Guest Post: War With Iran Is Coming

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Submitted by Jame E. Miller of Miller's Genuine Draft blog,


The rally for what could be World War III is in full swing.

In what amounts to a grotesque instance of outright pandering, Department of Defense head Leon Panetta recently spoke at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s annual conference and assured the audience that “we will keep all options – including military action – on the table to prevent (Iran) from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”  You know you live in a kleptocracy when one of the heads of the federal government openly appeases perhaps the most influential and financially flush lobbying groups in the country.

Panetta’s assurance confirmed what the majority of Americans have long feared- that their government stands ready and willing to involve itself in another war despite public opinion being in opposition of such an excursion.

If the Republican presidential primary has proven anything, besides the propensity for politicians to offer only vague pronouncements and crowd pleasing sound bites on complex issues, it’s that the bloodthirsty urges of the GOP are incapable of being quenched.  For years, the neoconservatives who make up the Republican establishment have been pounding the war drums over Iran.  About 33,000 American military deaths in Iraq and over 1 million Iraqi casualties have done nothing to dissuade the warmongering rhetoric of the candidates (with the exception of Ron Paul).

On the same day as Panetta’s address to AIPAC, presidential candidate Mitt Romney laid out a “comprehensive” plan to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon in a Washington Post editorial.  What does this “comprehensive” plan entail the reader may ask?  Simple; just throw more money at a defense department already blowing through its coffers at a sum higher than the top 14 military spenders in the world combined.  Armed with political theorist Frederic Bastiat’s invaluable concept of the “unseen,” one can only begin to imagine the technological breakthroughs and consumer satisfying goods such money could have been invested towards if not being pilfered into nation building, military contractor boondoggles, and supporting imperial aggression abroad.

While Romney is busy trumpeting the image of a towering, maniacal Iran on the precipice of waging world war, as syndicated columnist Eric Margolis points out, Iran’s military, in actuality, is quite weak and utilizes dated equipment.

The mainstay of Iran’s air force remains about 60 ancient US-built F-14 naval fighters, F-4 Phantom strike aircraft dating from the Vietnam era, and some old US F-5 trainers. Iran also has a grab bag of some 25 Soviet/Russian Mig-29’s, a similar number of capable SU-24 strike aircraft, and some 20 Chinese outdated F-7 fighters. The US-supplied aircraft all suffer from metal fatigue and are more of a danger to their hapless pilots than an enemy.

Romney is far from alone in his prodding Iran into war to stoke public fear and win the White House.  GOP candidate hopefuls Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have long admitted their desire to launch a military strike over Iran’s pursuance of nuclear arms.  The Trotskyite influence of placing the divinity of the state and its leaders on a moral pedestal is still a dominant feature of the neoconservative movement despite its supposed opposition to collectivism.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has continued to stress it’s preference for abstaining from a military strike despite its track record of continued interventionism abroad.  Well known to any fair minded observer, the Obama presidency hasn’t been one of foreign peace as promised during the 2008 campaign but has embodied the same perpetual warfare that defined the Bush administration and virtually all presidencies dating back to the time of the Spanish-American War.  From ousting Libya leader Muammar Gaddafi and bombing the country’s China-provided oil infrastructure to deploying troops in Africa to hunt down the leader of a rag tag militant group posing no threat to the U.s. and no bigger than a small Amish community, the devotion toward military imperialism remains alive and well within the White House.  Unmanned drone strikes which have escalated under Obama’s leadership are thought to cause more civilian deaths than actually fulfilling their goal of killing terrorists.  This includes at least 168 children.  Last Friday, March 2, 2012, the Pentagon even admitted that U.S. forces are now operating and fighting within Yemen.

Since when was war declared on Yemen?  When were the American people told their blood and treasure was being spilled in yet another country?  None of these excursions were Constitutional but that slight conditionality has long seen been forgotten by the three branches of Leviathan.

In regards to Iran, the administration’s “diplomatic” approach of sanctioning is quite unfitting for a man once bestowed with the Nobel Peace Prize.  Only in our world of Orwellian speak would sanctions, that is the barring of individuals to trade goods with other individuals in another country, not be considered an act of war.  Starving a populace to induce change is no more humane than starving a dog so it will fight more aggressively when pitted head to head in a match with another canine.  Sanctions are only exacerbating the pain of the Iranian people and “are turning into a form of collective punishment” according to Hooman Majd writing in the New York Times.

