Guest Post: Where Is The Line For Revolution?

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Submitted by Brandon of Alt-Market,

The subject of revolution is a touchy one.  It’s not a word that should be thrown around lightly, and when it is uttered at all, it elicits a chaotic jumble of opinions and debates from know-it-alls the world over.  The “R” word has been persona non grata for quite some time in America, and until recently, was met with jeers and knee-jerk belligerence.  However, let’s face it; today, the idea is not so far fetched.  We have a global banking system that is feeding like a tapeworm in the stagnant guts of our economy.  We suffer an election system so fraudulent BOTH sides of the political spectrum now represent a hyper-rich minority while the rest of us are simply expected to play along and enjoy the illusion of choice.  We have a judicial body that has gone out of its way to whittle down our civil liberties and to marginalize our Constitution as some kind of “outdated relic”.  We have an executive branch that issues special orders like monarchical edicts every month, each new order even more invasive and oppressive than the last.  And, we have an establishment system that now believes it has the right to surveil the citizenry en masse and on the slightest whim without any consideration for 4th Amendment protections. 

There are plenty of pessimists out there who would assert that Americans are totally oblivious to these developments.  I have not found that to be true at all.  Millions of people are awake to such issues, and millions more are, at the very least, angry at the state of things, though they may not fully understand the source of their distress. 

Only a fool would deny that a fight is in the air…    

Though the atmosphere of conflict is present, we are indeed experiencing a pause, a breath, a quiet moment before the breach, and this is a confusing time for many. 

We human beings have a very odd tendency to view our own species as inherently and irrevocably violent, or at the very least terribly flawed.  However, for all the negative press mankind gets for being “warlike”, if we look back at history it is much more customary to find people desperately trying to avoid conflict, not provoke it, especially if there is an element of tangible risk.  Wars are usually not fought by the general citizenry, or the men who promote the pursuit of hostilities.  They pay other people to fight for them.  If they were ever expected to actually participate in the same battles they lust after, they would probably change their minds about the whole idea rather quickly.

Most often the only instances in which common people take up arms and charge towards combat based on principle have been revolutions.  Some revolutions are based on lies, and some are based on inspiration, but all of them require men to conquer their own apathy and fear of confrontation.  This is no easy task, and it sometimes takes years or decades of social adaptation and organization.

The elements of a revolution are synchronous.  They are like the ingredients of a boiling tropical storm.  Each vital aspect of the event must be in place, or there can be no energy or direction.  That said, if an environment is left sweltering and volatile, and this electric stew is maintained long enough, eventually, a tempest will rise.

The real question is; where is the tipping point?  What causes a population to tolerate or ignore certain crimes by governments, but not others?  Where is the line in the sand that if crossed, turns an apprehensively meek citizen into an “enemy of the state” ready to lay down his life against the very system he was born into?  The answer is an intuitive and psychological one, rather than mathematical.

Colonial Americans suffered through numerous and mounting indignities over the course of many years before taking up arms.  They attempted nearly every method imaginable to counter or reason with British oppression without turning to violent means.  They exhausted every avenue, legal, political, and social.  They held rousing protests.  They decentralized economically and countered British trade controls.  They constructed brilliant legal arguments appealing to the monarchy to embrace logic.  They attempted diplomatic redress after redress.  It was abundantly clear that they did not want a war.  When average Americans consider the revolution that gave birth to our free republic, they tend to forget the long struggle that was necessary to rally support for a declaration of liberties.  No society, no matter how right in their position, and no matter how heinous the tyranny, jumps directly behind the muzzle of a gun to solve the problem.  Revolution takes time…

As difficult as it is to rationally gauge the exact moment or circumstance that triggers revolt, the intensity or build up to conflict can certainly be felt.  That pressure is tactile in America today, and is becoming difficult to ignore.  The reasons are obvious.  In the past 10 years alone elements of our government have cemented into place the “legal” framework to:

