Guest Post: What Is President Obama So Afraid Of?

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Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog,

Quietly, and with little fanfare, President Obama signed a “National Defense Resources Preparedness” Executive Order on Friday. As the name suggests, the order intends to shore up the country’s national defense resources in advance of a national emergency.

To be fair, this is not the first time that such an order has been written. Presidents Bush (II), Clinton, Reagan, and even Eisenhower provided directives in the same spirit as President Obama’s order– providing some level of government commandeering in times of national emergency.

In the past, these orders have related to things like production capacity for defense contractors, or giving FEMA authority to resolve disputes between other departments in federally designated emergency areas.

President Obama’s order, however, takes things much, much further.

(1) The order vastly expands the role of Homeland Security… as if these knuckleheads didn’t already have too much influence in people’s lives. Apparently highways, shopping malls, airports, bus stations, Wal-Marts, hotels, train stations, etc. aren’t enough for DHS. Now the Secretary of DHS will:

a) “advise the President on issues of national defense resource preparedness”.

This one is really clear. Under normal circumstances, matters related to defense would fall under the Secretary of Defense… or perhaps the National Security Advisor. Giving such responsibility to DHS suggests that the government is expecting an emergency from within.

b) “provide for the central coordination of the plans and programs… under this order, and provide guidance to agencies assigned functions under this order…”

DHS now has authority to direct the emergency preparedness of every other government department. The Secretary of Homeland Security has effectively become the Emergency Czar.

c) have oversight of “all other national defense programs, including civil defense and continuity of Government.”

In case it wasn’t clear before, the people who molest children and radiate travelers will have total and complete control in some event defined as a national emergency in the sole discretion of the President.

(2) The order further provides for an effective nationalization of the entire US economy in the event of an emergency.

The Secretary of Labor, for example, will “collect and maintain data necessary to make a continuing appraisal of the Nation’s workforce needs for purposes of national defense” and then “formulate plans, programs, and policies for meeting the labor requirements of actions to be taken for national defense purposes.”

In other words, the Labor Department becomes the Ministry of Plenty, and all the good little citizens will be forcibly reallocated to other jobs. This turned out really well for the Soviets.

(3) The purpose of this order, for example, is to “take actions necessary to ensure the availability of adequate resources and production capability, including services and critical technology, for national defense requirements;”

It goes on to list ‘adequate resources’ to include things like:

(i) “all forms of energy including petroleum, gas (both natural and manufactured), electricity, solid fuels… solar, wind, other types of renewable energy, atomic energy”, etc.

(ii) “all usable water, from all sources, within the jurisdiction of the United States, that can be managed, controlled, and allocated to meet emergency requirements…”

(iii) “all commodities and products… that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals…”

(iv) “drugs, biological products, medical devices, materials, facilities, health supplies, services and equipment required to diagnose, mitigate or prevent the impairment of, improve, treat, cure, or restore the physical or mental health conditions of the population.”

Hmmmm. Food. Water. Energy. Medicine. Security. All the stuff that human beings need at a basic level to survive. Except that Obama’s executive order puts all of these resources under control of the government and allocates them exclusively to meet the needs of government.

In this capacity, we are all merely subordinates to the interests of the state… and it should be absolutely clear at this point where normal people stand in the grand pecking order: Citizens are resources to be exploited and sacrificed in order to ensure the continuity of government.

In the event of some catastrophe, you will be stripped of basic resources so that the government can survive. A free society cannot exist under a system in which the state exercises such control… or has the authority to exercise such control.

Taken in conjunction with the NSA’s new Utah spy center (which will collect and archive the complete contents of every email, tweet, Facebook post, Google search, phone call, and text message) and the National Defense Authorization Act, it’s clear that the Obama administration is expecting trouble from within.

And with good reason. By every possible calculation (except flat-out fraud), the US government is completely insolvent, and its balance sheet is growing worse by the day. The dollar is beginning to be seriously challenged as the global reserve standard, and every effort politicians make to ‘fix’ the economy only makes things worse.

As a matter of convenience, people are willing to deal with a lot of pain. They’ll suffer through wars, recessions, and all sorts of national unpleasantness. But the moment that rapidly decaying economics and shortages prevent people from being able to put food on the table for their families, they rise up. Just look at the Arab Spring.

This is all playing out with nearly perfect historical precision. Time and time again throughout history as once great empires accelerated their declines, governments have taken steps to protect their interests against the people.

In the past, they have imposed curfews, disarmed the population, curtailed civil liberties, and declared national emergencies, usually against some great faceless enemy from abroad who threatens their way of life.

As it turns out, though, our great faceless enemy is not some mythical boogeyman living in a cave, nor some angry brown person who hates us for our freedoms… but the very people within the system who’ve taken an oath to ‘support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.’

Have you hit your breaking point yet?

