Guest Post: Who Are The Extremists?

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on the edge of my seat, bitchez

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In these outragiously profligate times; staying within your budget makes you an 'extremist.'

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For the wages of sin is Debt ...

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The real extremists are Ron Paul and his young tea-baggers.  They would dare jeopardize this country with a default?  There is at least 10 years left before the game is up.  Let the Baby Boomers enjoy their retirements in piece, by God.  We earned every penny we paid into the system.

If you're young, suck it up and work two shifts flipping burgers.  You can make it if you don't have any kids.

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If you're young, suck it up, follow in my footsteps and sell small, home decorative items made in China to mindless twits.

I think this is what you really meant.

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Maybe Harry has a point...I mean he has made it all this time flipping burgers and we all know he doesnt have kids,unless he and his lover robo have adopted.

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i noticed he hasn't been on here lately bragging about his same store sales etc............ha ha ha

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Wrong Harry, you have been half Hammied...

High Plains Drifter's picture

you are right. my bad.......i saw the amerikan flag and i didn't read his screen name correctly.........

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It ain't really Harry, just one of the clever re-spellings of the name, presumably for amusement value (this guy is Harry WanQer...).

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yeah, he sounds like Hammy... maybe the Hambone got bored & reincarnated?

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wanger you are, my friend

great handle for the message you bring.

I'm of the generation prior to the yuppie prix; Those robots that never had an ethics lesson, but were trained to 'manage' by deception and manipulation, bending the rules at every turn for their personal benefit.

I am a very loud voice against the people you are representing----even if it is humor----this is the type of humor that is divisive and odious. I don't know about the others, but for me you do not exist, you are a non-person.

if the comment is not made in jest, then you are seriously misjudging the environment that we are now in; I believe in universal justice and all of you babybummers/yuppies will be paid off in full with justice that each of you has earned. You certainly never earned a penny of what you were paid counter to your pathetic claim above.

Sorry, I am not normally this serious, but your comment truly struck a nerve                om

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If there was any doubt about about this wanker being a troll....

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The baby boomers earned every penny they stole by spending and putting the bill on the next generation. They earned every penny...that wasn't there. The whole fake economies "success" was never there. Imagine how many less pennies the boomers would have "earned" if there wasn't all the stimulus ie 14,000,000,000,000. It would be fitting if bankruptcy happened and the boomers were forced to live within their means. But like the boomer cowards they are, they would rather leave the debt on their children.

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You said what I could not find the words to say----sometimes I just get to angry to think      om

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How 'bout you lame-assed nothings wake the fuck up and realize where the fuck the stench is coming from?  Wall street pumped this shit up both our collective asses as well as the idiot politicians that Wall Street buys like the cheap whores they are.  15 year ago when you fucks were too drunk to realize who 'We the People' are, there were some of us trying to rid ourselves of Clinton and his NWO gang.  You idiots grew up to learn that we were 'a bunch of extremists trying to extinguish the politician who brought the greatest economic miracle ever'.  It was horseshit then and it has been all downhill from there and you fucks cheer for the other side.  Listen to Carville and let him teach you how Wall Street sounds when translated by DC spin meisters, troll.  They think acting responsibly is extremist.  What part of 'extremist' did public school public school fail to teach?  Certainly obummer will appoint a new czar to address this oversight.

Unless you are part of the recent outbreak of paid trolls on this site, why don't you STFU and learn?

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Let's play Who Was Oppositional First?!  Life's supply of righteous indignation and moral superiority for the winner.

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Agreed. Lets get to the start then ya moron. The miracle maker Reagan started all the deficit spending. Trickle down economics....get fookin serious. Sure it trickled down....but it trickled down his leg. The whole game ended when Reagan started his miracles. Some fooking extremist you are....the rich shoot people when they get extreme. What the fook did you do?

As far as blaming it on Clinton, as we hear so fooking often..Clinton had a Republican House and Senate. You had a voice and they let you down. If you weren't concentrating on Clintons blow jobs so much and paid attention to the issues and alerted your representitives...maybe you would have gotten something done.

You seem to think of yourself as an extremist. You are one of the sheeple. Believing in the left/right bullshit. It's all one party. If you are still hating on Clinton and thinking it's all his fault then I doubt anyone will learn anything from a village idiot like you.


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I like the cut of your jib sir.  

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"I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."

- A Barry that should have been in the White House.

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We are so far beyond any winning scenario we are only watching them pick a theme for the failure.

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I didn't see this coming: Boehner is the one who must fall on his sword.

The only solution is compromise with the dems.