  1. Detain U.S. citizens indefinitely without trial under the guise of enemy combatant status.
  2. Assassinate U.S. citizens without trial and without due process under the law, including the very clear requirements of the treason clause.
  3. Confiscate resources, including your private property, in the name of national security and preparedness.
  4. Take control of or eliminate all communications networks including phone, radio, television, cell, internet, etc. in the name of national security.
  5. Unleash a swarm of unmanned Predator Drones over our homes and towns to make mass surveillance of the public easier.  All without probable cause or the protections of the 4th Amendment.
  6. Capture, collate, and monitor the communications of millions of citizens without probable cause or a warrant under the FISA domestic spy bill.
  7. Declare martial law without congressional oversight and embed active serving military amongst the populace in a law enforcement capacity.  This includes the institution of Northcom, which is a standing military presence in the U.S. whose primary mission is to quell domestic dissent.

Most of the laws and executive orders that qualify this behavior from our government have been tested, at least in a limited capacity.   These abuses of power have already galvanized a groundswell of activists across the country, and I believe that if implemented in a broader manner, will instigate revolution.  Where is the line?  I believe the line will be drawn with these trespasses:

  1. Any action that involves the standardization of indefinite detainment or rendition against American citizens will result in rebellion.  The second due process is thrown out the window and the right to a trial by jury is revoked, there is not much left for a population to do but fight back.  This includes pre-emptive assassination as well.  The more often enemy combatant status is applied to get around Constitutional protections, the more exponential public anger and fury will be.  Black bagging people will lead to war.
  2. Economic mismanagement or deliberate derailment by banks has been accomplished with the aid and collusion of government.  This has been made abundantly clear by numerous instances of exposed fraud, including the Libor Scandal, in which the private Federal Reserve and agencies within our own system have openly admitted to hiding the precarious nature of our financial situation.  Any further implosion of the overall economy will be blamed on this fraud by a considerable portion of the public.  When people’s wallets and bellies become empty, it’s amazing how quickly they will get off their couches to solve a crisis.  If they can’t find justice within the system, history has shown that they will look for justice outside of it.
  3. The institution of checkpoints, invasive technology like naked body scanners, and exaggerated law enforcement presence on a wide scale, will invariably lead to revolt.  Dealing with TSA thugs in an airport is one thing; people fly voluntarily, and when they do it often involves a particular level of fear and anxiety, which can be used as rationalization for extreme security measures.  Dealing with blue-shirts on the streets near your home, at the bus stop, or on the highway, on the other hand, is not going to go over too well.  These tactics have already been experimented with on a small scale.  I don’t care how sheepish the American people appear to be in this era; start invading their personal space on a regular basis and many will eventually respond with fists instead of shrugged shoulders.
  4. Predator drone fleets hovering over every square mile of the U.S. is not only completely unacceptable, it is going to escalate dissent into the realm of revolution.  Any society that harbors even the slightest morsel of individualism is going to think “expedient regime change” when flying surveillance cameras are buzzing over their shoulders 24 hours a day.  Set aside the fact that many of these drones will be launched weapons capable.  No government has the right to categorize the whole of a citizenry as potential criminals.  “When innocent until proven guilty” becomes “guilty until proven innocent”, revolutions become inevitable.
  5. Martial Law is an impractical solution to any national crisis.  The Founding Fathers understood this well, which is why they specifically opposed the use of standing armies, especially in peace time.  Under the Constitution, the private citizenry was supposed to be the disaster reaction force, not government paid centurions.  There were multiple reasons behind this position.  First, military troops are not trained for and do not have the capacity to police a domestic population (especially their own) in a practical manner.  They are trained to do one thing; dominate an enemy.  Second, the citizens within a particular state or county would have a much better understanding of that region’s needs and complexities.  A military composed of mostly unfamiliar outsiders would not know or care about how a local system operates, and would instead try to impose its own one-size-fits-all methodology.  Finally, as apathetic as many people seem, they still do not like to feel bullied or subjugated.  Being surrounded by armed troops at every turn with the executive granted legal authority to detain or kill without verifiable cause would make any man a little perturbed.  I do not believe many in the U.S. will quietly accept a martial law scenario, regardless of the excuse given by government (terrorism, economic disaster, foreign war, etc.).  A move towards military administration of domestic affairs will lead to revolution.

