Guest Post: What This Country Needs Now Is Hope

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Hope dies last.  When hope dies, action begins.

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20 years ago we had Reagan, bob hope, and johnny cash. Now we got Obama, no hope, and no cash.

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but we have the legs of 'Reaganomics'...Do you prefer the icon or the reality? John Wayne, made in Holywood or Joe Doe, made on Main Street? 

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What’s all the uproar?
It seems that most of Americans never bothered themselves to learn living within their means, save some money, plan for the future, get a decent education and avoid credit at all.

The blame must be placed specifically on the so-called Baby Boomers, a failed generation who really enjoyed the prosperity of the 50s and 60s; instead, they focused all of their deprived intellect in experimenting with all types of drugs and having very promiscuous sexual lives. These people have done nothing for this country and now they are so scared of potentially not being able to collect their government entitlements (paradoxically, they are the majority).

Therefore, America as a broken society is now paying the consequences of its own greed, lack of common sense and stupidity.

Someone said that Americans are just a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue. The sooner the US economy collapses the better, so the ignorant populace will finally learn NOT to live beyond their means – and stop blaming the government, since they don’t give a crap about people’s grievances.

Finally, educate yourselves about National Security Presidential Directive/NSPD 51, because Martial Law will be implemented in the United States due to the ongoing social unrest – and most Americans do not have a single clue of what this means.'s picture

But what if we need a Martial Law when/if a bunch of Teabaggers or Libertarian-Anarchists begin to exercise "their view" of Constitution and Social Contract? I would rather have military respond and mop them up than having to rifle those idiots myself...

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Replace the H with a D and you get an idea where things are headed.

Yes, Ogolfer is about to legalize DOPE.  All those hippies will stop protesting and start cheering Odoper.

You wanted change? You got it!


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OT, any news why PM complex is dropping so sharply -- any increase in margins?

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"What This Country Needs Now Is Hope"

Soon to be a major motion picture.  A cast of billions

How does it end? War.

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I don't get this 'hope' stuff. The only time I've heard it applied appropriately;

'Ye who enter here abandon all hope'

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Much ado about nothing.  The last 30 years of "prosperity" were all bought on hock.  Now for the very natural and predictable unwind.  People who should have saved, prepared and educated themselves will suffer some -- as they should.  But they are lucky.  Nobody starves in USSA.

I see no reason to believe there will be mass unrest or violence.  There were only localized disturbances during the first depression and other social upheavals. 

Take normal, rational precautions and you will be fine.  Logic and healthy self reliance will continue to lead to success.  Panic and over reaction will continue to waste energy and time.

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Sad that ZH is getting Hopium OBots who keep s***ing on that Hope & Change penile as their Obi boy Buffett takes another bath. 

F - You leftists - billionaires on WS & CT hedgies, Soros and Buffet plus union goons are your people.  You little leftists shits voted fro this billionaire scum who f***ed your future.  You did this to yourself.

RINO Bush sucked and was elite's light but it was better than this nightmare.

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What billionaire was voted for? Obama (definetly not a billionaire)? Soros (never in an election)? Buffet (never in an election)? Your anger is acting to blunt your intelligence. Calm down and think.

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What a stupid comment from another moron who has no idea what libertarianism really is.'s picture

He with the biggest gun wins. I'd like it too if I were into very big guns and had sociophobic tendencies, but I don't.

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Yet you are here talking about shooting us when we are openly asking for peaceful resolution. You are another self-indulgent moron. You don't even understand what you are up against yet you make open threats to the very same people you have been willingly sending overseas to fight for you.


How stupid can you be?

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This is why I think America won't change unless there is a bloody revolution.


"Leftists" 99% against 0.01% + tea party/liberitarian ilk.


The rich arabs, european royals, chinese indian slave masters are also against American middle class. They love this system and stupid idiots who want to continue the status quo.


Some people will need to die, and others need to be sacrificed. There are just too many idiots in USA who have been rewarded for generations for their stupidity.

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The Berlin Wall fell quickly and without violence after months of protests.  We're heading the same way.

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another moron who has no idea what libertarianism really is.

What, you mean like 99% of Libertarians? Most people in the US who consider themselves Libertarians are just Republicans without the courage to accept that the trickle down they feel is the santorum dripping out of their ass cracks when the Koch brothers finish using them for the millionth time. You'd have to be the most self-loathing delusional subhuman every birthed to turn and attack your neighbor who is also just scraping by, because some billionaire told you to.

Of course the other 1% of libertarians are actually libertarian, ie morons who are ignorant enough of reality to think that somehow 6 billion people can live on the same planet but not interact in any way that isn't completely voluntary. Most of them are, thankfully, 16 years old and ignorant for a reason, because they've never done anything in their life other than live under the protection of their parents. Far more pathetic is the adult libertarian, someone who has seen reality but chosen to ignore it because they are deluded enough to think that it is "society" keeping them down. if only the government was off their back and they could use their gold and guns to earn their own worth, they would be the one sitting on the top of the heap. Most of these people are poorly educated, fat, lazy, unskilled laborers who would quickly starve to death if left without social structures around them.

