Guest Post: What Kind Of Power Should Government Have Over Your Life?

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Submitted by Brandon Smith from Alt-Market

What Kind Of Power Should Government Have Over Your Life?

The concept of government power is a strange and complex cipher.  The existence of governments has always been predicated on assumptions of necessity, but few societies have ever truly considered what those necessities might be.  What is government actually good for?  What do they do that is so important?  And, what happens when a government fails in the roles and duties that a culture deems vital?  We tend to view government as an inevitability of life, but the fact is, government is NOT a force of nature, it is a creation of man, and it can be dismantled by men just as easily as it can be established.

In America, many people see government as an extension of the Republic, or even the source, and an animal that feeds at the behest of the common citizen.  An often heard argument against the idea of drastic change or even rebellion within the establishment system is the assertion that the government “is us”.  That it is made of Americans, by Americans, and for Americans.  That there is no separation between the public, and the base of power.  This is, of course, a childish and fantastical delusion drawn from a complete lack of understanding as to how our system really operates today.  How many people out there who make this argument really believe at their very core that they have any legitimate influence over the actions of the state?  I wager not many…   

At bottom, to cling to the lie that the government as it stands is a construct of the people is an act of pure denial designed to help the lost masses cope with underlying feelings of utter powerlessness.  

Unfortunately, the U.S. government has shown clearly through word and action that its concerns are not with the average American, and that its loyalties rest with decidedly smaller and more elite interest groups.  When elections once meant to dissuade political abuse become a false paradigm tool for the maximization of tyranny, have we not lost our voice as a society?  When any government decides it is no longer concerned with the freedom and prosperity of a nation, no matter how righteous that government claims to be, we MUST, as citizens, ask ourselves whether that government is still useful to us, and what kind of power it should be allowed to wield.   It is a dereliction of our duty not just as Americans but as human beings to simply treat government as a realm outside of our control or concern.  It is lazy.  It is dangerous.  It could very well be disastrous.  Government should answer to us, now and forever.

As the new millennium stampedes forward, however, it appears that the intended roles of the American dynamic have been reversed.  The progression of the past decade has seen a hailstorm of legislation and executive orders that impede personal liberties and erode Constitutional protections in place for centuries.  So many trails towards totalitarianism have been blazed recently that it is becoming difficult to track them all, and yet, I do not think many in our country have asked themselves what this means to their future.  What kind of rights are you ready to hand over to government?  How many aspects of your life should the establishment be able to dictate?  How much freedom are you willing to give away?

While pondering these questions, each man and woman should also take into account the powers that those in government THINK they deserve.  What have they asked for lately?  What have they taken without permission?  Here is just a short list of the more detrimental declarations of authority attempted over the past decade along with the pieces of legislation and executives orders used to make them “all legal”…

The Power To Invade Your Privacy

The U.S. government has long held at least a private belief that it should be allowed access to every aspect of a citizens personal life.  In the past, the excuse of criminal suspicion was a standard rationalization, but this expanded beyond the targeting of individuals to broader surveillance of the populace as a whole with the advent of the drug war.  Financial records especially became subject to government perusal without warrant and generally without any criminal charges filed. 

This trampling of the 4th Amendment over a fabrication of a “war” on substances that by all rights should be legal anyway was just a taste of what was to come.  With the explosion of the war on terror (another fabricated conflict), the application of mass surveillance became standardized.  The Patriot Acts and the FISA bill, both upheld by so called “Republican” and “Democratic” presidents, have opened the door for centralized electronic spying in the name of “national security”.  Never before has the world seen such an unbridled assault on the private lives of common citizens.  The big brother grids of the Soviet era are child’s play compared to the data mining of the 21st century, and this tyranny is made possible by the marriage of government and corporate interests, working in tandem to ensure an ever tightening net.

The usual ill conceived debate point for such surveillance is the claim that it is “for the greater good”, for our own safety, and that if we have nothing to hide, we have nothing to fear.  It is not uncommon for slaves to embrace the loss of privacy in the name of safety, even if that feeling of safety is an illusion, but, in the end, whether we have something to hide is none of the government’s concern.  In a true Republic, innocent until proven guilty is a paramount ideal, and this ideal cannot exist in a country where everyone is treated as a suspect at every moment of every day.  No politician, no corporate body, no president, no alphabet agency in existence is exalted enough to play the all seeing all judging eye of god.  This kind of power in the hands of an organization whose sole purpose is self preservation and expansion at any cost?  Absolutely unacceptable!