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Cult_of_Reason's picture

'Worst Still to Come' for Europe: Citi Economist

"We have really just paused for breath," he said. "It (the long-term refinancing operation) really hasn’t solved the problem, and for Europe the worst is still to come."

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Just a 30 second breather between rounds to wipe the blood off, get a sip of water, then the bell rings to receive more ass kicking.

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It's hot, that's all.

It's not like 72% of senior citizens, who vote in larger numbers than any other group, have stated that they've never felt worse about their economic security.



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What's bullshit, Mr. Quaid?
That you're having a paranoid episode
triggered by acute neuro-chemical
Or that you're really an invincible
secret agent from Mars who's the victim
of an interplanetary conspiracy to make
him think he's a lowly construction

Quaid's certainty in undermined. Edgemar looks at him with
great sympathy and kindness.

Stop punishing yourself, Doug. You're
a fine, upstanding man. You have a
beautiful wife who loves you.

I do.

Lori beams at him with pure affection.

Your whole life is ahead of you...
But you've got to want to return to

Quaid is half-convinced, but doesn't want to show it.

Suppose I do...then what?

Swallow this.

Edgemar opens his hand, revealing a small pill.

What is it?

It's a symbol. Of your desire to return
to reality. --Inside your dream, you'll
fall asleep.

Quaid picks up the pill and examines it.

All right. Let's say you're telling
the truth, and this is all a dream...

Realizing something, Quaid raises his gun to Edgemar's head.

Then I can pull this trigger, and it
won't matter.

Doug, don't!

Edgemar remains preternaturally calm. His eyes and voice
express his unselfish concern for Quaid.

It won't make the slightest difference
to me, Doug, but the consequences to
you would be devastating. In your mind,
I'll be dead. And with no one to guide
you out, you'll be stuck in permanent

Doug, let Dr. Edgemar help you.

Finger on the trigger, Quaid is torn with doubt.

The walls of reality will come crashing
down. One minute you'll be the savior
of the rebel cause, then, next thing
you know, you'll be Cohaagen's bosom
buddy. You'll even have ridiculous
fantasies about alien civilizations--as
you requested. But in the end, back
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Quaid becomes totally demoralized.

So get a grip on yourself, Doug. And
put down the gun.

Edgemar stares hard. Quaid hesitantly lowers the gun.

Good... Now take the pill and put it
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Quaid puts the pill in his mouth.

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Go ahead, sweetheart.

Quaid is wracked with indecision. Then he sees a single drop
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gun at Edgemar and fires.

Edgemar's blood splatters in a dense circle on the wall.
Quaid spits the pill out onto Edgemar's blood-stained body.

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Ahmeexnal, resourceful, imaginative, and quite unexpected. +1

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+up arrow

Memory implants, regrettably, have interfered  with my abilities to totally recall where, precisely, i've heard similar dialog. But it is a great way to determine if the white shoe boy be a mirage in a dream, or he be da real thing. Whatever, and nonetheless, your humble narrator must confess you've shared a most perfect parable to hone one's perceptive skills.

Watch da donut, and not de hole! Now that's change you can beleive in!

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Total Recall?

Nevermind, should read below

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Dude, those pics look to be clones of the Black gangbanger from a year, year and a half ago. Brother on a bed surrounded by stacks of hundys is the one that stands out. I think he shared on facebook.

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+1 the Total Recall scene! Sharon Stone was unbelivably hot then. Not so much now

gaoptimize's picture

What makes Sharon Stone hot will never change.

sun tzu's picture

what made her hot is wrinkled and sagging now

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Quaid spits the pill out onto Edgemar's blood-stained body.

Poignant and dry.

brettd's picture

So who's YOUR "Edgemar?"

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See you at the party, Richter.

onthesquare's picture

I was surprised when George W did not invoke the national emergency act or some other act which would have allowed him to cancel elections during a state of a national emergency.  I am pretty sure there is a concession allowing them to do that.  Maybe Barry will try it.  not sure what comes first or if there is an order between fascism and dictartorship.  Looks like the US has already hit the fascism state.

sun tzu's picture

they would never do something so blatant and cause a revolt. they will simply replace one puppet with another to keep the masses happy

vast-dom's picture

the fear drives more fear because there is utter lack of rigorous honesty in 'bummer and system as whole -- we have sociopaths trying to prevent a sociopathic system from flying off a cliff and yet the sociopaths refuse to slow down or brake -- the only way out of this mess is through it and through it means there must be a great purge and collapse of unsustainable systems and toxic zombie institutions, etc.

More laws, anti-progressive taxes, market manipulations and cheap preacher speak will only make matters worse.

Michael's picture

“take actions necessary to ensure the availability of adequate resources and production capability, including services and critical technology, for national defense requirements;”

That would be me, I'm a precision diamond tool maker and machinist. Obama will have to pay me a prevailing wage of $35/hr or more, well above my current $13/hr, to get me to do the work for him, otherwise I won't work for him, period. 