The internal strife of a nation is not predicated on the transitory moods of its people but the attitude of its government.  Revolutions are not waged by happy men in an honorable land.  True revolutions are a product of generations of discontent stemming from dishonest and vicious bureaucracy.  An establishment government facing a wave of discord from the masses has, in most cases, done something to deserve it.  I, like many, do not relish the idea of a new American revolt, but if I am to be honest in the face of the facts, I have to acknowledge that the potential for one within my lifetime is significant.  I also can’t say that it is not necessary.  Unless tomorrow brings a miraculous shift in current totalitarian trends, revolution may be all we have left…

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jeff314's picture

american are too fat and stupid to revolt...


Michael's picture

When the cognitive dissonance dam breaks and the birth place deniers widely accept that Obama's birth certificate is 100% fraudulent. Can compulsive lier ever accept reality? People who can't accept the fact is easy to label as a lier.

Yesterday's Maracopa County news conference;

Breaking News: Sheriff Arpaio Concludes Obama Birth Certificate is a Forgery

engineertheeconomy's picture

Criminal #1, "Axis of Evil" Bernanke, says Fed Transparency would "collapse the economy", attacks Ron Pauls "Audit the Fed" Bill. Ol Ron is leading the Revolution, apparently the "line" starts behind him. 

Wake up Zerohedge/Tyler

You're falling asleep at the wheel here.

FEDbuster's picture

Here is another one for his list:

#6 Any attempt to confiscate guns or limit the ownership of by the American people as guaranteed in the Second Amendment will at this point lead to some sort of mass rebellion.

I know many people at this point whom would rather use it, than lose it.  That's about all I have to say about that.  Molon Labe!

General Decline's picture

I hope you're right but I really doubt it.

ATM's picture

That's why Paul Revere made his ride. The British were coming  - to confiscate the chowda-heads weapons. That got those boys in Lexington and Concord pretty pissed off as I recall.

New World Chaos's picture

Gun confiscation really is the final line in the sand.  Must keep the guns for the big fight.

The ones who shoot first will lose.  Let the government do the first (large scale) shooting.  It will help destroy the illusion of legitimacy among the sheeple and the few "good" but brainwashed cops.  There will have to be a Tiennamen and an
activation of the FEMA camps.  Ten thousand deaths, bare minimum.  This will also make it harder for NWO stooges to rewrite history after the revolution and claim that the government never intended to use the FEMA camps, large concrete coffins, 450 million DHS hollowpoints, etc.  Let each family's story prove otherwise.  Future generations must know that TPTB are evil and willful ignorance of this fact is an invitation to be sacrificed.

Mega bonus points if the spark comes after a hyperinflationary collapse.  A lot of people will never think until hunger forces them to, and a lot of bureaucrats and contractors won't work for the National Security State if they're paid in toilet paper.  States may decide that it is no longer worth chasing worthless Federal funds that come with all the usual puppet strings attached.  There won't be anyone supporting the system in hopes of getting a worthless Social Security or pension check.  A few retired cops might even join the resistance simply because of vaporized pensions.  (Forget about twisted jokes like "Rule of Law", "Justice", "Patriotism", or "Protect and Serve" as motivation for cops.  Revenge will have to do).  Plus, it will be harder for the revisionists to claim that a few regulatory tweaks could have saved the system if not for those goddamn rightwing terrorists.  The endgame of systemic fraud must be as undeniable as ten million bathrooms wallpapered with certificates of confiscation and worthless dollars.

