Guest Post: U.S.A. 2012: Is This What We've Become?

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Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds

U.S.A. 2012: Is This What We've Become?

Incentivize victimhood, fraudulent accounting of income/collateral and gaming the system, and guess what you get? A nation of liars and thieves.

Memorial Day is traditionally a day to speak of sacrifices made in combat. Like much of the rest of life in America, it has largely become artificial, a hurried "celebration" of frenzied Memorial Day marketing that is quickly forgotten the next day.

Instead of participating in this rote (and thus insincere) "thank you for your sacrifice" pantomime, perhaps we should ask what else has been sacrificed in America without our acknowledgement. Perhaps we should look at the sacrifices that need to be made but which are cast aside in our mad rush to secure "what we deserve."

The unvarnished reality is that most Americans have no idea what service members experienced in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they don't want to know. When 4,488 white crosses were erected on a hillside to remind us of all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq, people didn't like it, labeling it "unpatriotic."

That is not the real reason, of course; what is more patriotic than keeping those who served and sacrificed fresh in our awareness? One reason those 4,000 crosses make us uncomfortable is that they remind us of being conned by our civilian leadership into "wars of choice."

Another is that the reality of war and its long aftermath are not sufficiently "uplifting" for a brittle nation that prefers the distractions of "reality" TV to an acknowledgement of our problems and the sacrifices made and yet to be made.

Longtime readers know that one of my embedded concerns is the disconnect between the civilian populace and the U.S. Armed Forces. This disconnect starts with raw numbers: THANK YOU TO THE 0.45% of the population who served in the Global War on Terror (2001 to present).

Personnel are costly, not just in civilian life but in the Armed Forces, too, and so the Pentagon has "downsized" the Armed Forces to a smaller but more professional force. This reflects not just budgetary realities but the evolution of modern warfare.

But it's not just that fewer serve because fewer are needed; the number of civilians who want to know and want to acknowledge the experience of those who serve is dwindling everywhere, from Congress to the media to the living rooms of the nation.

The Pentagon has reinforced this disconnect by controlling media access and coverage of its wars, and the media has complied to "control costs" and "give the public what it wants." Survey the media "consumers" and you find few want more coverage of the war or its consequences. So the five dominant media corporations offer up more of what people say they want: faked circus-like "entertainment" in which carefully selected competititors vie for the highest "prize" in modern America, a moment in the media spotlight. The appetite for "news" that trumps up trivialities and senseless, sensationalist crimes is equally insatiable.

Propaganda and marketing are the dominant forces in America, along with a willingness to suspend reality to avoid whatever is complex, knotty, difficult or painful.

Is this what we've become, a nation so fearful of the truth that we shun it, avoid it, or paper it over at every turn? It would seem so.

To take but one Memorial-Day example, we now "outsource" war just as we outsource manufacturing, and we ignore the sacrifices of those who replaced enlisted Armed Forces--even when many are ex-service members: Contractor Deaths Exceed Military Ones in Iraq and Afghanistan (2010). At the peak of the Iraq War, 150,000 "contractors" were in-theater so our civilian "leadership" could claim to have reduced the "headcount" of military personnnel serving in Iraq.

As with everything else in America, the artifice was swallowed whole because the truth was too ugly and difficult for us to bear. The sacrifices of our contractors in Iraq have been ignored by everyone: the Pentagon, the politicians and the public. Nobody wants to acknowledge the losses of those we hired to replace "official" soldiers, even though many of those contractors were ex-U.S. Armed Forces service members.

In Welfare State America, exaggerating victimhood and negating family, community and integrity are all heavily rewarded: that's how you get the gamed disability and a host of other entitlements.

Since credentials and grades are trumpeted as the foundation of financial security, then cheating on schoolwork and exaggerating accomplishments have become accepted norms.

Incentivize victimhood, fraudulent accounting of income/collateral and gaming the system, and guess what you get? A nation of liars and thieves.

All of whom claim "I had no other choice."

That is a sickness that cannot be cured with a pill.

The excuses are legion and varied. Everybody else is cheating, too. Look at the crooks at the top. If I told the truth, I wouldn't get the job/mortgage/entitlement/degree etc.

Everyone is to blame except ourselves, of course; we are powerless. Yet we continue to elect politicians who tell us what we want to hear, lies that sooth our insecurities and fears, politicians who have doubled the national debt in a few years and indentured future generations so our precious share of the pie remains untouched.