The Power To Silence

From the DHS, to the private Federal Reserve, to Google and Facebook, the tides of opinion and social observation are being tracked, catalogued, and flagged for future intervention.  With active programs now in place to identify and isolate negative online criticism of these institutions as well as to marginalize freelance web journalists and more mainstream media icons with a strong voice, the general public is finally beginning to see what we in the Liberty Movement have been warning about for years:

The invasion of privacy is merely the first step in the process of silencing dissent.  If the citizenry is put in a position in which they know they are constantly being watched, they may decide to censor themselves to avoid possible retribution.  In fact, the destruction of free speech has always been accomplished in history first by the target population itself. Terrified of real and imagined consequences, people begin to filter their own views, until a single harmless and homogenized collective voice forms.

The near miss of SOPA legislation has proven as well that the government hopes to one day be able to summarily vaporize internet outlets based on whatever guidelines they see fit to apply.  It also showed that the American public is not going to roll over while this occurs.  I think it safe to say that the internet is the very last bastion of free speech in the world, free from filtration, bureaucratic meddling, and corporate vampirism.  SOPA was a test case.  New and more subversive methods will arise, and shutting down the web as we know it will be a number priority for our government for the foreseeable future.

“Free speech zones” aside, protest is becoming far more difficult in this country.  Less-than-lethal devices like tasers, rubber bullets, tear gas, sound cannons, microwave guns, etc. have “humanized” the act of government violence against peaceful protest, but the effects of violating the 1st Amendment are the same.  Add to this the use of Fusion Centers to coordinate armies of riot cops with the help of the DHS, the FBI, and even the military, and you have a high grade goon machine constructed to undermine the people’s right to redress grievances.  It has become obvious that this government not only wants to stifle your ability to affect change through electoral means, but it is also determined to make sure you can’t openly complain about being muscled out of the political process either.

The Power To Financially Destroy

Of course, much of the economic distress that we suffer today was generated by the corrupt activities of the Federal Reserve (a privately controlled banking cartel) and global financing conglomerates like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, however, the government’s complicity in these activities cannot be denied.  It was the Congressional repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act that gave international banks the ability to derivitize massive numbers of mortgages and create the ongoing implosion of the housing bubble.  It was the SEC that turned the other cheek for years while credit fraud flooded markets and ratings agencies gave AAA status to toxic and basically worthless assets.  It is the U.S. government to this day that defends the Federal Reserve’s nonstop quantitative easing, the destruction of the dollar, and increased deficit spending driving our nation even deeper into debt.  The passage of the bailouts despite an 80% opposition from the public sent a stark message; the government does not care what you think about the economy, and will do what it pleases, even if it means destroying your means of fiscal survival. 

The Power To Imprison Without Trial

The NDAA is truly a perfect representation of the kind of power the government would like to have over the people, no questions asked.  The Obama Administration’s half hearted promises to not use the provisions of the legislation to detain American citizens indefinitely without trial are little comfort, especially when one considers that the man has not kept a single positive promise since taking office in 2008.  Frankly, I would have slightly more respect for the president (which isn't much) if he had the guts to come out and admit what the language of the NDAA clearly states; that American citizens can and will be designated as enemy combatants under the rules of war, and that anyone, regardless of citizenship, can be labeled a “terrorist” for any reason by the executive branch.

I suppose the one good side-effect of the passage of the NDAA is the level of awakening going on in the American public to the direction our country is taking.  Not to mention, the scrambling that political representatives now have to do to cover themselves and explain away their support for the draconian measures.

