Guest Post: The Truth Hurts - And Heals

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Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds

The Truth Hurts--And Heals

Confidence in a systemically corrupt financial system cannot be restored without a complete public exposure of all the lies, fraud, misinformation and complicity.

The truth has a unique sting, and an equally unique ability to heal the destruction wrought by dishonesty, fraud and lies. The truth hurts, because the daylight of truth demands changes that the self-serving and those in denial desperately wish to avoid.

But there can be no healing or reconciliation without the truth, baldly stated and plainly spoken without artifice or spin.

If we can finally be truthful with ourselves as a nation, then we must admit that our financial system is fundamentally based on lies, fraud, embezzlement, misinformation, perverse filters and incentives, shadow systems that mock transparency and regulation, class privilege and the systemic flouting of the rule of law.

This is the truth that hurts because it reveals the financial system as one stupendous exploitative fraud; but it also reveals the complicity and irrelevance of our judicial system and the complete capture of the legislative and Executive processes of governance.

There is a system of government in which rule of law is merely a propaganda screen, where financial and political Elites run the show and escape the consequences of their actions: it's called tyranny. The truth is that we live in a financial tyranny.

There is no other truthful way to describe the U.S.

If you want evidence, then ask yourself:

How many people have been indicted, convicted and served time for financial crimes during the current era of financial fraud and malfeasance, the most pervasive in U.S. history?

Answer: essentially none; the number is signal noise.

Was the American public lied to about the need and true purpose of TARP and the other bank bailouts?

Answer: yes.

Did Congress meekly cave into the demands to "save the banks" and swallow whole the most absurd threats, i.e. save our cronies lest anarchy become the order of the day?

Answer: yes.

Did the Federal Reserve backstop the banks to the tune of $7.7 trillion in complete secrecy?

Answer: yes.

Are there two sets of laws and rules, one for the Financial and Political Elites, who are free from oversight and the rule of law, and another for the rest of us?

Answer: yes. Just look at the massive level of corruption and systemic fraud, and the near-zero number of investigations which result in indictments, convictions and prison time.

Has anything been done to change any of this systemically?

Answer: no. The Kleptocratic Power Elite likes the system as is.

This is the perfection of financial tyranny.

The Status Quo is anxious to "restore confidence" in their corrupt financial tyranny, but without confessing the corruption or naming names. In a system constructed of lies, then sweeping the lies under the carpet and acting like "everything's fixed now, let's move on" restores nothing--rather, it proves the system is a sham.

Nothing is fixed until the whole truth and nothing but the truth is revealed for all to see, in broad daylight. This is the origin of the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions that have been established after a brutal tyranny has finally fallen, and the ruined nation seeks to heal itself from the misrule and exploitation of its Elites and from the officially sanctioned coverups of systemic corruption and predation.

Quite frankly, the American system of justice is too far gone, too corrupted, too worm-eaten, to issue justice at this point. It would be nice if national resources were devoted to rooting out the fraud from 2001 on, but if nothing has been done to date except wrist-slap fines, then we cannot expect a thoroughly compromised and corrupted judiciary to suddenly transform itself into a judiciary worthy of democracy.

But we can demand a Truth Commission, where every one of the millions of people who committed fraud and who lied or mis-stated the truth can come forward and state the truth and name names, under oath. Everyone from the notaries who robo-signed foreclosures and home buyers who mis-stated their income and assets to obtain mortgages to the Wall Street apparatchiks who packaged the mortgages knowing they were fraudulent, the executives who looked the other way, to the politicos who accepted contributions from the engines of financial tyranny-- give each and every one the chance to come forward and state the truth of their role in the system of fraud, collusion, avarice, lies and complicity.

Every single employee of Wall Street and the investment/mortgage banks and those Federal and State agencies tasked with their oversight should be called forth and given a chance to free themselves of the guilt of silence and self-serving complicity in a massively, systemically corrupt system. Those who refuse the opportunity will be duly noted and their names entered in a public register of those who must have known some small sliver of the system but who have refused to tell the truth under oath.

The names of those who worked the machine revealed by their peers will also be publicly listed. If they think it unfair to be identified, then let them come forth and state the truth under oath. If they lie or mis-state the truth once again, then let them go to prison for perjury.

If 10,000 citizens lie to protect themselves from the truth, then let us empty the prisons of petty drug users and fill them with white-collar perjurors.

