Guest Post: Two Cracked Political Parties, One Scrambled Nation

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It's not left versus right, it's you versus the state.


The sooner people realize this the better off everyone will be.

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Quite right. End the Fed, End the State, Let Freedom Ring.

Slightly OT - Even twitter is an arm of the government. Look how many tweets are going out for this hashtag, and then ask yourself why it is not a trending topic - #FuckYouWashington

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+ a bunch redpill and Conrad.

Let's have some Liberty for a change.

Want to impress the world that we as a people and government can be serious?  ALL you have to do is CUT SPENDING!  Across the board, whatever the percentage needs to be to reach balance.  Even the military.

The Bearing recognizes many would be hurt.  But, they would be hurt by depending on .gov, which means those 50% of us who PAY the income tax.

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not just the state my friend, bit big corp as well, they're the ones pulling the strings, and playing the puppet show.

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Indistinguishable.  They are just franchises of the state, some with more power than others.  In fact, every "federal citizen" is (13th and 14th amendment).  When you realize this and the fact you are property, it all makes sense.

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You dont REALLY Own Property!

You Own Real Estate!!

You are a renter (Property Tax) of the Land that Your Structure sits on (and that you have been suckered into paying taxes on as well).


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How could property possibly own property? 

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And doesn't therein lay the heart of the matter?  Eliminating all other taxes except basic state tax which would primarily go to infrustructure is the sanest way to let an economy recover.  For all the posturing and all their gimmicks - tinkering and striving to central economic plan the economy, the best assistance any large, bureaucratic, bloated government could ever possibly offer to each of their citizens would be to stop taking their money!  This subsequently would force government to reduce in size very quickly.  So, I guess, that means the powerful will never relinquish their size and power willingly.  Which sounds like a very old problem that many peoples have delt with throughout time.  Thankfully, but tragically, the only time tested solution to this recurring drama has been R E V O L U T I O N.  Let us hope ours will be peaceful.   

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Once again we are presented with the false paradigm that our only choice is between socialism and fascism.  We are supposed to cheer Our Side, pick up a pie and throw it enthusiastically in the face of the cheerleaders on the Other Side.

It's heartening to see that our common enemy, the collectivist authoritarian statists still haven't awakened to the basic truth that their paradigm has been blown to smithereens.  That means they will continue to flog the dead horse of envy and hatred with their appeals to human abasement, trying to whip up a fervor to destroy anyone who succeeds.

The internet has blown their cover, and people are waking up to the basic threat to their existence:

Freedom vs slavery.  Invididual vs State.  Success vs peonage.

The foundation has been washed out from under their world-view.  The blinding of people by a monopoly over one-way communications channels has been rendered impossible.  The blindfold is off.

Any "compromise" is now viewed as a choice between cutting off a finger or an arm.  A choice of which of your children will die and which will survive.  A choice of whether to drink elephant piss or donkey piss.

We will no longer accept these false choices.

"Your freedom or your life!" will be answered with, "Is it worth you losing yours too?"

It's not my debt.  I'm not going to pay it!  You don't own me.

Yeah, so, to the author of the article: Fuck you very much.

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Some excellent stuff in your post Taxslave.


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Well said, Tax Slave.  The author tipped his Obama voting hand when he described The One as intelligent, articulate, and well intentioned.  Please, take away the telepromter and he sputters while he tries to put together a sentence.  Well, intetioned?  Really?  Maybe for his corporate/banker masters but not for the likes of us.  The author seems to be struggling with his man-crush on The One.

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Exactly. I told my friend (Fin Advisor) back in the TARP-"Stim"-HankyPaulson days: "WTF?! So now we have successfully merged the State with the corporatocracy. Beautiful"

He shined it on as not-quite-as-bad as the Swedish Model. Shit, if only it were even close to as good as the Swedish version....which as I recall had a finite life 

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If by state you mean cabal of thieves, I agree.

Anyone who points a gun at someone to get paid is wrong.  PERIOD.  If someone promises you something from this method of procuring wealth, you are accepting stolen property.  If you demand they do it, you are a thief.

Luckily we don't have to slaughter these hogs, they're doing it to themselves.

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The Democrats represent the majority on this? Excuse me dumbass, but the vast majority of Americans do NOT want to raise the debt ceiling. Last Nov elections also showed who represents the majority. But you go on believing that the Democrats represent the majority. Both parties are to blame for the situation, but this author is just scapegoating Obama, what a vapid piece of crap.

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+1600. all politicians are the problem because they are just that--politicians!!! They are no longer Representatives. They do not represent us anymore and stand for what's right. They say and do only what keeps them in office. This the core of our entire problem here in the US and abroad

Wake up folks. Fire them ALL!!

