Guest Post: Understanding The Slave Mentality

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Submitted by Brandon Smith from Alt Market

Understanding The Slave Mentality

In the initial stages of nearly every recorded tyranny, the saucer eyed dumbstruck masses exhibit astonishing and masterful skill when denying reality.  The facts behind their dire circumstances and of their antagonistic government become a source of cynical psychological gameplay rather than a source of legitimate concern.  Their desperate need to maintain their normalcy bias creates a memory and observation vacuum in which all that runs counter to their false assumptions and preconceptions disappears forever.  It is as if they truly cannot see the color of the sky, or the boot on their face.  The concrete world of truth becomes a dream, an illusion that can be heeded or completely ignored depending on one’s mood.  For them, life is a constant struggle of dissociation, where the tangible is NOT welcome…

This is the problem that we in the Liberty Movement deal with most often in our writings and films.  Our confrontation with willful ignorance has been epic, even by far reaching historical standards.  The gains in social awareness have been substantial, and yet the obstacles are incredible.  Unprecedented.  As an activist trend, we have an almost obsessive drive to draw back the curtain so that the public has at least the opportunity to see what is on the other side.  Unfortunately, there is another danger that must be taken into account…

It is one thing to bear witness to the rejection of truth in our time and the oblivious attitudes of many towards the growth of totalitarianism.  Eventually, though, a second phase in the development of oligarchy arises.  I am speaking of the point at which tyranny becomes so blatant that the skeptics have to acknowledge its existence, but after doing so, they choose to rationalize it as necessary.  Yes, there are many in this world that will laugh at the prospect of the Orwellian nightmare only to happily embrace it when it arrives in full color.      

I was recently looking into the divisive issue of U.S. Marine Sgt. Gary Stein, whose position has come under threat due to his criticisms of Barack Obama and his founding of the ‘Armed Forces Tea Party Facebook Page’.  What I discovered was a large number of Americans in support of Stein’s right to speak as a citizen (even under Marine regulations) against the unconstitutional actions of any president or presidential candidate.  I also discovered a considerable number who wanted to see the soldier dishonorably discharged, or even set upon a noose as punishment. 

Now, we all know that the Department of Defense monitors web news and social networking activity, and they have been caught red handed in the past posing as regular citizens with strangely militant pro-authoritarian views (look into their organized propaganda attacks on websites dealing with the levee failures during Katrina, for instance).  It is by no means a stretch to suggest that they would also troll the comments sections of mainstream news articles in an attempt to engineer a fraudulent consensus that Sgt. Stein’s actions have been negatively received by the majority of Americans.  But that aside, the underlings at the DOD are still Americans, and the views they espouse are still expressions of a subsection of this country (a small elitist one).  Also, sadly, there are plenty of non-government-paid people out there who believe exactly as they do.

Surely, we can debate over the details of Marine regulations until our ears bleed, and I could point out several facts that the mainstream media did not cover in their hit pieces on Stein (like the fact that he went to his superiors and asked them to advise him in the handling of his political position long before the present charges against him were ever formulated, and the fact that he followed many of their suggestions…), but ultimately, the regulations of the Marines or the Federal Government are irrelevant.  Such laws are transitory, and are usually written so broadly that the authorities of the day can execute them however they wish to fit their needs at the moment.  The real question here is one of principle, moral compass, and Constitutionality (a document which is a reflection of eternal natural law).  We have to set aside the pointless legalese of defense standards in the case of Sgt. Stein and ask ourselves an important question; do U.S. troops have a right to free speech? 

If you believe so, then their rights are not limited or exclusive.  They are free to say whatever any other American has a right to say.  If you believe they do not, then you have relegated the troops to the position of second class citizens, or even property of the state.  There is NO in-between.  Discipline and military coherence be damned.  Either these men and women have First Amendment protections and are full citizens or they are mechanisms of the government whose civil liberties have been erased.

Even though I understand the psychology behind it, I am still shaken with raw electrical astonishment when confronted by those who support the latter notion that American soldiers are indeed property of the state, that their actions must be dictated by the president and not the Constitution, and that this is required for the military to function.

Very few of these absurd multitudes ever ask what “function” such a military, populated by ethical robots who are blindly subservient to the dictates of a single man, would actually serve?