There is no other way to "restore confidence" but to insist that the truth finally matters. This will not be justice, but it will at least release the healing power of truth.

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gojam's picture

We are fast approaching the hinge of fate, the probalities are narrowing to this point like a 'V' and soon, regardless of any actions taken, we will inevitably reach the tip of that 'V'. Conversely, just as the probabilities narrow to that finite point in time, beyond it the probabilities widen dramatically and so the 'V' becomes an 'X', with the critical point, on which the future peace and prosperity of the entire world will depend, the centre, or hinge, of that 'X'.

Sovereign defaults and bank collapse will precipitate further Sovereign defaults and further bank collapses. The process of domino defaults is well understood by ZHers and there is no need to go into detailed explanation. The dominos may, or may not, fall quickly and they may not fall in the order that seems obvious at this stage, this process will accelerate as we approach the point of the 'V'.

The actual hinge of fate will be the inevitable unprecedented international conference which will be called to try and find a solution to a situation, which by this stage will seem to be rapidly getting out of hand. It may be that not every country will have defaulted at this stage but those that have not will understand that without a comprehensive agreement they will soon follow.

It's probably a good idea, at this stage, to try and imagine what exactly will be the pressing issues facing the representatives at that international conference. The biggest problem will be the worldwide collapse of confidence in fiat currency. With few countries self sufficient and no country willing to trade essential commodities for paper, some form of trade agreement will be essential. A system based on precious metals only would have a very short shelf life. It would benefit commodity rich countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia in the short run but it would quickly falter then collapse while dangerously increasing international tensions.

A second major issue facing the conference representatives will be the possible retaliation of the biggest loser from a global default scenario, China.

A third issue will be properly addressing the fatal flaws in the economic system. Right now every country is maneuvering for it's place at the conference table, those countries which have not actually defaulted, however precarious they are, will sit nearer the head of the table and will have a bigger voice. To ensure a place at the top table means playing the economic game as it currently is now. However, once position has been ensured every country should be eager to see greater financial regulation and international reform of the economic system. It will not be enough to simply mend the broken system, it must be comprehensively recast.

That conference will be the hinge of fate, the pointed end of the 'V'. Beyond that point the probabilities quickly widen, beyond the 'V' is the 'X'. Failure by the international community to achieve agreement could see probable outcomes widen to include starvation, civil unrest, civil war, war, world war, isolationism, political extremism, and nationalism.

The stakes will never have been so high.

Apologies for the long post.

gangland's picture

the truth = We make the rules, pal.

The news, war, peace, famine, upheaval, the price per paper clip.

We pick that rabbit out of the hat while everybody sits out there wondering how the hell we did it.

Now you're not naive enough to think we're living in a demockracy, are you buddy?


trav7777's picture

a lot of things people believe are actually is the zeitgeist.

The truth won't hurt, but telling it will as many don't want to hear it.

Trying to get people to accept the truth...many would rather die first.

The Deleuzian's picture

So true Trav...The dishonest, unlawful, corrupt malaise flows downhill til' it eventually it can be seen in all facets of society...You don't need to look very far today...All one needs to do is smell it...It permeates the whole landscape...

I believe we Americans are the most immoral, bought out, bankrupt group in a long time...I for one find the truth troubling at best and worry it may be too late

Spirit Of Truth's picture

Of course, folks like Travis who lay claim to the truth are often those who have twisted it upside down, wittingly or not.


trav7777's picture

I let the data tell me the truth, not the other way around

Pitchman's picture

Trav and The Deleuzian. 

It is the banality of evil.  The people on a whole do not understand the original intent of our Constitutional Republic (that's right we are not a Democracy).  And they keep looking to those who are dismantling it from within to fix it.  Ignorance will carry you all the way to a heap of destruction with gaping sores covering your body and wondering how you got there.

The President Declares Freedom & Free Markets Dead - What You Need To Know.

Pay close attention to the third video - This Must Become A Dominant MEME


You have a system that's not being run to be productive as an economy or healthy as an economy.  Its being run to centralize control. - Cathrine Austin Fitts

I did a post featuring a fascinating interview on corruption with her.  If you're interested in the depth of the Rabbit Hole and the psychopaths within, see the "Dillon Reed and Company: And the Aristocracy of Stock Profits" link at the bottom of: The Looting of America: Happy Labor Day


All Americans must consider the following

"The bane of humanity is we learn nothing from the horrors of past atrocities; and history repeats itself. Our/Your passive acceptance of one transgression or worse complicit participation, always makes way for another.  This and the belief that injustice, visited on our neighbor, will not one day come knocking at our door is the banality of evil and its final reward is death." - Inflection Point



The Banality of Evil

Us and them

And, after all, we’re only ordinary men.

