Guest Post: Want To Defeat The Banks? Stop Participating In The System!

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Submitted by Brandon Smith from Alt Market

Want To Defeat The Banks? Stop Participating In The System!


In Franz Kafka’s most popular work “The Trial”, his characters relate a short parable which has fascinated and confused curious readers for generations. That parable is entitled “Before The Law”, and its message has been interpreted, reinterpreted, and agonized over by the labyrinthine contrariness of academia, producing numerous conflicting views:

Existentialists, of course, automatically jump to the conclusion that “Before The Law” is a message of the absurd nature of man’s search for reason and structure in a universe of random coincidence. That “the law”, as it were, is a superficial concept that humanity uses to make life more bearable. That we seek to create artificial social constructs in order to keep ourselves afloat in a sea of chaos. This is partly true. The law is, indeed, an abstraction conjured by men. However, the source of the most fundamental laws, being inherent conscience, is far from abstract. In fact, it is one of the few aspects of our existence that is undeniably tangible and universal. It is proof that all is NOT random, and that there is a meaning and a purpose to what we do here and now.

I see “The Trial” and “Before The Law” not as treatise on the futility of man’s search for justice, but as a warning on the foolishness of man’s dependency on systems not rooted in conscience. That is to say, we have a tendency to linger about idly while others make our decisions for us. We expect the system we live in to provide answers, to provide nurturance, to provide fairness, and to provide change where necessary. This expectation is a dangerous one.

Most social and political systems today are designed around collectivist methodologies. Their primary tool is centralization of power, and the removal of choice from the public consciousness. We are made to believe that the establishment is necessary for our survival, and that to abandon it would mean certain destruction. We are taught that the individual is subservient and inconsequential in the face of the state. This is simply not so. Like the traveler in “Before The Law”, we have been defeated by our own expectations of how the law (or justice) works. We sit and wait for permission, when we should be charging through the gates and taking what is rightfully ours.

Even amidst recent and increasingly prevalent protest actions on the part of Occupy Wall Street groups, there are still some within these movements who believe the answer to fighting back against the corruption of banking cartels and puppet politicians is to hand even MORE power over to the state, and to collectivize our culture still further. The ignorance of this mentality is no less than astonishing.

The only practical strategy for combating the tyranny of centralized systems has been and always will be decentralization. Individuals must stop relying on the rules of a rigged game to see them through to the truth. This means that while mass protests are certainly a powerful tactic for voicing concerns on an international stage, they accomplish little to nothing in the way of meaningful change in the long run unless they are backed by individual actions to break away from dependency upon a poisoned political and economic framework.

The common assumption amongst Americans is that nothing can be done without mass action resulting in “compromise” from leadership. That the healing of our cultural dynamic is a “top down” process. That one person alone has little at his disposal for bettering the world. In fact, it is always self aware and self sustaining individuals who build better societies, not angry mobs without understanding or direction. Individuals blaze the path that the rest of the world eventually follows, and they do this through one very simple and effective act; walking away.

By walking away from the corrupt system, and building our own, we make the establishment obsolete. This philosophy could be summed up as follows:

Provide for yourself and others those necessities which the corrupt system cannot or will not, and the masses (even if they are unaware) will naturally gravitate towards this new and better way. Offer freedom where there was once restriction, and you put the controlling establishment on guard. Eventually, they will either have to conform to you, attack you, or fade away completely. In each case, you win. Even in the event of attack, the system is forced to expose its tyranny and its true colors openly, making your cause stronger.

The obvious question now is; how can each one of us use this strategy in our daily lives? Here are just a few easy applications:

1) Focus On The Federal Reserve

If you as an activist or the movement you support are not fully aware of the private Federal Reserve Bank and its primary role in the destruction of our economy, our currency, and our political dynamic, then your protests are a waste of time, and your movement will end in failure. Uneducated mass actions are easily manipulated, and can even end up serving the purposes of those oligarchs they seek to dethrone. G. Edward Griffin’s full analysis on the history of the Federal Reserve “The Creature From Jekyll Island” and similar materials should be handed to every OWS protester before it is too late.

