Guest Post: We Need An App That Locates World Leaders

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From Peter Tchir of TF Market Advisors

The market seems to continue to hope that we get some form of government intervention. We rallied on Rehn's statement, but is at best hopeful.  He used "may" and "draft" and we still wanted to bounce on that. 

I think if we had the global leader app functioning, we would find that most are on vacation somewhere, making it highly unlikely we get any big intervention over the weekend.  Merkel and Sarkozy just finished a summit.  Obama is definitely on vacation.  I just don't think they feel the level of urgency the market wants them to have.  Trichet has done a lot already, more than any other entity in the past couple of weeks.  What more can he do?  When does he get replaced?  I don't see the ECB announcing anything new.  And what about Ben?  He seems to like Jackson Hole, and he has been far less keen on making weekend announcements anyways.

We had our rally.  We had the brief hope, but I think we are back to the grind down.  We were at 1100 on SPX just over a week ago.  Nothing since then has been done or announced or released that provides a good reason to be trading above those levels.  In fact I could list countless reasons why we should be lower, but I think I have already burdened you with too much writing this week.  

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Hey Caviar:


Caviar Emptor

I disagree with a few of the "mainstream" "group-think" premises in this article.

First, Germany's position is not as 'robust' as many would like to believe. THeir debt/GDP is very similar to France. But their demographic is far more concerning. Ther export market has done well, but it's very narrowly focused on the ultra high-end. 

Next gold. It's not "very" overbought and technicals don't apply to fundamental tectonic shifts. As to endless comparisons to 1979-80, that's like the endless drivel about trying to compare our current recession with 1907....

Finally, QE3. Everybody presumes it's a fix. And it's even been baked into the stock market. But Bernanke lately has given big indications that it won;t happen. For lots of reasons having to do with the reality that it worsened the recession and soured global economics. At a very high cost to US credit. I'm sticking my neck out for the 3rd time in saying that I think we'll get a big fiscal stimulus package soon, not monetary stimulus

Fri, 08/19/2011 - 11:44 | new PaperBugsBurn

I agree with you on all points. When you say it was at a high costs to global economics, I see it as a threat to bankster interests worldwide (money printing=inflation over there=destabilization of the regimes in bed with the banksters). What gives me pause is all these banks teetering on the edge in europe, some of which own the fed? But why would the fed save the euro, ie the competition?

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It's because all problems always seem to "Fix" themselves.


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It sure would be a fun conversation with the Secret Service.

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Maybe 'IMolester' would be nice.

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What do you want, more bailouts? I don't think it's in the politician's job description to be on-call to bail out the stock markets all the time. Take your losses and quit bitching.

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I think much to the chagrin of most all normalcy biased traders, this is it. Trudge along in the planned collapse with 'rates here for an extended period, standing by with tool bag' and that is all. 

USD hovering slightly above 70, 20 points lower than the first QE when it was 90. 

There will be no more diamond encrusted QE's.

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Someone does not understand the mechanisms of social control.

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I don't see why we need weekend intervention.  The markets seem to be doing fine.  As long as short sellers take profits when the market tanks and long buyers take profits when it spikes, we'll stay well above zero.  No intervention needed.  Ban shorting (i.e. eliminate short covering) and the rallies and slow death of the market will be hastened.

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Our leaders see only the volatility. They do not see the extreme stress emerging on the people they are supposed to represent. Work is scarce, and people are hunkering down - recession is already here in the US and has been since January; it just hasn't been 'called' by NBER.

What we have is open economic warfare, and Dr. Bernanke has the strongest aresenal at hand. He may win, but the 'no man's land' that's left when the smoke clears will be ugly indeed.

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I was thinking the same thing last month.

These people are public servants who beg for their jobs, yet pose possible significant threats through their deceit. Instead of patting down the public, we need to put GPS and RFID chips on these guys to locate them at all times to make sure they're doing their jobs and not screwing up. Chips stay in for five years after they are out of office to make sure they didn't sell out to lobbys and foriegn governments.

Also highly recommend they must pass a lie detector as they take the oath of office. Bibles don't work on these guys, they lie about their religion too.  


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Stay on vacation.  When they are at work is when they do the most damage.

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unless this is all part of the "plan" where the markets crater over the next week so that Ben gets the nod to print another tidal wave of cash.....

which is what i'm thinking.....

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But can they always pull the 747 on 1 engine out of the nosedive time after time by giving some gas and yanking the stick? 

First QE the USD was at 90, plenty of room for error. Right now USD is a bit over 70, 60's are death zone for the dollar, they have no more room.

Another QE signals they are ready to totaly implode the system....I hope people have then stocked up on food and gas masks for their families.

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Crowds would show up pulling a mobile Guillotine thus spoiling their vacation. The only reason Obama can publish his location and plans is the limited access to that island get away. 

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underground bunkers?

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Leaders? Ha!


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Seems to me the ECB and IMF do a lot of "work" on the weekends.

Nothing ices a work week like cold beer and super-sized FAZ.

The POTUS is owned though. Anybody who thinks that job has "vacation days" or thinks a job like that doesn't NEED some time away from the madness, is a fool or a liar.

Go scream at a mirror quick --before the meds kick in.

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Hey we dont call Politicians when the productiion line fails. So dont be so whiny.

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What world leaders? Do you see anybody having any solution instead of opinions? We need problem-solvers, not leaders. The system is on autopilot. Nobody is in charge.

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Need a Leader?  Any Jersey Girl will do.

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Basket case manic/depressive markets now done sobbing in the corner again for last half hour, and are about to run around screaming in joy throwing more confetti. 

Man this is the best show ever!

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Makes you wonder if they know something we don't. Like something is coming to make it all a moot point anyway...

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oh sure the "real" leaders have *just* ALL gone on vacation.

*real* TM leaders, like BO, Timmay, Die Angel, The Bernanke, etc?

these are the real decision makers?

/what a lmao premise./

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Good let them stay on vacation and get out of the way.

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You could probably accomplish the same thing but monitoring select catering businesses.

These people don't do anything without a nice spread...

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We Need An App That Locates World Leaders


Where is John Galt?

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They install IC chips in animals to locate them when lost. Being able to locate them anywhere would give them no where to hide.

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"I just don't think they feel the level of urgency the market wants them to have."

Oh you! Just let them feel how urgent it is and I am sure they'll send you all the intervention you need.

Just go along - take what you need. Bailout season - the Christmas season for bankers.

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more like we need an app that targets world leaders...Idrone...there's an app for that...

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I hear Ben Bernanke uses GRINDR, the gay hookup app based on location.

Cound be similar...

Leaders near me button. Tap to chat, message, share ideas or send an autoflame that send the iPhone into persistent buzz mode.

Or everytime Obama says something useless, we can collectively electroshock his phone to create a negative response to flim flamming, lying and blame passing.

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You want the battery to go dead..??

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They could just hard code: Obama ---> golf course.

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I like the idea of an app to locate all the world leaders and bankers. This may come in handy in the neat future.

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