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Call me crazy but this seems like some liberal column pointing the finger at conservatives as being the problem with this country when the problem is both parties and the people who are in them. I myself am conservative and have never found where my conservative nature has bankrupted my household. The notion that being conservative has put this country where it is currently is truly mind boggling. The lack of acknowledgement that politicians in anyway, conservative or liberal, care about you more than they care about themselves or their country is simply participating in what they have created.

Ridiculous column.

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"Jim Cramer" going about making sense and pointing out the Red Invasion? The shit has hit the fan.

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of course it does.  The dyed in the wool believers from each party are apoplectic.  The GOPers seem to be willing to defect to TP or whatever.  The Dumbocrats simply pathologically cannot disabuse themselves of their affiliations.  No matter how much shit won't work, it seems some peculiar libtard defect that they just try more of it.  Even warhawks eventually turn against the wars, but who turns against affirmative action or welfare or big nanny state shit?

Progressives, whoever they think themselves to be, are not the answer and neither are conservatives.  We don't need ideology, we need some effing intelligence.

However, the OP makes a point that was made by others (inc me) a couple years ago.  They will liquify the banks then they will liquiDATE you.  It's clear that now that the elites have laden the government with debt that NOW is the time to tighten the belts.  It wasn't that time in 08 was it?  It was let's borrow as far as the eye can see or ELSE.  $700B for banks, how many trillions for GSEs, hell they stopped even putting the bailouts on the books!

The TARP was "repaid" by other debt now sponsored/backstopped by Treasury.  AKA, we're still on the hook for it and now as this crap paper continues to fail, the debts are coming due.  Every single bailout program was a blank check blackhole.

This is how Weimar yielded to a small group of cousins controlling an entire nation.  Banks and companies and elites sit on piles of cash to weather the storm; it's austerity for everyone else and MORE globalism.  Social Security is THE problem, not the wars, not the banks, not the systemic fraud and corruption.  Social spending is.

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I agree with everything you  wrote except:

THE problem, not the wars, not the banks, not the systemic fraud and corruption.  Social spending is.

Not looking for a fight here, but you don't think that decades of corruption at all levels is responsible for situation we now find ourselves in?  Would the social spending be so substantial if not for the corruption involved in growing it?

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The have (brains)not's will always be there and will always comprise 80% of the population that's how statistics work, give up on trying to make the world a better place it ain't gonna happen

The best you can achieve with that sort of agitation is a new communist revolution, sure from time to time it's necessary and we might be at a time like this but fool your self not people are stupid and always will be

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The world may run downhill most of the time, but not always. There WAS a renaissance.

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Most tea baggers I know are of modest means. I assure you they have more in common with what might be called the average Joe than a Wall Street Banker.

Yet both political parties and the Main Stream Media attack tea baggers as being aligned with the wealthiest and against the poor. What a crock of odoriferous material.

When I talk to tea baggers they aren’t for cutting Social Security. They aren’t for stopping unemployment checks. They aren’t for letting people die for lack of medical care. They are for reform. They are for putting things in financial order.

No … what I hear them say they want to cut is funding for the wars. I hear them talk about stopping the bailouts to Wall Street. In fact ... I hear that most are for taxing incomes over $250,000. See 99% of tea baggers don't make $250,000 a year.

No more wedgies

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AA, you're letting the mainstream media (MSM) define the terms for you. The term is "Tea Party". The MSM calls them "Tea Baggers" in reference to a sexual act. The Tea Party is not a singular thing, they believe in different things, but the core is smaller government. This concept threatens government and their lackeys in the MSM, so they all attack it. But soon enough the government's debt Seppuku will result in just that...smaller government.

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Careful what you ask for you just might get it. I agree the two party system may very well be on the verge of bankrupting our entire nation...for what reason is simply beyond me. The act results in our personal bankruptcy as well however. To me the "movement" represents as much as trying to create some form of personal responsibility among those who purport to "rule" AND ourselves as it does simply fixing problems instead of being part of the problem. I happen to believe not only that both can be done but without the first there cannot be the second. And so we will see--

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I went to a local, grass-roots organized tea party in 2008/09.

They were very much "folks". no suits or Wall Streeters far as I could see.  I saw LOTS of signs for no more bailouts, for stopping crazy spending.  They seemed very common sense to me.  I was pleased to be standing with them, waving my sign too...

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Exactly my experience. They are 98% good people.

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How many bailouts did you succeed in preventing?

TaxSlave's picture

The next one.  And the one after that.

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None for me. I actually created my own. Figured visa, mastercard and a well known jeweler didnt need my money so i sent them packing empty-handed. And, unemployment followed by horrible future job prospects will insure that this marxist state wont ever be able to transfer the fruits of my labor back to them!

