Guest Post: When The Mob Becomes Violent

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Submitted by Tim Staermose of Sovereign Man

When The Mob Becomes Violent

Today I was accosted by someone begging for money. I know… big deal, right? It’s not an unusual occurrence anywhere in the world, especially here in the Philippines.

Begging is actually big business in Manila. Often small children are forced to work the streets by a ‘begging syndicate,’ and adults keep a watchful eye from a distance before confiscating the kids’ proceeds.  This is one of the lowest acts of humanity I can think of.

The person who approached me today, however, was not a child. He was a perfectly able-bodied, 17 or 18 year-old youth. He chased after me shouting, “My friend! My friend! You give me coins!” If you notice the language, he wasn’t exactly asking… more demanding.

This is a mentality that I will never understand.

Yes it’s unfortunate that there are people in the world who struggle to make a decent living for themselves and their families. But I firmly believe that tossing a few occasional coins is not going to solve their underlying problem.

Indeed, handouts encourage people to continue living on handouts instead of developing skills, working hard, and pulling themselves up from poverty. This makes the situation worse, not better.

It drives me crazy to see someone who clearly HAS the capability to make an honest living, yet refuses to do so… such as the young man who approached me today.

Instead of doing an honest day’s work, or offering some service, or trying to learn a valuable skill, there are FAR too many people who believe that they are simply entitled to other people’s hard work.

Unfortunately, this attitude seems to be a growing trend in the world today.  And it’s not just 17-year old youths living on the breadline (or rice-line) in Manila.  It’s people in “rich” Western countries too. The difference is that a government is inserted in the middle.

By expecting the government to provide for them, people who have been rioting across Europe (and even stealing and looting) are really no different from the unfortunate youth who accosted me here in Manila today.  All of them expect a free ride by demanding handouts from others.

This is no way to prosperity.  Indeed, it’s the way to bankruptcy.  When the pie-takers begin to significantly outnumber the pie-makers, there simply isn’t enough to go around anymore, and the mob becomes violent.

This is where we are right now, and it’s going to take many, many years to get out of the hole the world has dug for itself.

People need to be taught from an early age that no one owes them anything in life… and that character traits such as curiosity, hard-work, honesty, thrift, innovation, ingenuity and, above all, self-reliance are to be commended.

Unfortunately, with the leadership and role models we have in the world today, this is likely to prove an uphill struggle.

What do you think; how does the world get out of the rut it’s in?  How do we turn more people into well-balanced, productive individuals, who demonstrate some degree of decorum and show respect for the success and private property of others? Can it even be done?

I look forward to hearing your views.

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persu's picture

BAC 6.66, S&P -6.66% S&P low 666. I am getting scared.

john39's picture

banker cabal does this to fuck with people.  it works.

AldousHuxley's picture

We still have ways to go before we see blood.


Rockefellers, owerns of JP Morgan Chase and University of Chicago's free market theory, used to shoot laborers during murdered infant funerals while living on a company housing just 100 years ago. This time, rockefellers brought in Mexican slaves, so white can ignore the labor exploitation.



sgt_doom's picture

Great comments, AldousHuxley !!

Sonny, (speaking to the author of this blog post), if I ever come into contact with you, unlike those of the bankster/republi-Con/pandhandler mentality, I won't be asking for anything, I'll be targeting you specifically -- along with your kind.

First, we begin with the guillotine and the banksters to set the proper example.  Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, BankofAmerica, S&P, Moody's, Blackstone Group, Citidel, Blackrock, SEC personnel, FBI personnel, the entire US Treasury Dept., Kissinger and Associates, etc., etc., etc.

Please address all complaints to

Thank you.



JW n FL's picture

isnt it about time that the rockefellers are made to pay for the continuing crimes against man kind?

please! vote with a bullet!!

Freddie's picture

Chasing him demanding coins?  Sounds like Obama voters.  If he were in Chicago being chased - he probably would be dead.

masterinchancery's picture

Clockwork Orange, here we come.

Lost My Shorts's picture

Yes, and now an earthquake and hurricane hit DC in the same week !!  It's all becoming clear now -- Rick Perry is Jesus and the end times are nigh.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Don't be silly. He's just a prophet.

OTOH, obama seems to be all four horsemen rolled into one.

kubrick007's picture

this paper is the same ole' bullshit. all the guy on the street is asking for is what the guys on wall street get day in, day out (ever since TARP). everyone says u can make a living doing xyz, yet they never look at themselves...before u say that to someone, perhaps, u should ask what you do to actually contribute to the economy. the world would be better if 99% of the assholes in wall street just stuck to begging on the street.  i have no respect for ANYONE in the F.I.R.E. sector that thinks what they do is work. what you do is 99% outright theft. i leave that 1% as i know these sectors are needed, it's just that they shouldn't be more than a fraction of a percent of the economies basically to the author on the high horse about giving out does ur work actually make a difference, or r u just another dickweed peddling investment advice!?

