Guest Post: What The African Jungle Taught Me About Economic Collapse

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I'm simplyfying.

It's the easiest way. The effortless path... ;-)

Where you are is where you are, till you aren't.


Practice of Detachment

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I've seen pictures of African Jackals, but never dressed like an airline stewardess.

 Pointed Nose Jackal


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you have obviously never flown Air France

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Another winning post from Simon "I will sell you your neighbor's lawn" Black.

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o.k. simon, ill bite.

even after all ive learned on the hedge, how things really SHTF plan hasnt changed a bit.

when this goes down, im going to stay right where im at. in the city, im going to bake bread and try to help my community....

yep, been practicing with the dutch ovens and the hand mill...

and i dont care what someone used to do before the collapse, be it ZH'er, troll, goverment agent, rebel, loyalist,banker, blogger, or anything else. i will help all i can, and thier families.

what i wont do is fight against my fellow americans, there will be enough of that going on without my help.....

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there was only one true african queen, Miriam Makeba, and one true African king, Mohammed Ali. The rest is white man's BS. White hunter, black heart.

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add evolution to another thing Black doesn't understand.

when the ingenious stop conquering, they are outbred by the cretins.  Not all of "our" ancestors built any vast civilizations.  Not all had writing or any of the rest of this shit.

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Careful Trav,


Most sheeple aren't ready for any un-PC truths.


Their conditioning has been thorough.

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Yes, it's true some peoples reached greater levels of civilization than other peoples. For example, Eskimos did not build massive temple-cities made of ice blocks AFAIK. And while Egyptians created massive pyramids, the Anglo-Saxons were running around the forest naked painting blue shit on their faces.

But where's the shocking, unutterable, un-PC truth I'm not ready for? I'm still waiting...


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What good is a pyramid? It doesn't improve the average person's life and they might end up as a slave working on it or the bigger one the next ruler will want.

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and subsaharn africa didn't even have writing unless prehistoric is meant to mean like the 13th century when whitey brought it.

As for this blue paint naked shit...not even remotely true.  The un-PC truth is that all groups do not have the same distribution and mean in IQ

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>The un-PC truth is that all groups do not have the same distribution and mean in IQ

Why is IQ important?

The Jersey Shore cast is not known for having high IQs, but, based on their incomes, the social value imputed to them is quite high.

Also, if IQ is so important, why does it matter if "cretins" continue breeding? No matter how numerous the "cretins" are, the arithmetic mean of IQ's will remain 100, by definition.


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That only works when they exist in a society where people have a high enough IQ to innovate and create wealth and also are willing to obey some kind of rules like not killing/robbing each other very often.  The cast of the Zimbabwe version of Jersey Shore is probably just as smart as the US version but they don't make much if they can even operate a TV station anymore.

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That only works when they exist in a society where people have a high enough IQ to innovate and create wealth and also are willing to obey some kind of rules like not killing/robbing each other very often.


Waoooo, such cheap propaganda. High IQ people are more willing to obey some kind of rules like not killing/robbing each other? In the midst of a crisis like current ones? But bankers are intelligent people. War strategists are intelligent people etc... So cheap propaganda.

One UnPC remark? The current crisis is the result of intelligent people who have innovated and 'created' wealth.

Actually, the world was put on the current path by intelligent people.

In a kind of irony, intelligent people have outsmarted themselves as they have now facing self made problems too complex for them to solve. As a result, one can see the kind of propaganda they are to produce to cover themselves. It does not hold because the situation is too big for their intelligence to cover.

And contrary to the absurd comment that would state the intelligent people have stopped conquering and are now outbred by cretins, it is the very reverse: intelligent people have outbred cretins, there are not even cretins who would not know how to waste resources in ponzi schemes, way too much intelligent people who know how to waste resources in ponzi schemes.

That totally flawed conclusion is not surprising though: it is a US world order and self indiction and taking your responsibility is out of the question.

Always the fault of the others. But the issue is clear: one part of the world has grown out of extorting the weak and farming the poor. The problem is that the poor and the weak are no longer enough to entitle the extorter and the farmer enough to his own taste.

What has to happen is a reduction of the number of extorters, a reduction in the number of intelligent people.

Too many US citizens, not enough chiefs.

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Let's drop you off in the Serengeti in only your skivies and see how smart you are. Better yet let's give you a map to food and water and see how high your memorized star chart navigating IQ is.

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hyperbole for the win.


no matter how much i hate the diversity re-education bullshit.