The victory conditions include a renaissance of freedom, all conspiracies revealed, the  NWO in flames, and nobody trusting the elites again for hundreds of years.  I would consider it a great victory if a peaceful transformation of consciousness is all it takes, but the end state is not negotiable.  If all the realistic paths to that goal involve a massacre followed by guillotines, then that must come.

I think there will be a lot of deluded hordes lashing out at the wrong targets, like "rich" engineers.  This is a carefully planned trap for the productive class.  There will be a lot of false flags, race- baiting, narcing for fiat, communities turned against themselves by desperation and carefully manipulated anger.  Wisdom will be as essential, and scarce, as Mad Max gasoline.

I think the revolution will be decided by veterans fighting Feds, Blackwater and cops.  City cops in particular are carefully selected for gangsterism.  If there is any doubt about what side the cops will be on, look what happened when the Albuquerque police union enacted $500 "stress" payments whenever cops shot someone.

Shootings surged by 400%.

eatthebanksters's picture

Bill Ayers (Obama's non-buddy) was involved in contingency planning for just this type of event....look up 'Prairie Fire'...there is an FBI file on it...

New World Chaos's picture

Good links on Prairie Fire and Obama's extensive relationship with Ayers:

The last section is chilling.  Funny how the "opposite" ends of the spectrum feed off each other, use the same methods, and end up at the same mass grave for the people and the same worship of the predatory State.  Geez, it's almost like they are puppets of the same evil power.

"And there was no answers. No one had given any thought to economics; how are you going to clothe and feed these people.

The only thing that I could get, was that they expected that the Cubans and the North Vietnamese and Chinese and the Russians would all want to occupy different portions of the United States.

They also believed that their immediate responsibility would be to protect against what they called the counter-revolution. And they felt that this counter-revolution could best be guarded against by creating and establishing re-education centers in the southwest, where we would take all the people who needed to be re-educated into the new way of thinking and teach them... how things were going to be.

I asked, well, what's going to happen to those people that we can't re-educate; that are die-hard capitalists. And the reply was that they'd have to be eliminated. And when I pursued this further, they estimated that they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these re-education centers. And when I say eliminate, I mean kill. 25 million people.

I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people, most of which have graduate degrees from Columbia and other well known educational centers, and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people.

And they were dead serious."

Dr Benway's picture

Once we reach that stage there are no winners, you fools! Only losers caught in mayhem..


Look it is super simple. Just do NOT do the following:

have DEBT



If everyone were to follow these simple suggestions, the banksters would fall immediately.

dark pools of soros's picture

Remember the Kulaks!!

TPTB have many more tricks from history to use when things get darker...  they will turn the urbans against the local farmers in slander campaigns since the best chance for revolutions are for towns that can sustain themselves to just buck the whole system..  some states may be able to turn the trick as well but that's where the armies will invade..  as for the others, they'll let the big city zombies devour the few counties that could be free

Anusocracy's picture

When governments become tyrannical, good people become outlaws.   Unknown

We will soon see how many good people there are left.

Anusocracy's picture

"Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories."  Sun Tzu

Any guesses on who or what the enemy is? And no, don't reference Pogo.

illyia's picture

As long a the sheeple are comfortable in their homes with soothingly repetitive music (most often thirty years old) and television - and facebook - they will consider revolution to be some wild-eyed scheme of mad hippies looking to "take down the man". A family's home is his/her castle and as long as the majority believe they are secure in their homes there will be no rebellion. (It helps to convince the sheeple that it is only the slackers, who were free-loading, that are losing out - and that "if you work hard enough you can make it". That way it's "those people" - not like us!)

Propaganda. They can't live without it.

Element's picture

Haven't you seen enough misguided 'revolt' by ignorant self-destructive radicalised (i.e. mind-fucked and manipulated) retrograde idiots within the 'Arab Spring' saga/farce, to realise that if you don't have a really good reason to be actually upset, and don't mind having no material capacity to support yourself, or of being very dead, then best not make things worse.