Poor Boehner. Now I know why he cries.

His career is finished.

As a politician.

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This is America, we demand more DEBT!

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Malcolm-X was labeled extremist.

Jr. must be too.

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What ever happened to the good old slow speed chase to liven up the summer doldrums?

Ahmeexnal's picture

The white bronco was auctioned off long time ago.


update: I have received confirmation the white bronco was clunkered for cash.

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Post of the day!  Thanks for the laugh

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I'm beginning to think Obama is actually clever, or at least someone advising him is. Maybe one of the old grey foxes in the Senate. But I'm pretty sure he deliberately put the ice on the grand bargain at the last minute, because he understood the Rs had walked into a trap.

This is going to end pathetically for the Rs. Having made an issue out of the debt limit, it's almost impossible for them to avoid being blamed for how it will turn out, by almost everybody except committed R voters.

They will miss the Tuesday deadline, by a few days, maybe a week. Long enough to seriously spook the markets. Havoc will be breaking out already on Monday.

In the end the mainstream Rs will pass whatever the Ds put up, just to end their own pain and embarrassment. The Tea Partiers will howl in protest as they look forward to picking up more House seats in the 2012 elections, by which time we will be near to 90% debt to GDP, not counting intragovernmental, and they will be looking prophetic. The Rs will be thrown into disarray and bitter conflict right before primary season.

And if Boehner can't even get a majority in the House for his plan, that's just icing on the cake. A total meltdown.

If the Ds didn't plan this, then they're awfully damn dumb and lucky.

snowball777's picture

Ding ding ding. Correct.

Just look at the pictures of Boner...the orange chump knows his career is flashing before his can almost see him huddled in the corner surrounded by paint.


darkstar7646's picture

Forget his career -- you'd have to think that he is probably a marked man for his life at this point!

He allows the ceiling to be raised, and we all remember what happened to that one Congresswoman from Arizona back in January.

He doesn't, and all Hell breaks loose in the streets, maximum by about Labor Day.

darkstar7646's picture

The next one wouldn't, tamboo. The point is that the time for discourse from the general public probably ended last November with the TP surge in the House.

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Historically the Teleprompter has never cared about the job he had and never bothered to execute it well. He has always been setting himself up for the next job.

If he, with Boner's help, destroy Congress, then he is able to declare himself king, under marshall law. He seemingly has already made his deals with the military, giving them everything they want in exchange for doing his bidding.

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The polls show independents fleeing from Obama as if he were a plague carrier. If this is the DNC plan, I'm not sure it's going that swimmingly.

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Large majorities of Democrats (81%) and independents (69%) favor a compromise to avoid default, but Republicans are more divided: 53% favor a compromise, while 38% say lawmakers who share their views should stand by their principles even if it leads to a default.

I'm were saying?

Calmyourself's picture

PEW, do leftists think we are not aware of the slant their organizations have prior to listing these "polls"  Seriously this crap works on CNN & MSNBC not here.  Sorry you are dealign with the aware here, the minority that have taken the pill reside here and you will have to do better..

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Not only does spending have to go down- revenue has to go up. Taxes must be raised now.

Raskolnikoff's picture

Thinking you can raise taxes is real wishful thinking. Economics is the study of managing scarcity of goods. Lawmakers are about to find out that you can't squeeze anymore tax revenue from this country without causing even more harm to an already wounded economy. There is no way around the fact that we have to spend drastically less to survive. Raising taxes on imported goods is merely an acknowledgement of how low the real value of our currency has gone and will force other manipulators of international currencies of the new true nature of the world economy too. What raising taxes on imports will do is simply downsize purchases but will also serve as a wakeup call to those who thought consumerism is a long term solution to the worlds many problems, as it isn't and can never be. Tame over spending and we naturally waste less natural resources and we won't have such a pressing need for environmental extremism anymore either. this is what we should have done in response to 9/11, but Bush and others took the easier road the eventually lead us to this road anyway, the road of doing better by living on much less.

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You got me thinking that in America we don't really share things. Each family unit lives completely independently, only borrowing, for example, a lawn mower from a neighbor if their own is broken. When I was in China once, I was struck by the difference between socialism and captalism by seeing some new American-style houses being put up on one side of the street and a big ugly old socialist apartment block on the other side. The five or so American-style houses designed for five families took up the same amount of space as that whole apartment block which was probably home to 50 to 100 families. In terms of comfort, no question the American style houses were leagues ahead. But in terms of overall cost and use of resources, it would be obvious to anyone that the apartment block is far less wasteful. You can certainly live much more cheaply in an apartment as well.