Me and you

God only knows it’s not what we would choose to do. 

- Pink Floyd, Us and Them

See: "There Are Monsters, And They Walk Among Us." - Jesse's Cafe Americain


Oh regional Indian's picture

So true Trav. For instance, trying to get you to see the truth is like that. Pulling teeth and the like. Commonly accepted notions for truth make it absolutely relative is what I've discovered.



4horse's picture

so true trav  .  .  .  so true trav  .  .  .  so true trav  .  .  .

as nauseating as it is excruciating, a year here on this most sickening of sites belies what specific financial knowledge has already contributed to our very own Truth Commiseration --yes. we sheeple herein have seen fit to form what's yet another committee, where the truth goes to die--  as we further and further continue to use our assumed exclusivity and its do-nothing humor to remove ourselves from incrimination  .  .  .  our own private little nation of fools

Living In Fear. all while and in the meantime afraid of Whom: a very small ethnocracy of jews, whose actions not just speak louder than words but, holophrastikos, do in fact silence an entire occident from saying the one word which is here as everywhere its own very simple explanation of all such hurt and harm: ROTHSCHILDT: The City Of London, whose very active do-doers shit wherever they want and all over us


while in the meantime here still yet again left reading such swallowed shit as this:Enough of anonymous corporate or governmental lables...we need names...names.
Wed, 12/14/2011 - 03:13 | 1977826 4horse

take a wild fucking guess 

corzine.paulson.bernanke.geithner.dimon.blankfein . . . mere hirelings 

United States . . .  ?  . . . this is the Ukraine: fin de seicle PNAC < 19th . . .
                                                                                     where the same blueprint by the same few jews is being followed right down to its T-- TERROR  --and how soon the removal of yet another 30million people in a Holodor here everyday joked about in our branded black humor as just more mere FEMA material over already missing americans ridiculed like just bounced CHEKA out of their financialfunnies of that funniest DHS __cancelled__ one-by-one being stripped right in front of us, of their humanity, while an xhumanties' man like myself quote the great minds behind this self-same suffering of What Is To Be Done and What Then Must We Do . . .  ?  . . . To Who

a few jews: whose written history is the hidden history of all our own hiding away from their last hundreds-of-years of full-spectral dominance

geithner.dimon.blankfein.Rubin _stein. Safir _s. Gold _men. Silver _steins. Diamond _mines. The Family Jew_els

denying, denying, denying the obvious, as each and every one of these foreign apparats defy us to our face-- yeh. like whatcha gonna do about it


Charge Them. CHARGE THEM. Charge them with their crimes: INDICT each and every individual Roth's Child for what each treasonous trader of american value for International Jewry is doing right here/right now right-before-our eyes every single hour of every single day  .  .  .            .  .  .  and do so, each individual jew, before these few again, despite all their present searching-surveillance-and-dhs, again sacrifice ALL of their innocent own along with whoever else gets in their way of again successfully accomplishing such massmedia massmurder worldwar slaughter as is only their own arsenal from Antisemitisn to Zionism



this now completed full year here has made me as sick of myself as everybody else:  all along and altogether for the want of one word, holophrastikos, that is the imperative of just this one simple single verb: DO



needing use, hapex legomenon, only once




too much.


trav7777's picture

truth about what, moonbats?  Free magical unicorn energy?  Which?

Cugel's picture

We do live in a democracy. The American people vote for Wall Street every time they choose to live beyond their means.

GenX Investor's picture

Backed by the full faith and credit of the government of the united states of Eurpoe???  How's that working out for you all? 

"This isn't Russia is it Danny?" 


Cugel's picture

What does Europe have to do with this?

DosZap's picture


What does Europe have to do with this?

Nothing, except the BILLIONS we gave you clandestinely out of the QE funds

(PS: Mericuns, did not know)

I take exception to bailing out European Banks with American tax dollars..................did anyone ask you(if your an Merican?)

Cugel's picture

Why do you imagine I am European?

twotraps's picture

gojam, well done. totally agree.  Any scenarios you see unfolding?  Bank holiday?  

gojam's picture

Hi twotraps,

The obstinacy of the central banks across the world never ceases to amaze me. Summits with no solutions, continued printing, prevarication after prevarication.