For those who do not grasp the ultimate goal of this kind of legislation, the NDAA seems outlandish, or insane.  But, in a certain light, it is perfectly logical.  A government that seeks totalitarian control is REQUIRED to remove the protections that a jury trial affords, otherwise, it cannot function in the manner it desires.  If a person is given the opportunity of a jury by his peers, this takes the ability to criminalize out of the hands of government and places it in the hands of a third party.  Just as in the economy, the globalists who stand at the helm of our country would very much like to centralize law.  This means removing all checks and balances from the equation.  In the name of national security, Washington D.C. considers all things possible…

The Power To Kill Without Trial

Another program supported by both Republican and Democratic presidents, the ability to assassinate American citizens without trial based on mere accusations from the executive branch is a highly useful tool for tyranny.  Over the past couple years the questions have always been; how far do they plan to take this policy, and, will they try to use it against American citizens on American soil?  These questions have been indirectly answered by FBI head Robert Mueller when he tried to dodge them in a recent hearing:

Mueller’s claim that he is “not sure” if Americans can be assassinated on U.S. soil is the same as an admission that this is at the very least being considered.  Given the legaleze wrangling that both Mueller and Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder have tried to implement in rationalizing the use of assassination, I find it hard to fathom that anyone would NOT expect they would use the policy for Americans on home turf.  The power to kill or imprison without trial is expressly forbidden by Constitutional law and the Bill of Rights.  Such abuses were the primary cause of the Revolutionary War, yet, here we are again, dealing with the same murderous reasoning with a slightly different face.

The Power To Militarize

Federal fusion centers and funding for local law enforcement has irreparably damaged state and county objectivity and opened the door to a steady diet of anti-liberty propaganda for police officials across the nation.  Some eat it up, some don’t.  However, the issue here is one of intention.  Why does the federal government feel the need to arm divisions of local law enforcement with automatic weapons, predator drones, and even tanks?  Why is Congress going out of its way to free up FAA regulations to allow police organizations unprecedented access to predator drones, up to 30,000 by 2020, for use in civilian airspace?

Why does the DHS suddenly need 450 million rounds of .40 cal ammunition from ATK?

And why has Obama quickly and quietly signed the Executive Order for National Defense Resources Preparedness?  Though many will claim the order only rehashes such continuity of government policies seen in older programs like Rex 84, I find it a bit disconcerting that our government suddenly feels the need to rehash Rex 84 powers at all!

The order is a claim to eminent domain, not just over land, but over every resource imaginable in the face of a “national emergency”.  Using military force, all goods, services, and property, can be confiscated in the name of support for military and governmental logistics.  In an article written in February titled “The DHS Defends Globalism, Not America”, I warned that Janet Napolitano’s language of supply chain protection and resource allocation could only be supported by the pilfering of goods from one place to feed another:

Now we see that this was indeed the intention all along.  Given that the John Warner Defense Authorization Act allows the president to declare a national emergency and martial law for almost any reason at any time without oversight from Congress for at least 6 months, the possibility of vast programs of resource confiscation becomes much more likely. 

The power to militarize a culture at will, and to force that culture to work and produce in the name of the state and the benefit of the state is perhaps the most terrifying power of all.  It is, for all intents and purposes, the power to enslave. 

What Has Our Government Become?

Really, who needs terrorists when you have a government like ours?  If it is the widespread destruction of the principles that founded our society that you fear, then the last enemy you need worry about is the Muslim boogie man.  The greatest threat to our way of life is an institution that has always operated right under our noses and acted with impunity sheltered by the very borders it is tasked to defend.  It is the only group in existence that has the resources, the military backing, and the proven intent to undermine liberty in America.  It is the supreme threat to individual freedom in the world today.  And, the worst irony of all is that it commits every one of its crimes in our name. 

So, there comes a point when we have to decide what kind of respect this brand of monstrosity deserves?  It would appear that the government, or at least root elements of it, see the American people as the enemy.  And why not?  We are, in the end, the only force on the planet in a position to deconstruct the machine, so it only follows that we find ourselves locked in its crosshairs.  We have not been given much choice.  The only decision left to make is one within each individual.  How much do we really need the system, and how much pain and horror are we willing to endure to satisfy its insatiable hunger?  Where will we finally draw the line…?

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BobPaulson's picture

Great thread - sorry for this off topic post but can anybody tell me in the new web site system how I track my posts? There used to be a tab called TRACK that allowed me to zip back to where I posted to keep my eye on responses to my posts. Anybody have a shortcut for this in the current system?

battle axe's picture

Vampire Squid: The Federal Govt.

AN0NYM0US's picture

this is an instructive video of an alien asking about government



What is Government?

i-dog's picture

This is a very instructive video on the origin and future of governments: (Statism is Dead)

comrade pravda's picture

Get back to your side, peasant.  You will not unite.