The reality is that in the end we will have to deal with this moth-eaten destroyed globalist system, via the re-establishment of orderly people's justice, and due formalities, or else we will actually get something much worse than a mere revolution.

A revolution is like a very destructive storm, exciting, dangerous, frightening, but mostly not too bad.

But what will be bad, is what follows the storm (think Katrina times 100). 

If you feel you're all dissatisfied with life now, well that is the bit that you really won't like to live through (and you probably won't) and soon will be hankering for the good-life of mid-2012.

This system may be rotten to the core, but you are an integral part of it.  Don't kid yourself, when it goes down, it's going to fall on you.

But more importantly, what exactly do you have against 30-year old music?

AnAnonymous's picture

The ones who shoot first will lose. Let the government do the first (large scale) shooting.


US citizens run a business of extorting the weak, farming the poor.

In such schemes, performing gun jobs is not a sign of lack of legitimacy. The opposite, actually.

akak's picture

Tapeworms, tapioca and tornadoes: Chinese Citizenism made manifest.

XitSam's picture

As to the Mega bonus points paragraph:  The State will guarantee the safety of State Security Forces and their families, in Green Zones if necessary. And guarantee appropriate payment to compensate for inflation.  Survival of the State is paramount to the State.  

Also, from my reading on starvation, people will not start to think in the bigger way I think you mean. All they will be thinking about is how to get some food.

goldfish1's picture

We've been in the pot and the water is finally getting hot. Too weak to jump out.

Been observing the price of detergent. Take Arm and Hammer. They have been gradually reducing the container size while gradually raising the price. Every detergent sale at a supermarket brings in the new smaller containers and the small increased price. The price of detergent has doubled in the past four years.

Same with stuff like triscuit crackers, non white bread and prepackaged bakery items. Quality's getting cheaper as price increases.

Perhaps it may collapse in a hurry. But it could just as easily have a gradually increasing downhill slide over the next ten revolution...only poverty for a lot more people.

bankruptcylawyer's picture

OKOK OKOKOKOK THERE needs to be some serious discussion of the right to bear arms and it's MODERN relavance to a revolutionary moment. 

while i am MORE than willing to acknowledge the 'importance' of this right as a funamental bullwark against govenrment encroachment, there are far too many conservatives out there who think that this right is going to be some big issue. in fact, alex jones and every other website catering to the gun wingers emphasizes this 'threat' nonstop. 

they're wrong and here's why. 

1) they don't need your guns to take away your money. in colonial america, gold and prescious metals and BARTER were common for daily generation of wealth used to feed families. families also made more of their own consumed items. horses were used. THIS IS NO LONGER. they can take away your money and your gasoline and your gunpowder without coming for your guns. you can have a whole casch of kalashnikovs but you need ammo, gunpowder, gasoline, to resist the government. BEFORE the government cuts you off from ammo, gunpowder, and gas, they will TAKE your money by hyper inflation.

2) guns are not an organizing force despite the fact that the right to bear arms is a gathering call for the far right, GUNS are not a collective movement. MILITIAS are a collective movement. MILTIAS are being effectively targeted by government. The right to bear arms without the effective right to state miilitias is more or less meaningless. 20 men with guns can accomplish a lot. any group this large needs a right to exist openly to become powerful. the government spies on militias and , for the most part, has effectively squashed the many rights to organized gun ownership.

that said ---guns and knives!!! hell yea!

by the way----I am not here just to be critical. i have some ideas. funamental to  the long winding road towards a real revolution, is developing effective resistance against the machine. the machine is huge. you will not have a revolution of the 'mob' against the machine. an organized revolution against the machine requires legal organization. there is only ONE way to organize against the machine. as a classical liberal it pains me that 'liberals' cannot accept that the only bulwark against federal power is STATE power and not federal statism. no one is going to 'take over' the federal government. the federal goverment is going to change. and the only way to force revolutionary change on the federal govenrment is to bait the federal government into assymetric conflict with state governments. head on conflict favors the fed. i'm advocating guerilla style legal tactics ---baiting federal government into obstructive legal behavior by the states. for example changing STATE constitituions to favor STATE authority over federal authority, to hamper federal authority, to bleed the federal govenrment of its effective deployment of resources, to make it more expensive and time cnomsuming for the IRS to conduct business of taxation, to hamper the usage of federal courts rather than state courts. 