But it's OK, I'm sure you're the one brilliant, rugged individualist libertarian who would quickly stand out as a successful lone warrior should your fantasy ever come to pass. Your genius has only been unnoticed in your life so far due to the jealousy of others.

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Yes, damn that free and voluntary association bullshit --- what we all REALLY need is widescale coercive control of society, of course by those who only have the collective interest of society as a whole at heart (despite the impossibility of determing just what the "collective interest of society" might actually be), and who are immune from any and all possible abuses of state power, and who would use their vast power over others only as angels sent directly from heaven.

Wait, you mean North Korea is not in fact a paradise?

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Yes, those are your only two options! North Korean dictatorship, or libertarian utopia. No society on earth has ever existed between those extremes.

Can you explain to me how in this libertarian land you can live your life 100% voluntarily, never having your actions affect others, never having to interact involuntarily, never having the actions of others impact your life? If you have land that you are self-sufficiently farming for food, a well you built for water, that still doesn't prevent a fire from your neighbor's negligence wiping out your entire life's hard work in an afternoon. Maybe you could have asked him not to build a fireworks factory and flamethrower firing range in the middle of several acres of dry brush, but you don't have the right to infringe on his land use.

So your acres of forest and crops you spent a lifetime growing are on fire -- how can you avoid dying in the fire? All the land around yours is owned by other people. You could never quite reach an agreement on how to build a communal road since each individual landowner believed they shouldn't have to pay for it. You don't have the right to run from the flames by trespassing on someone else's land, so you stand there at the property line with a wall of flames to your back and neighbors holding shotguns to your front.

Your neighbors insist that in return for letting you step off your land to safety, you give them all of your property and become their slave. Do you sign yourself and your family into slavery? Do you let them shoot your family? Do you throw your children into the fire so they don't have to be shot? If you sign the contract into slavery, was that done "voluntarily"? Shouldn't the courts then enforce your neighbor's right to own you, since you signed it away willingly? Shouldn't you be considered a thief and a liar if you try to get out of your slavery?

I can't wait to live in this exciting fantasy land where contracts and delusions trump all of human history and the realities of finite resources!

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Libertarianism is simply about minimizing the power and influence of government where possible...  Just like virtually every philosophy, there is a spectrum within the libertarian mindset...  obviously it does not mean a complete lack of government or else it would spill over into anarchy. 

But please keep mischaracterizing the ideal...  it definitely helps lead to fruitful discussion.

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Those who govern through ideals become idealogues. Libertarianism shifts prevention (ie building codes, industrial regulations) to resolution (lawsuits). Under libertarianism if my neighbor's action fucks me over, my only resolution is to sue, for money, requiring a monetary value being placed on health and life. Of course if you also shut down the courts, what you get is Somalia.

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'if my neighbor's action fucks me over, my only resolution is to sue, for money, requiring a monetary value being placed on health and life' - how does this differ from the current situation? Nine times out of ten such fuckings-over are civil matters, meaning you have to take your neighbour to court. In most visions of a libertarian regime, criminal acts (violence, theft, murder, robbery) would still be criminal acts, and dealt with by the state. There are some that advocate abolishing the state altogether, but they're more properly called anarchists, not libertarians.

If your builder fails to follow building codes, and your house falls down, what recourse do you have now? Lawsuits... but under the current system, if the builder can prove he followed building codes, he's scot free.

Let me give you an example of how a government monopoly of 'preventative' regulation leads to worse outcomes. I have bought a number of electrical goods that were made in China. On several occasions, when I decided to customize them, I have opened them up and discovered they were dangerously designed, and needed extensive rewiring to make them safe. Yet all of these items had passed the required government regulations that said they were 'safe'. If someone been electrocuted, the importer would just point out that the items met regulatory standards, and he'd escape any penalty.

You assume, also, that without big government, industry will not evolve its own standards bodies. Why do you think the present regulatory monopolies are any better at meeting consumer needs than any other kind of monopoly? In a free-market system, different standards bodies would arise, competing for companies to sign up. As a consumer, you could choose which supplier adhered to the standards body you thought most met your needs. As it stands presently, you have to use a supplier that adheres to a set of rules written by a bunch of bureaucrats that have almost certainly undergone regulatory capture, without any market (ie, competitive) oversight, and without any choice.

BTW - In any system, libertarian or interventionist, if you have no courts, you wind up with Somalia. Though they actually do have courts in Somalia, so perhaps Somalia isn't the best example of whatever it is you believe would happen if there were no courts.

Those who govern through ideals become idealogues - what, you're saying your belief in the goodness of our overlords, in the efficiency of monopolies, in the wisdom of bureaucrats, isn't an ideology? LOL.