Ceteris paribus's picture

Tell me how the FEMA camp works out for you , you are with them or against them , to understand the enemy you must become the enemy.

vast-dom's picture

Guess that's some superior IQ spell check shit right there!

EBR MOD 0's picture

pay you, hahahaha, you will be greatful we have a place for you to work, and if you want your family alive and unharmed, you won't need any money, just build widgets and maybe we will give you some bread and water. Now, move along.

Teamtc321's picture

You came close to matching wit's with MDB troll tactic's Micheelle.

TheObsoleteMan's picture

Michael; You pay federal income taxes don't you? If so, {and I'd bet you do} YOU ALREADY WORK FOR HIM. All of your W-2 working life you having been working for "them".

hunglow's picture

You're killing me sheepdog!

mp95bravo11208's picture

The man might be the death of many of us come a second administration. Remember his idol Wilson arrested over 100K people in the U.S. and Obama seems hell bent on installing Marxism in America.  I expect a real catastrophe if he sneaks into a second term with all of his dead voters and fake ballots lined up.  Maybe the Revolution in this trailer hits it on the head,  for a game on facebook that is not very Obama friendly.  The stroy line talks of Obama and his failed attempt at 'Change' and how it caused a second American revolution.   Thats at facebook too!  It is a 'Militant Libertarian City building War game' as they say.   Ron Paul would love it. 

LongSoupLine's picture



Cue the next Nigel video...

HarryM's picture

Off subject - TVIX now down over 30% on a day when it should be going up


ETF currently in a free fall



tekhneek's picture

Yeah. I got out of that along time ago and have been riding UVXY... as a bet against the VIX exploding soon.

Azannoth's picture

"If your rich you will vote Republician, if you are poor you will vote Democrat, if you are in-between move out of the country, this is no place for you" - Yahoo

sun tzu's picture

soros, buffett and all of hollywood vote republican?

DCFusor's picture

I'll take your kill the consitution NDAA act and raise you an executive order that goes much further in the wrong direction.

Anything may now be confiscated at a whim, no due process.  Anything.


Rainman's picture

"...we are all merely subordinates to the interests of the State "......right out of the Fabian Socialist playbook !



Chump's picture

All those fat-assed cops are going to need all the guns and ammo and body armor they can muster.  Believe it, because they'll be fighting for a paycheck against people who are fighting for their lives and the lives of their children.

SemperFord's picture

Going to court to fight a fat ass cop tomorrow, bet the pig won't show. I hates me the majority of Cops, they are underworked and overpaid!

Chump's picture

I watched a behemoth lie under oath 3 times to get a conviction against me.  Not stretches of the truth, outright lies.  Waited for him after court to ask him if he commits perjury often and he just grinned and waddled along his merry way.

These clowns have no idea what's in store for them.  It's easy for three squad cars to intimidate some kid with a half gram of pot.  But when "law-abiding" citizens have had enough, it's over for the boys in blue.

Gully Foyle's picture


"But when "law-abiding" citizens have had enough, it's over for the boys in blue."

I see someone volunteered to be the first body twitching and pooling blood proving how incorrect those statements are.

It ain't grandtheft auto and they have better guns.

SemperFord's picture

My friends find the way I think to be wild but if things start getting crazy a website exposing cops, FBI agents and cia agents and their addresses as well as gov officials in the area would open them up and their family to retaliation by real Americans...just saying.

SemperFord's picture

Would not be that hard to do with the right people, all addresses can be found and if they are busy protecting their family they can't "Protect" us from ourselves ;)

Gully Foyle's picture


Never happen. Unless you want your friends and families beaten and killed. The Blue wall is described that way for a reason. They understand as long as they have each others back their minority is safe from the vast majority which surrounds them.

And they don't take kindly to one of their own being harassed or assualted.

And it is just damn stupid to even post something like thast in public.

Unless of course you want to be a wackjob magnet collecting names and information on those who agree with such insane ideas.

SemperFord's picture

I did not junk you but any good hacker can get the info, its not like im going to follow them around to their homes.

Of course they have to protect themselves but won't you protect yourself too???

Actually Gully, I have properties out of the US so if the sheep dont wake up I'll leave them to the slaughter and spend my time with good food, good drinks and women not to mention trying to find my PM's from that unfortunate boating accident where I tried using them as weights.

But if you enjoy living on your knees it's cool,, some people would rather just live a quiet life reminds me of an old movie where some Italian dude is running a brothel and he does not care who occupies his country, he just enjoys his life so that's cool too.

Doña K's picture

When TSHTF, the boys in blue will join you. Incorporate them in your group. They had had enough themselves and they also worry about their childrens future.

SemperFord's picture

They should act like it instead of pushing the badge around like they are the authority in everything and that their opinions are facts. The should respect the people that pay their salaries if they want us to respect them but they seem to enjoy handing out tickets like it's candy. Of course not all are like this, some of my Marines have left LAE jobs because their integrity was in check but others love the money.