and for all the people who are conservatives and get annoyed with 'liberals'. remember that VERMONT is one of the only states with constitutional right to carry. and has NO restrictions on concealed carry. so if you wanna walk around with a gun all day without a 50 dollar fee and registration approval. go to vermont. 

FEDbuster's picture

Regarding Vermont, we have the same freedoms here in AZ.

I won't debate you on points 1 & 2 on the internet, but suffice to say people have stockpiled survival items including ammo, gasoline, etc... and there are militias public and private.

I do agree that there are many ways to "skin a cat", and please continue to share your ideas with us.

DeltaDawn's picture

"The right to bear arms without the effective right to state miilitias is more or less meaningless."

When the guns were confiscated in N.O. after Katrina, households were robbed and women raped, sometimes by the police officers according to some accounts. A gun matters in a home burglery, a campus shooting binge, etc.  

Also, take away guns, thugs will use bats, kitchen knives etc.

Element's picture

Nonesense, almost all of those claims are urban myths and rumors, they have been shown to have been largely false, and were spread (if not actually concocted) by the MSM.  They were bullshit then, and they are bullshit when people repeat them now.

Stares straight ahead's picture

The article is very disturbing. It speaks volumes on the MSM.


A lot of talk of revolution on ZH.  I can't see it happening. Who really will take the first step?

Theoretically speaking, of course, a revolution would have to look entirely different, than traditional revolutions.  There are too many obstacles to overcome.

I see similarities between the pre-revolutionary, independently-printed, anonomously-authored, political "tracts" circulated among the american colonists and the internet today.  Gives me a little hope, at least.




Dick Buttkiss's picture

Sorry, but our guns aren't for use against the government; they're for defending ourselves against each other when government collapse looses anarchy upon the land.

Civilization has a very thin veneer, after all, especially civilization of the urban-industrial sort, as a few days without water, food, or electricity will make painfully clear.

machinegear's picture

By your logic there must be a clear line drawn defining the point "when government collapses" before we can use "our" guns. Hopefully you understand such a line would continuously be redefined by the very same government? Your logic fails because you assume government is good, that government isn't made up of men, and that these men are the purest of all.


"When governments fear the people, there is liberty..." - TJ

goldfish1's picture

you assume government is good, that government isn't made up of men, and that these men are the purest of all.

There are no such assumptions made in the above post. When people are going hungry, they aren't looking for the "government men"....they're looking for food. If that hapens to be in your house, you might be better off with a gun. Government men are holed up in bunkers or protecting their own food.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

You get my vote, as the govt will let everyone fight it out, then deal with the survivors. That's why in NO they let it sit for a few days, then "helped". My advice, learn a martial art, and stay in shape. 

AnAnonymous's picture

Sorry, but our guns aren't for use against the government; they're for defending ourselves against each other when government collapse looses anarchy upon the land.


Ah, an unusual sincerity outbreak.

Well, in US citizenism, guns serve the underlined purpose but keep on the page: US citizenism includes concealing it under the veil of fight from tyranny, fight for freedom.

Dont break the mask, it could cost you your life.

Element's picture

Ok, you continually claim to point-out what US Citizenism is.

One question; what isn't 'US Citizenism'?

Because it seems that ANYTHING anyone says, you'll assert that its all a recognisable aspect, characteristic or symptom of 'US Citizenism'.

It's all quite retarded.  

In the time you've been shitting within the comments section at zh with your Sino drivel, you've said almost nothing of any merit at all.

But you keep saying this same idiotic garbage each day.