2) Take Back Your Savings

Do you have a bank account with one of the so called “too big to fails”? Is the culmination of your savings currently in the hands of financial monstrosities like Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, etc? Well, take your money back! This has been done by a few protestors and the response from banks has been outlandishly oppressive, including new guidelines attempting to obstruct customer access to savings, and even calling the police! This tells me that they are afraid. Afraid of Americans catching wind of the idea that the money they place in the accounts of bad banks is still theirs to do with as they will. If you don’t like how these institutions operate, don’t let them have your money. It’s as simple as that. Not only is this an act of defiance that truly hurts the banking system, it also protects your hard earned wealth (at least initially) from the inevitable collapse of these fiscally insolvent blood leaching leviathans (watch Bank of America closely, folks!).

3) Use Alternative Currencies

After you take your savings away from the banks, you still aren’t quite free of their influence. You are now holding fiat dollars, which the Federal Reserve, the foundation of all banking fraud, is currently devaluing. The idea of walking away from the dollar sounds ridiculous or even frightening to those trapped in the centralization mindset, but it is a highly effective method for combating the system itself. The dollar is a sham, and has been since its future was handed over to the Fed in 1913. Alternatives exist, and they must be utilized. Communities across the country use various scripts as a means to diminish reliance on the dollar, but ultimately, the best currencies are those that cannot be created out of thin air unhindered. This means gold and silver.

Central banking proponents have been railing against even the concept of a return to gold and silver currencies for years, and the Department Of Justice has labeled the use of such alternatives in place of dollars as a form of “domestic terrorism”. This should tell you, quite clearly, that they are deathly afraid of activists organizing to drop the dollar to pursue metals. If the system is willing to use the law as a weapon to keep us from having sound money, then we should be rubbing their nose in it daily by trading without dollars. They should be forced to react, and in the process, forced to expose their true intentions for our economic futures.

4) Build Barter Networks

If a bunch of people can band together to huddle in parks with signs for weeks in cities across the nation, then they can band together to trade goods and services outside the establishment system as well. Barter networks grow spontaneously out of economic collapse regardless of what any group decides to do, but generally, they appear AFTER the worst has happened. Wouldn’t it be wiser to organize such markets now, before a full collapse takes place? By preempting disaster with a backup or failsafe free market barter economy in each town and city, we insulate ourselves from the effects of the crisis, and, we cut loose from our dependency on the controlled mainstream economy. Localized trade makes it possible to walk away from corporate chains and maintain the circulation of wealth within a community, while countering the increasingly higher taxes caused by austerity and inflation that we are likely to see in this country very soon. It really is a no-brainer.

5) Grow A Garden

I don’t know how to say this nicely; don’t be a jackass, learn to grow your own food. Don’t expect that our economy will continue to sustain you. Actually, you should have every expectation that it won’t! If every Wall Street or Fed protester had their own garden patch and some stored goods, we would all be much safer. Food dependence is the worst kind. It has been used by governments and despots for centuries to cull the masses and dissuade dissent.

Sharecropping should be common in every community. Neighborhood gardens should be standard. Every household should have a year’s worth of food. Period.

Imagine that you lose your job and every cent you have tomorrow. Imagine that mom and dad are broke and have no money to lend you. Imagine that food stamps are a thing of the past because the national debt has become so exponential that entitlement programs have been erased. Now, how do you live from day to day? Where do you get the nutrition required for you to continue holding up that sign or shouting that slogan? Think about it...