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the Anglo-Saxons were running around the forest naked painting blue shit on their faces

In Europe are where you can find the Largest and Oldest pyramids.

maybe you should spend less time writting? and telling people things and more time learning?

Mexicans mow my lawn around my black lawn jockey all the while towel heads fill my car with petroleum and dont you fucking forget it.

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Try again.

"Scientific investigations of the site show that the so-called pyramids are natural formations and that there are no signs of human building involved.[2][3][4] Additionally, scientists have criticised the Bosnian authorities for supporting the pyramid claim saying, "This scheme is a cruel hoax on an unsuspecting public and has no place in the world of genuine science.""


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LOL. Why down-vote facts?


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The average IQ of Africans is 70. Africans in America are at 85 due to mixing with Europeans. Mexicans are at 90.

Libs far smarter than yourself have already done all possible mental gymnastics to deny these facts, to no avail. Forget it. Relax, close your eyes, and try to have a moment of clarity.

But you're right that most of ours are not as smart as we would hope.

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>The average IQ of Africans is 70. Africans in America are at 85 due to mixing with Europeans. Mexicans are at 90.

Fine, but who cares? I've heard all this data before, yet I continue to profitably do business with and befriend different kinds of people. IIRC the Jews and Native Americans have high IQ on average. If I'm not part of those groups, should I commit suicide? Also, is there an IQ difference between a well-fed African and one who went malnourished?

My theory on what's happening is that you hate anyone who is different from you, but you are afraid to come right out and say it because you know there's no logical basis, so you look for scientific-sounding evidence to help justify your feelings.

I believe the Danish are the tallest people in the world. If I want to assemble the world's best basketball team, then choosing from only Danes is not rational. The best course is to find people who excel at basketball.

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If you want to assemble a world champion chess team, who are you going to pick? How about if you need to organize an effort to build a rocket ship to escape Earth before a comet hits it?

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Have you ever been to America? People from every Asian country and Indian sect are in prominent well paid positions everywhere. Not by coincidence, they have high IQ. Why didn't your intelligent, oppressed associates start those companies and/or get those jobs? They were right here and already spoke the language.

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>People from every Asian country and Indian sect are in prominent well paid positions everywhere. Not by coincidence, they have high IQ.

That sounds plausible. There are billions of Asian people in the world. It's not surprising that some of the smarter and wealthier ones would choose to migrate here.

>Why didn't your intelligent, oppressed associates start those companies and/or get those jobs?

I'm not sure who you're talking about exactly. But maybe they didn't want the jobs. Maybe they didn't have the capital required to start a business.

Anyway, is something wrong with working at McDonalds and having a low IQ? I probably do business with that kind of person all the time, and am thankful for them.

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I see and Cambodian refugees or Hmoung tribesman that never saw electricity or cars before and don't speak English  are somehow able to accumulate capital and get their kids through school in second language. One way they do it is by each putting in $100 in a pool and one person starts a business every x months. You can start one on ebay for less than $100. I made a couple hundred thousand on that type of business starting with investment of less than $100. Thousands of people are doing that. But then I have high IQ.


Nothing wrong with working at McDonalds. I expect some of my own kids to end up working there or similar as our economy collapses. However, if you live in a society where almost everyone has a IQ so low that they couldn't do much more complicated than that, you won't even have a McDonalds. Maybe not electricity or clean water either, at least on a regular basis.

Maybe they didn't want the jobs because they were lazy. The Indians that run most of the quick checks near me usually have the whole family working there every day and it's not that much more profitable then a life on welfare for the small ones.

However, I do see some advantage in reducing the number of very high IQ people engaged in finance. Apparently, they can figure out so many ways to steal and dump it on the taxpayer that they offset the efforts of the other high IQ people inventing actual products and technologies.

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It matters for many reasons.

Allowing low quality genotypes to overrun, overbreed, and eliminate higher quality genotypes is a dysgenic outcome. Humanity does not benefit by regressing to a more primitive form.

Successful nations are destroyed when they are overrun by low IQ third worlders; the host nations become the third world. The previous link to "IQ and the wealth of nations" is relevant. South Africa and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe were overrun, now look at them. Anyone who would oppose the destruction of their home should thus oppose mass invasion.

The planet's resources are limited. A favorite of you ADL/SPLC/Jew types is to deny that fact, because if resources are unlimited then there's nothing to fight over. Naturally a lie. Genetic groups compete for limited resources. Across all species, and certainly between human ethnic groups, competition always has been and always will be the natural order of things. A rational person benefits by protecting their own interests in light of that competition.  "no logical basis for boo woo woo..."  You anti-whites hate the truth--there's your hate.