Living within our means is now either "impossible" or a sin re-branded "austerity." So we borrow staggering sums every year to maintain the artifice that the contraption of lies, leverage and debt is sustainable, because we have become so brittle and diminished that we cannot bear the truth or our responsibility for the fetid trash-heap that is the national psyche.

We don't care if the nation spends the lifetime Medicare taxes of ten workers ($30,000 lifetime taxes paid, $300,000-$500,000 spent on each beneficiary) in the last few months or years of each elderly beneficiary's life, because 1) it's profitable for those at the trough and 2) we're powerless to change it.

But that's just another lie, stacked on the immense mountain of lies we have piled up in the past decade: we just want our ten lifetime-taxes paid because "we paid our share."

So never mind that we're borrowing the equivalent of the entire GDP of Germany every two years-- ($3 trillion)--and that's just Federal borrowing. Of course the true extent of Federal borrowing is cloaked and obfuscated with tricks such as "supplemental appropriations," so the "headline number" is just another untruth passed off as fact--just like the unemployment rate and the GDP itself.

Add in private debt and local-government bond issuance (often for projects that were once paid for out of general fund tax revenues) and we're borrowing more like the GDP of Germany and France every two years, with no other future in sight.

The word "sacrifice" has been sacrificed on the altar of expediency. The politicians we elect (those who dare speak the truth of our impoverishment and complicity don't get elected--we abhor and fear the truth) have ground the word "sacrifice" into meaningless with overuse; it now means nothing but yet another clarion-call to swallow lies and artifice to protect our share of the loot.

The government can't be the problem, because the government issues me a nice check every month.

And so we cling to easy falsehoods. If only the 1% paid their fair share, all our problems would be solved.

The 1% should pay their fair share, but that isn't the problem; the top 1% already pay a significant share of income taxes collected; doubling that amount changes nothing about the long-term insolvency of our entitlements and crony-capitalist Empire.

The problem is our consumerist, Central-State dominated society/economy that depends on ever-rising debt and and leverage is unsustainable, and placating ourselves with expedient simplicities that shift the accountability and responsibility from ourselves to someone or something else solves nothing.

This reliance on excuses, denial and expediency is the hallmark of adolescence; in adulthood, these are the hallmarks of failure and pathology.

Is this what we've become, brittle, simulacra "grown-ups" who are incapable of acknowledging the truth of our situation? If we cannot dare acknowledging reality, then how can we solve our problems? If we cannot bear an awareness of our systemic rot and unsustainability, then how can we move past denial and expediency?

If we have lost the ability to live within our means and to acknowledge difficult facts, then we have lost everything: our national integrity, our ability to problem-solve, our vigor and our future.

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the 300000000th percent's picture

I love my country but i hate the government, and what they have become demacrat and republican = republicrats. Its been hyjacked by an elite group of ultra elites, we are seeing the face of the moster reveal itself slowly, they cant hide it anymore, the problems are too big. If you are a partisan then i think you are misguided. I believe the Dems have a sledgehammer and the Repubs have a framing hammer and they are trying to fix a peice of broken china(the broken system) with these hammers. Both of these hammers broke the system and you cant fix a broken system with the things that broke it in the 1st place

Banksters's picture

Where is that little neo nazi trav?  I feel like popping a pimple.

CompassionateFascist's picture

Trav has joined a White Nationalist militia, and is currently attending weekend manuvers.

markmotive's picture

A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for America.


Ron Paul schools Ben Bernanke on inflation:

Ahmeexnal's picture




In Italia, as in Greece and Spain, fathers are sacrificing their sons and then commiting suicide:


Italian dad throws kids off balcony, jumps; 3 dead

Published May 21, 2012 

Associated Press

Police in northern Italy say a father has thrown his two young children to their deaths from a sixth floor apartment balcony before jumping to his death.

Brescia police spokeswoman Nicoletta Di Maio says the mother, who was home at the time, is currently in the hospital under sedation.

Italian news agency ANSA said the 41-year-old man had lost his job a year ago, but it wasn't clear if economic difficulties were to blame. Italy, which is back in recession, has seen a rash of suicides in recent weeks.