Peasants from blue states will put Pepsi stickers on their cars and will support the Pepsi candidate.  Peasants from red states will put Coke stickers on their cars and will support the Coke candidate most like the OilBomber.  (Support for Ron Paul will not be tolerated.)

The federal government is the muscle for vampire squid et al.

Stop thinking, shut up, head down, row!

i-dog's picture

We should not unite ... we should each, individually, disengage!!

There is no way that disgruntled socialists, fascists, capitalists, libertarians, voluntarists and undecideds will ever unite to confront the Criminal Occupation Government™ (COG) as a cohesive force ... all they will ever do is continue to bicker over which is the best way forward. Pointless!!! (Exhibit A: OWS)

Disengage = stop paying taxes (don't make it easy for them ... make the few thousand tax collectors for the Criminal Occupation Government have to plough through paperwork and courts to get each cent from each of the hundreds of millions of individual serfs); avoid as much as possible any use of digital "money" (starve the banksters of "capital" and starve the COG of information on your habits and whereabouts); pick up an old Nokia mobile for conversations and text messages (it doesn't include continuous GPS tracking of your whereabouts); focus on your family and local community for mutual assistance and employment. That'll do for a start!

Hard1's picture

Great post, the US gov't has clearly gone beyond reasonable limits using the terrorism-fighting flag.  They have become the terrorists.  I Personally know of a couple cases of innocent people that have been chased by the government simply because their names popped up in the wrong place.  Once you look into it, the investigation seems to have been carried by a 12 year old.  Two years later and thousands spent in legal fees and they have not received a response yet frotm the gov't as nobody there seems to want to take the blame of the gross mistake made.  My acquaintances are simplyl collateral damage to their eyes if they have any. 

Abiotic Oil's picture

Isn't government supposed to pay for my guns, ammo and other supplies so my militia can be "well regulated" and "provide for the common defense"? 

JW n FL's picture

Vanguard CEO Michael Buscher said his company's prototype drone was flying about 18-feet off the ground when it started having trouble. It's designed to go into an auto shutdown mode, according to Buscher, but when it was coming down the drone crashed into the SWAT team's armored vehicle.


Publicly Available Social Media Monitoring and Situational Awareness Initiative Update

January 6, 2011

jackvegas's picture

Exactly how is not paying taxes going to starve the COG?  It already creates nearly half its operating budget out of thin air.  What's to stop them from "borrowing" 100% of their budget, especially when they barrow it from themselves?

Element's picture


We should not unite ... we should each, individually, disengage!!


Totally agree i-dog, I would say it this way;

D O N ' T   P A R T I C I P A T E

They need you to respond to their system, to their power-trips and dictates, to their social 'programs', to be a party to their projects. When you get approached by a 'Department' or some Govt 'Agency', or a 'private' contracted provider of Govt services (I'm using the term 'private' very loosely here, in any defined form), do not respond, don't take their calls, don't respond to texts, don't provide information, especially don't engage in any nanny state monitoring of, "how you are going", as a person in their system etc.  They are simply checking if they need to make other programatic adjustments to better pursue and coopt and coerce you into participating more efficiently toward their ends, so that their spreadsheets and reports look better to some more senior supervisor, and on up the chain of paid parasitising sickophants.  

When they ask you to provide 'feedback', they want it to find out how to better control you, sorry, I meant to say, "to provide better Govt services".

And they want to look like they 'care' ... but to hell with what you really want.

Disobey their requests, their corralling of your mind, wallet, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and any plans you may have.

If the Govt wants you to do something to please them, do something else.

But above all else, ignore them, actively or passively, your choice, whatever works.

We don't owe them a damn thing, from birth, or any other time.  

We don't actually have a debt to Govt, and if they say you do, don't pay -- resist.

'Crown land', isn't.

They don't 'own' us, that's an abomination, a wicked evil, a sure sign of active slavery.

Take no oaths to them, or the state or some flag -- that is pure poison.

They tell us there are laws against providing to them false or misleading information ... but they have no problem lying to us and deceiving us for any reason that suits them.

Ok, so fuck them, tell them nothing.

Then they say if you don't 'cooperate' the will be fines, or imprisonment.