Popo's picture


This guy writes e-books on conflicting subjects like "social infiltration" and how to withdraw from society, and then criticizes those who don't do "honest work".

Please, Simon... Or whatever your name is. Everyone's looking for the easy way out and you're a perfect example. Or perhaps you feel entitled to it?

el Gallinazo's picture

He wants our opinion?  My opinion is that he is a fucking asshole.  

A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000's picture


A) Qualifiied motherfuckers in NYC can't find jobs. I guess in Manila you better learn how to suck a mean dick if you want gainful employment

B) Where on Earth might people get the idea that if they fuck up due to their own assholeness that the Government will bail them out? Oh yeah, the fact that Governments have bailed out every single bank on the planet


This guy is a douche in spades

Chupacabra's picture

Corporate welfare and individual welfare both suck.

egdeh orez's picture

"Unfortunately, with the leadership and role models we have in the world today, this is likely to prove an uphill struggle."

Uphill struggle is an understatement with clowns like Obama and Bernanke running the show

gwar5's picture

Peak socialism.

Lost My Shorts's picture

Boneheads like you shut down your minds years ago, and have only one answer to everything.  The poor refuse to starve gracefully and its ... Socialism !!!  Restart your mind briefly and answer me this:

1) Philippine punk demanding "coins"

2) Bankers make huge volumes of bad loans; give selves $ billions in bonuses for the great work; Bernanke runs ZIRP for a decade to recapitalize banks after the bad loans go bad; $ trillions of interest income of ordinary savers is thereby stolen

Whick of these is the high-volume scam in the world today?  Which is the greater enemy of honest work?  Why should Manila punks be honest and self reliant when they look up and see the elites stealing everything everywhere?  Where is the socialism?  All I see is kleptocracy and cynicism.

Bob's picture

A lot of clueless, self-righteous morons will be convinced they're getting their faces beat in due to jealousy or sloth when TSHTF. 

Clueless.  And fiercely proud of it. 

Banjo's picture

Haha thats hilarious :-)

Banjo's picture

The original poster has some very simplistic points one which is esentially - Get a job.

There was an excellent Asia times article on global over capacity. With automation and economies of scale there is so much abundence of production that profits are high and prices are low, total employment is also extremely low. This is clearly evident in the worlds biggest economy the USA.

If the original poster took a moment to think beyond slogans and the usual clap trap socialism and get a job he may come to the realisation that "the system" is esentially broken.

I'm sure if this 17 year old in the Phillipenes was getting "rugged individualist" food stamps and other equivalent benefits offered in the USA then he would not be chasing anyone down the street for a few coins.

Lets face it (more thinking required) it's not like a few coins are going to buy a property, share portfolio or hard assets gold and silver. It's probably going to buy some food or other short term expense.

Perhaps the most disappointing thing is as you mentioned people today have stopped reading and are evaulating and solving problems with such a limited toolset that I only see things getting much much worse before they can get possibly better.

NidStyles's picture

Government intervention is socialism, or did you miss that part of the concept?

AnAnonymous's picture

If so, then the US has only been a socialist country with effects.

A large chunk of US citizens operating on this site are baby boomer US citizens. A generation of multiple entitlements. This generation has understood that their current entitlements might be endangered by any claim of entitlements coming for later generations.

The spin is expected and obvious.

A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000's picture

Didn't realize so many ZH readers were still caught up in the false Left / Right paradigm.


Got a bud in the Obama administration. I keep telling him that thank God Obama is black. That way I can tell him apart from G.W. Bush.

midtowng's picture

It couldn't possibly be that the people who paid into those funds all their lives might want some of it back. No, it must be that they are greedy and lazy.

And those kids in the 3rd world country, why don't they just go out and get a job in a place where 80% of their group don't have jobs. They must all be lazy, huh?

Budd Fox's picture

Philippine punk just an amateur.


Bankers are pros. They get disturbed when amateurs interfere. That's why they love to have their militias shoot the amateurs.

Is when the amateurs shoot back they get really offended and try to enforce their view of the world through superior firepower.


Azannoth's picture

I encountered this phenomenon even here in Germany, I was a few times asked for 'small donations' to young people (student age) who didn't look like bums, didn't look like they where sleeping on the street, if they didn't ask for money I would never imagine them being beggars. I am not yet sure what to make of this, are they beggars or just short on change?

Budd Fox's picture

Banker's trainees short on change?


TradingJoe's picture

No it can't! True Power without integrity becomes CORRUPTION! The few "have's" against the many "have - not's" will be the next decade's "uphill battle" :)))! When the rich stop stealing, the poor will stop rioting!

dbach's picture

The poor need to start rioting first before they can stop. I do agree with you tho

Missing_Link's picture

Right, so, according to you, TradingJoe, ALL the rich are "stealing?"  Not just some of them?

And this justifies violence in your eyes, right?

And let me guess  ...  you define "rich" people as anybody with more money than you, right?

So, anybody with more money than you is a fair target because you feel surely that wealth was garnered by unjust means, and you have the "right" to take it back.