6)  Start A Micro-Industry

If the U.S. economy is ever going to get on its feet again, it will be because average Americans bring it back through local industry.  This means ending our community addictions to corporately produced goods and returning to specialized trade skills.  It means coalitions of local farmers, craftsmen, and micro-industries providing goods and services with a city or county based market focus.  Large manufacturers and business chains relying on the model of globalization will have absolutely no ability to rebuild mainstreet commerce, even if they wanted to, because their methods depend upon constant outsourcing and downsizing for survival.  Private tradesmen will be the only people capable of filling the dark void these corporations leave behind.

7) Start An Activist Group

The establishment HATES when you do this. The spontaneous organizing of groups outside government or corporate purview has generated notoriously absurd responses from authorities, including accusations of “extremism”, infiltration, and wrongful arrest. If this sounds frightening, then I suggest you get over it quickly, because this is going to be the norm for many years to come. The evils of the world are not undone by apathetic naysayers anymore than they are undone by mindless mobs. Without the coordinated actions of aware individuals with a common focus, nothing is going to change.

This group could be something a simple as a local barter network or a political discussion forum, or, a complex national organization geared towards tangible political action. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s based on the promotion of Constitutional freedoms, and its leadership is decentralized. Just make it happen…

At bottom, if we want to fight back against a system we cannot take back through traditional means, then we must learn to walk away. If the system feeds us, clothes us, and shelters us at will, then ordinary protest is pointless. Our tender parts are in a rusty vice on the autocratic workbench and until we pull them out, no amount of screaming and pounding will improve our situation. Independence is won through the constant striving for self responsibility. Freedom is won through a position of personal strength, not weakness and self-enslavement.

Numbers alone do not make a movement, and the elites we currently work to supplant are not going to flinch at a few random protests. In all likelihood they will welcome these actions as a useful distraction. Tyrants don’t fear the torches and pitchforks anymore. What they do fear is balanced insight, self reliance, and exceptional force of will. A handful of men with these attributes are far more dangerous to a corrupt system than thousands of citizens driven only by insatiable anger. To overcome oppression, we must first overcome ourselves. The ability to step outside the paradigm, the ability to act without permission, and charge the gates without apprehension, is the key to toppling totalitarian systems and exposing the great lie of our age; that we cannot exist without the cage we were born into.

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w a l k - a w a y's picture

A great plan,  good luck with that!


Old advice, and good advice:


“The secret to change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  – Socrates

Rhodin's picture

It would be nice if you could actually own land, instead of renting it from government.

grid-b-gone's picture

I know someone in their third year of opting out. 50+ acres owned outright. No utility bills. Building structures as his investments allow. ATV and solar used to recharge pre-paid phone and electronics. Wind-up radio. He chose a place with trail access to a grocery store, bank, and gas station.

It can be tough at times, but he is happy. When social security kicks in, his income will more than triple. Once the buildings are up, he plans to own a registered vehicle again. He never took any social assistance, not even unemployment when he qualified for it. 

Off the grid and off the dole.

RobotTrader's picture

XLF has bottomed.

The lows are probably in for awhile.

Bank stocks could be the No. 1 percentage gaining sector in the 4th quarter this year.

Morgan Stanley is already up 50%, whoever loaded big at the lows is already "retired" for the next 6 months.

I'm here to have fun, make money, and enjoy life.

Not be holed up on a farm somewhere "off the grid" clutching my gold and ammo.

I mean really, what kind of fun is that???

TheSilverJournal's picture

A lot depends on what the FOMC does Nov. 2. If they come out with another big QE, banks should do great. Silver, though, should do even better.

abugarance's picture

you seriously think QE has not been priced in? why then the market is holding up to its gains?

TheSilverJournal's picture

It depends on how big the program is. Some QE is definitely priced in.

GDog's picture

Some QE is priced in, but is inflation priced in? 


TheSilverJournal's picture

Clearly not since we have negative real interest rates.

Dr. No's picture

XLF has bottomed.

Seriously?  XLF was $11 even in early october.  It is now trading at $13.90.  A 25% gain.  You are waiting for a 25% gain in order to claim "the bottom is in"? 