This is why you do not answer them -- ever -- regarding ANYTHING.

Sign no contracts that they can use to 'obligate' you to be their lackey and slave, especially with regard to taxation, debts or fines.

They will accuse us, and classify us as being a 'fifth column', or criminals.

We aren't ... but they actually are this, and much more.

goldfish1's picture

Stop thinking, shut up, head down, row!

With candidates like this, who needs sociopaths? Read on...

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) - Republican candidate Ron Paul says he's noncommittal about backing Mitt Romney if Romney becomes the party's presidential nominee. The Texas congressman says Romney is a friend but that they'd have to talk about the kind of foreign policy Romney would pursue before he makes a decision.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture


Your comment re aliens reminded me of the fact it is not only our .gov but those almost everywhere are tightening their grip.  Greece, Russia and China are three obvious examples  But, I am now seeing the Peruvian government clamping down as well, especially for drug war / money laundering reasons.  It looks like a near universal trend


Anyone interested in seeing cars, buses and trucks here in Peru that you do not see in the USA are invited to visit my blog to see my new artcile ¨Vehicles in Peru¨.  Gmail me at my name or just use Google creatively...  Many curious vehicles here in Peru, and we sell bearings for many of them!

blunderdog's picture

OH NOEZ!  It's that fact-free article claiming they're coming for our 401Ks!  Now I'm scared!

Yeah, it'll probably happen, but I wish we could get some better propaganda going.

GoinFawr's picture

Hey bd, finally got around to "Currency Wars", thanks for the reco. Agreed with Rickards everywhere it mattered. Reminded me of "Liar's Poker" in a way; anyone for a game of 'what if'?

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Click My Account. At the bottom of the landing page, under your account age, is a link that says "Follow this user's comments".

This will bring up a page with a text box, an apply button, and a long list of stuff. Just type your name in the text box and hit apply.

This will being up a list of your comments.

Not as handy as the old system which allowed you to continue following the conversations you were a part of.

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the first one was even easier.. we used to get an email and link when people replied to your comment.. atleast that's how my foggy mind remembers it

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If Sacrilege doesn't bring back the Track, I'm afraid I'm going to have to put ZH in the too-hard basket for keeping up with conversations (though I do appreciate the new Comment List and requested it). There's no way I'm going into the dating site Chat thingy.

Gully Foyle's picture

Best form of government is Benevolent Despot.

People are too goddamned stupid to appreciate individual freedom.


Jendrzejczyk's picture

Why you yanking peoples chains Gully?

ms1408's picture

It's not about "freedom". Rape enhances the freedom of a rapist. Theft enhances the freedom of a thief. The goal is morality, not freedom. The initiation of force is immoral as is it is a non-universal standard. Hence the government is and always will be immoral, for exactly the same reason slavery is immoral.

Gully Foyle's picture


Morality is a very vague concept.

Neither Rape nor Theft enhanced the freedom of the person who commits it. They are compulsions which actually limit choice as decisions are not made without those compulsions shading them.

ms1408's picture

"Neither rape nor theft enhanced the freedom of the person who commits it"


I agree my language was ambiguous. To be clear, what I mean is that "freedom" simply describes the level of restriction on one's actions, but does not specify the properties of those actions. So the freedom to rape is an enhancement of freedom.


"Morality is a vague concept"


Yes, most people use the term very loosely. However all ethical principles must apply equally to all human beings, or else they are just opinions and not universal principles. The initiation of force cannot be a universal moral standard as in order for it to be "force" it must be "not wanted" by the subject. For example, rape is only rape because the subject does not consent to being raped - otherwise it is consensual sex. Hence, in order for the initiation of force to be a moral standard, it must be both wanted and not wanted by everybody at the same time, which is impossible.

MainStreet's picture


Political freedom has only one meaning: the absence of physical coercion. It does not mean freedom from sustaining your existence by your own effort, but freedom from a coercive State.  It is the requisite of intellectual freedom and the consequence of economic freedom.

In a moral context, our social rights can be defined as a man’s freedom of action in a society.  However, a man may not define as his right the sacrifice or effort of another man; there can be no claimed right that violates another person’s unalienable right to exist.