On a personal note, here's a documentary on the Jew orchestration of the 9/11 attacks:

Dr. Acula's picture

>Allowing low quality genotypes to overrun, overbreed, and eliminate higher quality genotypes is a dysgenic outcome.

So low IQ is bad, because it's dysgenic. That sounds circular.

>Humanity does not benefit by regressing to a more primitive form.

What does it mean for humanity to "benefit"? How do you provide an answer that is objective and not merely subjective or inter-subjective? Does murdering people help humanity "benefit"?

>Successful nations are destroyed

What does it mean for a nation to be successful? Also, is it important for a nation to be successful? There are some who want their State to secede from USA; would you be opposed to that since you want the nation to be successful? Would the most successful nation be one that gobbles up adjacent ones? There is "high IQ" country that tried that a while ago - it most likely resulted in a lowering of their average IQ, according to your theories.

>South Africa and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe were overrun, now look at them.

Those don't seem to be examples of nations being destroyed. They seem to still exist.

>you ADL/SPLC/Jew types

LOL. If I were a "Jew type", then wouldn't debating me be futile? Because obviously the superior IQ would be mine, not yours.

>if resources are unlimited then there's nothing to fight over.

Fighting is illogical even when there aren't enough resources. Argumentation ethics shows this. One with your high IQ should be able to grok this.

>competition always has been and always will be the natural order of things.

That is not how the Ricardian law of comparative advantage works. I think if you learn a bit of Austrian Economics you will learn to appreciate other people more. Reading Human Action by Ludwig von Mises is a good start.

Dr. Acula's picture

>when the ingenious stop conquering, they are outbred by the cretins

LOL. I'll play along.

So why don't the "ingenious" just breed more?

Maybe they aren't as smart as you think?


trav7777's picture

unfettered breeding invariably leads to catastrophe.  your move

Dr. Acula's picture

I'm not sure what catastrophe you are referring to.

North America is full of unused land and resources. Why are the "ingenious" not capable of breeding and filling it?

Also, are there groups that are more "ingenious" than yours? If so, then should you stop breeding?

At which IQ theshold should one voluntarily choose to stop breeding? 150? 200? Do you pass the threshold, or do you not? If you have high IQ but genetic diseases, should you breed?

Poodles are the smartest dogs. Is it wrong to breed any other kind of dog?

mjk0259's picture

What unused land and resources do you refer to? The state I live in runs low on water most summers and most others do as well. All the major roads are 5 miles an hour in rush hour and since housing/industry runs to the edge of them, it's prohibitively expensive to expand them. We produce less then half the oil we need and import most other minerals except coal and iron.  Food prices have been rising for some time. Do you suggest paving over the remaining farms?

Dr. Acula's picture

>All the major roads are 5 miles an hour in rush hour

That sounds like Soviet-style public road systems. Not a lack of resources.

Anyone who has driven for a few hours in USA knows there is a ton of unused land. Need even more land? Go to Canda and emborder some unused land there. It has only 10% of the population density that USA does. The problem with taking unused land there is that an organized gang of Canadian criminals stands in your way. But still, there are plenty of unused factors of production waiting to be transformed into goods.

mjk0259's picture

Most of Canada is permafrost or Artic Tundra which is unliveable.

Soviet style public road systems ? What the hell is that?  Most of the roads in Russia are just two lanes with huge potholes and usually covered with snow. It's very difficult to maintain a road when you build it on ground that melts which is why northern canada is not a good place to live. What resources are we supposed to use to make the roads not be a traffic jam - knock down all the apartments, oil refineries, mountains on the side of them to make them wider? What country has a more advanced highway system than the US? Maybe China soon but not now.


Where is this unused land? The desert? Those cities are already short of water. The midwest - that's farmland.

Rocky Mountain forests - that's where we get wood and they are heavily used for hunting and recreation.

Only 19% of US is arable land.

People don't want to live in the empty areas because there is no water and/or no jobs and/or bad weather. What do you propose, pick 10 million people and tell them they have to live in northern nevada and not move so it can be fuller?

What are the unused factors of production? GM auto plants? There's good reasons most of them are closed and moving a couple tens of millions of people to the US would not change them.  Labor - we laready have 20% unemployment - how would adding tens of millions of people help that - build them free houses?