Precious's picture

Central governments are obsolete.  They just haven't figured it out yet.  The internet changes everything.  Governments can't put it back in the box because they need the internet just as much as everyone else.  But the internet is not the final word on personal liberation. 

The day we achieve cheap, independent household energy technology, will be the day government becomes completely irrelevant.

CH1's picture

The internet changes everything.

Which is why they are waging total war against it... and winning, sad to say.

No one gives a damn about the Internet itself, only about the next iteration of iCrap that their neighbor might get before they do.

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

This is an awesome article!

It's not like war porn is at everyone's fingertips,

the local news keeps body counts like it is a sporting event,

and more Americans died in LA and CHIC via homicide than did in two war zones over the same time period.

I know it is a very tough concept,

the day the world collectively approves of America's actions is the day to start taking heed of the doomsday posts around here. 

Comay Mierda's picture

Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you (and they include 'pork', 'cloud' and 'Mexico')


wisefool's picture

revealed: 51% of americans and 100% of non-americans do not pay the taxes that fund the US military industrial complex!

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

Please, they pay everyone else's income tax,

 they tax everything but the air we breathe and the crap that comes out of our asses.

That's an informative article about the domestic spying, thanks for taking the time to post it.

I stopped ending my posts with Aslam Alekem because I thought it may be on such a list and it isn't.:D

If anyone sees a firefox update that purposely mispells those words please relay it along.


Prometheus418's picture

Not a very good list, IMO, and probably a red herring.  I wouldn't put much stock in it, as almost all of those keywords are ones which average people might use after watching the cable news networks. It's too broad, and would bury any regulators in a tsunami of false alarms.

The real search algos probably use combinations of words in context, and incorporate more technical terms.  This list is just a head-fake to get average people to self-censor.  I hope it fails miserably- there is almost no context in which a people should fear their government to the extent that they avoid using terms like flu and power outage.  The vast majority of uses for those terms are completely benign.

How about this for red flags?

Hey, Government officials- if you don't stay at least 100 miles from my home, I will muster a militia to protect my family and neighbors from your thugs.  Superior technology will not help you- I am one of those who helps design and make that technology, and I do not volunteer all the ideas I have to improve those weapons.  Should the time come, I will use my insights to take the technological superiority out of your hands and place it into the hands of real Americans who will honor our Constitution.  We will not strike the first blow, but neither will we allow ourselves to be murdered by those who have no right to our liberty or property.  We are neither your cattle nor your slaves, and if you want to keep your skins where they are, you will stop pontificating, stop planning to rob and kill us, and get the fuck out of the way so that we can go back to living human lives in peace.  The only thing you can do to help is to surrender and go home.  

Somehow, I have little fear that the men in black will be knocking down my door tomorrow for this.  If you want to know just how competent the US government is, go to the DMV or an airport.

Ahmeexnal's picture

BREAKING NEWS:  Bear Stearns collapsed because of silver derivatives.  JP Morgan to implode the same way.

2012-05-26 —

``Using Commitment of Traders Report (COT) data, Bear Stearns had a COMEX silver short position of no less than 35,000 net contracts and a COMEX gold short position of no less than 60,000 net contracts from the end of December 2007 to their takeover by JPMorgan two and a half months later. From December 31, 2007 to mid-March 2008, the price of silver rose by $6 (from $15 to $21) and the price of gold rose from $850 to over $1000. Based upon the number of contracts held short by Bear Stearns and the price movement at that time, that resulted in margin calls of $2 billion. I would contend that was the real reason for Bear Stearns' demise.''
BREAKING NEWS: Canadian First Majestic Silver Corp. suffers major defeat in legal battle against Native American Tribe. Half a million acres  have been declared SACRED GROUND and will NEVER BE MINED:
MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s government says it will protect a half-million acres held sacred by the Huichol Indian tribe that inspired a protest movement against a Canadian company’s silver-mining concessions in the northern desert.

First Majestic Silver Corp. is giving up concessions in the area, and the government says it will not authorize new mining permits there.

Oh regional Indian's picture

It was always the Silver Dagger. The resonating chamber here has a hard time believing that.

But anyways, the US is birthed in war, senseless cruelty, mass animal slaughter, wanton or designed destruction of all that was/is Sacred/holy to the natives (see mount rushmore and the 4 masonic fuck-faces on it as one mere example)..

Any wonder you have been at war most of your little 200 + year experiment?

Look at this board itself as an example. Guns, guts, Glory.