In European countries, likewise the amount of waste of resources is far less. Whole cities are a mixture of modest single family homes and nice looking apartment blocks. Many older single family homes house multiple apartments as well. The cities are much more compact for the same population, and people tend to be out and about and spend a lot of time in the many coffee shops, bars, and cafes. Their apartments are comfortable but small. But with the architectual beauty of the cities, nobody really minds that. There are beautiful public parks within easy walking distance that are well-maintained. The bulk of public expenditure goes toward making life comfortable for the average person. Beautiful public transportation, trains, etc. Lots of publically sponsered cultural activities, great libraries and museums...the list goes on.

The point being that a measure of socialism is actually lest wasteful of resources than capitalism and can lead to a better and more secure life for middle class people. The trick is to combine the best features of both socialism and capitalism, which the Europeans seem to manage to do, in general.

Raskolnikoff's picture
Escapeclaws, what a coincidence, I've lived in China this past year, Shenzhen is quite a site, endless lines of 40 story plus appartment buildings, living in such a sea of humanity was so interesting. However, I came from the city Daliang, the capital of the Shunde district in Foshan which is right next to Guangzhou City, where like most places in Southern China there were many construction projects going up. On the horizon, as well as in neighboring Lecong (The furniture manufacturing center of the world), one could see lots of big construction cranes dotting the horizon. I love China and the Chinese and marvel at the fact that forty years ago, places like Shenzhen didn't even exist as we know them today, in fact canabalism was the flavor of that era, but today in places like Daliang and Lecong, rows of 40 plus storied buildings go up and remain relatively empty. I hear from the locals that manufacturing is in fact migrating to places out west too, so the question remains, how will they fill these buildings they just raised and the many more following behind these newly raised buildings if all the manufacturing jobs are going west by government design? I appreciate the American scam of the past few decades only by the fact that it enabled a country like China to rise from the ashes and destitution that was Mao's cultural revolution of the 70's. Even if it was all fake it at least accomplished the feat of bringing China back on a reasonably modern country. However, the flip side is the thick pollution that exists in towns like Lecong, where most days one rarely sees the sun through all the smog in the sky.
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Oh yeah absolutely, Government pulling more money out of the productive economy to fund absurd spending of al l types  is the real solution look how well they have done with the money so far you f'in idiot..  Government has nothing, no money, no resources of any type that were not extracted at gunpoint from some individuals productive effort.  Back to huffpo fool..

snowball777's picture

You're right. We need that money in the private sector where the non-absurd and "productive" spending happens.


Calmyourself's picture

You obviously missed the part about it not being "your money"  Useless snark which is about what I expected, how is that envy problem coming along still green in the gills?

10 stupidest stimulus projects, any and I mean any private use, coke, hookers any private use is better than pissing money away by .gov

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Our Government is bad. Because we put the wrong people there to run it their way. Not in a sensible way. Gub'mint bad, Bid'ness gud.

How are the roads and railways and airlines you fly on... without government, none of that would happen... The Internet? Gub'mint. Your pacemaker courtesy of NASA.

How about those TBTF? That is part Capitalism. It is the result of Capitalism. Un-regulated or de-regulated Capitalism. Capitalism that many worship.

No, we have a government run by the wealthy for the wealthy. And that needs to go. It needs to go in whatever way... starting with the non-violent and praying that it never gets to the violent solutions.

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I believe you need to spend a little time studying the origin of the US railway and roadway system before making such an ignorant comment.

Calmyourself's picture

Don't bother in their little pointy heads .gov makes it happen by magic..

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Hmmm, I don't know how it is done in Krakow but, in the US the roads are built by construction companies (private) who are paid by confiscated funds from the citizens. No government employees actually build roads. Railways? The only successful rails in the US were privately funded. The original rails were laid by either: Private capital or Public funding. The ones done by public funding (Central Pacific and Pacific Northern, later purchased by a private company and merged into Union Pacific) failed and were abandoned. The only "public" rail left is Amtrak, and it runs at a deficit every year. The internet? Yes DARPA came up with the concept first but, the protocols, structures and key components were privately developed. The government contribution to it went as far as the old bulletin board systems prior to Netscape and earth link.

The TBTF are not capitalism. Sorry. Private profits and Public debt are part of Fascism or more correctly of a true Banana Republic. They are as far from capitalism as DWTS is from the Bolshoi ballet.

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An organization that takes in $2 trillion IN ONE YEAR doesn't have a revenue problem.

Now fuck off.