Easy there Robo, lets not get hasty!!!! lol


Unprepared's picture

Does it mean you just went long XLF?

Congratulations ... time for me to buy some puts.

MFL8240's picture


100% of their profits made on accounting fraud.  Just read and you will see if this is a group you want to bet on.  I say fuck the banks; I will not be an accomplice to their crimes.


Read: BIG Banks Fraudulent Accounting


karzai_luver's picture



There are those who enjoy being on a farm son. We value work and producing things of value and understand that "having fun" is a silly goal of a child being shown various flashy trinkets.


However go for it.



Socratic Dog's picture

"I mean really, what kind of fun is that???

A lot of fun, if you have set yourself up with a few nubile comfort ladies, as  you should have.

akak's picture

I'm here to have fun, make money, and enjoy life.

Not be holed up on a farm somewhere "off the grid" clutching my gold and ammo.

I mean really, what kind of fun is that???

No, RoboTard, you are apparently here to chase the herd, to sell your soul for the almighty dollar and short-term profits, and to ignore the rampant corruption, blinkered venality and unsustainable nature of the fraud that is today's so-called "market', which is increasingly little more than serial interventions and manipulations by a desperate and unaccountable, sociopathic elite bent on maintaining the status-quo at all costs. 

You are nothing but a sellout, a shill for your Ponzi masters, and a collaborator with evil, RobotLemming, and I despise you and all like you with every fiber of my being.

Raging Debate's picture

Why Akak? He is giving you information and from what I have observed its pretty good. Deciding to play equitied is freedom of choice. It would be better to be able to conduct diligence for the next five years out. Since I can't properly conduct valuations based on opaque markets and manipulation, I decide not to play there and do other things.

akak's picture

It is the conformist, unthinking, go-with-the-herd, cowardly, see-no-evil attitude of mindless sheep like RobotLemming that truly infuriates and outrages me, along with the crass, venal belief and value system that is centered around, no, consists SOLELY of, judging all worth and value in life by the chase for short-term profits.  He is nothing but the shell of a human, with nothing inside but dry dust and empty space. 

I know a number of people such as RobotLemming in real life, and I view them as sad and pathetic social and emotional cripples, devoid of true contentment or of any spiritual values, frantically chasing the dollar as a poor and weak substitute for finding meaning to their shallow existence, and attempting to use their never-ending, maniacal profit-scrounging as a balm to soothe their lonely and empty souls.

Hephasteus's picture

"I'm here to have fun, make money, and enjoy life.

Not be holed up on a farm somewhere "off the grid" clutching my gold and ammo.

I mean really, what kind of fun is that???"

The kind that comes with your own food security. Not the kind that promises obama's food security and then starves you to death.

TheSilverJournal's picture

Another way to defeat the banks is to sell your house. If you have equity in your home, you may want to take it out anyway because housing is due to decline 70%-80%.

samsara's picture

The other side of that suggestion is 'Have Some one else go into DEPT to the banks by BUYING your home"

And net-net  bank still collecting interest and you haven't done anything.

TheSilverJournal's picture

My point is that selling your home will help drive housing prices lower. Much of banks assets are mortgages and 60% of homeowners have less than 10% equity, so just another 10% drop in prices will end the system. 

The point you made is a bunch of nonsense. You're not having someone else go into extra debt, they're likely going to buy a home anyway. But YOU would be out of the ownership game and paying a much smaller monthly payment with rent than a mortgage.

skrapinbeachbum's picture

"But YOU would be out of the ownership game and paying a much smaller monthly payment with rent than a mortgage."

It depends on where you live for that to work out. In SW Florida a 1400sqft house runs $50-80K with a monthly payment of $450-650/month. However, rent on the same properties is $750+/month. Just saying...