What good is an unprincipled military?  An unprincipled government?  An unprincipled society?  What reason is there for these constructs to exist?  The Nuremberg Trials solidified the reality that soldiers will be held accountable for following criminal orders, and still, there are some who claim that our troops must adopt a shoot first pay later methodology. 

I bring up the circumstances of Sgt. Stein to illustrate the situation our nation is currently facing; we are on the threshold of total despotism, where the naysayers who shrugged off the threat of rogue government yesterday suddenly embrace it and support it today.  When Stewart Rhodes first formed the Oath Keepers organization, the same talking point was consistently used in an attempt to derail it; “The orders you would refuse to obey could never occur in this country…”  And yet, many of the warnings of Oath Keepers have come to pass, including the unlawful disarming of peaceful U.S. citizens during the disaster in New Orleans, the institution of government directed assassination programs of U.S. citizens under Bush and Obama, the passing of NDAA legislation which includes provisions for indefinite detainment of Americans without trial, warrantless wiretapping, surveillance, and even home invasion by authorities is becoming common, and the Obama Administration has put into place several executive orders (including the The National Defense Resources Preparedness EO) which pave the way for Martial Law to be declared.

The cold hard reality is, the Oath Keepers were right, and Sgt. Stein is right.

And, now that this is becoming undeniable, the opponents of their tenets are switching gears to fight for the implementation of unconstitutional laws which they used to deny were even possible.  Can this situation be any more insane?  Oh yes…

There are no limits to the surrealist hell that can be unleashed when dealing with what I like to call the “Slave Mentality”.  The slave mentality takes many shapes.  It is pervasive in times of social distress, and, it can be infectious.  The psychologist Carl Jung wrote in his book ‘The Undiscovered Self’ that the cruel sociopathy seen in the populations of Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia is actually latent in many of us.  All it needs is the right set of sociopolitical circumstances and a weak enough will, and the shadows in the hearts of lesser men are given license to come out and play.  This is just as true in America, where people now operated on assumptions that the state is an absolute provider in the event of national calamity.      

But what are the signs of this unconscious desire for collectivism and control?  What makes a slave do what he does?  Here are just a handful of explanations to consider…

The True Slave: The true slave is not a person who has been shackled, beaten, tortured, and made to comply under threat of death.  As long as that poor soul has the spirit of rebellion and is ever seeking freedom, they are not imprisoned fully.  The true slave is a person who enjoys their subservience, who is weighted with fear by the very idea of independence from the system, and who would actually fight and die to maintain the establishment which enslaves them.  The true slave is not able to imagine living any other life beyond his micro-managed existence.

The Facts Lose Value: The worst flaw of the slave is not necessarily his ability to overlook the truth, but his ability to see it, comprehend it, and then shrug it off anyway because it is contrary to his mission to fulfill his private delusions.  For the slave, the truth exists, but is no longer useful.  Lies make his universe turn, and facts are a tool to be used or cast aside at his leisure.

The Obsession With The Law:
The slave mentality, though illogical and psychotic, still requires a certain foundation to hold it together.  The laws of governments tend to suffice.  These laws may go completely against the force of inherent conscience, but because the slave has already abandoned listening to his inner voice of reason, this does not bother him much.  If you have ever wondered why modern tyrannies always feel the need to put their horrific enforcements in writing first, THIS is why.  Oligarchs understand that the law provides the slave with a means to rationalize his participation in the crimes of the state.  After all, if some gut-bloated bloodthirsty elitists in government etch their mad inbred ramblings into law, then we have no choice but to follow them, right?

The Need To Be Accepted: A slave seeks harmony not within, but without, even when that “harmony” is with a system that is designed to destroy him.  The viciousness of collectivism lay in its ability to comfort converts with atrocity.  As long as the slave feels as though he is a part of the machine, and accepted by the group, he cares not what the machine does to others.  Common arguments include; “We all have to live together, and so we must sacrifice our selfish individualism for the greater good…” or “Governments are here to protect us and we should do everything we can to make their job easier…”  Rarely if ever do they question if the system is legitimately helpful or harmful.  The system just “is”, it fulfills their need to be coddled, and that is good enough for them.  For all their talk of "unity" and the "greater good", collectivist are for the most part deeply selfish.  They do not support or participate in the collective for the sake of others.  They do it to satiate their personal desires.