History has shown that countries backed into an economic corner, such as Japan after Franklin Roosevelt’s oil embargo, often react in an aggressive fashion to the presumed perpetrators.  This is why Iran recently threatened to close the Straight of Hormuz, which almost 40% of the world’s oil passes through, after the threat of enhanced sanctions by Western nations. Given the fact that the U.S. has over 40 bases surrounding Iran, it doesn’t take a tie die wearing beatnik high on hallucinogenic drugs to see who really controls the power dynamic.


(Each star approximately represents a U.S. military base though the map may be slightly inaccurate due to changing policy)

With the administration now seeking to provide assistance to the opposition forces in Syria, intervention and war with Iran is only an eventuality at this point.

The worst part about this whole affair is the fact that there exists no proof that Iran is really pursuing nuclear weapons.  After Panetta’s declaration that the U.S. will take military action against Iran, one wonders if the Defense Secretary simply forgot that he let slip last January on CBS’s Face the Nation that the country wasn’t pursuing nuclear arms.  The same goes for the Israeli lobby which conveniently ignores the head of Massad, Israel’s intelligence service, admitting that Iran possessing a nuclear bomb would not pose an “existential threat.”  It’s even more disingenuous that the likes of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and Christians United for Israel continue to lobby for a U.S. lead war in lieu of only 19% of Israelis supporting a military attack.  Israeli Prime Minister “Bibi” Netanyahu has no interest in the desire of the people he was elected to represent as he pushes for military assistance from the U.S.  He is the typical politician obsessed with his own legacy of heroism even if it means the loss of his countrymen.

When it comes to warmongering and increasing the size and authority of the state, the opinion of the people matters little.  This has always been the golden rule of statism.  War with Iran is coming despite all opposition.  The certainty that a nuclear Iran attacking an even more heavily armed Israel is the equivalent of mutual self destruction won’t stop the war propaganda.  The election of Romney/Gingrich/Santorum or reelection of Obama will not bring a different result.  If Ron Paul were to somehow reach the presidency, the pressure from war lobbyers would be overwhelming.  As messianic as the Texas Congressmen is, being Chief Executive alone doesn’t guarantee the rest of the bureaucrats won’t pursue their own agendas.

As Jeffrey Tucker, editor and publisher of Laissez-Faire Books, writes

Nor is it the case that any of the elected officials have the power to do serious damage to this system. This goes for the president, too. They can often influence the way the state grows, but they can’t actually fundamentally threaten the apparatus itself. The longer they are in office, the less personal power they realize that they have. The reason is simple. The system is not structured to permit them to dismantle it, even if they wanted to. They are temporary managers of a ruling class, and the members of this class mostly scoff at these people, treating them like actors on a stage that the class itself owns.

The truth amounts to very little on the eve of war.  Iraq and the lies surrounding weapons of mass destruction proved this lesson almost a decade ago.  Unfortunately for the people of America, Israel, and Iran, the political class and power wielders of their respective governments refuse to learn.  Their desire is for more authority and prestige; no matter how many bodies it costs.

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DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Ahh, we'll see.  I predict NO LAND WAR with Iran.  Too expesive, maybe some Special Ops vs. nuke sites, else forget it we are too tired of foreign ventures...

CrazyCooter's picture

You can bet your butt its a land war ... in my mind it is about oil ... and the only way to claim the oil is boots on the ground. There are a LOT of troops right next door in Afghanistan and its a short hop to invade.



Dr. Engali's picture

It's about preserving the petro dollar. Why do you think the flew cargo planes of bills to Iraq right off the bat? To get the people using the currency.

CrazyCooter's picture

Very curious notion. Thanks for sharing.



Arkadaba's picture

Preserving the petro-dollar has been at the forefront of every "intervention" in the past ... of so many years. 

And Iran has been in the crosshairs for years:

CrazyCooter's picture

I am very familiar with the importance of the petrodollar. I think I have a few rants on the subject in the ZH archives now that I htink about it.

I just never connected the dots on pallets of cash going *poof*. It makes 100% sense now. I mean, in all fairness, the elite don't need pallets of cash, so it was always a question mark for me.

Now I know!



lasvegaspersona's picture

"Pray for Traction"

if Obama is not the president then ...Joe Biden...we are screwed.