TheSilverJournal's picture

You've gotta be pretty stupid to pay $750 / month to rent a $50K house. Especially when talking about renting to live in it, not for vacation. Maybe you're confused and you're not taking into account some huge HOA payment that the owner pays and is essentially added on to the monthly mortgage payment, or you're including some huge AC bill that is mixed in with rental charges. 

Chippewa Partners's picture

A big shout-out to Tyler Durden and pals for getting a wonderful mention in the new issue of Institutional Investor magazine.

Even the establishment knows where the truth lies!  TD for POTUS in my book. 

steve from virginia's picture

Some of this material is useful but too politically libertarian and therefore irrelevant. Important steps are left out:

- Get out of debt by any means necessary and don't take on any more.

- Throw away the television.

- Get rid of the car.

- Become a vegetarian.

The average car represents $10k a year down the rathole per year for every owner, this does not include indirect subsidies all Americans pay such as pollution/climate related expenses plus ongoing increases in fuel/capitalization costs. Finance, insurance, real estate, contracting, captive regulation, government corruption, war making, and related social and physical ills all orbit around the automobile. This is not a political struggle but a war of cars and car makers against humans.

If you have the network of support, walk away from big-ticket debt items such as mortgage and student loans. Your two most useful words, "Sue Me!"

The one conversation I hear more and more from people is how to become a pot farmer.

Tense INDIAN's picture

idea of HUNTER GATHERER  isnt as BAD as people might think

Elmer Fudd's picture

Its wabbit season!  Would be funny if the folks started decimating the local wild wabbit population!  The local golf course is overru with them at night.  Come get yer dinner right here.  And they are quite good.  Yum Yum!

GeezerGeek's picture

I've watched a great instructional video by Bill Murray on how to hunt wildlife on a golf course. Where I live the biggest problem is avoiding being hunted, in turn, by the gators in the water traps.

skrapinbeachbum's picture

Gators taste even better than rabbits, just load up with slugs instead of pellets!

vegas's picture

Viva John Galt.

MFL8240's picture

Easier to simply tell your congressman that if you allow any further bailouts of ANY banks, I will never vote for you and I will work to get you thrown out of office.  The banks will al die a natural death.

Abitdodgie's picture

That will get the congressman shitting himself.

GeezerGeek's picture

It won't affect my neighboring congresscritter, Ditzy When-Speaking (proper initials, accurate replacement name). She'll just blame you for wanting to kill the elderly, destroying the future for the children and causing global warming. Sometimes the only way to get rid of people like this is to redistrict them into oblivion. But then, who knows what a person does once elected? My district voted in a war-hero tea-party-supported candidate and he still voted to increase the debt ceiling.

Legacy Oblivion's picture

Well written and insightful. Kudo's

proLiberty's picture

This is a political system that is advancing political ends through monetary means.  The only real way to change it is by replacing the decision makers with ones who firmly know how morally corrupt the current fiat money system is.    When combined with a tax on incomes (however defined), it is the grandest and most pervasive system of theft in human history. 

High Plains Drifter's picture

well the simple answer is to get rid of the fed and get rid of usuary. but this simple answer has a downside. and that downside is fiat withdrawal symtoms and those withdrawal pains will be most severe. going from fiat to gold and silver as the consititution stipulates will be like the rotation of the earth in its axis stopping....

johny2's picture

FED can not be removed without a serious damage to its host. Even if most of the people realised how corrupt this system has become, they would not have the courage or strenght to change it. Still, hope springs eternal and even if we don't live to see it, one day the money masters will pay the price.

High Plains Drifter's picture

look all of this talk is just words. words mean nothing .  gaddafi thought he was untouchable. but they went there and they killed him after they had finished using him. he was supported by about 90 percent of the people and most of the people did nothing to help him or help their country. they just go with the flow. whoever is in charge is ok with them.  and people want change here?  don't make me is a sick thing to witness. sick........and very very sad. 

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

HPDrifter... Excellent observations. Since over 50% of US citizens are feeding at the gov trough, in one manner or another, how many of these feeders are going to 'revolt'?