The Need For Control:
I suppose it’s ironic, but the average slave loves tyranny because it affords him a perceived seat at the table of power, perhaps for the first time in his entire life.  Collectivist slaves are often people who have felt weak and inadequate since childhood.  While honorable human beings fight this personal uncertainty by strengthening themselves physically and mentally, and improving upon their own character, the slave takes the easy route by joining with bureaucracy and living vicariously through its conquests.  Through the state, the hollow, cowardly, and stupid, have the ability to “show the world who’s boss”, and get revenge for a life filled with meaninglessness. 

The Need For Structure:
An individual takes responsibility for himself, learning over time to provide his own structure which works at his pace and serves his unique needs.  A slave does not have the energy or the drive to do that, and so, he asks the establishment to tell him how he should live.  He will hold at face value the word of nearly anyone in a position of petty authority.  When confronted with those who go their own way, or who rebel against the cookie-cutter template for social participation, the slave sneers in disgust.  Independent rebellion is abhorrent to him, because the system provides him with his very identity.  To insult the fabric of the system is to insult who he is.  It’s pathetic, but common…

The Need For Vindication: Sometimes it is not enough for certain people to have their own world view.  The slave seeks approval for his world view at every turn, even if that world view is twisted by bleary eyed logic, and will go so far as to force others to agree with it so that they can feel safer in their beliefs.  It is natural for people to seek out others with similar views and ideals, but, it is not natural or healthy for those same people to use the government apparatus as a weapon to frighten the rest of us into submission just so they can become more confident in their ludicrous slapdash philosophies.  Slaves want a world without contradiction.  Laughably, everything they do is a contradiction.                        

What I have seen in a number of the reactions to the honest activism of Sgt. Gary Stein is a knee-jerk bias that reeks of the slave mentality, but it offers us a window in gauging the leanings of the general public.  Now that the once theoretical dangers of federal fascism are breaking the surface of the water and circling the American sinking ship, the great test is to watch closely where the masses place their priorities.  Will they take the path of the individual, admit to the laboratory mutation that our government has become, and try to make things right again?  Or, will they take the path of the slave, forget their past follies and empty arguments, and jump on the totalitarian bandwagon?  Certainly, it is not as if the cheerleaders of the state usually get out of the tumult with all their limbs intact.  In most cases, they are lucky to get out alive once the smoke clears.  One might think that the lessons of history would be guide enough, but then again, the average slave has taken every conceivable measure to ensure that his particular fantasy land is magical enough to withstand substantial examination.  The system is their drug, and the upheaval that free thought brings is such a buzz-kill…

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Bazinga's picture

I can sum up the article in one sentence - Taking EVERYTHING the media and the government tell you as fact WITHOUT questioning.

Slavery=Sheeple. Wake up people.

NumberNone's picture

Bazinga...we all know that the press never lies and everything the tell us is the truth...uh...ummm...oops. 

ratso's picture

Sounds like Republicans to me.

economics9698's picture

Negroes vote Democrat 99% of the time.

Pladizow's picture

It is not the job of the conscious to awake the unconscious.

JPM Hater001's picture

The Dow is having the toughest time with 13200.

Pladizow's picture

To make a slave you only need control 3 things:

1. Food

2. Information

3. Habits by threat of violence

What % of Americans dont fall into this catagory?

goldfish1's picture

Talk about slavery:

People gotta have those iphones:

Apple's Chinese iPhone plants employ forced interns...

Students told to man production lines at Foxconn if they want to graduate

goldfish1's picture

Foxconn, Apple and the FLA have not responded to requests for comment.

Manthong's picture

The good news is that oligarchy is tansitory.

The bad news is that it yields to despotism.

AgShaman's picture

They only comment after they've finished up with their chores.

Something about....checking the nets for the "catch of the day"

Michael's picture

The internet and the Ron Paul movement reversed decades of MSM social engineering. "Hunger Games" is the result of Agenda 21.

Crisismode's picture

What percent?


1. Those that grow and raise most of their food themselves.

2. Those who get their information outside the MSM.

3. Those who have acquired firearms, ammunition, and training in the use of them.


Oh, I'd say about 1%

You know . . . . the "other" 1%

goldfish1's picture

I have an idea for the "occupy" people. Call for national shut your tv/internet off and no debit/credit card days. No electronic commerce, no facebook, no spending.