Where else do you see all this unused land - I guess all over Europe as we have the same population density if you take out the deserts. China has tons of unused land as well - are they underpopulated? Even if you drive in India or Pakistan, most of the land appears empty. Are they underpopulated? How about Hong Kong - if you drive through the new territories there is a ton of unused land there. How about Manhattan - there's all that unused land in Central Park. Is there anywhere you think does not have tons of unused land.


mjk0259's picture

Maybe they want to make sure they can financially support their kids and maybe even pass on a significant amount of wealth to them. Also, maybe they spend a LOT of time and effort on each kids and this has to be balanced with other things like earning a living. Whereas your low IQ person might have no idea how to support even themselves without welfare and put only minimal effort into childraising and just have everyone else pay for the expenses of raising them and later keeping many of them in jail.


Dr. Acula's picture

>just have everyone else pay for the expenses of raising them

Isn't this a logical tactic?


mjk0259's picture

Yes, but when too many people do it, the overall standard of living goes down rapidly which is what we are presently experiencing. Being subject to a rapacious ruling class accelerates the process greatly.

knowless's picture

are you serious? you think the faceless state has the ability to be a caring parent to a child?

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when the ingenious stop conquering, they are outbred by the cretins.


How US citizenish.

The ingenious have not stopped conquering. There is nothing left to conquer.

On the contrary, it is the opposite. The ingenious have outbred the cretins so much they are now constrainted to comical solutions like wishing for killing people who do not consume in order to free resources for the ingenious.

The current crisis is the crisis of the ingenuity. All Ponzis of the world were not thought by cretins, they were not implemented by cretins. But they have fed off cretins.

The world is running out of cretins. Too many ingenious, not enough cretins.

But this is a US world order and racism is an important feature. It cant not racists whose dementia has led the white world to hold and control 83~86pc of all the world resources and built an unsustainable system that has not even lasted two centuries before hitting the line.
Good luck for them in their conquest line as the remaining resources to expand on is not that much and that a superior needs an inferior to feel superior.

The US is the problem, not the solution.

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From bad times come great things,always been that way til now .....

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

This is another important lesson from nature: you’re either one of those who adapts, or you’re one of those who will perish. It’s that easy.

No it is not that easy. Disease, starvation, violence and eventually death come to many of those who are prepared. Do you think the Black Plague only struck those who were ready? It is a matter of luck or divine will that will decide in the end.

AnAnonymous's picture

Made me laugh.

US citizenism has led to misrepresent evolution. Evolution is mostly a passive process. One is adapted or is not.

You do not grow evolutive adaptive features. You are grown evolutive adaptative features.

The distinction is that human beings have adapted their environment instead of being adapted by it. And the very capacity to perform that action, highly consuming resources, is vanishing.

US world order have pushed through adaptation of the environment certain categories of the population up like greedy, innovative, hard working, ambitious etc...

But all these categories are not adaptated to what is coming next, the idiot, the frugal, the desireless, the lazy are adapted to what is coming next, a world of dwindling resources.

kengland's picture


"Personally, I want to be prepared for anything, and that’s why I’m investing my time, money, and energy into our resilient community project in central Chile."


Sure... Chilean govt is immune! LMAO! They'll take your shit down there too

kito's picture

ohhh nooo kengland, i hear chile is the greatest place in the entire planet. simon told us so. its impervious to economic/social collapse contagion, radiation fallout, meteorite impact. you name it, chile is SAFE SAFE SAFE!!!! and simon offers you free chilean inflation protection bonds when you purchase one of his one bedroom community oriented casitas for the grand asking price of $500,000!!! you dont want to be anywhere else, trust me--because simon knows!!!!

kengland's picture

Funny...his buddy Casey has a simular "operation" right across the boarder in Argentina. As was the case during the last hyperinflation go around, they will be at the door of Casey's compound with machetes in hand looking for something to eat from those rich morons.

Azannoth's picture

As far as I heard Caseys Cafayate is a nice place to visit for a few weeks in a year but not a place you'd want to live in, it's literary a backwatter in Argentina(a 3rd world country in it's own right)

GenX Investor's picture

I heard they were using the old abandoned Chilean mines to create utopian labyrinths.

Broomer's picture

Chile is also earthquake-proof, as everyone knows.

Deadpool's picture

and no volcanic activity.

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@kengland troll-It is a community project, as you cite in your paraphrase. What that means is that you are generally never, entirely off the government grid anywhere, but you plan accordingly. You have a doctor in your group, electricians, mechanics, hunters, etc. so you can rebuild quickly and limit the impact of a global collapse. When people try to do that here, they are harassed by both the government and dipshits like yourself.


Get a fucking clue before you come in here and start posting stupid shit.