This Flocked up system is in process of collapsing of it's own weight. Too many zombies are trying to join the 1% at the top getting fat on too few that are still productive.

Buy PMs, sit back and watch the show. I see no reason to enter direct confrontation with an out of control unlawful authority that will land me in the hospital, a grave, jail, or reclassified as a 'terrorist'. The bastards running this ponzi scheme don't care what we think and they don't care how many of us are killed if we start serious, overt protests. The real revolutionists will come out when they get hungry!

Buy physical, plant and harvest a garden, prepare, watch the show.

Raging Debate's picture

Stop being such a pussy. You're scared we get that. Realize messengers understand already they are disposable. That the risks are very high. In the grand scheme of things, physical death is irrevelant. Science could tell me that.

wharfdaddy's picture

Great little video by E. GRiffen on the left-right paradigm...repub-dems =2 wings of the same bird

High Plains Drifter's picture

when you say the word revolution. what is it you want and what do you think that word really means?  do you understand what this would mean to this country and to our way of life, the life that we now lead, such as it is?   i think people should think long and hard before they say, we want revolution. our lives would for most of us be forever changed in a instant and the pain would be enormous and the costs would be high. are americans prepared to stomach such a thing?  i think not.

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

Many like the idea of revolution. After all, it's something new and many assume new means better. Unfortunately, revolution, like war, is a long period of pure hell... without glory that youth dream of.

"You say you got a real solution
Well, you know
We'd all love to see the plan
You ask me for a contribution
Well, you know
We all doing what we can
But if you want money for people with minds that hate
All I can tell you is, brother, you have to wait
Don't you know it's gonna be
All right?
All right
All right

Beatles...One verse of 'Revolution'... circa 1968... yes, I know, there is more than one version.

The Beatles were saying 'stop and think about what you are going to replace this fucked up system with!'... imo. After all, their parents told them about the revolution in Germany that nearly destroyed England along with the rest of the world. This tune was written only 23 yrs after WW2 ended, during Viet Nam protests, violent campus protests, etc... and the people were not even hungry or indebted up to their azzes.

Rhodin's picture

The Beatles were saying 'stop and think about what you are going to replace this fucked up system with!'

Assuming a creditable force, with a chance of replacing the current regime, could actually be raised; what comes from the outside while you are engaged in battles?  Regardless of how good a plan and intentions are, and, even if you "win", do you get the chance to implement them?

IMHO a ju-jitsu type revolution will have to deal with a counter revolution (or coup) from the MIC and/or a war with foreign nations.  A violent revolution is likely to be brutally put down and lead to a "hard" police state as opposed to the "soft" police state we have now.    In the unlikely event of stalemate or win by revolutionaries, foreign powers are likely to create havoc.  Consider LA without cops, apply that to the world without US MIC, LA comes out looking better. 

We are need patience to allow this system to collapse in tis own time.  Violent opposition will lend it temporary strength and create unnecessary casualties. 

mess nonster's picture

Deeat of the system has to run even deeper tha this. What or who do you depend upon? If that entity has some material manifestation, then it will fail you. Odd as it may seem here, the old advice, "Take no thought for what you shall eat, or what you shall wear..." is the really only failsafe method of defeating these powers. Talk about an alternative currency! If everyone stopped worrying, then where would the international banking satanists get their power from?

GeezerGeek's picture

The proper attitude regarding our political/economic environment is explained in Ecclesiastes.

That's in the Old Testament for those who, like the politician Howard Dean and the Book of Job, don't know where to find it.

Magnix's picture

Run your own bank by stocking up gold/silver in your possession!

Miss Expectations's picture

“One conceals oneself standing silently beside the trunk of a tree and what there is of a reflective tendency in his nature is intensified. One shudders at the thought of the meaninglessness of life while at the same instant, and if the people of the town are his people, one loves life so intensely that tears come into the eyes.”
? Sherwood Anderson