Gloryhole existence masqurading as the world's most advanced nation-state. 

Except for the eminently fake period from 1945 to 1995, the time it took for the war surplus to be spent, it's been a ripping off of the charade.

Why is anyone surprised? nuclear bombs, White phosphorous, torture, rape... Abu Gharib, Guntanamo...back, back, back... same story.... heck, you had essential slavery till less than 50 years ago....

C'mon America, wake the fuck up for your own sakes. Take a genuine peaceful step back.

Asleep at the wheel of life, careening down the Hiiiiighway to wherever...what...evaaaaahhhhh.....



AnAnonymous's picture

US citizenism has been on the same course since inception.

Actually, one could argue that US citizenism has been being cleansed from allogenous influence from previous social orders, like honour, an obsolete notion inherited from the past which appeared quite often in early US citizen papers and that finally had to mean nothing in a US citizen society.

US citizenism is appearing clear from any influence. It is shining with no other shadows cast on it. We are about to experience pure US citizenism.

Zero Debt's picture

If you ever see an antiviral Iraq home grown pork wearing a hazmat in the middle of a radioactive plume, you may be a victim of Agro Terror.

Laura S.'s picture

I would add to your comment that the numbers of paid professional politicians is too big and the centralization of power is absolutely irrelevant. We inherited the political system from the 18th-19th century and we are using it in the IT age of internet.
I watched the movie Game Change yesterday (it is about the vice-president candidate Sarah Palin) and I think that it perfectly described what is happening in the american politics right now. We are not electing PROFESSIONALS, we are electing MOVIE-STARS. This is not just the problem of US but also of many other countries. No surprise that these people don´t have any clue about the problems of our society (poverty, bad education, high household debt) or they use their political powers for irrelevant policy goals (wars with no reason).
We are being constantly convinced that we are unique individuals, but this is just a lie. As somebody mentioned here in the discussion, the majority of Americans vote for Republicans or Democrats, even they failed their opportunity to govern many times.

Al Gorerhythm's picture

A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for an ideal called Liberty. Fuck your patriotic bullshit. A vote for America. SHEEIIITTT! USA! USA! USA! Fuck Yeah!

As for those retards who squeal disingenuously;" Why vote for RP: What has he achieved Listen up you dolts, we're voting for an ideal not the man. He's not a saviour, he's a representative of an idea. It might as well be Joe the Plumber, as long as he represented the ideal, or a drovers dog for that matter. In fact, the dog might be a better idea. They don't misinterpret laws at all and you can train them to maul the first treasonous prick who tries to.

Ahmeexnal's picture

When it comes to "democracy" the sad truth is that voters -in the US and in EVERY AND ALL countries- always make their decisions based on THE PERSON they vote for. NEVER do they vote for an ideal unless you consider FREE LUNCH an ideal.


Tsukato's picture

I vote for whoever pushes the most wasteful agenda. Free lunches? Hell, why not!? Get paid to have illegitimate babies? Sounds good! Drug addict Geezers want free shit? Give them 10x's what they asked for. Support Israel? Hell yeah! Make it a double! Anything that hastens the path toward destruction is A-OK with moi. Cheers! Peace, Out :)

Los Zetas, Dirty bomb, Sonora, Narcos, Methlab :)

CuriousPasserby's picture

In 1992 America had the best chance in 80 years to dump the 2 parties and elect a third party, but 40% of the voters will vote Dem and 40% Rep no matter what you say. Maybe the have patronage jobs, family traditions, whatever, they will never switch. So our only hope for change is a good guy winning the primaries. If the Hawaiian piece of shit can beat Hillary we can do it too!

Tsukato's picture

A vote for RP is a complete waste. Why prolong the inevitable? Let go! Let it all crash and burn. Makes no difference what choices are made now. Just waitin for the Ameraslut (fat lady) to sing. Like pullin off a bandaid quickly, you'll be happier the sooner we get to reset.

I am Shiva, destroyer of Worlds :)

FARC, IED, Homegrown, IRA, Target, Jihad

Andy Lewis's picture

Hopefully with live ammo.

And why don't you go join him?  You won't be missed.


Dr. Sandi's picture

I also love my Country.

But I much prefer my Rock and Roll. Give me some ELO to soothe my soul.


CompassionateFascist's picture

 And, like MacA., he shall return.