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Yawn. Libertarian does not = anarchist hermit.

Peddle your strawmen elsewhere, 'Less Critical Thinking'... or is it 'Mark McGoldprick'? You keep changing your name... anyone would think you were ashamed of all your previous posts.

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Of course, a truly self-reliant libertarian raising crops on his own land would already have built his own fire-control system so there was no threat from the neighbors.


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Is this what you call a strawman arguement?

Just wondering...

Pretty elaborate...


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Not just a strawman --- his specious and intellectually insulting twaddle constituted a veritable ARMY of strawmen!

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LOL!  Here we go again with the Koch brothers.  You guys are idiots. You never have a problem with the endless Democrat billionaires like Soros or Buffett plus the hedge funds, Goldman bankers et al.

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I don't know who "you guys" are, but most "libertarians"/tea partiers don't hold up Soros or Buffet as icons. Neither Buffet nor Soros espouses trickle-down economics. If someone else wants to argue Soros' political activities will lead to an economic renaissance, feel free to disagree with them.

Billionaires buying policy on either side of the aisle is unhealthy. Crony capitalism doesn't serve the economy, capitalism, or democracy.

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This site is ran by a Libertarian.

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The government doesn't tolerate people creating libertarian, anarchist or collectivist communities. You try that'll send in the goons to kill everybody there and the children. As shit starts getting worse people are going to start breaking away from the state and forming their own communities. That can't be allowed and they'll crack down hard on it just like they did in Waco, Texas when they burned that entire complex down with 20 children in it and shot anyone that ran out.

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Hey it's not the conservative, small government Tea PARTY (you asshole) that has murdered 60 million people in the 20th century - look in the mirror.  It was the left.'s picture

Look in a book and learn about danger of mobs with low intellect. Oh yeah, and by "book" I don't mean Bible or the Constitution.

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  1. I'm sure the Bush's tipped the scales.
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It's amusing, because while you were reading your newspaper comfortably every day for the past 10 years, those Tea Partiers and Libertarians like myself were learning how to kill people with the same rifle you are claiming to try and shoot us with. You are outgunned and outmatched. Go ahead and try to get violent, we will openly defend ourselves at every piece of cover on your block and handle the business on our own.


Unlike you, we are not too cowardly to defend ourselves. We've been doing it Iraq and Afghanistan for you idiots for the past ten years.

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Unlike you, we are not too cowardly to defend ourselves. We've been doing it Iraq and Afghanistan for you idiots for the past ten years.

If you were part of the cannon fodder and brainwashed mercenary horde sent to Afghanistan or Iraq to defend the American Empire and US corporate interests overseas at the point of a gun, and think that you were thereby somehow "defending" me or any other honest, peaceful and freedom-loving American, or defending our God-given (and ongoingly government-removed) freedoms, then please think again.

NidStyles's picture

It's the premise of it you moron.


That's what people like that have been saying for decades, that we were fighting to defend them.


As for you, I could care less if some poor sap hit you with his car. What makes you think I give two shits about you? Get over yourself princess.

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You make a clear implication if not an outright statement, then attack me for assuming that you meant it?

Forgive me for not having been able to read your mind in your original post.

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"Their view"  ha! like you have read it...  Read it, the ratification debates of 1787 and 1788, federlist papers, and anti-federlist papers and get back to us on what "view" we should have.
Oh, by the way.. what social contract?  Is there a web address with this social contract and who signed it?  Or did you and your libtard progressive ilk channel Alinskey and Marx in a drum beating pow wow while smoking herbacide to come up with some contract that the rest of us must now abide by?

kinganuthin's picture

I also forgot to mention..  Ron Paul has recieved more campain money from military servicemen and women than all other canidates COMBINED.. So it really does look like you and all the anti gun liberals are going to have to "rifle" those idiots yourself.. I am going to enjoy watching all the "friendly fire".  Tip:  the end with the hole is where the bullet comes out of.  Good luck!


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Yeah, let's blame the babyboomers.  That makes a lot of sense.  You obviously didn't read the article.  It's human nature pal, human greed and lazyness and stupidity, and you're part of it.  Take responsibility for your small contribution. 

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Collective guilt = bullshit. 

Try again.

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+1 Green. 

Only a tiny number of baby boomers were even involved.  The hippy culture was a small area of San Francisco and other areas of CA.  The excessive greed is 0.01% of the income bracket.

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I believe those that had the means (middle class) did the same thing in the roaring 20's. There were just more of us capable of doing it at the peak of our countries prosperity. The larger and more affluent the middle class, the more who partied. Humans are humans no matter the time frame. Please stop the " they are to blame" BS and wake up!

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Baby Boomers stood up to the WWII vintage military industrial complex and stopped the Vietnam horror.  What did the following generations do to stop the criminal war in Iraq?  Go gettem, hero!

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That's odd, most of the actual movers of that movement were actually Veterans, and a few Communists that were trying to cause a revolution.