So my guess is you're an experimental text algo, with an exceptionally under-developed library of words, phrases and logic structures.

akak's picture


So my guess is you're an experimental text algo, with an exceptionally under-developed library of words, phrases and logic structures.

I think you have hit the nail squarely on the foot  here.

Expect no answer from the Chinese trollbot.

Make me laugh!

bankruptcylawyer's picture


the string of thoughtless loners. people who think the govenrment will just collapse and that because of the anarchic power vaccum that they will just accept happily the crappy world that results from accepting collapse. 

yes, these are the people that will never not in a million years help a revolution. If you are not interested in participating in a group, like a state government, or local militia that is not merely a drug-gang. than you and your guns will be useless to any group that seeks to challenge the power structure and to keep society honest. 


an individual in their house with one gun cannot stop a crime wave, cannot hold individuals accountable by a just method, I mean, you have all these alex jonesers out there that think that 'society' is going to vanish in a zombie apocolypse. go ahead and lock yourself in your own little world. a world where oligarchs and others will continue making your decisions, a world where walmart and trade lobbies rob you of your industries and where you buy their cheap crap at walmart. 


the gun 'nuts' traditionally fall into the self isolationaism mold. They're going to protect themselves and their familes as they should fine. i dont' want to hurt your feelings by criticising this instinct becaseu it is the Correct instinct and at the very least, makes you progressive by not realying on the state for protection. HOWEVER this threat was about revolution-----and you and your gun won't make a difference if your brain isn't thoughtful of the idea that you play a part in rebellion not by simply waiting for things to collapse just like all the passive sheep out there who DONT have any guns---but that you go out there and do something . without...or preferablly WITH guns. 


then again----maybe things are so far gone that it's too much to hope that gun 'wingers' change their outlook and start thinking about how they can actively help tear down the machine instead of merely praying for the apocolypse while prepping for it. 

I am not here to antagonize for its own sake. But if you revolutionaries out there are going to accomplish anything, you need to honest with yourselves no? what can you do alone? not much more than anyone else without guns. its NOT the guns that are dangerous to the machine per se. It's the people. and this is precisely why the right to bear arms , while not sufficient to challenge power, is a canary in the coal mine. when you see it being attacked you should think beyond it. why are they attacking it, and what is it about their position that is vulnerable. and you realize, their position relies on your complaceny, it doesn't rely on you  not having guns as an individual, but rather their right to divide and conquer small groups of well armed and tightly knit commmuities. 


Tristan Ludlow's picture

Interesting concepts and probably a practical way to eventually reduce the power of the federal government.  However, I am afraid that time has passed.  The states learned quickly how to suckle at the teat of federal government.  Once hooked, you can never go back without significant detox.

As far as the effectiveness of states slowing down IRS agents from collecting the money using the courts, I say a few well placed pieces of lead would have the same effect in very short order. 

The context of the article is, at what point, will this happen.  Quite frankly, there are so many militias coming on line, the feds will not be able to incapacitate them all.  We are very close to the tipping point.  The triggering event cannot be too far off.  The 4th Turning may yet come to pass.

sadmamapatriot's picture

I've thought about some of what you said. But wouldn't refinery rich, oil well rich places like Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma be subject to seizure by the rebels to get the necessary gasoline? It has an expiration life but the other stuff can be and is stockpiled. In fact, supplies are always seized in war. And this time, the South and the middle have plenty of aces in their hands with regards to assets. Texas alone could even do it. War by atrition won't work in their favor this time.

And I don't know what legal battles will do for us now. The Tenth Amendment is dead, SCOTUS said grace over its coffin. So why would States take the Feds to court accomplish anything? The game is rigged. No, we are looking at hot war, nothing less.

Oldballplayer's picture

As my Dad said as he lay dying in the hospital: That DNR was a helluva lot easier to sign a month ago....

It's easy to talk about firing on the establishment. Not sure if many have the balls to do it.