And because I probably have a few bucks more than you (though only a few), you can attack me?

TradingJoe's picture

By "the rich" I ment those stealing from you too, not those who (may) have more then me, I hope a lot of people have more then me, I don't give money any more attention the it to be a means to possibilites not a purpose as it seems to be to you and all those having more then me :)))! I generalized as has the entire thread by SB yet you feel threatened, how come? Did oyu steal from some one?:)))

Relax, no one will attack you, you have too much money!:)))))

Azannoth's picture

Maybe that is your definition of rich, but for the bottom 50% any1 who can put a meal on their table (without government assistance) is rich, this includes you too (probably) so don't delude your selft that you are '1 of the people'

Syrin's picture

Exactly, and when they've done studies on the rich, guess what they have found.   They are generally better educated, work longer hours, take risks many are unwilling to take etc etc etc.


Yeah, that's theft.   They work hard and have skill.     NO!!!!!!!!!




So TraderJoe, can we assume you have no desire to become rich?   If you do, and become rich, does that mean you some how cheated your way there or stole from someone else?   Perhaps you'll be perpetually hppy flipping burgers at McyD's and being jealous your entire life.


Read this to get some perspective.

AnAnonymous's picture

Exactly, and when they've done studies on the rich, guess what they have found. They are generally better educated, work longer hours, take risks many are unwilling to take etc etc etc.

Yeah, that's theft. They work hard and have skill. NO!!!!!!!!!
Another non sense, trademark of US cheap propaganda.

Stealing is a skill. Being proficient at stealing requires lots of training and an education in theft.

Stealing might require long hard work hours. Stealing often involves taking risks than others wont.

Another circular, empty, biased stroke of vacuity by US propagandists aka US citizens.

The only thing at the moment that does not require skills is producing cheap propaganda and the pity of it, sorrowfully for US citizens, debunking it.

Banjo's picture

Anyone with one billion dollars or more has unearned wealth. Once you get into the billions of dollars you start getting into the crony, kleptocratic side of social organisation.

A truly free market or even socialist nirvana allows for a disparity in wealth. Only cronyism allows the magnitued to become wholly unbalanced that it threatns the social fabric.

Some candidates there are hundreds (yes hundreds) of others

  • Arafat (now dead)
  • Russian oligarchs
  • Buffett
  • Bill Gates
  • Saudi family
  • N Korean dictator
  • the list goes on

We can start with these cronies and work our way down. No need for violence or taking everything they can still keep tens of millions of dollars, have lavish houses, luxury cars and boats. They just can't have everything.


IronShield's picture

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

chindit13's picture

"Anyone with one billion dollars or more has unearned wealth"

Well, let me add a blanket statement of my own:

Anyone born in the US, Switzerland, Norway and other OECD countries has unearned accident of birth wealth. Or how about this: anyone who is benefiting from the rise in gold and silver prices has unearned wealth.  See how easy it is to play your game?

I might have been away, so please accept belated congratulations on your election victory to be Minister of Redistribution. Now that you have mandate in hand, I guess you'll go about separating excess and undeserved wealth from its current custodians, like that LuLuLemon bastard who is richer than Croessus. Lucky for you the 17-year old Pinoy did not win, since his mandate might cut a wider swathe than yours. He might, for instance, decide that people who can afford a computer or who have time to post comments on the internet have both too much wealth and too much free time, since it greatly exceeds anything he has ever known. He might even decide that he can take from you until every child his Mom or sisters can pop out in the future are at least given the equal of what you now have.

Syrin's picture

So doctors, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs etc are stealing eh?


How long have you been running your begging cartel?

Pay Day Today's picture

If the entrepreneur is Steve Jobs or Bernie Madoff, then yeah, there's a case to be made for stealing. On the other hand 99% of doctors, accountants and lawyers are just paid work horses for the very wealthy. Sometimes well paid work horses, sometimes not. So can't really blame then.

Randy Kruger's picture

How is Steve Jobs a thief according to your definition of that concept?  And what do you think of all the lawyers and accountants employed to perpetuate the abuses of the system, with full knowledge of their mission?  Aren't they complicit and corrupt?  Isn't it THEIR wet dream to be at the top of the pyramid?

RobertC's picture

I know doctors, lawyers & accountants; very few are wealthy...


Randy Kruger's picture

When the rich stop printing money to fund entitlements, the poor will riot.  Until then, enjoy your unemployment checks, food stamps and iGadgets.

john39's picture

no offense, but, most of the people I see begging in the U.S. these days look utterly defeated and sad. save the idiotic preaching.  the world economy is farce and people should be angry.  when enough people figure out what has really gone one, they mob will be angry.  on that day, only hope they can find the people really responsible for this mess, hiding on their islands and in bunkers. 

Confused's picture

Agreed. I'm not sure that the riots are necessarily over "hand-outs."

And if the mob became violent every once in awhile, maybe our "masters" wouldn't be so bold.