Dr. Sandi's picture

Holy SHIT! 21 Down votes for a joke?

Seig Heil you dumb fucks! Totalitarianism is too good for your tight little asses.

Lester's picture

The time for rhetorical reflection has LONG DEPARTED.

"We" have not "become" what the author above identifies as problematic.
The Problem IS Our Nation has been STOLEN from US by Fraud and Deception.  Our Elected Officials at every level of local to Federal Gov't are corrupt and have Betrayed US and their Oath Of Office.  This is not tantamount to Treason; It Is Treason!

The US has been taken down by the same crew of criminals that funded the Russian Revolution.  The Czar was the world's richest man, and TPTB wanted his money and his power.  They found their lackeys then, just as they found the current batch in Congress and Federal Courts, not to mention all the Professions, but especially Accounting, Law, Medicine, and Education. 

America has been hemoraghing money since WW-II.  The Fraud that is implicit within Derivatives has enabled TPTB to achieve America's Destruction for only a fraction of the cost of a nuclear device.  TPTB may as well have deployed Red Mercury or Neutron bombsl; we are that effectively fucked and ruined.  Fucked; just like the original understanding of the word:  Completely Ruined, never to be same again...

Laurence Kotlikoff, tenured prof of Economics published an article in Aug 09 where he cited his calculations that US Federal exposure to acknowledged Federal Debt & Unfunded Mandates already committed to amounted then to over $207 Trillion Dollars.  Likely his numbers were 50% conservative.  Even more likely is that by now they have doubled...

Those who take governmental office in positions where they are entrusted with power to affect all citizens are typically required by local, state, or Federal Law to swear an oath to uphold Constitution of The US and not betray the citizens they serve, nor to use their office/position for personal profit. 

Impossible to grasp that we are in dire straits we're in by accident and happenstance.  What is happening in the world and in Our Nation is deliberate and planned ruin.

If you still have questions and uncertainties, it just means you haven't been paying attention...


Oh regional Indian's picture

Lester, you're on stolen ground, one big circle, round and round.

Your forefathers stole, now you're having the same loot stolen from you.

The US is sadly not even a nation, never was. Always a colony, to the brits. From the start, the get-go. In fact, even now, in the twisted language of perpetual treaties, YOUSA is a plantation. 

Study some history and THEN find the basis for your position.

Everyone is standing on a pile of lies and half-truths, slippery slope and proclaiming they "get it".


JOYFUL's picture

ORI - there isn't a single place on this round earth that hasn't been 'stolen' by somebody from somebody else....and the history of mother India herself is one big avalanche of bigger n bigger pebbles rained down upon each other as yesteryears conqueror gives way to the next set...of all the sins to be set upon Merikas'neck at this point ori, stealin ain't one of them...

fact is, there's as much likelihood that the 'red man' 'stole' the 'new world' from whitey as not..the whole "Kennewick Man" controversy is a really good introduction to the way PC correctness has replaced every semblance of empirical truthtellin in this postmodern world we 'live' in...

but then, half of the 'native indian' tribes of Norte Merika have been shown to have haplogroup DNA that is "white" ëuropoid "caucausian" anyhoo,{jibwa, dene, most of the west coast bands...}so whose zoomin who here?*

Yur right, right up to the point where yu say

Everyone is standing on a pile of lies and half-truths...

that's a bridge too nihilistic for me...truth be alive, and available to the active mind...we just have to 'steal' it back...piece by piece.

*truth be told{contrary to the cabbalist campaign of divisive} - We are a family!

Oh regional Indian's picture

Hey Joyful, Cannot buy that because of the simple truth that Native Native Americans have been pushed into their walled "nations" where whitey and blackie and brownie (yes, I've been to the great Casinos', with their amazing glass statues of Braves on Horses and Braves shootng arrows and braves on a WigWam, nicely managed by the same tribe that runs LAs Vegas, nice, sick the mafia on them) come and play, or known history of Canada and what they did to the Indians there or the Aboriginals in Oz, Maori in NZ, Indian, my kind of Indians....or the Bureau of Indian Affairs and a history of continued lies and cheating...

Or how about them blacks? How about them African Americans? 

India? Come Joyful, it's well known that India has never in history gained territory through war. Foolish, we're an archipalego surrounded by World's highest Mountains (north), Desert (west) and otherwise, sea to shining sea. Nto that I'm taking a stand because, but that too is known. Plus we were made India by britain.

