liberties a certain fringe (like many on this thread) would do little to protect innocent people from force or violence, or would do so in a way as to not discourage it.  Extreme Liberty must be defended with extreme punishment for lawbreakers.

In my Libertarian society people would be free to engage in any type of activity provided it did not infringe on the rights of others.  Government would exist solely to protect the population and run courts of law.  And law breakers in this polite society would be punished harshly indeed (Singapore style, work gangs, executions.)

Extremism in the defense of Liberty is not a vice.

potlatch's picture

lol.  You open with a classic "omg something irrational is going to destroy us, like a flying saucer invation, except Muslim," then follow it up with a "Actually, my dearest Sir, my principles could not be more crystal clear, allow me to elucidate etc."  lol


Dude, get the bat out of your belfry before you sit down to the typewriter.  writing 101

Bay of Pigs's picture


And who said anything about Libertarianism?