It somewhat defies prediction because politics, unlike, ecomonics is not a science. This is a political currency war and I'd be happy to predict only further absurdity.

One point though, as you've mentioned bank holidays. There are a large number of regular legally enforcable bank holidays in the Eurozone over next two weeks, at a time when, without any urging, households will be amply provisioned. I can't think of a better time to restock banks and cash machines, and reprice stock in shops.

But that is just me being pragmatic and sensible.

twotraps's picture

appreciate the reply.  Not to drone on about the completely un-knowable but in looking for scenarios, I keep coming back to a major re-pricing of everything.  If there truly is breakdown at the consumer level and they are mostly pay-check to pay-check, they will sell things or delay a purchase.  Banking level, assume that no helo drop of cash, they will be forced to slowly liquidate and manage their stock prices down as everything goes lower.   Not trying to win a debate about inflation/deflation/PM.  Look at 2008, there was free-fall in everything, in theory, gold is good but they were raising money so gold and bonds were off as well.  Lets say there is no jetwash down this time...the interim pain for many is high but in the end, the thing the Central Bank fears the most, deflation, might save their ass because they need to do the least amount of work to ultimately keep the game going.  From the Feds view, they can claim that the mkt is working and pricing things in bla bla bla...No major changes are required to the system overall, which is pathetic since changes are needed, but they could resume again rehypothecating or whatever it is they do.


Funny we are waiting for a group of politicians to finish doing something, sometime to shape an economically beneficial outcome for themselves, maintaining some minimal rule of law without completely abusing the concept of the market.  I thought thats why we have mkts, to price things? 

gojam's picture

I can't find anything to disagree with you on. I'm from the UK so I may have a slightly different, but not better, perspective. I agree with what you say about the Fed and about the vested interests of politicians.

I think the stakes are far higher than 2008. There is national pride at stake (I'm thinking of Europe especially, hence the UK/French spat today)

As I said, it's about sovereign default (national pride) and influence at the conference table at Bretton Woods 2.

I mentioned three issues facing a conference above and I think the first two will easily be ageed but the final one, which means accepting the corruption of the present system over the last 20 years atleast and writing off debt and as you say repricing ? Well , I can't fault your logic I think your right. It's seems against the nature of the animals in play.

And that is disturbing because many societies will not be willing to accept the status of debt slaves serving the banks ad infinitum and there will be violence, an opportunity will have been missed.

twotraps's picture

Well said.  Was living in the UK years ago during the LTCM deal, seems tame by todays standards.  The next few weeks should be interesting.   Being in the mkts for 25 yrs...and respecting the speed with which things can unfold these days, it is absolutely shocking the Fed and others have managed to slow things down and allow years of relative calm in order to work things out.  +/- 500 in the Dow is nothing......back to back to back limit down days, thats the kind of re-pricing that the mkt should be capable of.  No tears.

Vagabond's picture

How does WW3 play into this scenario you are imagining?

SDRII's picture

the most seamless solution is to revalue an asset (you choose it). Of course, that is inconvenient and thus will be fought (notwithstanding Art Cashen) to preserve and ex anti systemic result. Ergo conflict meter rising

earleflorida's picture

need not apologize to me,... that is - for i thought it to be fantastically written gojam


Republi-Ken's picture


loveyajimbo's picture

Right on, tyler... vote PAUL

Freeman-S-Stratos's picture

Ron Paul Bitchezzzzzzzz

whstlblwr's picture

Status quo who are capable of this massive fraud, trying to hold to their power with bloody fingernails will do everthing to try to stop Ron Paul election. We should expect this and prepare for it.

The Big Ching-aso's picture



We're turning into a Madoff nation with checks but no balances.   

gangland's picture

truth is mitch & murray paid good money for those leads...maybe you should go home and play with your kids

Peter K's picture

Can't believe we are still going on about that nice Mr. Madoff and that equally nice Mr. Corzine. How sad. It was obviously flawed laws or a lack supervion or even lack of mandatory participation in ethics classes that is the real culprit. ;)

dwdollar's picture

Everyone is corruptible if given enough power. It doesn't matter how many ethic classes they take, or how many supervisors they have. Who supervises the supervisors anyway? The problem is we have too much power in too few hands. The power needs to be decentralized.

pods's picture

And that is the crux of it.  It is not WHAT they are doing, but merely the fact that they have the capability that is the problem.