At least in known history. India's mis-adventures have been more recent, more UN peacekeeping, nuclear dealing, all run by? Yup, Brit-shits and Americans and Yisrael.

What you and most here sound like (perhaps there is a recent colonial stain in your immediate past, I don't know)... is that fuck recent history. Fuck those impacted by recent history. Fuck obvious evidence of genocide (the Native Americans, Aboriginals and India Indians together run into the 10's of millions)...


Love is not a word my friend, and as a word, it has brought only it's ugly opposite. One just needs to observe it's places of peak usage.

And OF course is is available, truth. My point is you don't climb a mountain of half-truths to reach a truth pinnacle.

Truth is about digging, digging, digging, hard work. Work that strips you of all what you have "accepted", that which makes you, literally who you are.

It takes courage that most lack. And THAT, is the truth.


Al good though. To each his own, eh? I say it as I see it. 


Calmyourself's picture

India is such a mess internally colonialism is not required to be among your sins all one need do is look at your history of separation.  You seem to revel in the evisceration of America for her sins, turn the critical eye toward India and describe the grinding poverty, corruption and caste system designed to provide your elites with a permanent classs of slaves.  The slaughter of millions of animals has nothing to do with our sins financial or otherwise you would do well to keep your "religion" out of the debate..

Oh regional Indian's picture

Calm, the Bison slaughter has nothing to do with my religion. I'm not religious anyways.

If you cannot see what or why it was wrong, period, perhaps you need to think a bit.


Calmyourself's picture

Perhaps you should spend more time on fixing India, instead of contemplating our 150 year old sins.  Thanks for the retrospective now go help an untouchable..

Lednbrass's picture

What a complete load of bullshit.

Complaints from a guy whose country was built on the most brutal social system in human history (rigid castes one is born into)? LOL, what a fucking hypocritical self righteous jackass.

No territorial gain through war? How the hell was the Mughal Empire founded then? How was it ended? The emperors were freaking Mongolians you idiot.  The territory was united through war (as it had been previously in history), not a bunch of peacenik Gandhi style idiots.

Look, Im really sorry that a large chunk of your population have lower standards of living than a typical US housepet and that after a couple thousand years you still havent managed to solve the mystery of how to feed and clothe your population decently but your constant whining about the US is nothing but sour grapes. Boo fucking hoo. We certainly have our problems in the US and Europe, but your nation is a complete joke.

Go worship some livestock.

Tsukato's picture

"the most brutal social system in human history"

How do you know the caste system is invalid? Your name demonstrates what a fucking joke you are- Leadnbrass. Hahah! Should be -Give headnass! Moron! Why don't you pick up a sixer of Bud and go down to the shootin range Chuck Norris.

Lednbrass's picture

That all you got Sparky? Way to completely fail at countering the point- which was that ORI continually whines about the US when his own nation did things for millenia that he would excoriate the US for, and the particular dynasty I mentioned was entirely foreign to the region and gained its territory through war, as had every other power structure in the history of his nation. ORI is too much of a hypocrite to admit it. As for you, go chug a bottle of Drano.  He cries about US history yet is silent on his own.

As for the posting handle- most here have their idea of what constitutes a precious metal in a crisis and I mine. If push comes to shove, my metals >> theirs. If you dont like it, tough crap- it beats some psuedo Asian bullshit from a suburban American tard.

Iwanttoknow's picture

I'm not commenting on the rest of your post.Moghuls came from central asia,samarkund to be precise.They were not mongoloid.

JOYFUL's picture

Combination of Uzbek, Persia, and Mongol...with a trace of the local Sogdian blood mixed in for good measure. Tamerlane was a good example of this bloodline, and the original Moghul, Babar was a direct descendant of both him and Genghis hisself.

Lednbrass's picture

Correct, the founder was descended from Genghis Khan- hardly a native dynasty.

marxist's picture

It has to be said that after thousands of years, India is still standing. One wonders where our Western just in time consumerism will find us in a few thousand years.

JOYFUL's picture

I'm sorry I couldn't get back here till now ORI - I suspect this thread is kinda stale...but I think that rant is worth responding to.