TaxSlave's picture

HOME MADE signs.

This is how neighborhood vigilante groups form.

No wonder they are scared.

They pretend we are astro-turf to reassure themselves.  They can't handle the idea that this is a revolution, coming from peoples' hearts.  It means the military will not fire on their own people.  It means they have reached the end of their power.  Worst of all, it means that the people have woken up to the paper money issue, so their plans to chain everyone to the debt as serfs after they robbed the value out of the entire economy and crashed the currency will FAIL.

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JUNKED - I miss the junk buttom saves me time of having to wade through the Huffington Trolls

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What you are describing is the real, original Tea Party....before they were coopted by the GOP.  What they spawned is just another bunch of right-wing hacks, mostly of the know-nothing variety, who want to cut Social programs to the bone and preserve all the benefits the special interest groups have legistated for themselves.  They may have a new label, but the results are the same.....the average American gets screwed, Tea Party member or not.  Another fine example of what the obscene ples of cash injected into the political system can buy for the status quo.

Choose your party affiliation if you like, but know they don't give a rat's patootie about you....unless you are writing some hefty checks.  And the statictics say you are not.  Less than 1% of the general public makes over $200/yr in political campaign contributions.  So, just remeber the old get what you pay for.


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isnt that why theres wars for the have nots



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The Ragpicker: Countess if only you knew... Shall we tell her?... Nothing Countess, it's you that are hiding. You see, there was a time when old clothes were as good as new. In fact they were better because when people wore clothes they gave something to them. But that was a long time ago, Countess. Just as, there was a time when... when garbage was a pleasure. Oh, it smelled a little strange or seemed confused, that's because there was everything there. The smell of sardine, of iendine, calone, roses. An amature would leap to the wrong conclusion. But to a professional, it was the smell of life... No Countess, the world has changed. The garbage has changed... People are not the same, Countess. People are different. No one is involved with anyone anymore. There's been an invasion, and infatuation. The world isn't beautiful no longer. The world is not happy... Because you've been dreaming a long time, Countess, and, no one wanted to disturb you. Countess, look, there was a time remember you could walk along the streets of Paris and everybody you met were just like yourself. I mean, oh, a little cleaner maybe or dirty perhaps or angry or smiling. But you knew them. I knew them too. And one day, 20 years ago I saw a face in the crowd. Face without a face; the eyes empty, the expression not human. It was not a human face at all. It saw me staring and when it looked back at me with its gelatin eyes, I shuttered. Because I knew to make room for one of them, one of us must have left the earth. The world is full of faceless people, Countess, and once you stop dreaming, as we all had stopped dreaming, you see them quite clearly. They were here today.

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the two party simple makes it so easy to follow...always a good and bad guy for most americans

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the only choice for voters is who gets to publicly represent the plutocrats and corporations,

the red team or the blue team.

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Yes. 50% are always supporting one of them.

After all, you HAVE to hate one and defend the other.

What a scam.

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Why not give every American a tax audit? I bet they'll find some extra revenue over there.


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Half step. Abolish the freakin gubmint. 

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All you have to do is end the seniority system in congress. Give out committee assignments by lottery. That takes away the benefit of congressional districts to keep, forever, sending the same old corrupt pork producers to DC.

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Ahhh...tyranny by majority, that always works out well

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FDR planted the seeds for this theory of government over half a century ago, creating a bipartisan machine that sells "access" to the expanding powers of government as it hunts for new portions of the economy to shake down. The regulatory weeds that sprouted now clog every channel of commerce in the land, not just destroying jobs while discouraging innovation but burdening all of us with higher prices and dead-weight compliance costs. Wily corporations that can afford to play the game treat this as the cost of keeping competitors out of their business.

It is time to accept the fact that the Progressive Movement has failed.

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You are greatly mistaken.

"Progressive" attempts to rein in corporate power (by finance regulation, or labor, consumer, and environmental protection laws) is not what's wrong.

Fascism essentially exists by definition when big corporations combine with government to rule self-servingly (also known as "corporatism"). A militaristic or warfare state is also indicative of fascism inasmuch as the militarism and invasions benefit the global corporations.

Thus we already do have "fascism" in the USA.

That is the immediate problem, and it is not corrected by "freeing" corporations from regulations and control.

Down the road, we are looking at totalitarianism.

Totalitarianism is marked by a severe domestic police state. Totalitarianism we do not yet have "full on", but are steadily getting closer to.

Society is conditioned to totalitarianism by the government lies, secrecy, and fear mongering of constant war and backroom government/corporate collusion. Ultranationalists, violence junkies, and racists are also by-products of endless warmaking which tends to totalitarianism.