Therefore, there is never a compromise of freedoms between the slave master, the rapist, the thief and their respective victims because the power of physical coercion can never be one’s social right. 

pods's picture

Not sure why you got so many down votes Gully.  You make an argument that needs expansion.

Certainly at least a counter argument.  (edit: Replies are now here)

If amerikans are not smart or vigilant enough to reign in the government that serves us, why set it up in the first place?

The US gov, in the name of all of us (amerikan ZH'ers) can kill anyone throughout the world at anytime, with zero repercussions.

If we were to have a impotent monarchy, at least power would be decentralized.

At least one has to think critically about whether setting up a national government with the potential to morph into what it has become was a smart thing to do.



Gully Foyle's picture


Maslow compared the majority of people to bees who need a heirarchical structure, they need to be told what to do. The ones who could act independently Maslow compared to Wolves.

If civilization collapsed tommorrow, the majority would immediately establish some type of social structure where they knew their place.

"Enlightened absolutism (also called by later historians benevolent despotism or enlightened despotism) is a form of absolute monarchy or despotism in which rulers were influenced by the Enlightenment. Enlightened monarchs embraced the principles of the Enlightenment, especially its emphasis upon rationality, and applied them to their territories. They tended to allow religious toleration, freedom of speech and the press, and the right to hold private property. Most fostered the arts, sciences, and education."

Willzyx's picture

Indeed.  However, the worst form of governement is the tyranical despot.  What do you do when benevolence skips a generation?

GoinFawr's picture

revert to anarcho syndicalism until the clone becomes an adult?

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

Pro bailout Romney with anti bailout Paul,,, what an odd couple that would be, cue music

DaveyJones's picture

Paul is the only one not wiping his hands on our curtains

Dr. Engali's picture

Problem with that is Ron Paul would be set off in some obscure "safe " location where he would have little or no political sway. With his advanced age he won't be there to run in eight years. The country needs him now to get the ball rolling on the things that need to be done.

Seorse Gorog from that Quantum Entanglement Fund. alright_.-'s picture

VP's not good enough. It's either El Presidente or Revolution v2.

johnQpublic's picture

 it can be dismantled by men just as easily as it can be established.



i think 'just as easily' is quite opposite of the truth

it would take a revolution

but with 3% or less awake, they would be named terrorists, and isnt that just what .gov has been prepping for?

them thar theys dont even need to fight for what they are fighting for ,so long as they can pay the plebes to do it for them

you and i would have to put our lives on the line

how bad would it need to get befor you were willing to lose life and liberty for the 'cause'?

the time is passed, and they are far to far along on their path

there will be no revolution



feel free to junk away at the truth

i'm only wrong if you march today, because the days you should have done it are but a distant memory

XitSam's picture

"it can be dismantled by men just as easily as it can be established."

I feel it is far harder to dismantle once established. See USSR, Hungary 1956, etc.

GoinFawr's picture

Thanks a lot, now I've got the tune "It's a small world after all" stuck in my head for some reason.

XitSam's picture

Thanks, now I do too.

GoinFawr's picture

"Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around."-Bill Watterson


Cathartes Aura's picture

it's an election year.   no revolutions until the voters see who wins.  

(then it will be xmas season, winter, rinse repeat kick the can)

SheepDog-One's picture

Ron Paul couldnt even cast a 'no' vote on HR347...I dont trust him any more than Bernanke.

fuu's picture

He was campaigning in Michigan on 2/27. Was he suppossed to stop everything and race back to Washington? With 388 to 3 being the final vote why would he?

The 388 bastards that voted Yea are worthy of scorn.

Nice try at guilt by association.

Liposuction's picture

My congress-critter - Justin Amash - is a freaking rockstar.  Thanks for the no vote, Justin.


For every vote, explanation and links to the roll call:



Odin's picture

I read that he did cast a "no"....One of Three

fuu's picture

The 2/28 vote was "On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Pass, as Amended". The 2/27 vote was "On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Concur in the Senate Amendment".

He was not present for the 2/27 vote and did vote no on the 2/28 vote. Thanks for pointing that out.

LowProfile's picture

I knew there was a reason I kept SDO on "The List".


The List:


Born Patriot


JR in FL





Check it out.  This guy

Then turns into this guy

roadhazard's picture

If Ron Paul said he would be Any candidates VP then everything he has ever said is a lie.