For one thing, it's helped me clarify in my own mind exactly where the line is between constructive and destructive criticism...there's a lot to criticize bout Merika and Merikans...and when it's done with clarity it's probably the best thing people in the USA can be's essential that they get a perspective from outside the castle walls, because their survival will soon enough require modification of attitudes that have prevented or degraded communications with the rest of the world.

BUT. that swill you have served up is a mindless concoction of me, mine, they theirs, they bad, we good...really, really, pointless and graceless to a degree that is out of character for yu. I respect yur integrity and honesty enough to know that yu'll be back with a better perspective soon, but that response addressed absolutely none of the points raised in my previous, or missed them so badly as to derail any conversation possible...

no, there's no colonial stain in my recent past...any more than there is reason for yu to play the victim here kin were dragged outta the glens to build an Empire for England by their lairds and headmen, seduced by hebraic wenches sent on the mission of corrupting the landed classes of what had been one of the best damned civilization we've seen on this planet...I'm proud of them, for surviving, and even thriving, in the face of hard times and oppression.. ...don't ever pretend that whitey hasn't been persecuted just as others have- or yu'll have crossed a bridge it will be hard to get back over here....the bad whitey schtick just isn't gonna cut it here. I suggest yu just give it up.

building bridges to nowhere and burning others behind yu...that's a lot of bridge work yu bin doin ORI...maybe yur teeth hurt today? I said it before, I'll say it agin...we. are. family. Stop the divisive shit.

Lester's picture

Not a "simple truth", more like a simpleton's failure you are exhibiting, ORI.

I have seen how natives lived along the Yukon River.  The coming of the white man, whether from Russia or Europe brought change in quality of their lives that meant infants and their elderly lived longer.  Not like North America was a Disneyland For Indigenous Peoples before 1492.  All sorts of murdering, stealing women & children, slave-trading (natives), warring, and general mayhem going on.  It was not Tahitian bliss on these shores the way you seem to believe.

That said, Can You Stay On Topic?






Lee Bertin's picture

Well... you talk the talk.. but do you walk the walk.

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Wah Wah Wah! I'm soooooo sick of hearing PATRIOTS whining about how we've been so wronged. Shutup already! Mr. and Mrs. 6-pack got just what they deserved. None of you Dudly Dorights will ever do the heavy lifting required to change shit. You and your ilk cry TREASON on chat boards, and even get heaps of approving green arrows, but it doesn't negate the fact that you are simply a COWARD. Probably always have been. Ever been proactive in securing your future Dudly? Doubt it. Everything happening now was evident 15 years ago. If you weren't bright enough to see it then, then too bad. Go blow sthg up or kill somebody that matters. Be PROACTIVE in bringing down this critically ill system. BE A MAN FOR GOD's SAKE!!!

Hamas, Nigeria, Agro, Weapons Grade, plot :)

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You can't say "we're fucked and ruined" by the debt, because all it takes is a few patriots who simply decide to default on it.  Gone, 1 second.  Lunch time, bitchez.

We're fucked and ruined by the corruption, so that will never happen until millions rise up and start a long over due rope party.

Our best bet is the men and women in uniform decide to honor their oath to the constitution.  I hope they throw out the corrupt gov and restore it to it's rightful place.

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U.S. Blues Lyrics By: Robert Hunter Music By: Jerry Garcia

Red and white, blue suede shoes
I'm Uncle Sam, how do you do
Gimme five, still alive
Ain't no luck, I learned to duck

Check my pulse, it don't change
Stay seventy two, come shine or rain
Wave the flag, pop the bag
Rock the boat, skin the goat

Wave that flag, wave it wide and high
Summertime done come and gone, my oh my

I'm Uncle Sam, that's who I am
Been hiding out, in a rock and roll band
Shake the hand that shook the hand
Of P. T. Barnum and Charlie Chan (note 1)

Shine your shoes, light your fuse
Can you use them old U.S. Blues
I'll drink your health, share your wealth
Run your life, steal your wife

Back to back, chicken shack
Son of a gun, better change your act
We're all confused, what's to lose
You can call this song the United States Blues (note 2)

(1) on a few occasions in 1979-1980 Jerry sang "Of P. T. Barnum and the Shah of Iran" (eg Cleveland 29 Nov 1979, Oakland 13 Jan 1980).

(2) for an ironic take on this, see One More Saturday Night

(3) alternative lyrics were tried out as the song was being developed - see Wave That Flag