Then the "occupy" people can take a good look at themselves. Change begins with me.

nonclaim's picture

A "get outside day" would be enough. No protest, no demonstration, nothing. No staged motivational message... that is most of the problem anyway: whatever you do make sure to not stray away from "this message", be a good boy and you'll be "free".

Just get outside and see/touch/smell/hear/taste the world.

That said, I'm out...

Calmyourself's picture

Until the slaves get hungry, gut wrenching hungry they will protect the system against any threat be it simple facts, financial shocks or whatever..  The Government knows this and will keep the circuses and bread coming.  They have in fact learned the lessons of Rome and that is what makes our system so durable and dangerous.

Colonial Intent's picture

You channelling Vladimir Ilych again?

Oh regional Indian's picture


Was just thinkng about it today, and it's totally relevant.

How powerful is propaganda, that Iranian's come and live in America and think it is the greatest place on earth. Japanese flock to America, in awe. Germans are "all good" with Aamerica.

In India, white/English is still something looked up to, inspite of being under whitey's boot heel for centuries.

Point being, social engineering works. And the only way out is in. But given the proclivity of a fat down-hilling readership here, I'll refrain from expanding! ;-)

America has had TV and Hollywood for the longest time.



social-networking- social engineering

bahaar's picture

Let's be truthful.  West catapulted mankind to Industrial era from Agricultural era. They brought about earth-shaking changes to the way we live.   That's why 'white people' are looked up upon.  Not because of Hollywood propaganda.  Human beings are not that foolish.  They see what white people have achieved and think it's something worth emulating.  And remember.  India was under Arab boot for much longer than whiteman's boot.  Fortunately they've rejected Middle-East's nihilistic view of the world and embraced West's can-do attitude.

malek's picture

 Germans are "all good" with America.

Sorry to disturb your world view, but that point needs more extensive research of yours.

DavidC's picture

Yes, it really doesn't want to drop below it...

Oh, is that not what you meant?!


goldfish1's picture

The more the conscious awaken, the more the unconscious awaken.

economics9698's picture

The lower the IQ the more people need structure and dictatorship.  You cannot be free with 85 IQ people voting.  Voting needs to be restricted to people with a IQ over 100.

rich_wicks's picture


I score very well on an IQ test.  This is because I know math and that's really the only reason.  Fully 50% of the questions are just math questions that I've seen in different forms countless times.

IQ is just a number, it's NOT A MEASURE OF INTELLIGENCE.  Oh, I'd like to think it is, but I know damned well it isn't.

You want to fix the voting system?  Make people write in all the votes.  If they can't remember the name of the candidate, and they can't remember how to spell their name, the person probably isn't qualified to vote.

Also, there should be reciepts for all voting.  That's easy.  You vote, get a receipt, and 2 months later, online, all the receips are matched up to the votes.  To check the vote, let people enter their receipt number and also signal how they voted.  All you need then is to record who responded, and if it turns out that the responders voted for Candidate A but B won, you can suspect some fraud.

malek's picture

The interesting problem with the critics of IQ tests, is that they could never come up with a test in which other groups constantly fare better (in repeated blind tests.)

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Unfortunately that kind of thinking leads us to Eugenics pretty quickly.

How about this idea: only people who own unencumbered property can vote?

LowProfile's picture

Here's a thought:  How about a republic, THAT ADHERES TO IT'S CONSTITUTION WHICH SECURES THE RIGHTS OF IT'S PEOPLE, where the most important decisions are made on a state/county level - You know, ACCORDING TO THE PRINCIPLES ON WHICH THE UNITED STATES was founded?!

You are a bunch of fucking fascists.  Keep the fuck out of my county or I'll kick your tiny balls to the roof of your mouths.

Oh regional Indian's picture

What if Rich Dad gifted dumb son said unencumbered prop? It's a rabbit hole, just like accredited investor, my personal pet peeve! 

Deeper-truth, there is no such thing as Unencumbered property. 


happel's picture

Allodial title. That is the way to go.

LawsofPhysics's picture

You mean those people in power already?  The only people with truly "unencumbered property" are those few families behind the Federal Reserve bank.  You know, those few people on the other side of the interest being paid by the American tenant.  they have politicians and armies in their pockets.