Politics would not be such a large part of our lives if legal plunder was not the order of the day.

It is not if they do it, but if they CAN do it that is the problem.


MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Who supervises the supervisors anyway?

Wait -- I thought that was what all the @#$%^&* cameras were for?  </sarc>

vegas's picture

Well said Chuck. However, Amerika is the land of the debt and home of the dumbed-down. Until the people that care more about Casey Anthony wake the fuck up and smell the coffee, nothing is going to change.

The fact that almost half of Amerika doesn't pay any taxes shows there is no skin in the game. The fact that 47 million people are on food stamps shows just how much they are hooked on government hopium. Would love to see it change, but I'm not holding my breath. The country is fucked IMHO.

oleander garch's picture

Actually, almost half of America doesn't pay any taxes is NOT a fact; it is a talking point.

Almost half of Americans pay no federal income tax today but, guess what, almost ninety five percent did not pay any income tax when the income tax was imposed.

All Americans pay sales tax,  All Americans with homes pay property tax.  All Americans with jobs pay Social Security and Medicare taxes.  They pay tolls on highways and bridges.  And so on.

Every American pays some form of taxes (unless you are a multinational in which case the taxpayers pay you either directly through the provisions you had lobbyists write for you ine the Tax Coe or through TBTF welfare payments from the Treasury or the Fed).  As a matter of fact, the only guys with no skin in the game are the guys at the top of the income pyramid.  The country is fucked IMHO.

pods's picture

Do not leave out the inflation tax, the single most powerful means of revenue that the government has.


earleflorida's picture

"Illegal Aliens to Get Social Security & Healthcare in United States"___1/8/07 by jim kouri @ 'News With Views, Exclusive' [foia]

smiler03's picture

I think you're in a time warp mate.

DosZap's picture

oleander garch

All Americans with homes pay property tax,

even RENTERS pay school taxes.Whether they have kids or not.

All Americans pay sales tax,(when they use Food stamps too!).

Some just pay a hell of a lot more.

I think it's a bit more that a MERE Talking Point though.

TorchFire's picture


We now face the demise of the spirit of social contract embodied in the U.S. constitution and the dawning of a day when a people depart from the framework of liberty, choosing to exchange it for the temporary subsistence of centralized planning. An age when the level of understanding among a common group of countrymen has drifted so very low that they will surrender their autonomy for the empty promise of equal bread for all, rather than the truth of equal justice.

twotraps's picture

Vegas.,..agree, but its much worse than that.  What tax money?  Where does it go?  They use easy words for us to understand yet its a scam.  We think...Hmmm, we pay taxes and they govt used that money to keep the govt working, you know, like a business or something.  Right.  We don't really know how much comes in, where it goes, what the actual books are like, assuming there books.  


From taxes in all forms, to double top secret re-hypothecation..............we need to figure out how we can preserrve the value of the things we have now, like account balance, property etc, and figure out where money can and will flow it TSHTF, trying to factor in mkt movements and wild card govt rule changes.  Thats all we can do, the rest is bullshit because they are making it up as they go.

optimator's picture

No one person needs nor wants trillions of dollars of wealth.  "They" will be leaving us shortly, leaving behind their little people, as they did in the thirties, to take the punishment for them.

The money will end up in 60,000 square foot mansions in gated, guarded, communities on an unspoiled coastline with a warm climate. It's in a little country that will protect them with the ability to target every capitol in the world with a nuclear warhead. Game over.,0,7450485.story
Everybodys All American's picture

Eric Holder is a captured attorney general. Can it be any clearer?

s2man's picture

I didn't need that, Charles.  I've already been in a funk for a week over this, MFG, Indefininite Detention, et al.

On one hand, I am grateful for any extra time to prepare. But at other times, I wish someone would hit the reset button and get it over with. In this state of mind, I lean toward the later.

DosZap's picture


I've already been in a funk for a week over this, MFG, Indefinite Detention, et al.

s2, Bro your not alone.Esp w/the ID passage,bottom line we ALL have lost any rights under the Const, and the Republic is DEAD.

Just like RICO,the Pat Act, these will be used, and abused for the most menial of things, whatever they say qualifies is a done deal.

Where is another America?,since no one is really willing to stand for the original?, that's what is depressing the most, there is NO where else to go and just be left the Fk alone.

BlackSunshine's picture

I predict an uptick in participation of arcane religions after all of this is said and done. A reversion to religious elites running the show.