SeverinSlade's picture

All I can say is come get mine.  You come knockin' at my door and smoke will be leaving the barrel one way or another.  I may not be standing at the end of the confrontation, but the government thugs sure as shit won't be either.

Yamaha's picture

This is correct. Plan on this....
1) Food Storage
2) Home Security -
3) 2nd Amendmen guns
4) PM only used by those that survive.

Seen Smith & Wesson earnings up 28% last quarter? Will be higher this quarter. Ask a gun store.

dracos_ghost's picture

UN Small Arms Treaty. Obama is already do an end around on the 2nd Ammendment.

clawfoot tub's picture

Ben Shalom is hardly criminal #1. He is merely playing his role, doing his job, a distraction for the sheep's venom.

Who hired him?

And where was your hero Ron Paul when he had the opportunity to question Obama's eligibility? In fact, where is he today on that?

Surely you know that your hero's son Rand endorsed Romney, and that Romney is on the record saying that once elected he will defer US ME strategy to Israel.

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Only the planning -- the execution, maimings and traumata will be left for our boys.

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When the US "goes Greece" the revolution will start.  Why am I so sure?  Look at all the inner city zombies living on welfare cards, section 8 housing, free health care and everything else.  When that gets cut off, what will they do?  Starve quietly?  Sorry, but no.

Bread and circuses is keeping the sheeple fed and occupied.  When the money runs out, the cities will burn.



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They will starve in their neighborhood, because the bus and gas stations will be out, and most people can't walk into Walmart from the parking lot. SoylentSNAP anyone? 

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When the cognitive dissonance dam breaks and the birth place deniers widely accept that Obama's birth certificate is 100% fraudulent.

I'm assuming you mean that birth place deniers are those that believe Obama was born in Hawaii?

well, those of us who believe Obama was born in Hawaii would NEVER believe a racist piece of shit who lives in Arizona who has a press conference to keep himself in the public's eyes.  Especially not over the Governor of Hawaii and everybody else who's actually seen the darn thing.

most of us simply don't believe that there was this massive plot to find a Kenyan, raise him as a secret muslim terrorist, and then sneak him into Hawaii and the US, and have him pretend to be a Christian American so that he could eventually go to Harvard Law School and win the Presidency bringing Communism and islam to America.  ESPECIALLY since he was born in a time when NOBODY thought a black man could be President.  It just strains credibility.  My god!

So: NONE of us "birth deniers" will EVER believe Obama is a Kenyan.

BUT EVEN IF YOU COULD CONVINCE US: we would not care enough to have a revolution.  most people would shrug their shoulders and say "wow."

Just like NOBODY cared that JOHN MCCAIN was not born in America (born in Panama), and GEORGE ROMNEY was born in MEXICO.

Where was the Revolution when McCain almost won?  hmm???

NOBODY will go through a revolution over this.

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I do not know where Obama was born...In his 1st book Bio, it claimed he was born in Kenya. He didn't refute that. When running for the Senate the first time he did not refute the charge that he was foreign born. When he applied to Occidental, he applied as a "foreign" student. Will I join a revolution over this - No...But I do think there is enough that someone a little higher up than a County Sheriff should investigate once and for all. There is more evidence that his birth certificate is fraudulent than there is that 9-11 was inside job, but nobody tells the 9-11 truthers to shut up....


You do not know most people, so quit assuming you can speak for anyone outside your high school clique

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The cerificate was forged by someone who was thinking that once you scan a pdf allyou have is just a picture. However, there are hidden elements in the background.

Does anyone of you know that when you take a picture with your phone the digital file of the picture has the GPS location embedded and can be determined where it was taken? Police solves crimes like that.

So next time you kidnapp someone and send proof of life you are toast. Polaroid anyone?

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Yeah, OK fine - but that leaves the Marxist Dictator part.

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Hmmm, your "vote" counter is out of order.  Again. 

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Yes, I noticed that as well. Very strange.

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Happens when the first words in a post are italicized.