I hope Drudge shows the courage he had in 1998 with sherrif Arpaio's suit. It looks pretty convincing to me that the birth Certificate was not simply copied. Drudge could end the war with Iran before it starts.

Spirit Of Truth's picture

I got a charge out of the birth registrar's signature on Obama's laughably photoshopped birth certificate: "U.K.L. Lee" in ukulele, the native Hawaian instrument:

Hey....but what does the truth matter in this day and age.  Everyone around me is "above the truth".  Now how wise is that?

BTW, the article above is rank anti-American propaganda, which I understand is in vogue here.  Just remember when you are hiding underground from radioactive fallout that maybe you opted to empower the wrong side.

Transformer's picture

Lennon Hendrix, where are you now.  This is the discussion you've been wating for.  It's all here, in black and white, being explained.

economics1996's picture

Iran likes the tension, high oil prices, but will they take the bait?

They would be stupid and I do not think so.

Obama would do anything to get re-elected, war, peace, sucking cock. If the Yids tell him to bomb he will.

No land war, no his style.

If Israel wants to get rid of Obama and fuck up Iran why hit the hard targets, the nuke sites? Bomb the shit out of Iran’s oil production facilities and watch gas go up to $10 a gallon before the USA election. Gets rid of Obama and causes massive inflation in Iran.

If I were Israel that’s what I would do.

If I were the USA I would delay the game till after the election.

If I were Iran I would delay the game till after the election, get China to commit, and make it a superpower struggle. The longer the game drags on the more likely the fiat collapses and the USA pulls its fleet home.

spiral_eyes's picture

If WW3 is coming this is the most stupid and unbelievable shit ever

War is only good for the economy nominally. In reality, it depletes resources, destroys infrastructure and capital, decimates labour, etc. 

Even the supposed benefit of a few years of stronger natural selection might not hold; nukes kill indiscriminately.

ndotken's picture

Citizen:  "Mr. Panetta ... just tell us the truth."

Panetta: "Which truth?"

economics1996's picture

SE, yes sir you are correct, but we are talking politicians and elections.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Spirit of Truth is literally insane.

Optimusprime's picture

"Manic-depressive man".  Nice.  You might be onto something there.


Keep working that vein.  The results might be quite valuable.

Benjamin Glutton's picture

Though I have no arguement with the overall assesment "War is Coming" I do find fault with some assertions.


If the Republican presidential primary has proven anything, besides the propensity for politicians to offer only vague pronouncements and crowd pleasing sound bites on complex issues, it’s that the bloodthirsty urges of the GOP are incapable of being quenched.


Both GOP/DEM are bloodthirsty. The only difference between them is that one can be openly bloodthirsty and the other MUST hold back otherwise it would be too obvious to the American populace that they totally lack representation. Think back to The Nam situation wherein all out warfare was initiated by the Dem and fully supported by GOP. Who spoke for the People? No one spoke for the People thus they were highly motivated to take to the streets in a heroic effort to end the war. TPTB and MIC  learned this lesson going forward leaving us with a reluctant warrior party(Dem) and a gung ho(GOP)warrior party but let there be no doubt they are without appreciable difference on US hegemony.


The breakaway nation of Washington,D.C. has already committed to attacks on Iran with various special forces and covert industrial operations. Obviously, the so called "sanctions" were never intended to put intolerable pressure on Iran but instead are in fact a preparatory strategy designed to force a necessary WORLDWIDE advance adjustment to reduced availability of oil upon commencement of all out warfare. 

Make no mistake this war IS well underway. Informing the actual United States of the whys and wherefores by way of scripted psy-ops is all that remains.

Battles happen and are fluid but initiation of war itself IS precisely planned performance art.

Surrender now Iran while you can still force reasonable terms.

nmewn's picture

"The breakaway nation of Washington,D.C..."

Now that is a concise, easily absorbed concept that anyone can wrap their head around.

Thanks ;-)

lasvegaspersona's picture


I am NOT a 'Birther'. I do not want to have to waste my time running down some kooky theory put out by weirdos. After seeing the evidence put together by Arpaio and the local DA however I am having a hard time ignoring the facts. me how the file released by the Whitehouse was not a forgery, refute the explanation given by Arpaio. OR show me that it is a different file...I doubt that though because I heard on day one that 'it was an obvious forgery' and a product of Photoshop and not the state of Hawaii.