You think you own your property, even if it is paid off?  Stop paying your taxes and let me know how that works out for you.

Amagnonx's picture

There is nothing wrong with the idea behind eugencis, that is to constantly improve the genetic stock of humanity.  If left to their own devices, then human beings would natually improve or at least maintain the genetic stock  -however socialism will ensure a degradation.


We have the reverse of eugenics at the moment, where socialism provides everything for people who could not provide for themselves - they would not be able to afford all the children they have, but society is forced to pay - it is immoral, and against natural law.


Do we really want to live in a world populated by diseased morons?  Ultimately, if people don't act in their own self interest with respect to reproduction, then that is the world that awaits us.


If you are smart, healthy and able, then your responsibility is to have as many children as possible - thats eugenics.  If you are struggling to survive and a dimwit - don't have children at all - thats also eugencis.


We are also facing over population, the only people who see the risk are the people who should be having 20 kids, the people who don't see it are the tards and they are the ones having more children than they can possibly afford to keep alive (without the intervention of the state).  This leaves us with few options to establish a future not over populated by low IQ genetic sludge ..

TaxSlave's picture

Nothing wrong with it except for any plan to implement it.

rich_wicks's picture

Eugenics assumes people are smart enough to know how to improve people.

I prefer evolution.  It's done a pretty good job so far.  The problem with selective breeding is a single environmental change might just destroy en entire crop, or in this case, an entire society.

pods's picture

You have to define unencumbered.  From mortgage?  Or from rent (taxes)?


XitSam's picture

In Starship Troopers (the book, please), citizenship was awarded upon being released from service to the state.

LuKOsro's picture

In Starship Troopers, few were released from the service to the state, if you know what I mean.

XitSam's picture

As I recall, not during wartime.  It was fairly common prior to the war with the bugs.

AgShaman's picture

Encumbered or ownership is a great myth residing in American Society.

Submit to your Overlords and "behave" yourself....and you'll be allowed to "rent" out a parcel of "Fantasy Land"

Reminds me of that cozy little dreamworld show Fantasy Island.....the serfs can't see their slavery...their reality is a picture show painted for them by their slavemasters

Frankie Carbone's picture


I propose a system where each person in the nation undergoes a battery of testing that involves knowledge of the classics, breadth and span of overall knowledge, formal logic skills, critical thinking and reasoning skills, knowledge of history, and IQ. The first question could be "Find Burma on a Map".  

You normalize the results and permanently elect the top 10% (31.2 million) to a special group called The Body of Citizenry. 

The rest, the other 90%, will receive the title of Consumer. 

The Citizenry will rule benevolently over the Consumers, and the former will govern via direct participation democracy. The diversity (31 million for God's sake!) of these intelligent participants will act as a natural check and balance against the agglomeration of power by any one clique or group. 

To entice the consumer into accepting this arrangement we offer the following guaranteed "rights" to each and every consumer. Cradle to grave entitlement to the following government services: 

  • Free Cable Television for Life. 
  • Deep tax credits for McDonalds' and Pizza Hut food purchases. 
  • Subsidized video games. 
  • Making Black Friday a National Holiday. 
  • Regional lotteries for tickets to NBA, NHL, MLB, and NFL sporting events. 
  • Free subscription to
  • Replace all public water mains with Brawndo, It's got electrolytes!
  • Pass a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the people a new reality-based TV show every season. 

among other guaranteed benefits. This should please and placate the masses sufficiently to "get them the hell out of our hair" while we get down to the business of running this country. 

I call this theory Caste System Democracy. All we ask is that the consumer pay a small 5% tax to the Body of Citizens (in addition to THEIR tax graduated tax rates) for expenses incurred in carrying out this duty of critical importance. 



Shaktipalooza's picture

You mean those who own their slaves free and clear?

goldfish1's picture

Ain't the IQ; it's the brainwashing.

Even low IQ people can know the truth as a collective understanding.

BorisTheBlade's picture

With over 40 million sitting on foodstamps, who would think they would support authority that feeds them. With huge chunk of oil coming from abroad, who would think very few would protest against constant kinetic action in brown people's lands. It's not a lack of intellect, it's a narrow-minded self-indulgence. Too bad when it comes down to payback, no one will ask whether one understood what was happening or not.