Spirit Of Truth's picture

Even how microfilm in the national archives is scrubbed clean for the period during which there'd be a record of a newly born Barack Obama being brought into the country from a foreign nation.  Show how Barack Obama was issued a CT-based SS#, a state he never resided in. Etc., etc., etc.

Of course, the real question you should be asking yourself is, how could everyone get everything so incredibly wrong?

Well....that's kind of the point of the DJIA reaching 13K in the face of every indication possible that the whole system is rotten to the core and on the verge of complete collapse.

Hence, my point: the world we live in is insane.

So why continue to cooperate in your own demise?

And I'm the crazy one?

Au contraire...

economics1996's picture

The fact that this story is still around 5 years later is a pretty good indication that something is not right.  You may not be a birther but you may be closed minded.  

This issue needs to be settled one way or the other before the 2012 election. 

RichardP's picture

This issue needs to be settled one way or the other before the 2012 election.

The issue has been settled.  The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to consider lower-court rulings that no one has yet proved their case that the President is not a U.S. Citizen.  That will not change.  No one will succeed in any State in getting Obama barred from being on the ballot in the November elections.

tsx500's picture

+++1000 on that link !  yes everyone needs to see Barnhardt's write-up on Arpaio's investigation.   i agree w/ you... pretty solid 'evidence' presented there !     also the new Breitbart  video stuff at  is a must-see !

fredquimby's picture

I tweeted about them dropping "leaflets" over Afganistan the other day.

It was a picture on the front of USA Today.....

Funny looking leaflets to me.....



johnQpublic's picture

nice catch

they need to drop some of those 'leaflets' over philly area

the '100' variety please

dick cheneys ghost's picture

NeoCon wet dream .....Redrawing the map in MEast.........some one stop these fuckers...these aszholes want to partition Pakistan.......

marathonman's picture

As an added bonus Iran is one of the few countries left in the world that does not have a privately controlled central bank.  Libya was one of the last few until last year.  Anyone else here see a pattern?

The Big Ching-aso's picture



 After Iran and Syria what human-rights abusive government is left to attack?   Detroit?

Zero Govt's picture

how about the lawless gangsters in New York?

..100 years of financial vandalism and anarchy, their time must be up no

johnQpublic's picture


starts with an "I"


rhymes with 'hell'

The Big Ching-aso's picture



This time around I hope Iranians appreciate us as much as other liberated bombed to unholy hell nations.

resurger's picture

$40 Billion USD in Hard Cash!! Basel will now go to Libya Engali in case if ya dont know ... Ben giving him his helo to drop USD $140 this time on Libyans.

am so sleepy..sorry for the bullshit i wrote

Rastadamus's picture

Exactly my dear Watson. Now the game is indeed afoot!

The Grip's picture

Yep, thanks Doc. Hardest to grasp is the least complicated. Occam's strikes again.

Lord Welligton's picture

And they know that those bills will not find their way back to the USA.

They could delivery virtually any amount.

The real money is in electronic digits.



Element's picture



You can bet your butt its a land war ... in my mind it is about oil ... and the only way to claim the oil is boots on the ground. There are a LOT of troops right next door in Afghanistan and its a short hop to invade.




Don't think so Cooter, they may want the oil, but the US/NATO are struggling to even keep themselves supplied with toilet paper in Afghanistan.

The Pentagon is right now beginning to talk to the Pakistani's about obtaining passage so the US can begin to WITHDRAW forces and equipment from Afghanistan.

Launching an attack on Iran from Afghanistan ain't gonna happen, and the Gulf can be closed, plus Iraq can descend into chaos at the flick of a switch.

And the Russians and Chinese have to be taken at their word.

They are not going to just let the US take Iran, the battles would be EPIC battles of attrition.  It would not be about winning, it would be about trying to survive it.

As for Europe, maybe Russia should just turn off the gas for a week or two.  Watch European industry close its doors within days as tens of thousands freeze to death.  They'd get the hint pretty quick.

Trade sanctions are very much a double-edged sword and Russian is in a perfect position to kick ass.

(and what the fuck is wrong with the USSA, continually wanting to open-up this can of worms, at the joos behest? How strategically dumb can you get!)

Russia could also just halt all oil exports for a month ... pretty sure that would send a lovely price signal if the Strait were disputed and mined. 

At the end of WWII every one just knew that you don't get into a shooting-war with Russia.

Optimusprime's picture

Good observations.  The question remains one of political will on the part of the Russians and Chinese. 


We already know what our own largely-alien elites want--whatever AIPAC demands.  The question is, do the Chinese and Russians (and ultimately the Indians and Pakistanis as well) have the nerve to stand up to them, knowing that if they don't, they will be subjected ultimately to the same treatment as Iran).

cranky-old-geezer's picture



The question remains one of political will on the part of the Russians and Chinese.

Russia & China have drawn the line at Iran and told America don't cross it.

So now they have to follow thru or suffer humiliation they would never be able to overcome.

I believe they'll follow thru.  There's too much at stake.  If they let America invade Iran they would have no other place to make a stand later.

But there's more.  Iran is a major oil supplier to China.  China knows America wants to cut off their oil supplies.  If China allows America to take over Iran's oil, it would do major economic damage to China.

And there's more.  China will never be in a better position to challenge America's petrodollar control of oil, and challenge America's "bullyness" around the world in general.  They have a strong military / nuclear alliance with Russia and India.

Obviously nuclear is what counts here, and yes I believe they would take it to the nuclear level if necessary to stop America.

But no, I don't believe it would be "Armageddon".  I believe America will back down rather than watch American cities nuked by Russia.

This battle wouldn't happen in the Straights of Hormuz.  It would happen on American soil ...if you view nukes as a battle.

Vince Clortho's picture

A good point for consideration.  Up to this point it has been saber-rattling between Israel, Iran, U.S., Russia, and China.  With so much talk and commotion it might help to go back to the very basics.

The Global Bank Elite runs the show to a large extent in U.S., Israel, Russia and China.

The real issue here is controlling the World Oil supply (although the lucrative Drug Trade in this region of the world should not be dismissed as a factor of secondary influence).

The Bank Cartel will opt in favor of the most profitable solution.  Financing all sides in a war has always been extraordinarily profitable to the money printers.  The wild card is accidental escalation into a nuclear confict severe enough to create global effects.

My intuition is this will be managed to 1) gain control of the Oil.  2) Maximize profits, 3) Limit damage to the region.

Regarding your suggestion that Russia could easily turn off the oil spigot to Europe; that might figure into item number 2 above.


NeoRandian's picture

It is a little about oil and a little about the petro dollar. But ultimately, it is about destroying islam. Islam is not compatible with the globalist plan for a New World Order. The globalist religion was going to be atheism, but the USSR failed to crush Orthodoxy and Islam in the x-stans it controlled and China failed to crush Buddhism, etc. in its cultural revolutions. Worse, Buddhism began spreading to the US as a result of our interventions in Vietnam! Hinduism keeps people in check, but it doesn't do anything for their work ethic, and India has nukes so we can't invade them anyway.

Nope, the religion of the NWO has got to be an amalgamation of Catholicism and Protestantism, because it keeps the work ethic and the guilt that keeps people doing as they are told and believing whatever nonsense the teevees tell them. Because hey, if you'll believe a Bible full of contradictions and nonsense, you'll believe anything at all.

Islam is the big thorn in the side of the NWO and their plans for world domination. You can't erase the Quran from Islam and you can't erase Sharia from the Quran. And all those damn rules in Sharia (ban on Usury in particular) make it very tough for a global state to write its own bullshit laws to exploit the proletariat.

MarketTruth's picture

Wake me up when Israel joins the NNPT like the USA, Russia, Iran, China, etc. Until Israel joins the NNPT, there is no solution to this worldwide crisis spurred by the fear-mongering of Israel (who uses their USA assets to scare the world).

CH1's picture

The military-industrial complex needs to sell a lot of equipment. This'll do it.

andyupnorth's picture

Your analysis is not complete; you "forgot" to mention the other tribal "religion"... Judaism.

IMHO, Judaism and Islam are very similar wrt their tribal "us" vs "them" view of the world.  That would explain why they're constantly at war.

Iwanttoknow's picture

It would be a mistake to confuse Judaism with Sabbatean /lucifer worship.FYI,I'm not jewish.

Vince Clortho's picture

We, the people, long ago gave our leaders Carte Blanche to ignore the constitution.

ls Dancing with the Stars on tonight?

Chief KnocAHoma's picture

Nah... No land war ... Yet.
It took us ten years to degrade Iraq enough to eventually roll the tanks. We'll bomb the shit out of them for a while, then send in the troops.